Public Brati-itude


We were surrounded by people, which is normally fine, but that night I needed Daddy’s attention and it seemed I wasn’t getting nearly enough of it. My attempts to take the majority of his focus from our friends had all been for naught, and my inner brat was seething. This all culminated in a simple, oblivious request from him.

“Baby, can you get me a drink?”

I tried not to grit my teeth. “Sure.”

I turned on my heel, and half stomped into the kitchen, muttering under my breath.

“Are his damn legs broken? Why do I have to get the stupid drink?”

I slammed around in the cabinets as I made a bright red mixed drink. He hadn’t specified.

I returned to where he was still standing, drink in hand. Somehow, I ‘tripped’ and the red drink ended up all over his white shirt. He might have believed it had been an accident if not for the small smirk I couldn’t keep off my face.


I watched his face flush the same color as the stain just momentarily, before he forced his expression back into a neutral one.

“Excuse us a moment.” He said. He grabbed my arm and spun me away from everyone.

“Do you need a spanking, young lady?” He hissed in my ear.

My lower lip started to poke out instinctively, but I couldn’t bite back my sulky reply.

“You’re too busy to spank me, Daddy.”

Understanding dawned in his eyes.

“Did you need attention, baby?”

I didn’t want to admit that I had purposely mom porn acted out for that reason, so I just stared at him silently. That was all the confirmation he needed.

“Well, you are about to get a whole lot of attention.”

He pulled me to a chair in the center of the room and he sat. I gasped when I realized his intention.

“Daddy, I’m sorry. I’ll be good.”

My words went unheeded as he pulled me across his knee and everyone stopped what they were doing to watch. He addressed them.

“It seems that my little brat chose to ruin my shirt just to get attention. So please, allow us to have your undivided attentiveness.”

It was my turn to flush a deep red as he flipped my skirt up. He hadn’t allowed me panties.

I jumped when his hand cracked down on my ass the first time.

“Is it acceptable behavior to throw a hissy when you don’t get attention?”

I stayed quiet. I wasn’t going to answer that in front of everyone.

His hand connected with my other cheek, much harder, and I whimpered loudly.

“I asked you a question, little girl.”

“No Sir. It’s not.” I mumbled into my hands.

His hand came down again, just as hard.

“I couldn’t hear you. Louder.”

“No Sir, it’s not!” I yelped

He continued to spank me hard, alternating cheeks, until I could feel the heat radiating from my ass and upper thighs and I could no longer keep still. I thought he would let mobil porno me up then, to go hide in the comfort and safety of our room, as tears were pooling in the corners of my eyes. Instead, he drew a finger up my thigh and along my slit. I squirmed and tried not to moan.

“My God, baby. You’re soaked. What kind of girl gets wet from a spanking in front of everyone?”

I knew the right answer, and I didn’t want to be punished anymore. I wanted to be a good girl.

“A dirty little slut, Sir.”

And I felt like one when he moved my legs further apart to put my swollen and aching clit on display for everyone to see.

“That’s right. Does my dirty little slut need to cum?”

With that, he angled his fingers and started pumping them inside of me, while rubbing my clit.

“Yes Daddy, please!”

He stopped, suddenly.

“I think you need to earn that. Get on your knees and show everyone what a good job you do with your mouth.”

I slid to my knees and obediently unzipped his pants to free his cock. I moaned around it as I slipped it deep into my mouth. I loved the way his cock tasted, and how it felt in my mouth. It was rigid steel already.

He grabbed my hair as I stroked his length with my tongue and alternated between shallow mouth fucking and deep throat fucking.

“That’s a good little whore, baby.”

I glowed with pride. I knew he had tacked on the baby just for me. For most xnxx porno people, baby is just an endearment. Between Daddy and I, it means that even though I do these things and push the edges of my comfort zone, I am no less valuable to him and my worth is in no way cheapened.

After a few more minutes, he pulled my mouth off of him and pressed my face into the ground so that my ass was up. Without warning, he thrust into me from behind, fucking me like I desperately needed since the night had begun. I moaned and arched my hips back against him, on the very edge of orgasm.

“Daddy, PLEASE!”

“Cum for me, baby.” He panted in my ear.

I didn’t need to be told twice. I screamed as the long-awaited orgasm tore through my body. He let me ride the waves as he continued to fuck me at a frantic pace for a few more minutes. Then he pulled out and tugged me back up to my knees. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth just in time for the large spurt of cum that hit all over my face. Some dripped in my mouth, and I swallowed it eagerly and licked my lips.

“Don’t move.” He whispered in my ear.

So, I stayed like that for a few moments, face dripping cum on my knees in front of everyone. When he returned, I felt a soft wash cloth on my face. I leaned against his touch. When he finished lovingly cleaning me, he helped me to a standing position and then scooped me up into his arms and took me into the bedroom, where he laid me down and tucked me in gently. I don’t know how he knew, but he was right. I was exhausted.

“Daddy?” I asked, as he pulled the covers to my chin.

“Yes Baby?”

“I’m a good girl?”

He smiled, and kissed my forehead and then my lips, softly.

“You’re the best girl.”

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