Pre-Birthday Party


so, what do you want for your birthday?

just you.

seriously, you can ask for anything. anything. and i will make it come true




while i’m tied up, you want me to ask for anything?

if you want me to keep playing with your cock … yes.


if you want me to take those clothes pins off, you ask for exactly what you want for your birthday. and don’t lie. tell me the truth.

okay … i want to be your slave for the week. meaning?

i want to rub your back and your feet every night before we go to sleep. i want to do chores and errands and little things that make your day easier. i want to spend an hour every night kissing and licking you into the most delicious orgasms of your life.


i want you to treat me as your slave. your property. your toy.

for a week?


how do i do that?

how do i do treat you as my slave? my property? my toy?

be specific.

you dress me in panties. not just at night like we do sometimes. but every morning you tell me what color you want me to wear. and at night, you tell me to add a bra. and you make me do chores around the house wearing nothing else. i run errands, do the laundry, work on projects around the house.

every night?


for the week?

ye—OUCH! for the week.

what about stockings instead of socks?


what about a satin slip instead of pajamas?


what about toenail polish?


what about lipstick when you go down on me?

OUCH! yes.

so, tell me what happens sunday night. be specific.

at some point during the day you slip behind me and i feel you shove something into my back pocket. you whisper into my ears that maybe i should change into it and then you reach around and twist my nipple. i know what it is but am excited that you are this brazenly dominant about it. my fetish. of course, it’s a thong. gold. one of the first ones you ever let me buy. the rest of the day, you are all sweetness and innocent. “why don’t you take out the garbage?” “why don’t you fold the laundry?” “why don’t you make dinner?” “why don’t you …”

every once in a while, you brush by me and whisper “you’re such a good bitch” or “you didn’t get that last chore done fast enough, bitch. you’ll pay for that”

nothing overt, but subtle. sexy. in charge. sunday night, i head to bed and you tell me you will be up in an hour and that for that hour, you want me to read from one of our dirty books. i do, expectant and scared. when you finally come up, you have me rub your back for a few minutes. you ask me to tell you about the stories i just read. you ask which ones i liked and why. you ask which ones i think you would like. and why.

you roll over and say simply: “use your tongue … slowly.”

and i do and i love every minute of it and an hour later, you finally come.

i figure you’ll go to sleep but you push me on my back, twist my nipples and then straddle me. before you press your hotness onto my aching cock, you whisper in my ear that i am not allowed to come. that i haven’t proven myself worthy, yet. and that there will be severe consequences if i disobey.

i will try to hold back as you ride me to your second orgasm. i will try everything and i hope i will succeed.

and if you don’t?

please don’t stop … your nails feel so good … then tell me what happens if you come after i told you not to

please …

tell me!

you … i … you have me lick you again until you do come. you straddle my face and i can’t do anything but lick you and … and clean up everything inside of you …

that excites you?


to taste yourself?

to have you make me taste myself … to pleasure you so willingly and so forced.

what happens monday?

before we go to sleep … you let me sleep naked as a present to my tender ass but you hold my throbbing cock as you drift off and whisper that i should wear bikini girl panties the next day. blue satin.

so i do and you call me at work to ask how i feel. am i comfortable. what am i thinking about.

then you IM me and ask what i am doing Kurtköy escort bayan and i am alone and you tell me to write you a three page sex story. maybe you tell me a specific fantasy of yours or maybe you tell me to tell you a specific fantasy of mine, one i haven’t told you before. i have to email it to you by a certain time, and again, you promise to punish me if i miss my deadline. or if the story isn’t sexy enough.

you give me a list of errands and chores … just thing that make your day easier.

that night, you tell me to dress in a bra that matches my panties and rub your feet for an hour while you work or read or watch a movie. maybe i am allowed to go down on you again, maybe not. no matter, you spank my bare ass before we go upstairs. 10 times. over your lap or kneeling over the couch next to you. with your hand. as a punishment for whatever i didn’t do well enough for you that day. again i sleep naked and you fall asleep holding my stiff cock and whisper what color you’re like to see it in the next day.

what color is that?

it doesn’t matter … something that matches what you will wear.

thong or bikini?


hot pink?

yes, hot pink.

your cock is dripping everywhere.

i know, i’m sor—

it really turns me on. continue to tuesday.

the same as monday. another day of teasing phone calls and text messages. another set of errands and chores and jobs around the house. at night, another bra and another hour of massaging you. that night for sure i get to go down on you and you make it last at least an hour before you come. so hard and so wet. all over my face, my nose, my chin. but first, again, you spank me. 10 times but this time with a brush or wooden spoon.

