Palm Springs Business Trip Ch. 03

Big Dicks

Once again thanks to Stephen7redo for a wonderful job of editing this story and making it come together.


Cassandra gets down to business with some of the employees of the new hotel.

I woke up around 7 o’clock the next morning, turned off the alarm and rolled over in that king-sized bed to find the other side empty. I lifted my head from the warm pillow and looked around but didn’t see Dillon or his pile of clothes on the floor or anywhere else. I just knew he quietly left in the middle of the night or earlier that morning. I must have been really out of it as usually I’m a light sleeper, but after as many incredible orgasms as the man had brought me the previous evening it was no wonder I slept so well.

Actually, I was okay with him leaving because I had to get up and get ready for my presentation to the hotel staff. If he had been there, I certainly would have had sex with him a couple more times before I could have left the room. I smiled inside and out at the blissful thought and felt that familiar tingled down in my pussy. I immediately shook my head and bounded out of bed. No, I couldn’t even lazy around and play with myself as I knew that wouldn’t be quick and no way would I have stopped at just one orgasm.

I got out of bed and walked naked over to the French doors that led to the balcony. I pulled them back the curtains and instantly the room was filled with bright light. I closed my eyes tightly and turned toward the room before slowly reopening them. That’s when I saw the various articles of clothes of mine strewn around the room. I traipsed through the hotel room picking up my underwear, stockings and garter belt, my dress and heels. Each time I bent over I felt Dillon’s dried cum in between my ass cheeks and down my legs. As much as it reminded me of the previous night’s fun, it was also rather uncomfortable being so sticky and crusty on my skin.

I needed a shower badly.

I tossed all the crumpled clothes onto the bed and headed straight to the bathroom and turned on the water in the shower. I grabbed my toothbrush and as I brushed I looked at myself in the mirror, first at my face, finding too much of my previous day’s makeup smeared and awful looking…how could have Dillon made love to a woman that looked like that? Then I gazed down my naked and body, across my full breasts that had the cutest hard nipples and then further down to a very trimmed, very pink pussy. I grinned at myself, toothpaste all over my lips.

That is why he could make love to a woman like me, messed up make-up and all, I was hot!

I spit into the sink, wiped my mouth and hopped on into the shower. As the warm streams of water hit my body, immediately relaxing me, I cupped my breasts and just stood there underneath the large sunflower-shaped shower head dissolving the night’s cum and the morning’s remaining drowsiness away. But my mind did still wandered back to the events that had taken place yesterday, starting off with fucking Aaron before leaving my house, to riding Karen’s strap-on in the sauna, finally to having Dillon’s thick cock fill my tight little asshole in that bed in the other room. It was more than just a great day of fun and pleasure, I was sure I would never have another day in which I would have such lust-filled sex with three different people in the same day again.

I grabbed my sponge and my cucumber melon scented bodywash and began to lather up my body. My hand seemed to linger over my breasts as I felt my nipples becoming erect. I quickly stopped touching them and moved on down my stomach and bent over to get to my legs. No sooner than I had when that familiar tingle came back between my thighs. I knew my clit wanted some attention, too. I told myself I didn’t have time but the sensation was too great, the need growing too desperate. I dropped the sponge and sat right down on the small bench to one end of the shower stall. I turned sideways and propped one leg up, opening myself to my hand and began playing fervently with my clit. I rolled the little pink bead between the middle and ring fingers of my right hand while my left hand pulled alternately on each already fully puffed up nipple. My clit became fully aroused in no time as I continued to roll it in between my fingers while another finger and my sweet little pinky were stabbing at my blossoming pussy lips. I expertly curled those two fingers up and started to rub my wonderful g-spot. I knew as horny as I was I wasn’t going to last long if I kept on doing this.

As little time as I knew I had I decided to stop and got up, but not to stop playing with myself but rather to detach the wand part of the shower head and sit back down on the bench and prop my leg up again. I changed the setting on wand, put it on the vibrating pulse and aimed it directly at my now enlarged, reddened clit. This allowed me to stick a couple of longer fingers into my vagina and work on my g-spot even more seriously. Within seconds I felt the orgasm sweeping through Beylikdüzü escort my body as I moaned my heart out. This lasted at least a full minute, not too long and not too short, but just what I needed to get my day started.

