After dinner we take a stroll on the beach. Your hair is pulled back and you wear simple gold rings in your ears. The bone structure of your face catches the light in an amazing display of proud beauty. Your pink evening dress reveals and supports your luscious breasts in a way that no man’s eyes can avoid. The lovely Thai women sneak glances at you, awed by your carriage and grace. They seemed pale and insipid beside you, drained of vitality by your pulsing sensuality and life-force. You know you look beautiful, and I am content for the moment to soak in your image and bask in the brilliance of your smile.

We walk hand in hand, not saying much, laughing occasionally about some shared secret or silliness, lapping up the last rays of the sinking sun. It’s red disk is impossibly large as it hangs above the horizon, the ocean is a lake of calm, a soft wind rustles the palms, and stirs the folds your sheer dress. With it, the wind brings the scent of jasmine, and the sounds of a band beginning to play dance music on the terrace. We turn and walk back toward the hotel. The sudden sunset of the tropics was magic in reds, deepening quickly to magenta, and the heat of the day fades by the time the sun has dipped below the edge of the horizon.

We stroll onto the terrace. I take you into my arms and you lean against me, your subtle perfume clinging to your neck, your full breasts pushed against my chest, my lips brushing your ear lobe. Your scent brings back memories of our erotic afternoon:

When the midday sun became too much, we retreated from the beach to the cool darkness of our bungalow. Though magnificent in your bikini, you let me remove it slowly, as I examined each precious inch of you in delicious detail. I held you then as I am now on the dance floor, nothing between us, my hardness swollen and pressing urgently against you. You wet and ready. Your nipples hard and poking my bare chest. Your scent intoxicating. Your eyes alive and alluring. Our hands searching, exploring, caressing gently but with increasing appetite. Our lips softly together, tongues gently entwined, each breath filled with anticipation and lust.

I grasped the muscles of your firm ass in each hand and pulled you tight against me. After a long kiss you guided me to the bed and stood over me as I lay back. Your body was an erotic vision. Your breasts were magnificent. You were waxed and smooth. You climbed onto the bed and knelt above me. Your clit and labia were poised just above my mouth. I reached up and grasped your breasts, kneading them firmly. You settled slightly and I tasted you, using my tongue to trace each secret fold and crevice. Flicking here. Tasting there. Suckling. Licking. Penetrating. Finding your juices and scooping them out. Pinching your nipples. Slowly, slowly, steadily bringing you alive with pleasure. Teasing. Torturing with gentleness, Hungry with need.

When you began to arch up and stretch your toes I flicked a few final times with my aggressive tongue and then pulled you down beside me and began again with my fingers while I sucked on greedily on your hard nipples. You were wet and ready, but I was not done with you yet. I slipped a finger inside and tickle each fold within you. Slippery, I brought it out and found your clit hiding among the outer folds. I circled it’s bud slowly and lightly with one teasing finger tip. I lubricated the fingers of my other hand with your now flowing juices and slipped a finger into each of your openings. I wiggle them against each other while I teased your clit. I slid them deeper inside and begin tickling the top surface of your vagina with the tip of one finger. I worked my fingers in and out, then round and round, I had two fingers in each opening so I could reach deeper and wiggle them more effectively.

Your juices were really beginning to flow. A small flood oozed out. I suckled the other breast, and kept your clit slippery and swollen. It was becoming too much. You were about to cum and wanted me inside. Your hand grasped my rigid cock and stroked it frantically. Your back was arched. Your breathing erratic. Your legs straight and toes pointed. I increased my tempo as you nearly lifted yourself off the bed. You squeezed my cock so hard it hurt. With along low groan you grabbed my hand and pulled it into you while you squirmed and contracted. I keep tickling your insides with the tip of my finger as the contractions came. It went on and on. The bed spread was wet beneath you. Finally the contractions subsided. You were spent but drew me to you for a long kiss. We were not finished. This was only the beginning. I had all afternoon to please you again, and again, and in a hundred different ways.

