Pen and Paper Pt. 02


Was it right what she had done? Certainly not. Did it feel good? Oh yes! Sabine was still panting on her side while the semen of her two sons seeped out of her vagina and backdoor. The creamy white liquid spread on the couch, but she didn’t care. Her sons looked exhausted – just like she felt, but it was a pleasant kind of exhaustion. It was amazing that her sons had such great stamina. They couldn’t have it from their father, because he always came very quickly and was exhausted and wanted to sleep.

Relaxed, she closed her eyes and, without much thought, ran her hand over her breasts and her inseminated vagina. Janosch’s sperm was thick and sticky. With an alcohol-fogged look, she raised her hand again, looked at the sperm briefly and then put her fingers in her mouth. Everything had been so long ago and her body had groaned so much to be satisfied, and taken. That it had been her sons who gave her the much-needed satisfaction had seemed like a vague dream — one she had never wanted to admit, even though she had read these perverse and incestuous stories on the internet.

Slowly she rose while Janosch and Jonas watched her. She chewed on her lower lip. What should we do now? She felt the need to say anything to her sons, but she didn’t know what. Jonas, who had buried his penis deep in her ass a short time ago, got ahead of her. “What… Shall we do now?” he wanted to know. Even though alcohol had been involved and had loosened their inhibitions, they had all been aware of what had happened. She loved her boys and she didn’t want anything great to change. Especially the relationship she had with her two sons. No matter if you were talking about the sexual relationship or the one they had had so far.

“Don’t worry. That stays between us, yes?”, Sabine first tried to defuse the situation. “I don’t want to regret anything about this,” she said, smiling while her vagina and butt were still filled with the sperm she should never have received. “All right. So we don’t say anything to dad either?”, Janosch made clear. “For heaven’s sake, we won’t tell dad anything!”, Jonas intervened directly. “I don’t want to imagine what will happen if he finds out. We’re all of age and can do whatever we want, but it wasn’t right.” Jonas was right and none of those present questioned the correctness of his words.

“All right. Then we’ll keep this evening between us.”, Sabine confirmed and collected her clothes. “I think we should all sleep off our drunkenness first. And tomorrow we’ll take a step forward, yes?” They all agreed with that. Everyone could pursue their thoughts, decide for themselves how they thought about it, before discussing it, if they even wanted to discuss it.

After Sabine had collected her clothes and put the few dishes in the kitchen, she wiped the sperm off the couch as best as she could. Her two sons had grabbed their clothes and had already disappeared into their rooms. A dark spot remained on the couch. “Damn…”, Sabine cursed softly. The stain wouldn’t betray her, but it was there and that bothered her. She shook her head. This was a problem that she was able to eliminate the next morning.

Slightly swaying — whether from alcohol or her weak knees — she first went into the bathroom and cleaned herself, brushed her teeth and threw her clothes into the laundry container before going into the wide marriage bed and lying naked on the blanket. One hand placed on her stomach, the other arm across her eyes, she lay there slightly broad-legged and let reminisce what had happened. She had conviced her sons into having sex — or rather persuaded them. Neither seemed to have been dismissed from the idea of dealing with her. Her hand slowly moved downwards, stroking her abdomen, then her thighs. It twitched inside her and she felt slight arousal again. She gently stroked her vagina with her fingers and pushed her labia apart to lightly work her clit with her middle finger.

Her face turned red, she knew that even when it was dark in the bedroom. “Janosch fucked you in your cunt…”, she whispered and blamed herself half-seriously as she worked her clit in circles. “And Jonas fucked you in the greedy ass…”, she whipsered again. Again she thought about her sons and how she had had sex with them. The little bump under her middle finger was sensitive and every time she stroked it, a small jolt ran through her body. Slowly her breathing became heavier and she gasped — softly so that nothing could be heard from her. She felt the lust, the excitement and would have liked to go into one of the two rooms where her two sons slept. Just to do it again — but she had said that they should sleep off their drunkenness so that they could be back to their senses. But satisfying yourself was okay, right? After all, it was not the first time that she introduced herself to her sons. In this respect, almost nothing had changed. With one exception — she now knew how big Jonas and Janosch’s penis were. A very positive surprise, as she had to admit. Bigger than she had imagined. Her finger became faster ankara escort bayan and her chest rose and fell intensely.

