Put in His Place


This story has more or less been a fantasy of mine for a long time. Another story idea would always pop into my head and take my attention away before it got written. I decided this story tickled me in too deliciously erotic of a way for it to languish any longer.


Morgan pressed with all her might against the shower door to no avail. Adorned in nothing but a towel, she wasn’t dressed for this. She had a pretty good idea about who was holding the door shut on the other end. His name was Kevin and he’d been picking on Morgan for years.

She decided to give it one last try before giving up. Morgan started to slam her shoulder into the door, but it swung open before she could. She lost her footing on the wet shower floor and fell face forward on the floor. Kevin started to laugh.

Morgan pushed herself up, accidentally losing her towel in the process. It fell down her body until she could catch it at her midsection. Her nipples started to stiffen in the cool air of the locker room. Morgan pulled the towel up over her sizable, jiggling breasts and tied it in a knot. A red embarrassment swept over her cheeks.

“Nice rack,” he laughed.

“Asshole,” she mumbled once he’d walked out of earshot. It all started when Morgan made her transition into womanhood. Anyone with half a brain knew that this was the real Morgan; that not-so-exclusive club didn’t include Kevin.

Morgan had become a beautiful woman over these last few years. She had a lovely feminine face, full breasts, a smooth figure with all the wonderful womanly curves you can imagine, and a nice tight ass which had turned more than a few heads. Kevin’s juvenile antics were nothing new to Morgan. He pulled this kind of stuff all the time.

She noticed her locker door was ajar. It wasn’t until Morgan noticed that something was missing that she started to get panicky. This wasn’t just any something. It was the locket her mother had given to Morgan before her death. Morgan’s heart was racing as she tore through the locker. It was really gone.

It was the end of the day, Morgan threw her clothes on with the hopes of catching him before he left school. She got more and more upset as she imagined never getting that locket back. She looked around and realized he’d already left school. Morgan skipped her bus in an effort to trail him home. It started raining as she walked.

There was no sight of him. Morgan’s eyes were red, the poor girl was nearly in tears by the time she turned up outside his house. She rung the doorbell in the rain and waited for an answer.

“Hello?” his mother answered the door. “Morgan, is that you?” she asked.

“Where’s Kevin?” Morgan said, in a soft, upset voice.

“Sweetheart, what’s wrong? Get in here. It’s pouring cats and dogs out there,” Mrs. Thomas told her in a sweet, motherly tone.

“He, he took my locket. I tried to find him and then it started raining,” Morgan sniffled.

“Let me get you a towel, sweetheart.” Mrs. Thomas closed the door behind them and went to the hall closet. She appeared a minute later with a big, fluffy towel and wrapped it around Morgan’s shoulders. “Kevin took your locket? You mean the one you always wear?”

“Yes. It was gone from my locker after he was in there.” Morgan wiped her wet face off in the soft towel.

“Oh dear. I don’t know what to do with that boy sometimes. He was only home for a few minutes. He went to his room then left. Maybe he left it there. We’ll take a look. Okay sweetheart?” her bully’s mother smiled.

Morgan wondered how Kevin would react if he caught her in there as she followed Mrs. Thomas into his room. How could such a nice woman give birth to such a mean son? Morgan took in Mrs. Thomas’ shape as they walked. Everyone knew she was a milf. She was all blonde hair, big breasts and long legs.

Mrs. Thomas started rifling through Kevin’s desk while Morgan sat down kind of awkwardly on his bed. It didn’t look like he’d left the locket here. Mrs. Thomas looked through the nightstand and then gave Morgan a shrug. She sat down on the bed next to Morgan and used the towel to dry Morgan’s neck. “I know that Kevin picks on you. We’ve talked about it before. I tell you I don’t know what to do with that boy.”

“I just want my locket back is all.” As Morgan spoke, she could tell Mrs. Thomas wasn’t looking her in the face. Her eyes were fixed lower. Morgan looked down and saw her nipples were poking through her drenched shirt. Morgan self-consciously put an arm across her chest and said, “I’m sorry. I must have forgotten my bra in my rush to find Kevin.” Morgan’s cheeks were bright red.

“Sometimes I wish Kevin would shape up and have the sense to find a girl. A girl like you.” Mrs. Thomas tore her eyes from Morgan’s chest and looked up, almost like she’d come out of a trance, feeling a little embarrassed herself.

“A girl like me,” Morgan repeated the words and gave a little chuckle, “not a lot of people want a girl like me.” Morgan’s eyes drifted Kurtköy Türbanlı Escort lower; she saw how stiff Mrs. Thomas’ nipples were.

Mrs. Thomas took note of it and told the young girl, “I don’t wear a bra around the house.” She had a mischievous smile on her face as she followed it up with, “They aren’t as high on my chest as they used to be. But they still get plenty of stares. Not as often from Mr. Thomas anymore.”

“I think they’re… umm… very nice.” Morgan gulped as she realized she had an erection. She considered herself a straight gal, but a girl could only take so much. The young girl couldn’t keep her eyes off Mrs. Thomas’ cleavage.

