Our Little Secret



I had always had a soft spot for Karen.

She was my wife’s sixty-two year old, maternal aunt. She was single, stood about 5 foot six and had a nice figure, which she never flaunted, but it showed through in the conservative style of clothing she wore.

I had only ever seen her in jeans once and she had quite a cute behind.

Her breasts were of a modest size, but showed no sign of sagging, under the sweaters she wore.

She had a short relationship in her late teens that resulted in her becoming pregnant. The father to-be high-tailed it out of her life as soon as she told him the news. He spent the rest of his life siring a string of offspring by different women.

Karen’s mother was a very conservative woman who considered that having children out of wedlock was a shameful act. Karen’s sister, my mother in-law, took her to a facility outside of town to have the baby, in secret. It was a few years before her mother would allow her and the baby in her house.

The baby was a girl, whom she called Nina.

Later in life, Karen met Ronnie, a chain smoking, lazy, male chauvinist pig, who believed that Karen was only good for cooking, keeping house and having sex with. By all accounts, from what my wife had told me over the years, he never lifted a finger to help her around the house. He spent most of his time either at the betting shop or sat in front of the television, smoking. Karen admitted to her daughter that he was no great shakes in the bedroom either. He was only ever interested in his own needs and always managed to finish before Karen had even begun to warm up.

When he died from lung cancer, no one, least of all Karen, wept any tears over his demise.

Karen didn’t have a great deal of self confidence, due the fact that she suffered from a speech impediment, which caused her to stutter over words. Having said that, she showed mettle when she managed to study and pass her taxi driver’s licence exam. Then she took a job as a taxi driver, after Ronnie died.

Whenever there was a family gathering, such as a dinner or birthday party, Karen was always in attendance and I spent a lot of time talking to her about my job, as a musician, which she found fascinating.

I always thought that she would make someone, the right someone, a good wife, but as the years went by that seemed more and more unlikely.

Which is why I was completely caught off guard when my wife, Jen, came home from a visit to her cousin’s, with a proposal for me.

“Karen is thinking about getting back into the dating scene,” my wife told me. “Nina says that Karen has been single for so long that she lacks the confidence to meet anyone and make a date. She thinks she could use some training.”

“Who thinks Karen could use training?” I asked. “Nina or Karen?”

My wife narrowed her eyes at me in annoyance.

“Nina thinks Karen could use some training. She thought maybe you could help,” she replied.

“What, you mean you want me to find someone for Karen to date?” I asked, surprised. “None of my friends would be any good. Why doesn’t Nina ask one of her own friends?”

“Nina doesn’t want anyone outside of the immediate family to know,” my wife replied. “In fact, you and I are the only other people that do know. Not even my mother and definitely not my sister can even know. Karen is very nervous about the whole situation. It’s supposed to be our little secret.”

Then a light bulb switched on above my head.

“You mean that Nina wants me to date Karen? Why can’t her husband do it?”

“He’s Karen’s son in-law and it would seem just too weird,” she replied. “You’re not related at all and so it would be easier. Also, Karen actually approved of you to be her date. She told Nina that she feel comfortable around you.”

I was already sitting on the couch when my wife dropped all of this on me. Now I was seated on the edge of the seat cushion with my head in my hands.

“So what am I supposed to do?” I asked. “Take her to the movies?”

My wife removed her coat, threw it over the back of the couch and sat on the armchair opposite.

“No,” she replied. “Nina will set up a reservation at a restaurant where you can take her to dinner. She also wants to be there to observe you and see how Karen reacts. Then when the dinner is over, she will drive Karen home and the two of them can analyse the evening and make notes.”

Nina had a bit of controlling attitude and I didn’t like the idea that I would be on show.

“No, that isn’t gonna happen,” I said, standing up and pacing in front of the hearth. “If Nina wants me to be involved, against my better judgement I might add, then I’ll make the reservation and she can stay the hell away. If she wants to call Karen afterwards and discuss the night, then that’s fine by me, but I refuse to be part of some perverse lab experiment.”

“She won’t like that,” replied my wife.

“If she doesn’t, she can find some other schmuck to date her mother,” I said and stormed off upstairs to the bathroom.

When I came back down again, my wife atakent escort was just switching off her mobile phone.

