Pleasure in Denial Ch. 02


A continuing story of lesbian seduction, awakening, control, and intense edging. This is mostly fantasy, although there are some autobiographical elements buried in there if you can find them.


I must have drifted off to sleep because it was starting to get light when I heard a faint noise, the sound of someone in my room. In the half-darkness I partly opened one eye and could just make out the outline of a person standing in my doorway. They were wearing a long baggy white tee-shirt, pulled up at the front.

Keeping perfectly still and quiet I listened, and heard the unmistakable, delicious sound of fingers working a well-lubricated vulva. I could hear breathing, and a quiet, whispering voice saying something like ‘Oh fuck. Oh yes. Ohhh. Mmmm. ahhhhhh, oh fuck yes.’ Then, as quietly as they had arrived, the mystery person turned, and left.


I woke next morning to find the sun streaming through the windows. A glance at my clock; 9:45! Far later than I usually wake up. I was still completely naked and the sun cast parallel lines of warm light across my torso. As my brain whirred into first gear I half-recalled that vision of loveliness in my doorway in the night. Was it a dream?

But moments later I sat bolt upright when I remembered I had actually shared my apartment with the lovely Felicity the previous night. However, I also accepted there was every probability she would have done a runner. Crept out before I woke up, taking over 400 Euros worth of stuff with her, for which I’d never get paid. Worse than that, I’d never see her again; phoning her mum to get her home address might be awkward.

I threw on some Chinese silk shorts and an almost-matching shirt, not even bothering to fix it closed around me as I’d already convinced myself I’d now be alone. But when I strolled into the kitchen, I was greeted by those two words it’s always nice to hear from someone for whom you harbour some affection.

“Nice tits.”

I smiled and walked towards her, making sure the floaty silk billowed out giving her a clear view and she didn’t take her eyes off them until I offered: “You can touch as well as look, if you’d like to.”

Felicity turned away, as though she was looking out of the window. “Nah, but thanks anyway.” She seemed pensive. “They do look lovely though, and sometimes I hope mine will get bigger, when I’m a woman. But like I said, I’m only into guys. I’d much sooner be touching a long hard cock, and …” then looking at me and continuing “you’re not into that, are you Julia. I can tell,” before sliding herself down off the worksurface where she’d been nursing a glass of orange juice. She was wearing a long white baggy tee-shirt (oh, so it wasn’t a dream …) and I think she registered I was watching her.

The atmosphere felt loaded. My arousal, which had been simmering in the background since I woke up, was now beginning to nag at me and my pussy was tingling nicely, a feeling I love to sustain through the day but of which Felicity would be blissfully unaware. However, I could not hide the fact my nipples had grown significantly larger and were now also three shades darker. I pulled my shirt across me to hide them from view but the feel of the cool silk on my buds only accentuated the sensation. Lovely.

Felicity smiled, then chirped: “I’m starving, any chance of something to eat?”, which somewhat defused the situation.

“Well depends what you want altyazılı porno to do today. I have nothing planned (which was a lie). We could go out and get some breakfast on the harbourside, or I have some yoghurt and cheese in the fridge and we could go out later.”

Felicity thought for a moment. “Yeah, I like the sound of going out. And then can we try to find me a hostel bed for the next two nights?”

My disappointment must have been obvious.

“No, really Julia you have done enough for me already.”

“Well from what they told me yesterday I don’t hold out much hope, but we can try.”

Felicity walked over and kissed me on the cheek. “Thank you anyway. I’ll go and get showered and dressed. Is it far to walk?

I assured her it wasn’t and, my mind working up an alternative plan as I dressed, I allowed myself a few minutes of clit and nipple play until my excitement started to cloud my thinking.

Soon she called from the living room: “What do you think, Auntie? Suitable for today?”

I strolled out nonchalantly to find her in front of the long mirror, pulling sexy expressions and trying out provocative poses. She was dressed in a tight, stretchy cropped top and a short flared skirt. She had the heels on from last night and obviously no bra. She looked stunning and I could have thrown her on the sofa right then, but resisted. I was willing to play a long game with this young beauty, so I walked across and stood behind her, looking over her shoulder.