She took her arm off her eyes — it was too dark to see anything anyway — stroked her chest and breasts. Her fingers found her nipples and worked them gently. “I’m a bad mother…”, she blamed herself and pinched slightly. It hurt, but she welcomed the pain. It delayed her orgasm. “You took your two sons, like a cheap slut…”, she moaned softly and pinched again, this time harder. Her middle finger rubbed her clit quickly and evenly. She wouldn’t be able to stand it much longer, even if she tried to delay it. Her second hand let go of her pointed nipples and slid over her stomach and along her side until she had pushed them between her buttocks and groped for her anus. Her fingertip pressed lightly against the ring muscle and slowly penetrated it. The feeling became overwhelming and she pushed her back through, breathing deeply in and out and moaning louder than intended as she began to finger her butt. In their imagination, the intercourse from before was repeated, with the difference that this time Janosch and Jonas had swapped roles. Sabine turned 180 degrees and lay on her stomach, pulling her legs so that her butt was high in the air and she was lying on the bed with only her big breasts and her face turned to the side. She quickly fingered herself and approached her climax. Janosch spanked her butt in her imagination and took her in the butt without any consideration of whether it was too hard. She came twitching, fingered herself a little more and worked on her clit for a while before she collapsed on the bed, panting and exhausted, and was satisfied enough for this evening. Without putting on a nightgown, she curled up in the blanket beneath her and went to the land of dreams.


“Jonas — what did we just do?” said Janosch to his brother. They both stood in their doorways and looked at the door of the parental bedroom, from which they had just heard their mother’s voice. “Our mother taken…”, said Jonas. It wasn’t clear whether he regretted it or regretted it hadn’t lasted any longer. “That was wrong…” Janosch sighed softly and looked at the ceiling, as if he would find answers or salvation there. “Was it?” surprised Janosch turned his gaze to his twin brother. “What do you mean?” “Come on. We’ve often fantasized about it and now it finally happened.” Jonas looked at his twin. They had few secrets from each other. “Yes, yes… But doing it is something else.” “What’s going to happen? Dad won’t know. We all have an interest in that. And mom takes the pill. So she won’t get pregnant either.” Janosch’s face turned red. He hadn’t even thought of the possibility when he had pushed his body as deep as possible into his mother’s vagina and injected his sperm into her. “Don’t worry about that… It was kind of weird, but I would do it again…” Jonas turned around and disappeared into his room.

This was unexpected. Janosch only wondered if the sex with his mother would have consequences and Jonas even said that he would do it again. It was as morally reprehensible as anyone could imagine, but they had done it. Thinking about doing it again seemed equally wrong. But now that they had already crossed the line, it was perhaps even thinkable doing it again?

Janosch shook his head, disappeared into his room and fell asleep brooding.


Sabine was standing in the living room. It was still early and she looked at the stain the couch had carried. Would her husband notice if he came home at the weekend? Perhaps. Slowly she got on her knees and held her nose to the spot. She sniffed. It didn’t smell like sperm. So she could also claim that she or one of her sons had a little yogurt spilled on the couch. And it wasn’t even that wrong — it was a liquid Sabine had been too happy to swallow. She shrugged her shoulders and went to the kitchen and dining table to prepare breakfast. Jonas and Janosch were not there during the day, but she wanted to spend breakfast with them. Maybe also talk about the last night ‘if it happened’.

The plates, cups and platters with cold cuts were covered when she put on the coffee. Jonas was already coming down the stairs and looked in a good mood. “Good morning, Jonas!” She put on a cheerful face. She still didn’t know if she was in a good mood or if she should regret it. “Good morning, Mom!” He seemed to be in a good mood! An honest smile was on his face as he went into the kitchen to put a few last things from the fridge on the otherwise set table. “Did you sleep well?”, he asked, not looking at Sabine. Slightly flushed around her nose, Sabine replied, “Yes… nevertheless. Yesterday’s alcohol just killed me.” And sex with her sons — but she couldn’t say that openly.

“Yes, I know what you mean. I drank a lot of water yesterday before I fell asleep.” Jonas took a seat, while Sabine ran a sigh through her hair with a little uncertainty. Then came Janosch. “Morning,” he grumbled, rubbing his face with one hand. eryaman escort Obviously, he hadn’t drunk enough before he ventured into the land of dreams. “You look really bad!” said Jonas, laughing lightly. “Was sex with mom so bad for you yesterday?”