After sitting there calming for another minute or so, I got up and reattached the showerhead then grabbed my razor to shave my legs and my pussy. The latter was a chore, both because I was sensitive down there and by the time I finished I was getting horny again.

I was insatiable!

But I resisted this time and went on to wash my hair and got out of the shower before I could be tempted to play with myself any more. I dried myself off and took another towel and wrapped it around my head. I did a quick check of the hotel room and put away my clothes from last night and also put the toys Dillon and I had shared back into the nightstand. I would have to wash them off later that night, when I had some time. I turned on the news, which was part of my morning routine on business trips, before going over to the closet to pick out an outfit for my first day presentation to the hotel senior staff.

I selected a gray pinstripe suit, the ‘executive power look’ I grinned. I grabbed the heels I had worn last night and then a red sleeveless knit top from Ann Taylor Loft. I choose red, because I knew it would hold everyone’s attention during my presentation, although that top really emphasized my breasts the way it fit snugly around them, so for some of the group I knew I’d have their solid attention anyway. As I grinned mischievously, I went on to select a white satin bra with black lace trim on the edges, along with the matching thong. I dropped the one towel to the floor and put the underwear on before sitting down to do my make-up. Once satisfied with my face I put on the pants to the suit and the red top. I looked at myself in the mirror and noticed you could see my bra from the sides, but I was okay with that, as it would be just one more tease to add to the mix. I then grabbed my blow drier and spent the next 20 minutes doing my hair.

When I was all put together I pulled out my laptop and went over my presentation one last time. I didn’t really need to as I had it completely memorized, but with that accomplished I put on my suit jacket, looked at myself in the mirror once more and then ran out the door with my briefcase in one hand and purse in the other.

Once I was downstairs I headed straight to the restaurant for a coffee and bagel, which I probably woofed down must quicker than I needed, but I could feel the adrenaline pumping through my veins. I was ready for the day to get started. I dabbed my lips with the napkin before retrieving my gear and headed off to the general manager’s office. She and I talked casually for a few minutes and of course she asked if I had slept well. I grinned as I flashed back to the previous evening’s events and grinned before I answered I surely had.

A little before 9 o’clock we headed into the main conference room where I loaded up my presentation from my laptop as her employees filed in for the meeting. She introduced me and I gave my best professional performance in my best professional looking suit that by the way got the nice lingering looks from several of the men, and ladies, that I had been hoping for. I gave a handful of them some lingering glances back just to keep things interesting, which may not have been the best thing to do as the horniness from earlier that morning began to return. That one quickie of a diddling orgasm in the shower was not enough to keep me satisfied all day long, hell, one orgasm was never enough anymore with me!

I kept my composure though and proceeded to answer a few questions about the training I would be providing them for the next couple of days. It all went very smoothly and after that initial meeting broke up I met with the department heads to cover a few more details and schedules. More than once during my talks I found myself drifting back to the day before, one of the most wonderful days of sex I had ever had with three incredible lovers in Aaron, Karen and Dillon. I found myself squirming in my chair more than once trying to get the tin strip of my thing out of my pussy lips, which by the way were already plenty moist.

By 10:30 my pussy was wet under those sharp, professional gray suit pants of mine. At that point I was all but professional in my head as all I was thinking of was when I would be able to have a few seconds to run to the bathroom and wipe my drooling vaginia. I ventured on in my best business-like mode until a few minutes later I decided it couldn’t wait. I excused myself and went straight to the ladies room.

As I entered the bathroom I literally ran into the housekeeping manager. In those first few seconds up close I saw how attractive woman she really was, slightly taller than me, with some nice full curves top and bottom. She also had a very smooth, very beautiful olive complexion and a head Beylikdüzü escort of rich dark black hair that came down just past her shoulders. We exchanged ‘excuse me’ words but she could tell I was in a hurry and let me quickly head into a stall where by then I really did need to pee badly, the coffee and water had caught up to me.