The only thing that broke Morgan’s staring was Mrs. Thomas’ lips. She leaned in and planted them softly on Morgan’s. Mrs. Thomas pressed her tongue against Morgan’s full lips and gently entered her mouth. Morgan was shocked, also too horny to care. Plus, she seemed to gain some perverse pleasure from knowing this wasn’t just any old milf. This was Kevin’s mom.

Their lips smacked together. Morgan moaned into the mouth of her tormentor’s mother when she felt the woman’s hand rub up her body and squeeze her breast. Morgan wrapped her arms around Mrs. Thomas’ body as the older woman plucked on her nipples. They kissed with a surprising fire and passion. Morgan put her worries to rest as they kissed and gave her entire body over to the experience.

Before either of them knew what had happened, Morgan was on top of Mrs. Thomas on Kevin’s bed and neither could stop pawing at the other’s clothing. Mrs. Thomas stripped her blouse off in between frantic kissing and Morgan buried her face in the older woman’s delectable melons. The cool, soft surface and hard nipples felt good on her face. Morgan drew one of Mrs. Thomas’ nipples into her mouth and sucked hard on it.

“Have you ever done this before?” Mrs. Thomas asked her guest in a throaty voice. She rubbed her thighs together, feeling a familiar stickiness between her legs.

Mrs. Thomas’ nipple popped out of Morgan’s lips and the young t-girl answered, “No… never.”

Morgan felt Mrs. Thomas’ hand slip down her body. Mrs. Thomas’ hand wrapped around Morgan’s erection and started to stroke it. Kevin’s mom pressed the tip against the warmth of her feminine entrance as she squeezed her hand up and down its length. Their tongues met again, with Morgan’s hands groping Mrs. Thomas’ titties for all they were worth.

“We’d be wise to make it a memorable experience then. You’re bigger than I thought you’d be.” Mrs. Thomas gave Morgan’s erection another squeeze. “I’m in no way complaining,” The older woman grinned ear to ear.

Both women began losing the rest of the clothes. Kevin’s mom slipped the last piece of clothing, a tiny pair of panties down Morgan’s legs. Morgan’s cock slid down and pressed against the opening to Mrs. Thomas’ cunt; it was shaven and slippery with her fluids.

Mrs. Thomas told her, “Stick it in, sweetheart. Fuck me, damn it,” she moaned.

Morgan pressed her hips forward and the head of her cock slowly entered her tormentor’s mom. The inches of her shaft began to deposit inside Mrs. Thomas’ cunt. Morgan gritted her teeth through the pleasurable, overwhelming feeling of her cock being swallowed by the pussy of this older woman.

“Big. That’s a big cock! Now fuck me, honey!” Mrs. Thomas cried out to Morgan. The immense pleasure of Morgan’s sizable cock was written all over her face. Mrs. Thomas groped Morgan’s breasts, giving the magnificent mounds of girlish flesh rough squeezes.

Morgan amazingly knew exactly what to do. She started to saw her dick in and out of Mrs. Thomas’ pussy like she’d done this before. The two women were completely lost in lust, continuing to maul and love on the other’s body. They almost instantaneously found a comfortable fucking rhythm which consisted of Kevin’s mom clenching the muscles of her pussy just as Morgan bottomed out and then releasing her cock once again for another forceful lust-driven plunge.

“Fucking take my cock,” Morgan muttered to the beautiful older woman who’d always been so nice to her. They kissed savagely; their tongues wrestled together as their lips struggled to stay connected. The creak of Kevin’s bed was music to Morgan’s ears. For a moment she imagined all the mean things he’d done to her and then superimposed them with the image of his mom splayed out on his bed taking her cock.

“Mmm… that’s it sweetheart. Do me! Do me real good.” Mrs. Thomas’ breathing came out more ragged. With each thrust, Morgan felt the older milf’s legs shake. Morgan realized Mrs. Thomas was cumming when her eyes shut and her cunt clenched down on Morgan’s cock like a vice. Morgan buried her face in Mrs. Thomas’ big tits; she kissed and licked every inch of the soft flesh before applying suction to one nipple, then the other. Morgan’s cock was throbbing. She was harder than she’d ever been. It was her first fuck!

I’m not a virgin Kurtköy Otele Gelen Escort anymore! Morgan told herself as she buried every inch of herself inside Mrs. Thomas and let the juices of her tormentor’s mother wash over her cock.

Kevin’s mom came so hard. It was unbelievable and unlike anything Morgan had ever experienced. Morgan’s thrusts became more desperate as it dawned on her that she could bring someone this much pleasure. Mrs. Thomas whimpered beneath the young t-girl, taking every inch of the girl’s dick. Mrs. Thomas’ sharp nails dug into Morgan’s butt cheeks as she pulled the girl deeper into her.

Morgan’s cock had never felt so hard; her balls so full. She was going to blow one hell of a load inside Kevin’s mom. Morgan held Mrs. Thomas by her breasts and absolutely abused her sensitive pussy with thrust after thrust. She could feel Kevin’s mom’s cunt grip her cock tight like it would never let it go.

