Presidential Powers Ch. 02

Big Dick

Britney awoke the next morning with a pubic hair stuck in her teeth and a sour taste on the back of her tongue. She shivered, remembering what she had done the night before. She ran to the shower and cleaned herself. But as the first shock wore off, she began to become aroused again–thinking about Pam and her beautiful body, her perfect breasts and long legs and neatly trimmed pussy…

“Are you all right?”

It was Cindy, her roommate. She was brushing her hair, sitting on her bed. She was a brunette with an oval face and a mole above her lip; her breasts were large, the envy of the other girls in the sorority house. Britney, wrapped in a towel, glanced at her roommate as she came back into the room. She wondered if Cindy knew something.

“What? I’m fine.”

“You seem nervous,” Cindy said. “Did you get into a fight with Frank last night?”

“Oh, no. It’s just…” How would Cindy react to the truth, that she had had sex with Pam and Melissa last night? That she had sucked on their pussies until their juices ran off her chin? “I just have a test, is all.”

“Oh.” Cindy stopped brushing her hair. “By the way, Frank called while you were in the shower. You sure take long showers. He wants you to call him.”

“Yeah.” Britney did not want to think about Frank; she realized that she did not want to see him tonight; she would call and make an excuse about being sick. It was true, in a way: she was a feeling a little ill. Her stomach hurt.

“So my sis is coming up today,” Cindy said. “She wants to see the house, and get to know some of my other ‘sisters.'”

“Leah, you mean?”

“Yeah. She just turned eighteen, and already she’s thinking about what college sorority to join.”

“Really? Huh.”

Britney felt distracted. She could still taste Pam’s pussy. She must have licked it for a long time. What had possessed her?

“Are you sure you’re all right, Brit?”

“Huh? Oh, I’m fine.”

Britney caught herself looking at her roommate’s breasts. Only in a black sheer bra, they were full but very firm. And the nipples were poking through. Finally she tore her eyes away and retreated to the bathroom.


Later in the day, Cindy brought her little sister up to the room. Leah was a beautiful young girl, with golden hair tied in a French braid; she had a high-pitched laugh, unlike her more serious sister.

“Nice to meet ya,” Leah said, shaking Britney’s hand. “Cindy’s told me a lot about you.”

“I hope not everything,” Britney said, and blushed in spite of herself.

“No, I’m sure not! You guys have awesome parties, I bet! What’s it like?”

“Oh, they’re not that interesting, really.”

Just then Melissa showed up at the door. As sorority president, she wanted to introduce herself. She wore a sweater and jeans, looking very pretty–but there was something predatory in her look; something hard in her eyes. Britney, her heart pounding, was afraid she knew what it was.

“It’s nice to meet you.”

“If you have any questions your dumb sister can’t answer,” Melissa said. “Just come to me.”

“Hey!” Cindy punched Melissa.

“It must be awesome living here,” Leah said.

“Oh, it sure is. Awesome.” Melissa laughed, and looked over Leah with approval. Britney sucked in a breath. Melissa was checking out the young girl! Did she have Beylikdüzü escort any shame? “By the way, there’s a little party up in my room tonight. Why don’t you guys come?”

“Okay, sure!” Leah said.

“Maybe for a little while,” the older sister said.

“Oh, and, Brit–Pam will be there.”

Britney blushed furiously. It was all she could do to stop herself from crawling under the bed.


That night Britney did not want to go–but Cindy and Leah prevailed on her to come. Britney’s feigning illness was not very convincing, and, besides, she liked being around Leah. She was a very nice girl, her easy laugh cheering her up some.

Her cheer melted into anxiety when they went to Melissa’s room. Pam was there–sitting on the very bed where Britney had licked her pussy. Both girls were very embarrassed, but Melissa chattered so much that no one seemed to notice. The “party” consisted only of Melissa, Pam, Britney, Cindy and Leah. After Melissa secured the door, she explained why the setting was so intimate.

“I’ve got some nice weed, you guys. High-grade stuff!”

Britney was shocked that the president of their sorority intended everyone to smoke marijuana. But, as she thought about it, she realized she really needed a good hit to calm her nerves. She could hardly look in Pam’s direction.