Afterward I wiped up the last dribble along with what of the other wetness my pussy had been putting out all morning. I was tingling by then, but had no time to play with myself what with a small room of hotel employees waiting on me. I did take a few extra seconds to adjust my clit in my thong before I pulled up pants though. Even that little touch sent warm shivers up and through my body.

Took a deep breath and told myself satisfaction would have to wait.

When I came out of the stall the dark haired Hispanic woman was still there at the sinks. She was applying eyeliner as I walked up to the counter next to her to wash my hands.

“That was a good presentation Cassandra, I think my staff and a lot of the other employees are already buying into your model,” she said to me as she continued to apply her eyeliner.

“Thanks, I appreciate those kind words. It seems you have a good staff and pretty well run hotel here,” I said as I glanced down at her name tag on her suit jacket, it read ‘Isabella’. Something about that name, ‘Isabella’, was melodic, so, well, so singing to my body for some reason.

I finished washing my hands and then turned to her, noticing I could see in between the buttons of her blouse, catching a glimpse of her periwinkle lace bra. Her breasts seemed to be on the verge of slipping out of that sheer thing. I took a deep breath as I felt a tinkle of warm wetness ooze out between my pussy lips again. Damn, I was going to have to wipe myself again if I wasn’t careful!

I regained my professional composure. “I look forward to working with you and your staff later on today Isabella.”

“I actually switched with the front desk team, so you will be working with us before lunch,” she responded with a barely perceptible grin as she put her eyeliner back in her purse.

“Excellent, let me go back to the conference room and finish up then I have a phone call and couple of emails to return. Where should I meet you?” I asked.

“How about on the 3rd floor in 30 minutes, I’ll be up there doing room inspections,” she said this time turning toward me with a very obvious smile on her beautiful face.

“Um, okay see you in a few then,” I said as we walked out of the bathroom together. I turned to the left and she turned to the right to head to the elevators. I couldn’t help but stare as I got a good view of her ass as she walked away, a sashay that would make any man, or woman so inclined to breathe hard. And add to that those sexy calves undulating with each stride under the knee length skirt she wore and just above the 4 inch heels.


Interesting, I had never seen a housekeeping manager wear tall heels like that, what with all the walking she had to do every day. It passed through my mind as little more than an afterthought though as I watched those sexy legs and taut ass walk on into the elevator.

I know she caught me looking when she turned around as I swear I saw her wink at me!

And so there went another seep of sex juices onto my thong!

By the time I got back to the conference room my pussy felt sloppy wet all over again. All I could think of was getting some alone time with Isabella. I wanted to spur that on sooner so I planned to put off my call back to the main office or answering my emails, instead told the general manager I would start with Isabella’s group right away.

“You will enjoy yourself with them as they are my best team and Isabella is a wonderful employee and manager, but I just heard from her and she said she needed to push back you meeting time another half hour.”

“Oh, okay, I can wait,” I said somewhat disappointedly and even more curious as to what had changed.

“She did say to still meet her on the 3rd floor,” the manager said as she walked out of the room.

When she left I went ahead and checked my emails on my laptop. Dillon had sent me one which I eagerly opened. He apologized for leaving so early but said he had to meet with some clients at 8:30 and knew if he had stayed until I woke up, he would have certainly been late for his meeting. We thought very much alike on that front.

Dillon went on: ‘I really had a great time last night and would like to take you out to dinner again if that would be possible.’

I smiled the whole time I emailed him back saying I would call him. And speaking of calls I ended up calling my boss to update him on the morning’s presentation and the situation there at the hotel. Then I called my hotel to make sure everything was okay with them. After that, I left my briefcase and purse in the manager’s office and grabbed my note pad before I headed Escort Beylikdüzü to the elevator. As I pushed the button for the third floor I could feel the nerves begin to take me over, as I was so taken with Isabella, having only known her for such a brief time, and worrying myself that I would ruin my chances of being with her or worse misconstruing her gestures and words as flirting when it really wasn’t. No that couldn’t be, I had flirted with enough women to know this was real. I knew it was mutual as I knew she had felt me up with those gorgeous brown eyes of hers as she applied that sexy eyeliner.