wednesday is the same, although this time it’s bikinis and a camisole.

under your shirt?


to work?


to work?


you are a little slut, aren’t you?

aren’t you?


but this time your email tells me that since what i’m wearing doesn’t match and since you can’t be seen to be with a slut, i need to go and get something that matches. but i have to get two of the same thing, one in your size and one in my size. and you tell me that if asked, i can’t say anything like i’m not sure of the size. i have to say that one is for me and one is for my wife. and i have to text you right before i leave.

and you text or call me when i am in the store and say something like i might as well pick up a couple pairs of stockings while i am there.

hmmm … i think you’d prefer it if i was there, wouldn’t you?


you would make sure that anyone who was near by knew that not only i was shopping for both of us but that i was wearing girls underwear right then. and that the stockings were for me.

maybe i’ll get a babysitter … continue …

that night i do all our laundry, including our new purchases, and any other chores you have for me and then it’s a pedicure while you do homework and a full body massage afterwards. maybe you spank me again. maybe i didn’t do anything to fuck up. you fall asleep while i am working out the kinks in your shoulders and you whisper that i am the best slave a girl could ask for.

thursday it a lacey thong and matching no-wire bra along with some stockings instead of socks. i have a client meeting or a networking event but that’s no excuse.

that night you have a friend over and i serve drinks and snacks, still dressed in work clothes and girly underclothes, and then you two go out while i put the kids to bed. and finish the list of chores you have out for me.

you call around 9:30 and ask if i am done with my chores. i say yes and you say that my reward it to take a girly bath, with lots of salts. you also say that i can have a drink or two while i am in the bath … you haven’t let me drink this entire week. you see, i always get into this kinky shit when i am drunk and you want me to get into it when i am sober. to see how real it is.

and is it real?


as real as this? taste it, you little slut …

yes, as real as that.

and when i get home?

two things, you have me shave my legs and you paint my toenails. i know that you think that’s over Escort Kurtköy the top but this is my birthday fant—

don’t get defensive, bitch. just tell me what you are thinking while i stroke your cock and play with your ass and nipples.

friday it’s our new purchases, stockings with little patterns on them so i have to really stay standing or keep my legs under a table, and another long day at work for me. you ask me to meet you at 5:30 at a bar in downtown. one we haven’t been to in a while. we grab a couple stools at the bar and you are all over me, whispering things in my ear. am i wet? am i hard? am i desperate to come?

you play with the bra strap under my jacket. you have me go into the bathroom, telling me i can’t use a stall but have to use a urinal. you tell me to leak my precome onto a finger and smear it on my lips and that i can’t swallow until i come back and show it to you.

we leave after a little while and go somewhere else for more snacks. maybe to play pool or darts. you order for me, tell the waitress what i like. i’m not allowed to make any decisions, you make them all.

next stop is a nudie bar. high class. we order a drink and you tell me to tip the dancers. when a not-so-pretty one asks if we’d like a lap dance, you say no and tip her $10. when a pretty girls asks us a little later, you say yes. the whole time your arm is around me and you are playing with my bra strap. snapping it. as the girl is dancing, you reach over and make sure i’m hard and you make sure she knows i am wearing a bra. you tip her $20 and say: “my husband thanks you for the birthday present.” then you give her a kiss on the cheek and say: “i thank you, too.”

i drive home with one stop at the adult video store. we’re not drunk and so you reach across the seat and fondle my nipples through the bra the whole way. licking my neck and making me tell you what i have loved about the week, what else i would like to see and do. when we park, you tell me to leave my shirt unbuttoned. the kids are gone for the night so it’s okay. no babysitter. but it’s still 20 feet in public with a bra showing.

at home, we head upstairs. you tell me to strip to just my thong and kneel on the bed. you enter, looking stunning in high high heels and your bra and thong. you pull out our little bag and cuff my hands in front of me. then you put the collar and leash on me. then you paint my fingernails to match my toenails and ask me a bunch of sex questions.

like what?

like, do i really enjoy being your slave? do i really want to do anything you want? would i go without sex and not complain for a month? would i really like to see you have sex with another woman? another man? anything you want to ask that turns you on or you think would … embarrass me.

don’t you mean humiliate you?