“I don’t know,” Cindy said. “My little sis is here…”

“I’m not a square, Cin!” Leah said quickly. And then she let out a laugh. “I’ve smoked a few joints before!”


The marijuana cigarette was passed around the room as Katy Perry played on an iPod. Pam passed it to Britney. The girls shared a shy look, their fingers touching slightly. By degrees the awkwardness and tension faded. Leah talked the most, telling a story about a boy she had oral sex with and, as if the two topics were related, how she hated her math teacher. Everyone laughed, as if everything Leah said was funny. Britney noticed how Melissa was sizing up Leah; she shivered, and then took another hit.

Melissa got up and danced. She pulled Pam up, dancing with her. The other girls clapped along. Then there was a slow song and Melissa grabbed Pam’s ass. Then she ran her tongue along Pam’s neck. Leah squealed.

“This is so awesome!” she said, raising her rum and coke.

“This is weird, actually,” Cindy said, goggling at what Melissa was doing to Pam.

Finally, the two dancers sat down again. Everyone began to get tired. Britney had a hard time concentrating; her ears buzzed and she tasted weird colors. Then suddenly Leah let out a shriek of laughter.

“No way!”

“Way,” Melissa said.

“Are you serious?”

“Yes! Pam will do anything I tell her. It’s part of our initiation process.”

“Anything?” Leah asked.

“I’ll show you.” Melissa turned to Pam, who had been talking with Cindy. “Pam, get up and dance for us!”

At first Pam ignored her.

“Pam!” Melissa barked. The whole room quieted. Everyone looked to Pam to see if she would obey. Britney did not like this. She was feeling very protective of Pam. Almost loving.

Finally, Pam got to her feet. She started to dance in rhythm to the music.

“That’s it! Now… take off your shirt!”

The other girls looked at Melissa, aghast. But then there attention was drawn to Pam again.

“Ohmigod! Beylikdüzü escort She’s doing it!”

Pam had indeed started to pull off her shirt. She wore a red bra.

“Okay, and now your pants,” Melissa said.

Pam began to unbutton her jeans. She continued to dance clumsily as she pushed them down. She wore white-cotton panties. Her slender Asian body was perfect; she wore a gold necklace and her straight black hair hung to her narrow shoulders.

“Oh, wow,” Leah said, mesmerized. “It’s like she’s your slave!”

“I told you so,” Melissa said.

“Come on, you guys,” Cindy said. “This is getting too weird.”

But no one heard her. Britney watched as Pam’s breasts jiggled as she danced. She kicked off the jeans.

“Can I give the next order?” Brittany said to Melissa. “Please?”

“If you think you can handle it. Sure,” Melissa said, smirking.

“Okay. Take it off, Pam! Do it–show us your tits!”

Pam obeyed, eyes lowered. She unhooked her bra and out jiggled her pert breasts tipped with brown nipples.

“Wow… Okay. Now… your panties!”


“Do it,” Melissa said. “Pam?”

Pam sighed. With visibly trembling fingers she peeled off the panties and revealed the soft black-haired pussy that Britney had gotten to know so well. Britney felt a stab of pain, thinking how badly she wanted to bury her face in that heaven again. But how could she with everyone there?

“My turn,” Melissa said. “Give each of us a kiss on the mouth, Pam.”

Leah squealed. “Ohmigod!”

Pam went to Melissa first, obediently kissing her on the mouth. Then Pam went to Leah.

“This is so weird!”

“Come on, you guys,” Cindy said. “This is going too far.”

“Oh, lighten up, sis.”

Eagerly, Leah sat forward. She let Pam kiss her, their lips opening briefly to allow their tongues to touch. Leah let out a little moan.

Pam then went over to Cindy. But she was already going for the door.

“This is too weird for me!” Cindy tried to grab her sister. “Come on, Leah. We have to go!”

“No!” Leah said. “I want to stay here! I never get to have any fun! And I wanna see what Melissa makes Pam do next.”

“Well, I’m going. I can tell Mom about this, if you like.”

“Go ahead,” Leah said. “See if I care.”

“Fine.” Cindy left the room.

Melissa also got up. “I think I better talk to her…” Before leaving, she left control of the party to Leah. “Pam, listen to Leah as you would me. Do exactly as she says. Okay?”

