Phantom Lover


Coming in the door quarter to eight, hoping to find you there waiting for me, but I don’t. I search the house threw and threw. You’re nowhere to be found. I wander to the kitchen and finally find a note saying that the guys called and you went out. Laughing I set the note back where I found it and reach for a glass on the counter. I change my mind and wonder back down the hall to the bathroom. I draw myself a hot bath and slowly slip out of my clothes. After adding the soft sent of rose oil, I slide into the heat of the water and slowly begin to relax. I close my eyes and let my mind wander. Thinking about what the following day may hold in store. Further an further to the very depths of my mind just before the subconscious I slip. After about an hour the water begins to cool as do I. Pulling the plug I step out and darn my robe. Drying my hair then leaving my cloths, I wander to the bedroom. I sit on the edge of the bed and wonder when you will be home. Undoing my robe and letting it slide off my shoulders I toss it on the chair. Looking about the room I decide to lay down. Slipping under the covers in nothing but Beylikdüzü escort my skin, I begin to let my mind drift not really caring where it takes me.

Slowly, into oblivion I fade. Dreaming of you, wishing you were here with me. Deeper and deeper I fall into my mind as if under a spell. I feel a gentle kiss, a butterfly kiss, on my lips. A caress that tantalized my senses and made me capable of nothing else but to return such a kiss. I feel the gentle weight of someone. The gentle kiss comes again to my lips then to my cheek. I feel from beneath the covers my skin being revealed. With every inch uncovered a kiss is placed. Slowly I begin to open my eyes but a hand comes up and gently closes then again. Relaxing into the feeling of another’s touch, I feel those soft lips once again upon mine. The kiss is soft but I feel the need from behind it. I allow the entrance of that gentle probing tongue. Exploring my mouth to its every inch it seeks to find.

Deep within me I feel a fire building slowly. gentle as the kiss, a hand descends down to my side. Slowly feeling me every curve. I slowly arch Beylikdüzü escort towards the strong warmth that has embraced me. Wanting to wrap my arms around this warmth that holds me so close I begin to reach up yet just then my hands are captured and raised above my head. I feel a gently breath in me ear telling me no. Silently pleading I begin begging for my captor to take me to bring me to that ecstasy I so yearned for. As if reading my mind, a gentle hand slides to my abdomen gently teasing. Slipping lower still I feel the parting of my slick feminine flesh with a sharp intake of breath I feel myself blush. Slowly I begin to feel the slow teasing strokes, my phantom lover seams to be drinking up every last one of my little cries. Then finally as if hearing my plea gently I feel soft fingers slide into me triggering that burst of erotic intensity that I only ever dreamed of. It sent me spinning out of control into a wild shattering climax.

Then as the after shocks rippled threw my every muscle, I felt again that long deep sensual kiss that had began it all. Just as I was beginning to relax into Escort Beylikdüzü the kiss my beloved phantom pulled away from me I cried out in the sudden loss even as I reached for her trying to being her back I knew that moment I was alone in bed alone in the room. I lay there breathing hard as reality finally set in and I began to awaken from my drunken state. I made myself think it was all a wonderful dream. Not wanting to see believe it was never real that it was just my imagination playing with my mind once again. I sat up and looked around. No one was here. Just me and my crazy mind. I know what I felt and I know that I wasn’t breathing hard for nothing. So I lay there and dozed off to sleep once again.

Feeling a shift in weight a few minutes later. I rolled over and found my precious women back home with me. She turned to look at me and had a smile on her face. Looking at her with the curiosity of a cat. I asked. What she smiling about? She said nothing and just kissed me and wrapped her arms around me then and I knew it wasn’t a dream. It was my love that had given me that wonderful surprise. I rolled over and she pulled me close. I fell asleep once more knowing that it was not a dream that it was all real and knowing that I was loved…

Yet, in the back of my mind, I knew that one day I would give her what she gave me. And she would never know who it was…

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