“Nina said she didn’t like the idea of you being alone with her mother, but she said she can’t find anyone else and so you can arrange everything.”

“What does she think I will do?” I asked, glibly. “She just wants to control everything as usual, but fails to realise that her mother is grown woman.”

I sat back down on the couch, after pouring myself a good sized glass of Craggenmore, single malt scotch.

“I promise I will be the perfect gentleman,” I said, before swallowing a mouthful of the amber liquid. “You know you can trust me. Nothing else is going to happen, other than dinner and polite conversation.”

Then I thought for a moment.

“In fact, coffee and conversation might be a better date,” I said. “Dinner is a bit formal for a first date.”

As we went to bed, that night, I realised that I was getting a little excited by it all. My wife and I had been married for almost twenty years. We had lived together for five years, which meant that I had known Karen for the same length of time. It occurred to me that I knew absolutely nothing about her. I only knew what I had been told by my wife. Whenever we had talked at family gatherings, she never revealed anything personal to me about herself.

I was looking forward to getting to know this woman.

Chapter One

I called Karen and asked her if she liked the idea of meeting at coffee shop, in the town centre. She agreed and we set a time and place to meet. She told me that Nina would be driving her there and I told her that I would take the bus.

I waited at our pre-arranged meeting place, which was a large fountain, in the middle of a plaza. I checked my watch and saw that I had five minutes before Karen would arrive.

As it would only be coffee, I dressed casually in blue chinos, white shirt and sneakers. It had promised rain, so I brought a jacket, which was slung over my arm.

I saw Nina’s car pull up on the opposite side of the plaza, from where I was standing and Karen got out. I saw her dip her head back into the car, presumably to say one last thing to Nina and then she closed the door.

Nina drove away without even giving me a glance.

Karen saw me, waved and made her way to me. I walked towards her, waving as well.

When we finally met, she placed her hands on my shoulders and pulled me into her and we kissed each other politely on the cheeks.

She looked at me and smiled.

“How are you?” she asked.

“I’m fine,” I answered. “And you?”

“N…nervous,” she replied, slightly stuttering.

“Yeah, me too,” I said, half laughing. “I haven’t been on a date in decades.”

“Me neither,” she replied.

We made our way to the coffee shop and found a table by the window. I ordered our coffees at the counter, while Karen sat and watched the people passing by.

After I had set the mugs of the steaming brew on the table and sat down, Karen asked me, “Are you okay with this?”

I sipped at my coffee and winced when it seared my lips. I set the mug down again and thought for a moment.

“Yes, I am fine about all of this,” I replied “Even if it might seem a little bizarre. I realised last night that I know absolutely nothing about you.”

She lifted her mug and tried to drink her cappuccino, but like my drink, it was way too hot to drink. She set it down on the table again.

“I admit that I know a few things about your life,” I said. “But these are only things that I’ve been told by Jen and I believe those things have been relayed to her from either Nina or your sister.”

“What sort of things?” she asked, with a horrified look on her face.

“Nothing to be embarrassed about,” I replied, realising that I could ruin this before it started.

I told her that I knew about Nina’s real father and all the controversy surrounding Nina’s birth. I also told her that I knew a little about her relationship with Ronnie.

“But,” I said. “I don’t really know about you, the person.”

I shifted positions in my chair, crossed my legs and sat back.

“I’m looking forward to finding about you,” I said, smiling.

For the next 2 hours, we chatted about her likes and dislikes. She revealed to me her childhood dreams. Karen also revealed the dreams she’d had as an adult. Sadly, those dreams had been shelved the day that Nina was born. She even revealed me the fact that her mother, Jen’s grandmother, had tried to pressure her into having Nina put up for adoption, such was her personal shame of having a baby, born out of wedlock, living in the house.

“I lived alone for a few years, trying to make ends meet, take care of Nina and finish school,” Karen explained. “My sister was a great help through those years.”

“Oh, really,” I said, keen to know more. “How?”

“She would baby sit sometimes, when I had to work an evening shift,” Karen explained. “I worked as a dishwasher in the Neptune Hotel. Sometimes ataköy escort I would be required to work late, overtime or a late evening shift. Jen’s mum would come and look after Nina until I came home.”