Pam nodded obediently. Melissa left, and closed the door.

“Holy crap!” Leah chirped. She looked at Pam for a long while. “Will you really do what I tell you to do?”

Pam nodded. She stood naked before them.

“All right.” Finally, mustering the courage, Leah said it: “I want you to… kiss my pussy!”

Pam groaned. But she did not move as she watched Leah lift her skirt and pull down her underwear. Sitting on a chair, she spread her legs to reveal a delicate blonde pussy with a surprising amount of hair.

“Come over here, slave! Kiss my pussy. Come on!”

Amazed, Britney watched as Pam went over to the young girl and sank to her knees. Pam leaned forward and kissed the pussy.

“Mm, that’s good. Kiss it again!”

Leah looked down, breathing heavily and wide eyed. She Escort Beylikdüzü looked over at Britney.

“Okay, your turn, Britney. What do you want our slave to do?”

Britney was also breathing hard. She loved the sight of Pam on her knees between the sweet young girl’s legs. She fidgeted, her pussy heating and itching for contact.

“I… don’t know.”

“Come on. Be dirty with me! She’s our SLAVE!”

“Oh. Oh… Well, have her…” A wave of pleasure washed over her; she could no longer restrain herself. “Have her eat your pussy, Leah.”

“Awesome! That’s an excellent idea. Did you hear that, slave? Eat my pussy!”

Pam looked at Britney. But then, she turned and lowered herself to Leah. Her face sank into the pubic hair, and her tongue darted out. Leah watched with an evil smile.

“This is what college life is all about!”

Pam started to lick in earnest. Leah stroked Pam’s silky hair, pulling down on her head.

“Oh, yeah. Mmm. That’s good. I’ve never had a girl do this… Oh, so good… Yeah…”

Leah ground her hips into Pam’s face. Pam licked noisily, her tongue slurping and working over the tight folds of the girl’s young pussy. Leah moaned.

“Ahhhhhh. Shit. This feels SO good…!”

Leah began to get red in the face. Her body trembled. Finally, she lifted her legs slightly and let out a cry of pleasure.


Finally Leah relaxed. Pam licked out the juices, her hands running along the girl’s long smooth legs. She looked up at Leah and smiled, wiping the cum from her lips.

“Did you like it?” Pam said shyly.

“Oh, God, yes! That was awesome!”

By now Britney had taken off her jeans and was fingering her pussy.

“Okay,” she said, panting. “It’s my turn to give an order.”

Leah languidly nodded her head. “Yeah, okay,” she said.

“Pam, have Leah eat your pussy. Make her give you an orgasm!”

“But I thought I was giving orders!”

“DO IT!” Britney barked.

Such was the authority in her voice that Leah obeyed. Pam smiled at Leah as she got up on the bed, and gently, but firmly, pushed the young girl to the floor. She spread her legs wide. Leah looked in wonder at the beautiful Asian pussy exposed before her. It was wet already.

“I don’t know,” she whispered. She pushed her blonde hair back from her face. “I’ve never done this.”

“Well, you will now,” Britney said. She grabbed Leah and pushed her face into the pussy. “Eat her pussy good!”


Leah resisted at first, but then after a few tentative licks, she began to eat the pussy in earnest. Her cute nose rode on the pubic mound as she slurped and tongued Pam’s pussy.

“Yeah, that’s it,” Britney said. “Eat her pussy! Mmm, yeah. You like pussy, don’t you?”

Britney rolled off her panties and fingered herself furiously. Finally she couldn’t take it anymore. She went over to the bed and started to make out with Pam, feeling her breasts. The girls kissed so passionately that Leah at last looked up with mock anger, her face glistening with pussy cum.

“Hey, you guys, don’t forget I’m down here too!”

“That’s right,”” Britney said.

She grabbed Leah and made her eat her pussy. Then she went back to french kissing Pam. They were so into each other that Leah, after licking and sucking on Britney’s pussy and making her come, sat back and watched the two. It seemed like they were really in love.

“Oh well,” Leah said. “I’m too young to get married anyway.”

And she went back to eating Pam’s very wet pussy.

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