Silence. Silence on all levels. Sabine looked at Jonas with wide eyes, Janosch looked at Jonas with wide eyes and Jonas looked at the coffee pot as if nothing had happened. “Hmm? Well, I thought it was great!”, Jonas continued, putting his twin in trouble. “D — yes, it was good…”, he muttured, looking back and forth between the floor and his mother, somewhat uncertainly. Taking a deep breath, Sabine also took a seat and gestured for Janosch to take a seat with a wave of her hand.

“Jonas, you’re really tactless…”, she said and poured them all coffee. “Well, now that Jonas has nicely broken the ice, we should probably talk about last night.”, Sabine began, leaning back with coffee in hand. She crossed her arms under her chest and sipped coffee. “I don’t know if I forced you to do something you didn’t want. Yesterday you seem to have wanted it, so I don’t want to regret anything.” Jonas and Janosch nodded in agreement. “But I believe it should remain a one-time thing. It wasn’t right and I don’t want your father to get wind of it,” she added. That’s exactly what Janosch thought. “How is dad supposed to find out about this?” Jonas took a sip and looked questioningly at his mother. “Hmm?” She blinked and looked at Jonas. “How is dad supposed to find out about this?” he repeated, nodding decisively. “No one will tell him. Not one way or another. Neither from yesterday nor from any other time.” It immediately became clear what he was getting at. Jonas didn’t want it to be a one-time thing. He wanted more. “If we don’t write on the wall that we’re doing it with you, he won’t know anything. You take the pill and we’ll put on gummies next time.” Sabine blinked and shook her head. “Next time?” Janosch also seemed surprised at how sure Jonas looked again. “Yes, next time. Why not?” “Because it’s not right?” “You just said you don’t regret it. So why should you regret it next time?” That’s a good question. Because she cheated on her husband with his own two sons? In fact, she had emphasized that she did not regret sex and had no problem cheating on her husband. She put the coffee on the table and ran both hands over her face and sighed.

“Janosch, we have to go– hurry up!” “Yes, yes!” grumbled Janosch and was apparently happy to get an excuse to go.

Both left the dining table after emptying the coffee in a few puffs and smearing a few loaves of bread. “See you tonight!” said Jonas and left the house with his twin. “Jonas, you are incredible…”, Sabine whispered and chewed nervously and uncertainly on her lower lip. Even though Jonas had spoken, Janosch did not seem to be averse to sleeping with his mother again. Should she dare? She had wanted it — she still wanted to. “I’m going to hell for that…”, she muttured and finished eating.

“Janosch, I’ll tell you. Tonight we will get our money’s worth again!” “You are impossible… You’re literally forcing her.” “Oh, nonsense. Does she look to you like she didn’t want to? She could have said ‘no’, but she didn’t.”


She was standing in front of her wardrobe. In the end, she had decided that she wanted it again. It was wrong — as it was yesterday — but the longer she thought about it, the more she liked the idea of an affair with her sons. There was no one who could catch her, they lived together after all. Only on the days when their father was there, they had to behave and she trusted Jonas and Janosch to stick to the ‘rules of the game’. She had only one premise, that her father did not know anything. So, why not.

And if she had already decided to do so, then she wanted to make something exciting out of it. No role-playing, like the night before. That might happen again another time. Rather something provocative. Her hands ran through the garments until she finally held a black pleated skirt and a tight-fitting white blouse in her hands. That was perfect. She took black lace underwear out of a drawer and put everything on. She was fully aware that the black lace bra could be seen through the white blouse. “I’ll go in full throttle…” No hide-and-seek. Either their boys jumped on it, or they didn’t.

After she had prepared, all she had to do was wait. If their boys weren’t late, they would get home in 20 minutes and then they could get going again.

They were not late and Sabine received them both at the front door, the blouse slightly unbuttoned, so that they had a nice view. Her cheeks were slightly flushed and she looked at Jonas and Janosch. She took a deep breath, then gave the door a push so they wouldn’t be seen anymore. Without waiting for an answer–her brief glance towards the waistband had spoken for itself–she approached Janosch. He was probably the one who was most likely to be convinced. She put her arms around her son’s neck etlik escort and her face approached his. His hot breath hit hers and before she thought about it any further, he took the last steps and kissed her. Intimate and tender. His hands found their way to her waist and held her.