when my nails are dry, you move my hands behind my back, cuff them, and tell me to stand. you tell me that i have been an acceptable slave for the week and that i have earned both reward and punishment. the reward is that i am to come. quickly. you sit on the edge of the bed, wrap your lips around me and begin to stroke me with one hand, the other pinching my ass. my dream is to have your mouth for an hour or two but i know that will never happen. i am your bitch and i need to come to fast.

you stop and ask if i am close. of course i am. you ask if i want to come. of course i do. you ask if i will do anything in order to come. i say yes. you tell me this isn’t a game that stops after i spurt. that’s when it starts. i say i understand. you ask if i am sure. i say i am.

then you tell me to ask you, please, to let you come.

you make me downright beg and promise again and again that i will do everything and anything for you.

finally i explode

like you want to do right now?



in your mouth on your tits into a martini glass, it doesn’t matter.

because …?

because when i come, you will feed it all back to me. using the leash and my nipples and grabbing my hair. every single drop is cleaned up. the whole time you tell me what a good little slave i am, how good i look dressed like a slut, how turned on you are that i do these things for you. you do it fast, while i am still lost in my orgasmic high.

then, before i can come down from that high, you put my cock right Kurtköy Rus Escort back into my panties, tell me to kneel on the floor and send me back to the dream of your sweet wetness. the porn video is playing in the background but we haven’t watched any of it. for an hour i am down where i love to be. you tell me stories. the stories you love and the stories you know i love. and you ride me ride me ride me. you paint my face with your wetness. you paint my soul until finally you are so close so close so close … but you don’t come

i mean, maybe you do. maybe you uncuff me and tell me to get the purple monster. maybe you tell me to warm it up before i put it in you. with my mouth. maybe you tell me how hot it makes you to know that i get that robot cock ready for you. maybe you ask me if i will clean up after it when you’re done with it. and then maybe you tell me to make you come with it.

maybe … but?

but maybe you uncuff me and tell me to stand. maybe you put clothes pins or the nipple rings on my nipples. maybe you pull the black slip over my head and tell me get on my hands and knees. maybe for no reason other than to remind me who is in charge, you take a belt and this time give me 20 swats. each one harder than the last. maybe for the first time you let yourself go and enjoy the feeling of swinging so hard at me. maybe you cuff my hands to cuffs around my ankles so i am completely at your mercy. maybe you throw my on my face on the bed and leave the room. maybe when you come back in and you’re wearing … something … i mean …


wearing a what?

a strap-on! the kind that has an end inside of you and an end sticking out …

so you want me to fuck you?


but first


you put some lipstick on me and make me get it wet.

you want to suck my cock, is that it?

is it?



and then you fuck me.

don’t i call you names? don’t i humiliate you some more?



what do i call you?

OUCH! slut. panty slut. whore. bitch. cocksucker. fuck bitch. anything. everything. it doesn’t matter because i know you mean it in the context of the game.

go on …

you spank me. you grab my hair. you tell me to move my hips and work it back on you. you call me a slut and a bitch and a whore. i know this is over the top for you but you were so close to coming, it doesn’t take you long to forget that you are fucking me. you close your eyes and get lost in the pleasure and the power … and you just come hard. so hard. so much harder than you have ever before.

and you collapse next to me … the dildo still inside me. before you can leave your orgasmic high, you grab my cock and it is raging hard. and you ask if i want to come again. you make me beg and you make me make the same promise, that i will do anything.

you let me come again. maybe with my hand, maybe with the dildo still in me. maybe taking you from behind, my slip caressing your ass. no matter, once i come, i have to clean it up and this time you make me ask for the privilege before i am allowed to lick it up.

we sleep with me dressed still in my slip.

and the next morning?

you tell me that it isn’t over. my birthday is actually on monday and the boys aren’t coming home until later that night. you tell me you like having a slave in the bedroom. you tell me you don’t want it to be like this all the time but every once in a while you wouldn’t mind being … pleased, worshipped, privileged, catered to like this. you tell me you kind of like having me as your girlfriend once in a while.

three conditions.

of course.

one – you really do clean up your mess. no wimping out on me. i’ll do this but only if you lick it all up. every time. no fucking around. time to cowboy up.

i promise.

good. second – you tell me everything. what you like, what you don’t like. what else you would like. no games, no embarrassment. we save the embarrassment … the humiliation for when you are wearing my panties at the nudie bar. i promise.

good. three – you respect what i like and don’t like and you don’t whine about it.

i promise.


then i am going to untie you. and i want to watch you finish yourself off.

thank you!

but first, finish your martini. you’ll need the glass in a few minutes.

i think i’m going to have a very happy birthday!

i think we both are.

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