Karen finally took a sip from her coffee cup.

“It was Jen’s Mum who finally persuaded our mother to let me come home,” she said. “I had fallen behind on the rent, on the small bedsit that we were living in. We were in serious danger of being evicted. Your mother in law saved the day.”

Tears began to well up in Karen’s eyes and acting on instinct, I placed my hand on top of hers, in comfort.

Karen retrieved her hand and delved into her handbag, pulling out a paper handkerchief. After dabbing her eyes, Karen continued her story.

“As soon as our mother laid her eyes on Nina,” Karen continued. “Her heart melted.”

I smiled and then something suddenly occurred to me.

“Hey, do you know something?” I asked.

“What?” she asked, in reply.

“You have told me that whole, very moving story without stuttering once,” I replied, smiling.

She explained that when she is in comfortable situation and felt relaxed, her stuttering almost never happened.

“I’ve spoken to you at family gatherings,” I said. “We’ve spoken then, and you’ve always had a slight problem with it. What’s so different now?”

She thought for a moment, before replying.

“I think it might have something to do with the fact that we are alone and no one else can hear us. Also, Nina isn’t here trying to control things.”

I scowled a little at the thought of what a controlling nature Nina had.

Whenever Jen asked Nina’s daughter what she wanted for her birthday or Christmas, her stock answer would always be, “Ask my Mum. She knows what I need.”

“Why did you let her get away with it for so long?” I asked.

“I’m afraid I wasn’t the best parent, when she was growing up,” replied Karen. “I was always working, trying to earn enough money to allow us to get out from under my mother’s roof and make a life for us.”

“I would say that’s what any parent would do for their child,” I replied. “That’s far from being a bad parent.”

“You misunderstand,” she said. “I was never there for the important things like recitals, soccer matches, netball games, that kind of thing.”

Karen sat back in her seat.

“As Nina grew older, she began to make her own mind up about things and organise herself, because I wasn’t there to do it for her,” Karen said. “Oh she made mistakes but most of the time, she did pretty well.”

Taking another sip of coffee, Karen said, “I suppose I saw that she was doing well enough without my guidance and so I left her to it.”

The need to control things had spilled over into Nina’s working life as well as her family life. I could see now how she became the woman she was. Karen was powerless to stop her.

As our conversation carried on, I began to see a new person emerge in Karen. It was a little more of a confident and relaxed person. But unfortunately that was all about to change.

As if by design, I saw Nina open the door to the cafe and walk in. She had a face like thunder. Clearly something had annoyed her.

She made her way over to our table and stood silently beside Karen’s chair. Karen saw the look on my face and turned to see her daughter standing next to her.

“I’ve been waiting for half an hour,” Nina said, sternly. “Am I supposed to wait all night, while you two continue your cosy chat?”

Without giving Karen a chance to respond, Nina said, “C’mon Mum, it’s time to leave. I’ve got things to do. I can’t sit around all night waiting for you.”

Without giving any argument, Karen stood up, collected her coat and handbag and began to follow Nina out of the cafe.

I tried to protest to Nina, saying that everything was going fine and that she should leave us to make our own ways home.

“Oh, no,” responded Nina. “I have to make sure that my mum gets home safe and sound. Thank you for taking care of her. Now it’s my turn.”

“Have you forgotten why we were here?” I asked. “We were on a date.”

“Yes and seems you’ve done a sterling job,” she replied. “Now it’s time to go home.” Karen thanked me for the conversation and coffee and I half waved as Nina almost pushed her out through the door.

I was incandescent with rage. I wanted to chase after them, but that would have only created a scene and most probably would have made things worse.I watched from outside the cafe as Nina manhandled her mother into her car, climbed in through the driver’s door and drove away.

When I arrived home, Jen was still awake, waiting with baited breath, wanting to know all the details. So I told her everything. How great the evening was going, with intimate conversation and Karen revealing details to me that no one else knew, without actually revealing those details to Jen.

I told her that I began to see a new woman emerge as we talked and that her stutter all but disappeared when she was relaxed. I told atalar escort her how that all went belly up when Nina arrived like a juggernaut and forced her mum to go home with her. Jen was astonished.

