Pushing My Luck Shopping

I heard the sputter and drone of the lawnmower. I listened to the sound carefully. If he did the front yard first it would take him almost forty-five minutes to finish the front and the back. It was a nice day, not too hot, so he would take his time.I left my room wearing only my shorts. I cocked my head and listened for her. She was coming up the stairs from the basement. I went to the top of the stairs and waited for her. The laundry basket hung below her t-shirt-covered breasts and above her shorts-covered pussy. Her slender hands grasped the handles of the green plastic basket. They were beautiful hands with long fingernails painted in ruby red. Her taksim escort long blonde hair was in a ponytail.”What are you looking at?” she quizzed.”You, ” I replied with a lusty smile.As she approached the top steps I stood in front of her and unzipped my shorts. I pulled my hardening cock out and stroked it as she gazed at the swollen meat in front of her. She looked up me with a sly grin.”You are big for seventeen years old,” she said as she licked her lips.”He’s cutting the grass, ” I explained as I kept stroking.She put the basket on the step, keeping it in place with her thighs. One hand went to the railing and the other to my thigh as she leaned beşiktaş escort forward. Her tongue flicked out and licked the tip of the swollen head. I moved forward slightly and watched as my cock disappeared into her hungry mouth. She sucked slowly, dragging her tongue along the underside of the shaft as it slid to her throat. With deliberate motion, she deep-throated my swollen member time and again.I felt my orgasm building. Not yet. I pulled my cock away and smiled as she looked up at me.”Bedroom, ” I said as I gestured to the hallway.She picked up the basket and followed me down the hallway. I stopped and pointed to the left.”Your bedroom.”She raised her eyebrows and gave me a quizzical look as the sound of the lawnmower stopped.”He’s coming around to the backyard,” I reported.The drone of the mower started again as I pushed her into the room. I took the basket and put it on the floor. I reached up and squeezed her big, firm breasts with both hands. Her nipples pushed into my palms as I massaged the glorious globes of flesh and kissed her. I dropped my hands and pulled her shorts down as she watched out the window. He was about one-quarter done as I knelt down and ran my tongue over her juicy slit. The taste of her drives me wild and made my hard cock even harder. She groaned as I sucked her clit, my hands on her firm ass cheeks pulling her tight to my face. She trembled as she came, her juice covering my face as her fingers pulled my hair.

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