“Flix … you look stunning,” I purred into her ear, “and you know it. You’ll put me totally in the shade as we walk to the harbour. That’s what you like isn’t it, you like to draw attention to yourself. You like to be looked at. Watched. Don’t you?”

She didn’t reply, well, not using words, and she looked at herself again then at my reflection. “Come on Julia, you’ll draw lots of attention too. You look amazing for your age too,” and I gave her a confirmatory twirl in my floaty gypsy cotton dress.


Felicity was right and, as we walked side by side to the laid-back cafes near the harbour, people did indeed look at us. I suspect it was her gorgeous slim body, her perky little titties, her flowing blonde hair, her tight little bum, narrow hips and pretty face. It was probably also because the short skirt combined with 3-inch heels made her slim legs look like they went on for ever. She certainly knew how to use them to her advantage; her walk would put a lot of catwalk lingerie models to shame. No doubt we also drew attention because of our age difference and the chemistry between us. I didn’t think the Niece and Aunt ruse was going to be convincing.

As we walked beside her, I was becoming more and more turned on and was wondering if I’d taken myself too far when I’d touched myself in the bedroom, but then, I reminded myself, that was the whole point, to keep my body in a heightened state of arousal. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply.

Felicity trotted ahead and did a few twirls, holding out the hem of her skirt each side. “Do you like this on me Julia?” she asked, her head tilted to one side.

Sensing she needed constant approval, I reassured her: “Yes Flix, yes, you look amazing and I get turned on every time I look at you.”

“Really, Auntie? Isn’t that a bit … naughty?”

I hadn’t really intended to say that last part but you can’t un-say something.

“Maybe. How does that make you feel?”

“Wanted. türkçe altyazılı porno Valued. Affirmed …. Excited.”

She stopped for a moment to admire her reflection in a shop window. “Everything seems such good value here. It’s amazing what I got for my money yesterday … sorry … your money.”

“Shame I won’t get to see most of it,” I replied.

“I don’t understand, Julia. I want you to. I want to show off what we bought. I want you to see me in everything. I’d like that. And I thought you would too?”

“Yes Flix, I would. More than you realise.” My vagina clenched at the thought of seeing more of her, dressed and undressed. I must have shuddered because Felicity asked if I was feeling OK; I suspect she knew the effect she was having on me.

“Then why not?”

“I’ll explain later”

I let her choose a table and we sat close to a thoroughfare, where we would be seen, of course. I ordered coffee and miniature pastries. Felicity, to my surprise, chose a huge pile of pancakes with syrup and cream. “Is that OK? I’m starving hungry!” she explained.

“I don’t know where you put it. You’re so small.”

“I burn it all off in physical and nervous energy.”

“No doubt.”

We chatted over breakfast and she licked and sucked syrup off her fingers – I didn’t dare imagine.

She told me more about her home life, how she never remembered her father; he’d had an affair with a younger woman and left when Felicity was only three. Her mother was very strict, very conservative and totally overbearing, wanting her daughter to grow up stuffy and sensible, like her. Seemed her attitude had the opposite effect though. No wonder she had rebelled and wanted to escape her control.

“Come on the Julia. Explain. Why won’t you let me model all my lovely new stuff?”

I looked into her big blue eyes. “It’s not that I don’t want you to. But once we find you a hostel space, I expect I won’t see you again until the boat comes on Friday, you pay me back and we wave goodbye.”

Felicity looked away from her empty plate, deep in thought, then turned and faced me.

“Auntie Julia,” she began, sucking in and biting her bottom lip like she was going to ask for money to go to the sweet shop. She paused for what seemed like an eternity then squeezed my hand in both of hers across the table and surprised me when she continued: “Can I stay?”

I looked into her eyes and saw a confused and vulnerable young woman.

“Please, Julia.”

I didn’t want to respond too quickly as I risked losing the advantage.