“It was all Nina’s idea,” she explained. “Why would she jeopardize her mum’s date like that?”

“Because she was waiting outside,” I replied. “She can’t even leave her mum alone in the company of someone she knows, for five minutes. I don’t know what she thought would happen. Karen does have a mind of her own, but Nina doesn’t want to relinquish control of it. It would seem.”

Jen could tell, as we got ready for bed, that I was tense after what had happened earlier in the evening. After almost twenty years of marriage, she knew that, in the state I was in, I would be tossing and turning all night.

We climbed into bed and as I rolled onto my back, Jen cuddled up to me and began kissing my chest. I felt her hand slide across my stomach and down towards my flaccid penis. She wrapped her fingers around the shaft and began to slowly massage me. I placed my arms behind my head and closed my eyes, as she ran the pad of her thumb over my glans. I could feel the blood beginning to pump into my sleeping organ and soon it began to come to life.

“Oo, someone’s getting turned on, I think,” she said, softly and moved her mouth towards my ear.

In soft, gentle whispers, she said, “This is for being the nice guy you are and taking care of Karen.”

Jen slid under the duvet and I groaned as I felt the warm wetness of her mouth.It enveloped the head of my hardening cock. Her hand caressed and massaged my scrotum and my testicles responded accordingly. Her tongue slid under the head of my hard cock and she began to suck hard on it.

The result was explosive.

For as long as I have known Jen, she has always had a way with her mouth and tongue on my cock. If she really wants to, she has the power to make me come in seconds.

Not minutes. Seconds after, she had me in her mouth.

She knew that I wouldn’t be able to sleep, in the condition I was in, but it was too late for full blown sex, so she was content to suck my cock until I came. And come I most certainly did. I could hear her gagging as I shot spurt after spurt of my hot, creamy seed into her throat. But she managed to drink the whole of it down.

When she knew that I was spent, she came back up from under the duvet, with a smile on her face and traces of my semen in the corner of her mouth. She used her tongue to lick them away.

“Do you feel better now?” she asked.

“Much thanks. I wasn’t expecting that,” I replied.

She kissed me and I could taste the last traces of my cum on her tongue as it glided between my lips and eagerly licked its way around the inside of my mouth.

“We can switch places tomorrow night,” she said, turning out the light. “You can make me come.”

Chapter Two.

Jen came home from work, the next day, excited.

Apparently, Nina had called her at work and told her that Karen had a real go at her for how she interrupted our date. Karen went to explain that for the first time in her life, she actually felt safe and relaxed with someone and was upset with Nina for ruining it all.

A new battle strategy was drawn up and this time Karen was in control.

She told Nina that I and she would go out on another date. Nina would not interfere or there would be reprisals. She would make her own way to the centre and I was to book a restaurant of my choosing for us to eat dinner in.

I was pleasantly amazed and highly pleased, not only because Karen was taking control away from Nina, but also I would have another chance to be in the company of this delightful woman.

I booked a cosy little restaurant that I had heard about for the middle of the following week. It was on the harbour, overlooking the lake and was the kind of place where the waiters were discreet and where romance often flourished.

Once again, we made our own ways to the restaurant. I arrived first and sat at our table and waited.

I decided to dress a little more smartly for this date. A dark blue suit, powder blue shirt and darker coloured tie, with black shoes.

When Karen walked in, I was beside myself with astonishment.

She wore a black full length, black satin dress, which was low cut at the front and showed off quite an ample cleavage. Over this, she wore a short black jacket. Black high heeled shoes adorned her feet.

She looked stunning.

She saw me and approached the table. We hugged and felt her lips brush against my cheek.

It somehow sent a message to my sleeping penis that there might be some action going on here and my cock began to grow.

She pulled back from me and looked me in the eyes for long seconds, before removing her jacket. As I pulled out her chair and seated her, I couldn’t help wondering if she had felt my hardening cock.

As I helped push her chair back under the table, I allowed myself a sneaky peek at her breasts, which were now more visible. They looked very nice. Not too small and not too big.

I returned to my seat, pulled it out and sat down.

Her eyes twinkled in the soft candlelight, which also reflected off of the deep red lipstick that adorned her lips. This was a side of Karen I had never seen before. Not a mother. But a confident and attractive looking woman.

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