Owen Prepares for College


This is a continuation of my story “Owen becomes a Man”, and it would be as well for the reader to go to that story first, although this one will stand on its own.


Last week there was an opportunity for the parents of future students to go to Owen’s college to put our minds at rest over their accommodation.

When we arrived we were greeted by the college Bursar who was in charge of allocating this accommodation, and we found that (unless anyone wished to change the arrangements, that is,) he would be sharing a four-bedroomed apartment with another boy and two girls!

Having such a twin sister as Chloe, though, meant that Owen was quite unperturbed by this arrangement, although his male soon-to-be-flatmate, George, seemed a little apprehensive at having to share with two girls, even though they would all have their own rooms.

However, George’s mother seemed to like the idea, confiding in me that she thought, and hoped, that it would help bring him out of his shell!

“He has had a fairly sheltered upbringing,” she confided in me, “as he has been at a private day school for boys only, and has never really come into contact with girls.”

I told her that Owen was already a “man of the world” when it came to the opposite sex, but at the same time I tried to assure her that Owen was too much of a gentleman to ever try to lead her son astray.

She did agree, though, to accompany me to a nearby café, where we sipped coffee, leaving the other four to get themselves acquainted in preparation for the big day, when they would all move in together.

Marion seemed a very nice woman, petite, with a figure to be envied, and about my own age. We chatted for a while, exchanging views, and then gradually getting onto what was really troubling her.

The outcome of the whole thing was, though, that I invited her and her son George round for next day for an evening meal, when he could meet Chloe and see how Owen was so at ease in her presence.

I warned Chloe to be on her best behaviour, but she was fully aware already of the need to be ultra-cautious about the relationship the three of us enjoyed, although she did say that if George was a little shy of girls perhaps she could help to overcome his shyness.

Anyway, early evening came, and when Marion and George arrived Owen opened the door to them, and brought them into the lounge where Owen and I were already seated.

We had a light meal during which the conversation, naturally, concerned the boys’ future, and afterwards we all returned to the lounge where I offered them all drinks.

I was extremely amused, though, to see that Owen was not being in the least reticent to keep directing his eyes towards Marion’s legs which were somewhat revealed as although she was wearing ankle-socks and open-toed shoes, her skirt was fashionably short, making her seem younger than she actually was.

Actually I was even more pleased to see that Marion seemed to be aware of Owen’s attention and was making no move to counteract his interest. By that I mean that although she was displaying quite an expanse of naked thigh and seemed fully aware of Owen’s gaze there, nevertheless she made no move to even attempt to cover herself more, even though she had sufficient play in her skirt hem to do so.

It was then that I noticed that Chloe was actually doing what I had warned her against — she was acting as if George was no different to her brother! She was sitting back, quite relaxed, but her mini-skirt was brief enough and her legs were parted sufficiently for not only George, but Marion as well as me to be able to see the gusset of her tiny knickers. (Luckily she is wearing some,” I thought to myself!)

But George was interested! I watched his eyes furtively glancing to Chloe’s deliberate (as I was sure it was) display and he was beginning to tent up in his trousers. He then seemed to get a little embarrassed and crossed his legs in an attempt to hide his growing erection.

I could see from the corner of my eye that Marion, too, was watching George, but trying not to let him see her own interest in his reactions.

In the meantime Owen seemed escort bayan now to be past caring about whether or not he was being observed in deliberately gazing up Marion’s skirt, and Marion actually turned to me, smiled, and then signalled to me with her eyes towards Owen as if to tell me to watch him. Next thing she purposely allowed her knees to drift apart, giving Owen what must have seemed like an open invitation, as it probably was!

As it was still summer, it was still daylight outside, and so I turned to Chloe and asked her if she wanted to show George the garden. The look in her eyes told me that she had understood my meaning as I gave a surreptitious wink at her, and George, too, seemed a little eager to accompany her.

As soon as they had gone out, though, Marion looked at me, and said “Thanks” very softly indeed, before turning her attention back to Owen, who was making no bones about his interest in what lay beneath Marion’s skirt.

What happened next was a surprise to me, although I should have seen it building up that way.

Marion, brazenly parting her knees even further apart, revealing everything beneath her skirt to Owen, turned to me and said, “Nicola — I am afraid I have a confession to make. I have always had a penchant for younger men.”

She then waited to see my reaction, which (as is obvious to anyone who has read my previous story) was one of delight, and I showed it.

Reading into my expression what she was hoping to see, she continued.