I come out of my reverie and notice the band has stopped playing. I am still holding you and you are looking into my eyes with an amused smile. My cock is rock Pendik Yabancı Escort hard and surging up against your leg. Your cleavage is drawing my eyes. I kiss you lightly on the lips and we walk to our table. It getting late. After a light dinner and some more wine the matre D’ asks if we will be staying for the floor show. I look at you and you nod yes.

They move the scenery into place and a troop of the most beautiful Thai women begin a Las Vegas style show, but on a smaller scale. They girls weave in and out among the tables, stopping here and there to flirt with both men and women. There are elaborate outfits, and music, and bared breasts.

One particularly beautiful girl with luscious breasts comes over to you, smiling. As she weaves back and forth in front of you her breasts are very close. Her long skirt has a slit all the way to the top. It is centered in front between her legs, and closed only near the top. She bushes her pelvis against your hand on the arm of the chair. Your eyes wander below her waist questioningly. She sways again, smiling, this time grinding gently against your hand. You seem bemused. She sways close and brushes her erect nipples across your lips. She guides your questioning hand cautiously inside her skirt. You grasp something there and almost laugh, comprehending now the complexities of her feminine appearance. You squeeze her bulging secret hard and cup it in your hand. No one else seems to be noticing. They are too busy with the “girl” at their own table. Our “girl” bends down and whispers something in your ear. You look at me, and I nod my head as I stare at her lovely breasts. You whisper our room number in her ear, and with a smile she is quickly gone.

The knock comes as we are preparing for bed. You have stripped down to a lovely, hot pink thong and bra, and I am in black boxers. I go to the door. Our girl enters with a bottle of champagne on ice. she take off her shawl and again displays those perfect breasts. We drink from three fluted glasses. She begins her dance again, and loosens her skirt and unpins her long black hair. The skirt drops to the floor displaying a black thong that seems particularly full. She shakes loose her beautiful hair. I am not completely surprised, but still amazed at the complete femininity of the rest of her figure. Her hips flare. Her waist is slender. Her muscles are smooth and skin free of any hair. She smells exotic and very, very good. The breasts have to be real. I see no scars or signs of augmentation. She sees me looking and comes over to where I am sitting on the edge of the bed. She begins swaying in front of me while you look on. I search for some tell-tale flaw but find none, not even her adams apple. She eases a breast in my mouth and it tastes good.

You sit beside me and reach inside her thong, freeing something that seems to be stirring there. You work it with your hands, and reach up to feel her other breast. Soon she is naked and lying back on the bed between us. We explore and run our hands over every part of her, trying to unlock the paradox of her dual nature. It is a woman’s body and face, yet there is this rigid penis, not large, but proportionate, uncircumcised and hairless. When we ask questions she only smiles and shakes her head. No English? Or simply letting us form our own conclusions.

You give her little penis some attention while I suck on her breasts. I watch you peel back the foreskin and delicately taste her cock. You look up at me as you do. You have freed your own full breasts and they dangle tantalizingly. I want one in my mouth and I straddle the girls head so that my balls hang down and she sucks on them. They are shaved smooth too. You straddle the small penis and use it’s tip to stimulate yourself. We are facing each other and lean forward slightly to kiss. I cup your breasts in my hands and begin pinching your nipples. The girl is sucking away at my balls eagerly, making me even harder. You stroke my cock with your free hand. You are moving your hips around and really making your clit sing with her hard little cock. You are squeezing my cock hard and stroking it frantically. I can feel that humming sensation as the semen inside starts to prepare for launch. Your eyes are half closed as you tease your clit toward climax. When you start to cum you slide down onto the hilt of her throbbing cock.

I am just about there. Hot white cum explodes from the tip of my cock and sprays across your beautiful breasts. It dribbles down your belly and into your naval. The last drops fall onto her breasts and she pushes into you, cumming with a long moan. You lick the cum off her breasts and the let her do the same for you. She greedily devours each drop, moving from breast to naval and following the dribble until she slides under you and begins licking and sucking on your clit Pendik Yeni Escort and labia.

