We were four tired neighbors. Of course we were — we all had kids.

Only this night the kids were on a sleep-over. Elsewhere! Yay!! So we four had a potluck supper over at their house. It was very informal.

My beloved wife Ginny, a tiny Chinese woman with long black hair and small firm tits, contributed some home-made mac-and-cheese (Ok, so her grandparents were Chinese and she’s from Ohio). She was wearing one of my big blue sweatshirts with the sleeves rolled up. She went barefoot.

Anya, a tall fit blonde who laughed a lot, offered salad. She was in a clingy brown knit sleeveless dress and sandals. Her thick curly hair was in a ponytail.

Stefan, Anya’s husband, had some left-over ribs — a lot of leftover ribs. He was a tallish thinnish guy like me. Wore a t-shirt, shorts, and running shoes.

I contributed three bottles of wine, two red, one white — I wanted to be sure there was plenty. And I was wearing a t-shirt, jeans, and Converse high-tops.

We had finished eating but were still drinking. “Peter, any wine left?” “A little in this bottle,” I said, pouring, “and I’ll open another.”

“Aw, you two are still in love,” said Anya while I opened the last bottle. “That’s cute.”

“I am, anyhow,” said I.

“Me? Not so much,” said Ginny, smiling at me. “But you guys seem ok, aren’t you?”

“We’re fine,” said Stefan. “Stop making trouble, Anya.”

“Yes, I shouldn’t have to do all the work.”

“You want me to make trouble? I’ll make you some trouble. Ginny, have you ever had your toes sucked?”

“Oh! Great question.”

“My toes sucked?” Ginny looked at her tiny feet with their small regular toes. She didn’t wear polish, but kept her nails decently groomed. “It never even occured to me.”

“Is, isn’t that a little erotic?” I asked usefully.

“Relax, Tarzan,” said Anya. “We’ll be right here. We will be right here, no?”

“Then it’s settled. Ginny, sit in the big chair. You two, on the couch. I’ll be right back.”

The chair and couch touched corners, with a cedar chest as a coffee table. Anya grabbed the spot closer to Ginny — she was faster than me.

Stefan came back with a big bowl of warm water and some towels. He sat on the chest, and put the bowl on the floor and Ginny’s feet into the warm water.

“Ok, that feels nice,” said Ginny.

“Has he ever sucked your toes, Anya?” Her toes were long, tan, and crooked.

“Oh, yes. He’s very good at it. I cum every time.”

“You cum?!? From toe sucking??! Wait a minute — “

“Oh, hush, Romeo. This will be interesting.” She put her hand on my right shoulder and pulled me closer in to watch. I could feel her full breast on my left arm.

Ginny looked alarmed, but Stefan calmly took her hintli porno left foot, the one furthest from Anya and me, and put it in the towel in his lap and began drying it, soft and slow. He gently wiped between each toe.

He moved the bowl of water aside and dried her right foot. Ginny laid back and relaxed. I got tense, and my dick stirred.

Stefan cupped his right hand under her right calf and his left under her heel, and drew her foot to his mouth. Her left foot stayed in his lap.

Then out came Stefan’s long pointed tongue, and it flicked at Ginny’s pinky toe. The pointed tongue thrust between the two littlest toes, then widened and enveloped her pinky. It was pulled into his mouth and sucked.

“Oh, yes,” said Ginny. “I could definately cum from this. Oh, god. Oh my god.” She began squirming in the big chair, languorously.

My dick was now quite hard, running down my left pants leg. I felt Anya squirming next to me. She un-clutched her hand from my shoulder and put it in her lap, under her hem, but stayed pressed close against my side.

Stefan moved on to the next toe.

“Stefan’s getting hard, too,” Anya whispered, touching my dick through my jeans. I was too surprised by her words to be surprised by her touch.

I looked, and Stefan was visably hard in his shorts, and Ginny was rubbing him with her left (unsucked) foot. She was kneading his dickhead through his shorts with her toes.

Stefan moved on to Ginny’s third toe. He sucked it like a little dick.

“She’s giving him a foot-job,” I whispered to Anya, who was now rubbing my mighty dick. “Let’s help them out,” Anya answered.

She reached over and unzipped his shorts, and his dick sprang out. It was a respectable dick, maybe seven inches and thick. Mostly pink with blue veins.

Ginny’s foot was on Stefan’s dick at once, and she worked the head between her big toe and the others. It was a large, flared, cut head, purplish.

Anya then got my dick out of my pants, which seemed to require pulling my jeans to my ankles. She went at it with both hands.

Ginny pulled up her sweatshirt and thrust both hands down her panties. I groped under Anya’s dress, finding no underwear but a sopping pussy. I stuck two fingers up her and thumbed her clit.

Ginny was the only one who’d worn underwear.

Stefan began work on Ginny’s fourth toe.

“Your husband has a nice big fat cock, Ginny. Maybe even bigger than my husband’s.” Ginny glanced over, flushed and preoccupied, but Stefan craned his head around, toe still in mouth, and took a close look at my nice big fat cock while his wife stroked it lovingly and bounced my balls.

It was a rather unusual and very unexpected situation. Ginny hizmetçi porno came on her fourth toe and again on her big toe, when he scraped his lower front teeth across her toe-pad. Anya seemed to have several small orgasms, but Stefan and I held on.