As the elevator doors opened I took a deep breath before I stepping out and walking down the hallway. I saw a housekeeping cart at the end of that corridor, at the same end where I was staying. As I came to the room before mine I heard voices and looked in to see Isabella and one of her housekeepers. I overheard the lovely Hispanic charm saying how immaculate the room was and praising her employee on what a nice job she had done. She said she was going to check three more rooms on that corridor and then be moving on. Her employee thanked her then came out of the room passed me, smiled as she did, and headed on back toward the elevators.

I stood leaning in the doorway with my arms and note pad crossed over my chest. “You are very good with you staff, positive reinforcement on a job well done. I like that.”

“Thank you. Anita is one of my better keepers. In fact, let’s move on to the next room and I’ll show you more of her handiwork,” Isabella said as she moved through the doorway, brushing up against me. The warmth of her body almost made me faint on the spot. I closed my eyes, took another deep breath, reopened them slowly then followed her into a room three doors up. As she looked around the main room I went to the bathroom and saw how sparkling clean it looked. Anita was very good at her work. I could tell immediately she took pride in what she did. Just as I took pride in my ability to seduce a woman that I desperately wanted and I really wanted Isabella. But my desperation was tempered with casualness and a slow seductive flirt I had to work through.

So back to work, Isabella and I made small talk as she let me help her go through the checklist of items that needed to be addressed within each room. Although it keep me from stealing not so innocent glances at her lovely body as she moved around the room with her clipboard in hand. When she worked and looked so professional it only made her appeal to me even more, looking that much sexier.

After finishing the extensive checklist we left that room and went to one on the other side of the hallway which was identical just opposite in symmetry.

“How long have you been with the company?” Isabella asked as she walked around the room.

“A few years and I’ve loved every day of it,” I answered honestly, but the whole time I was thinking, ‘How long have you been so sexy?’, and felt another spritz of warm liquid between my pussy lips.

We chatted as she worked and I observed. I was becoming more than comfortable with this woman, so I told her about my divorce and how I was now enjoying the single life since I had the house to myself. She told me she was single, too, and she was looking to move up within the company. That comment triggered a red flag that maybe there was more to this seduction dance than met the eye. But my libido let it go as quickly as it crossed my mind.

We must have talked for almost twenty minutes before she went on to finish inspecting that room. It was in as great a shape as the other two she had already viewed.

“We had one more room to inspect,” Isabella said as she waved her hand toward the door.

“By all means, let’s go then,” I offered a I walked by her, this time it was me brushing up against her forearms that were crossed over her clipboard pressed snugly to her very generous bosom.

Our faces were inches apart when we smiled at one another.

As we started to walk down the hallway again, I noticed a ‘Do Not Disturb’ tag on a door. Just as we passed by I heard a woman distinctively moan out in pleasure.

Isabella stopped in the middle of the hallway and smiled at me. “Did you just hear that?”

“I heard something, but I’m not sure what it was,” I lied and smiled back at her, getting still another clear view of her wonderful olive hued cleavage.

Then we both heard…

“Ohhhhhhh yesssssssss don’t stop, Jacob! Don’t stop!” came the woman’s voice even louder from that room.

We both took a mutual step closer to the door and leaned in together.

“Ohhhhhh yeah right there, fuck me hard honey! Ohhhh, fuck me, baby!”

We both looked at each other with a look of shock on our faces that were within inches of one another. Those deep brown eyes almost melted me, but then I was distracted by the even more distinctive sound of skin slapping against skin and we heard the woman moan some more.

“I guess someone is having a good time,” Isabella whispered with a broad grin on her lovely face.

“Do you know who is staying in that room?” I asked.

“All I know is it’s a sultry redhead and her gorgeously tall husband,” she said licking her lips.

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