I move closer and kiss you while she does, soon I am getting hard again. I move behind you and slide inside you while our lady friend sooths and teases your clit back into readiness. I can feel my balls brushes against her nipples as I slowly begin to thrust into you. She matches her tempo to my thrusts. I am grasping your hips and slamming hard into you. She is devouring your cilt. Your ass is so finely shaped. Your waist narrow. Your hips flared and definitively feminine. Your back a widening vee that ends in your gorgeous black hair.

I am fully aroused. The other girl is forgotten. I just want to slam my cock as deep inside you as I can, pulling you into me, powering into you. I hear you make the little squeaks and noises that precede you climax. I thrust harder and faster. I am close again too. From some forgotten reservoir another flood of hot semen blasts into you. I moan and push hard against you. the girl flicks her tongue rapidly and suckles your clit tirelessly. I feel you begin to tense. I have one last spasm and squeeze out the last drops. You begin to quiver, and moan, and finally cry out with need and pleasure as you settle onto her face and tongue. I stay inside you, spent, but still hard, and reach under you to cup your breasts. You sit up and turn enough so we can kiss. This is shaping up to be a night we will remember, and it has hardly begun.

We wake up late. The girl is gone, but she has left a card. “Paradise” it says. A simple female silhouette on one side, and “tonight” written on the back. An invitation? A bit of a mystery too.

We order fresh fruit and coffee on the lanai. I show the card to the room service waiter.

He just smiles and nods his head.

We head for the beach, undecided. The water is warm and refreshing. We ride the gentle waves, and forget about last night in our focus on each other. Later, after a shower, we again make slow love. I check and there is no show tonight. “Music only”, it says.

After dinner and a few dances we are slightly bored. Last night has been a revelation. What will “tonight” bring?

I show the card to the mait-re D’.

“Ah, yes, very nice.”, he says.

“Is it safe?”, you ask . He smiles knowingly. “Safe for you.” He looks at me. “Special for you too.” He looks at the clock. “Yes, you go now, I get cab. You good time, eh?”

The paved road became dirt and we bounced along, crossing toward the other side of the peninsula that housed the resort. There was another beach there, I knew, and some sort of village.

It was a strip of hastily built clubs on the beach side of the dirt street, and some small houses and shacks on the hillside opposite. At the end, separate from the newer buildings, was a traditional teak house. It was raised on stilts and had a thatched roof. The cab pulled up in front. It was quiet, but there was a flickering light coming from the cracks between the blinds that covered the windows. Indistinct shapes moved languidly behind the blinds. We climbed the steep stairs. My palm gently pressing the small of your back for reassurance. Torches flickered on either side of the big double doors. I was about to pound on them when they slowly swung open.

An old man looked at the card I produced and ushered us in graciously. A screen divided the entry from the rest of the house. Candles were the only light. We were shown to some pale cushions scattered around a low table on an ancient teak floor polished smooth by bare feet. We removed our sandals and set them aside.

A beautiful Thai girl brought us cool tropical drinks. There was a subtle native music coming form another part of the house. Voices were hushed. The girl came back and led us to a large room overlooking the moonlit ocean. More cushions and low tables dotted the floor. At the front of the room was a sort of raised futon, surrounded by candles. Seven or eight young women lounged here and there on the cushions, waiting for something. Each was incredibly beautiful in her own right, perfect in each detail. They wore sheer, loose dresses that revealed much and covered little. All eyes were on you, and there was some giggling and perhaps a little awe at your own compelling beauty. Two young women came up to each of us and led us to separate groups of cushions.

They smelled exotic and moved languidly. Their touch was light, but insistent. Their lips soft. Their tongues warm and inquisitive. Soon a plump breast was in my mouth. My fly was being opened. Hands were all over me, and kisses, and more. I couldn’t quite see you, Lovely bodies blocked my view, and were taking more and more of my attention. My companions were both definitely female, with wetness and want to prove it. Yours? I wasn’t sure. Somehow it didn’t Pendik Masaj Salonu seem to matter. Such things seemed more fluid here, less constraining. They accepted themselves, and so did we. Sexuality was defined only by desire, and was as mutable as a candle’s flame.