“In fact,” she said in a slightly lower voice, “I actually slept with George once.”

On seeing my instant reaction of absolute delight, she continued, a little less hesitant now, and obviously more relaxed, “And I mean ‘slept with’ in its sexual sense — not really meaning ‘sleeping’ as in ‘being unconscious’!”

The delight on my face was even more apparent, and I immediately crossed over to her to hug and kiss her as I said, “Snap! Owen and I are regular sexual partners, and in fact he comes shopping with me these days to help me choose my knickers! And he chooses Chloe’s as well!”

Marion was now more at ease than I had seen her during the brief time I had known her, and she had to be, for Owen’s reaction on hearing all this was to actually cross over to where we were seated on the settee together as he squeezed in between us, turning his face towards me firstly for a kiss and then towards Marion, as his hands furtively reached out and placed themselves firmly on our gussets!

Marion’s reaction now was to avidly return his kiss, and then, placing her hand confidently on his now-evident erection, she gave me a quick glance as if to seek permission to do what she as about to do.

She could only read one answer in my eyes, and as her hand deftly unzipped him I could plainly see his own hand inserting itself inside her skimpy knickers, now further revealed as she simultaneously pushed the hem of her skirt higher so as to give him better access!

I decided on discretion, though, as this was their first time, and quietly I got up and left the room. But, ever the nosy mom, I carefully tiptoed to the window to look into the garden. We have quite a large garden, and being completely surrounded by a high hedge it is virtually impossible to be overlooked other than from the house. Chloe knew that, and judging from my view so did George, now. Chloe was completely undressed and was just in the act of taking off George’s shorts. He seemed a little hesitant, though, but Chloe, persuasive as ever, seemed to reassure him sufficiently as she gently freed his cock and proceeded to slide his shorts down so that he could step out of them.

From what I could see George had a cock to be proud of. And Chloe seemed proud of it, too, as she swiftly dropped to her knees and encircled the end with her mouth. George looked at her in amazement, as if it were something which had never happened to him before. And that probably was the case!

Anyway, I decided not to intrude on their actions as yet, and crept back into the lounge. I was extremely delighted to see that in my absence they had both completely stripped off and were already in tuzla genç escort the throes of an intensive fuck.

Marion saw me re-enter the room, but made no indication that she was concerned with my presence, so I crossed and squatted down alongside them.

Owen became aware of my being there now, though, but, like Marion, he seemed to accept my intrusion as a furtherance of his own activity, and as he reached out to fondle my pussy through my knickers Marion also reached out and moved them to one side for his convenience, her own hand purposely brushing my lips as she did so.

This seemed to be all that Owen needed to send him over the top, and I knew from his grunts and Marion’s squeals that he was filling her right up!

As they began to recover from their exertion, though, Marion looked at me with still a little apprehension in her face until she realised that I had not only condoned but assisted the union.

“I’m sorry,” she started to say, but I interrupted as I told her how wonderful it had been for me to watch.

Owen, in the meantime, (like the lecher that he was – a man after my own heart) had quickly slipped on his trousers and had gone into the other room from where I presume he was able to watch Chloe and George. That left just Marion and me together.

“I needed that, though,” she added. “George and I did sleep together once, as I think I told you, but he was not very satisfactory — not like Owen! Perhaps Owen should teach him some techniques?”

I laughed. “He doesn’t need Owen,” I told her. “Chloe is already teaching him, and she is an expert. Perhaps you would both like to stay here for a day or two before the boys start college and she could prepare him so that he would be able to cope with having to share the house with Owen and the two girls.”

“Oh, I’m sure we would love to do that,” she exclaimed. “Would it impose on you if we said that we will come tomorrow night for a couple of days or so? We cannot stay tonight, as we are not prepared, but we could be so by tomorrow.”

“If you mean night attire you needn’t worry about that. Both Chloe and I have plenty to spare, as Owen is continually buying some for us. Every time he sees something naughty he buys it for us! And then,” I added wickedly, as I wanted to test her reaction to stronger language, “he fucks us whilst we are wearing it!”

As I had hoped, apart from a slight flush and a minor tremor in her voice as she spoke, Marion replied, “And would Owen fuck me again if I were to wear one of your nighties?”

“He certainly would,” I answered, “unless, of course, you would prefer George to fuck you instead?”

Marion was now quite composed, as she now realised that she was in the company of like-minded folks, and she was positively beaming as she replied to me.

“Dare I hope for both?” she chuckled. “Not at once, of course, although on thinking about it perhaps that would be a great idea!”