The ice was broken — now she was sure! She stood there for quite a while–Sabine couldn’t say for how long. Long and intimately her lips met Janosch’s, her hands dug into his hair and the hot breath played around her face. Demandingly, she penetrated his mouth with her tongue and played with him. Sabine enjoyed the taste of the mixing saliva and her chest began to rise and fall excitedly. More and more blush rose in her face and she rubbed her legs together a little impatiently, although she had no intention of breaking the kiss. Not of her own accord, at least. Without realizing it, Jonas — her other son, whom she hadn’t paid attention to — had undressed and stood behind her. Resolutely, he pushed his arms between the two bodies until he had his hands on Sabine’s breasts and kneaded them lightly. “You can’t just forget me…”, he whispered in her ear, whereupon she broke the kiss out of necessity. Saliva threads ran between the loosening mouths and tongues as she laid her head back.

“I’m sorry, Jonas!”, she said sincerely and looked at him with foggy eyes. Jonas, who in his opinion had waited long enough, now laid his lips on and kissed Sabine less tenderly. He was more demanding, despite the impractical position, shoving his tongue into her mouth and kneading her breasts intensively. Janosch also got rid of his clothes in the meantime, while Sabine and Jonas were busy. It was a mystery to her whether Jonas was uncomfortable mixing and tasting his saliva with that of his twin and his mother. Maybe he didn’t think about it, maybe it turned him on additionally. Searching, she pushed her hands behind her and tried to get his penis into her hands. She wanted to do something good for him, but he literally dodged and even broke the kiss.

“Not yet.”, he demanded. Sabine looked back and forth between her naked sons. Between her legs it began to get more than just a little damp. The two cocks stood upright and excited, just waiting to be reunited with their mother — no matter what way. Breathing heavily, she grabbed the blouse to unbutton it. Jonas let her go, but stopped her when she wanted to undress her completely. “You’ve made yourself so chic, leave it on for a while.” He took his mother by one hand, while Janosch took her by the other. Then they went upstairs one floor towards the parental bedroom.

“You’re bad guys…” she murmured with feigned indignation. It occurred to her that her boys had heard her the night before, so they chose this room. Jonas pointed to the bed. “Please lie down on the bed.” Sabine did as she was told. She lay down in bed, but was promptly turned by Jonas, so that her head hung over the foot end. She saw Jonah’s hard penis looming in front of her face and willingly opened her mouth. “Give mom your hard cock…” she mumbled and stuck out her tongue willingly. Jonas didn’t let himself be told twice and shoved his glans into her mouth. Sabine closed her eyes with pleasure and surrendered to Jonas’ gentle thrusts, which he brought evenly. Slowly, he shoved his boy halfway into her mouth until he touched her suppository and she slightly arched her back, then pulled it out again to the tip and repeated the movement over and over again.

Janosch, who had also climbed onto the bed at the time, knelt between his mother’s legs and pulled the black lace panties aside to see his mother’s damp vagina more closely. He licked her labia, causing her to immediately groan loudly, then shoved his tongue in and tasted his mother’s juice. Sabine kept squeezing her back and slid — as best she could — impatiently back and forth. A cock in her mouth, a tongue in her vagina — all well and good. But she actually wanted the dicks somewhere else. In her vagina and butt. But she was not the one in charge here. Jonas became more demanding, moving his hips tighter and wider, so that his cock was pushed deeper into her throat and Sabine felt a gagging impulse. She squinted her eyes and put her hands on Jonas’ bare thighs, but he made no move to stop. The reflex kept coming back, but she kept everything to herself and played along. It was an erotic game, as she felt not having in her hands what was happening. The tongue between her legs found her way to her clit and began to work it skillfully, so that she became even more impatient. “Finger her ass!” ordered Jonas and Janosch obeyed. He pushed his index and middle fingers first briefly into Sabine’s vagina to moisten her, then straight to the stop in her butt. His fingers slid in and out of her quickly, while his tongue played more demandingly around her clit and drove it to climax.

Sabine twitched back and forth incessantly, pulling her son’s cock out of her mouth with one hand. “Now take me!”, she called impatiently to them and turned her head slightly. “You’re an impatient piece.”, Jonas said and nodded to his brother, who first had to break free from the steady beat with which he worked his butt and vagina. He seemed to have taken a liking to it and didn’t even think about stopping, but when Jonas had ordered it, he obeyed.

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