“Stay with me in my apartment until Friday?”

“Yes. Please Julia. I’d like that. I … I want to, Julia.”

“There would be conditions.”

“Oh. Such as?”

“We’d have to reassure the local police that you were here, and in no danger. But not reveal your whereabouts. Your friends must have reported you missing by now.

“I’d prefer not. They are not like, close friends, just people I was hanging out with, casually – no-one who knows I’m missing has any idea who I am – it would totally fuck up everything. There has to be another way.”

“Not convinced. Anyway, secondly: you don’t mix with anyone else on the island, OK? No guys, no rock-hard cocks, no clubbing, unless I chaperone you.”

“I could live with that for two days. I know you’ll look after me.”

“And lastly, you don’t tell me your age. It’s better if I don’t know.”

Felicity hd altyazılı porno giggled. “Best not talk to the police either then.”

“OK. That might be negotiable and we’ll let that slide for now. So now, my gorgeous pretty little thing; anything more for breakfast?”

“Erm, no thanks. You’re already spending too much on me.”

“It’s OK, really. It’s my treat.”

Felicity wiped syrup off her plate with her last piece of pancake and sat quietly for a moment.

“Julia …”


“There’s something I need to tell you,” she continued.

“OK, go on.”

“I have no money.”

“I know, it’s OK. As I said, I’m getting this.”

“No, I mean, I have no money. At all. Not with me, not in my bag I left on the boat, not anywhere at all, actually. My mum has cut off all my allowance. I’ve spent all the money I earned when I was working briefly and basically now … I’m dead skint.”

“Oh, wow, OK then. So … how have you been living?”

“Easy really. How do you think most pretty girls do it? I’m fucking my way around Europe … Basically.”

I must have looked shocked.

“Not like that. I’m not a prostitute. But I can get maybe one meal a day and a night in a hostel in return for a blowjob or even just a handie. Although, and this may come as a surprise, I’m actually a virgin.”

“but you said …”

“Sorry, I lied. I won’t lie again. I promise.”

What could I say? I’d lied too.

“Oh my, Flix, no wonder you’re so hungry. And, I wish you didn’t have to do this. With men I mean.”

“So, can I stay with you? Until Friday?”

I smiled, trying not to look too lascivious. “Yes, my lovely. You can stay. And I expect nothing in return.”

“We’ll see, shall we, Auntie?”

My nipples tingled, and my clit too, as I pondered what those last few loaded words meant.

“Yes, Flix, we’ll see.” She smiled, and winked.

As I paid, the waitress looked at Felicity then at me, thanked me for my tip and gave me one in return: “Be careful.”

As we headed back towards the shore, Felicity hugged my arm close against her body. “Thank you, Julia. You’re a good woman.”

If only she knew.

“What shall we do? What should we do this morning?” she continued, in her enticing, chirpy rising intonation.

“Well sweetie it’s already 11 o’clock. What would you like to do?”

“Go back, get changed and hit the beach until lunchtime?”

“Sure. Then?”

“We’ll see, shall we?”

Then she leant into me and purred in my ear: “Julia, I have a surprise for you.”

“Oh, do tell,” I urged her.

She ran forward from me a few metres then turned to face me.

“Actions speak louder than words,” she taunted and, after looking around to make sure no-one was close by, she turned her back to me, bent forward from her supple hips and grasped her ankles. Her skirt rode up onto her firm bum and, yes, as I’d imagined, she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Then just as quickly, she stood upright and reached out a hand to me, pulling me along and laughing.

“Felicity,” I half-whispered.


“Neither am I.”



“Shall we skip the beach? We could pick up something for lunch and, well, just go back to your apartment and …”

“I interrupted and finished her sentence: ” … we’ll see, shall we?”


I hope you enjoyed. Only another 10 chapters to go! Be patient, the sexual temperature rises as the story unfolds. The allure is in the slow burn; trust me.

Please rate and comment, and ladies, do write to me if you have something worth saying and let’s start a discussion. I always reply. Kisses, J

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