“Only on condition that I have the other one with me, although I suppose if you are going to be greedy and have both at once I would have to make do with Chloe!” I said this is such a way, though, that she could tell that I was partially joking, especially in my use of the word “greedy”!

Again she looked at me with a little speculation. Was she hearing me right? That I might also be in a relationship with Chloe as well as with Owen? I could read the question from her face, although, I must admit, she was not showing any disapproval — just apprehension.

I decided that I might just as well put her at ease, although as I said, she did not seem to be looking at me in any disapproving sort of way.

“Well, actually,” I told her, “if Chloe has had a frustrating night out with one of her boy-friends, or if she still feel disappointed with her date, she usually turns to Owen, knowing that he will not only be sympathetic, but would also make up for any shortfall of her boy-friend for that night. But if Owen is not in, as he is often out at the same time as Chloe, then I console her instead. We strip off, climb into bed together, and I “kiss her better”, whilst she fondles me where I like it most and I reciprocate. tuzla kendi evi olan escort Mind you, there are times when Owen has come home soon afterwards and found us like that, so on those occasions he usually strips off, to, and shares the bed with both of us.”

“Oh! Nicola! What a marvellous uninhibited life you must all lead here. What a pity we live so far apart — I would love to visit you often, especially while George will be away from home. I shall probably feel so lonely, at first.”

“Well,” I said, “feel free to come here as often as you wish. And if it is your sex-life that needs a boost perhaps we can see if Chloe would help us out some time. She would be more than willing to set up one of her boy-friends to accidentally see more of us than he should and we could take it from there. Mind you — none of her boy-friends ever has and never will be aware of the real situation here. They may think I am dishy, for I have overheard one or two say that to Chloe when I have been in another room, but they do not know of the real intimate relationship that we all three have here.”

“What a great idea!” she exclaimed, now completely relaxed with me. “But would Chloe not mind?”

“Would she not mind?” I asked. “She would be more than willing to set it up, if she thought that I might get some pleasure from it. And I would!”

Marion’s answer this time was to turn to me and hug me, at the same time planting an intimate kiss which could not have been any sexier had she been a full-blown lesbian!

But, realising immediately what she had just done, she broke away, looking a little embarrassed.

“I’m sorry,” she started to say, and again I interrupted her.

“Thanks!” I cut her short to say. “I’ve never been kissed like that ever before, and I enjoyed it! Please, may we do it again?” And this time I took the lead and forced my tongue inside her eager mouth.

She was still undressed, and my hands not only sought her well-formed breasts, but also began to toy with her nipples until she suddenly broke away and began to scrabble at my own clothing, almost tearing it from me.

“I’ve been so frustrated!” she called out, as she stripped me until I was as naked as she was.

Although I, certainly, and I was sure that she, too, had never had had any real lesbian experience, nevertheless it seemed natural for us to reach for and assault one another’s genital areas until we found that we were frantically rubbing inside each other’s pussy! And the squelching which came from Marion’s already spunk-filled cunt was music to my ears!

Next minute we were fully committed as we inevitably twisted to replace our fingers with mouths and tongues.

Eventually we both felt satisfied once more, but as we parted to lie side by side, panting, we were not in the least surprised to find that we had had an audience! Naked Chloe was standing between naked George and naked Owen, all three linking with arms behind one another, and all three showing signs of high elation on finding us like that.

It was Chloe who broke the spell. “Does that mean that I can kiss you there, too, in future? As well as Owen?”

Having had my first taste of another woman’s juices, and realising how much I was savouring them, I answered her, saying, “Only if you let me taste yours at the same time, and especially if you have recently been fucked.”

“I have been, and more than just recently,” she laughed, but I answered that I was not thinking about the present, laughing with her.

Marion looked at Chloe, though, and said that she, too, had savoured another woman for the first time, and said that she, too, had decided that it would not be the last time, either. Then, turning to me, she asked quite blatantly, “So, when George and I come to stay with you do you think here might be an opportunity for a threesome — that is you, Chloe and me?”

I told her that it would not be a threesome — but a “fivesome”! To which everyone laughed. And even George laughed with us. The few minutes with Chloe seemed to have brought him out of his shell, so to speak.

But Marion now started to apologise. She and George had come here by public transport, and the last bus was shortly due, so they would have to go.

Reluctantly they both dressed, and as we saw them out and noticed the way that George was now holding Marion’s hand it was obvious that he had suddenly grown up, just as Owen had done.

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