All my clothes had been removed. Other women joined in. No part of me was untouched, or free of kisses. My cock was the object of some interest, and much attention, as were my nipples, my lips, my toes, and parts usually ignored. Soon my mouth and tongue were fully engaged too. I was rock hard and getting harder. I could only assume you were similarly occupied.

The music was getting closer. Musicians entered and settled themselves on the floor. With them came our hostess from the night before. She began a slow sensuous dance near the front of the room. Some of the other girls joined in. I caught peeks as the tempo of the music increased, only to be smothered again by firm breasts, exploring hands, and wet pussies. More girls joined the dance, leaving only the most eager and involved ones atop me. I was about to burst, but they left too. Our hostess took each of us by the hand and lead us to the futon in the front of the room. We were both covered with sweat from the humid air and crush of warm bodies. You were also clearly as aroused as I was, your breath heaving, your nipples erect,and your labia dripping wet. We kissed and you grasped my cock, oblivious to the crowd. It was a long deep kiss.

When we finished, the music had stopped and the girls had stepped back to the cushions. The music began again, insistent, erotic, pulsing. Everyone looked at us and slowly began clapping and chanting something in Thai. You still grasped my swollen cock. Clearly we were the focus of something. The scene was ripe with expectation. I looked in your eyes and saw lust, smelled arousal, and felt my own throbbing need. You just looked at me, but seemed unruffled by the attention and our nakedness. It was so intimate here, so unrestricted. All things seemed not only possible, but ripe for happening.

This was why we were invited. On this night, WE were the show. As we stood there, naked, perspiring, aroused, I knew it didn’t matter who was watching. This moment was about us, about our memories, and our arousal. There were no cameras, only the eyes of people we would never see again. I could tell you were excited, at some level, about being on display. I was excited being close to you. I decided to ignore the crowd and focus only on you. Your lips, your breasts, your wetness. We began with another long kiss. You stroked my bulging cock. We climbed onto the futon. I had you lay back while I used my fingers inside you and my tongue on your clit. I kneaded your firm breasts. I pinched your taut nipples. I brought you to the edge of climax.

Now you had me lie back. You tasted my cock. You worked it vigorously with your hands while you did so. You sucked my balls and ran your tongue down around the rim of my anus. You strutted like a cat on all fours, moving around me, playing the crowd, teasing me, dangling your breasts in my mouth, showing them your perfect ass as you moved forward on your knees. When you were ready, and I was getting close, you mounted me, and slid me deep inside. They saw your breasts sway as I grasped them. They saw your heart shaped ass move up and down with wanton, sensual rhythm. When I was close and beginning to arch up you slid off me, and knelt above my face while facing the crowd. You played with your nipples, you fingered your clit while I sucked around it. You brought yourself back to the edge and then mounted me again, this time facing the crowd, moving up and down, building, pinching your nipples, entering a hyper stage of arousal from being on display and wanton beyond measure.

I watched your ass pound against me. I cupped my hands under it and helped power your thrusts. I was getting sooo… close. No turning back this time. As I groaned and thrust into you the final time you pulled away and let me spray cum all over your pussy for the crowd to see, then you plunged back on and quickly finished your own pleasure while I was still hard. We lay back on the futon, spent and breathing hard, my arm around you. We kissed again.

In a while we felt small kisses working their way up our legs. We didn’t care, we just lay back and enjoyed the sensations. Soon small tongues were licking away the sticky residue that was spread all over us, cleaning off our sweat and lust. Gently they began on my balls, my cock, sucking, cleaning, preparing us anew. The show would go on. There would be other chapters. Once, twice, three times. As many as they could coax form my spent sperm banks. I would thrust into you as you knelt atop the futon and I stood with my back to the crowd. You would tuck your ankles behind your ears and expose yourself fully for my pleasure and their entertainment. Other would join us, compounding our pleasure. It went on into the night, until finally we feel asleep.

When we woke the sun was up and a cab awaited us. By the time we got back to the hotel it already seemed like a dream.

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