“That,” said Stefan, lowering her foot to his dick, “is how it’s done.” He began humping her cupped insteps, slowly.

All of a sudden, Ginny got unconventional.

She took her sticky hands out of her panties and licked her fingers a little bit. She stuck her butt over the edge of the chair,took her feet off Stefan’s dick, tore off her panties, and hooked her elbows behind her knees.

Her small, delicate pussy, sopping wet, was fully on view. Tiny scalloped pink lips, with a strip of sparse soft black hair above. Lovely, dripping, smeared.

“Fuck me now, Stefan.”

Well, Stefan practically leapt out of his shorts, knelt before her, and plunged in. As I watched him fuck my beloved wife, as she wrapped her legs around his waist, it struck me that a man wearing a tee-shirt and running shoes and no pants looks pretty silly. Yet he was the one fucking. And he was fucking my wife! Woof.

Before I could react, Anya threw me to the rug. She straddled my hips and sunk down onto my big hard dick. “Aaaahhh.”

Her cunt was wonderful, big and muscular. Her blonde pubes were trimmed back but thick. Yet I was distracted by the sight above.

My head was between Stefan’s knees. I had a perfect view, five inches from my face, of him fucking Ginny.

He swivelled his hips a lot, plunging into her from different angles. His balls were swinging around — I could have touched them with my tongue. When he pulled out, on the out-stroke, her scalloped lips clung to his dick and were also pulled out, distended.

I think that this was the first time that Ginny had fucked another guy since we got together many, many years before. It was indeed the first time I’d fucked another woman.

Ginny was the only vocal one, although she was only going “Ah! Ah! Ah!” She was so juicy that she began to drip and spatter onto my face. Her cunt juice ran down his dick and balls and began to trickle onto my mouth.

Anya, who also gyrated her hips when fucking on top, noticed. “Man, that is HOT!” she observed. She leaned forward and began to rim Stefan’s asshole with her tongue.

Now, I thought, the debauchery is complete.* Anya was fucking Stefan’s ass with her tongue, Stefan was fucking Ginny’s cunt with his big fat cock, Ginny was pouring cunt juice onto my face, and I had my big fat cock in Anya’s hot wet blonde cunt. And I had a perfect view of everything! Anya’s pussy potage was soaking my crotch and balls, and I could feel it running ifşa porno thickly down my ass-crack.

We came like dominoes.

Ginny had a huge orgasm, which set Stefan off. That caused Anya’s vagina to convulse on my penis, kneading it, and I promptly squirted deep into her.

Much panting ensued, as we disengaged a bit. Stefan pulled his dick out of my wife’s cunt and climbed onto the floor to catch his breath, shoving the cedar chest out of the way. Anya stayed clamped on my dick, but only moved her cunt muscles. Ginny put her feet on the floor, on either side of me.

When Stefan pulled out, some of his jism spattered my face.

Ginny heaved her little self forward, curled her spine, and looked for my eyes. When she got them, I reached out with my tongue and licked a gob of Stefan’s cum into my mouth. She looked for another moment.

“Anya! Check this out.” Ginny fell to her knees and planted her fresh-fucked cunt onto my mouth. “Suck my lover’s cum! That’s it! Lap it up, cum-sucker.”

So I had to eat Stefan’s cum out of my wife’s cunt. A big gob came first, then came a stream of smaller gobs. New, nasty, sexy — my dick began to swell again.

“Wow! Great idea! Thanks, Einstein.” And Anya let my dick go. I knew where she planted her cunt next — her left thigh touched mine. Well, if I had to eat his, he had to eat mine.

Ginny’s right hand tenderly took my re-swelling dick. It was still soaked in goo, and I got a little hard on. Then I felt a left hand pulling on my balls, rolling them, Anya’s left hand, and I knew then that Ginny was fondling Stefan’s genitals with her left. My dick got harder.

Then I felt a third hand, a second left hand. Well, had to be Stefan. He stroked my dick, squeezed and pulled my balls, then went for my anus.

He tried scooping girl goo up to lube my ass, but my virgin asshole wouldn’t yield. He pulled away for a moment then came back with a wad of thicker lube.

He was lubing my ass with my own cum! Scooped from his wife’s cunt, her freshly fucked cunt! He got a finger fully into my asshole and fucked me with it.

*I was wrong; things got way more debauched.

Ginny came first, then Anya, then me. Maybe Stefan came last, at this point all I could see was Ginny’s sticky ass. I’d nudged her anus with the tip of my nose, but it wouldn’t quite go in.

Again we disengaged, sprawling on the rug, legs intertwined.

Anya offered Ginny her right hand, clumped with Stefan’s cum. “Taste my husband. And let me taste your’s.”

As all sticky hands got licked, we reached for our wine glasses.

“Wow. I guess we’re swingers now,” said Ginny.

“Swingers? Really? Is that what you guys are?”

“Say that if you like,” said Stefan. “I’d rather avoid labels. But I look forward to when the kids go to camp this summer.”

“Anya is right — you’re wonderful at toe sucking.”

“And at making trouble. Dibs on your left foot, Ginny.”

“Ok, Peter, but walls fell tonight. This was fun.”

She was right. Yay!

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