“Fuck me with that big dick. Fuck me good and fill me with that fucking cum! I want it!” Mrs. Thomas clutched Morgan’s dick even tighter with her cunt.

“You asked for it, you sexy bitch! Jeez… fuck… I’m gonna CUM!” Morgan drove her cock as deeply inside Kevin’s mom as she could as the pleasure rippled throughout her body.

Morgan’s knees went weak. She started spurting what felt like gallons inside Mrs. Thomas. Morgan gave a low, sexy moan and unloaded everything she had into her bully’s mother. The excess dripped down Mrs. Thomas’ pussy and puddled on Kevin’s bed. They were sweating now. Morgan couldn’t stop panting. She dropped her head into the valley of Mrs. Thomas’ titty flesh, rolling her face around the over-sized mounds of Kevin’s mom.

“You’re sure you’ve never done that before, sweetheart?” Mrs. Thomas playfully lifted an eyebrow and scoped out the sweaty teen.

“That was my first time,” Morgan said, running her tongue along the sensitive skin of Mrs’ Thomas neck. She long-licked all the way up to Mrs. Thomas’ lips and kissed them. “I’d like to try it again sometime,” she giggled.

“Now’s good for me.” Kevin’s mom gave Morgan’s cock a squeeze with her cunt muscles. “Mr. Thomas won’t be home for a while and Kevin makes his own hours; if he does come home, we can just make him wait until we’re done occupying the room anyway.” Mrs. Thomas looked down at the young t-girl with a big smile on her face.

Morgan met her eyes and said, “I’m ready. And we could always give Kevin some pointers using his naughty mommy as a visual aid. I could teach him how to fuck a woman.” Morgan thrust into Mrs. Thomas and her softening cock started to harden.


Morgan headed to school the next day with a spring in her step. It didn’t matter what kind of crap Kevin might pull. She fucked his mom. Take it from Morgan, getting even never felt so good. She thought back to yesterday afternoon and felt a stir below the belt.

“Morgan! Where were you yesterday?” a voice called out to her.

The young t-girl turned around and saw her best friend rushing over. Valerie was quite a character. Bubbly and girlish, and completely obsessed with all things cock-related. Morgan recalled when Valerie first moved here. They were fast friends, but Morgan kept putting off telling her that she was a t-girl. Morgan didn’t want to scare her away. When she finally let Valerie in on her not-so-secret secret, the first thing Valerie said was, “Can I see it?”

It came back to Morgan that she was supposed to meet Valerie yesterday. In all the excitement, she forgot about it. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to not show.” Valerie slid up next to her and the girls locked arms together.

“Want me to escort you to your locker? Kevin usually doesn’t mess with you when we do that,” she asked.

Morgan thought about it for a moment, conjuring up images of her afternoon romp with Mrs. Thomas. The two were linked now. “No, I’ll be fine. Thanks, though. I’ll see you at lunch.”

Valerie nodded. Morgan watched her friend walk away. Valerie ran into a boy she knew, which caused the bubbly young girl to walk with a noticeable sway to her hips. The nice term for Valerie is boy crazy.


Morgan and Mrs. Thomas continued to find time for their fuck sessions over the next week. They went at it whenever they could. Kevin’s mom taught Morgan all about fucking. She was one dirty milf and neither of them could get enough. Mr. Thomas wasn’t interested in Kevin’s mom anymore, but Morgan sure was.

Kevin still treated Morgan like crap, though. Mrs. Thomas had managed to intervene and get her locket back. Morgan had to fuck for it back actually. She pounded Kevin’s mom so hard that they were surprised nobody called the cops. Morgan didn’t mind Kevin’s taunting all that much, she had something over him and he didn’t even know it.

One day she was at her locker in the girls’ locker room when he wouldn’t leave her alone. He found his way into the girls’ locker room with the express purpose of Kurtköy Ucuz Escort annoying her. “Were you looking for this?” he asked with a book in his hand he’d taken from her backpack.

“Give it back, Kevin,” she held out her hand for it, but he dropped it on the ground instead and stepped on it. It was a library book and the dumbass left a shoeprint on the cover. Morgan just shook her head and reached for it; that gave Kevin a view of her locker.

He asked, “Hey what are those?”

Morgan felt a nervous flush come over her as she recognized the sexy pair of panties she’d taken as a memento from Kevin’s mom. Morgan thought about it, a clever grin eventually spread over her full lips.

She pulled the silky, pink thong out and threw it at Kevin. “Think fast!”

He caught them, gave them one look and said, “Gah! Get your panties away from me. I don’t want them!”

“They’re not mine,” Morgan said with a smug smile.

“Then whose are they?” Kevin asked curiously.

“Ask your mom,” Morgan told him with a grin that was getting bigger by the minute. She picked them up and took a long sniff, then placed them in her pants and started to walk away.

Kevin grabbed her by the shoulders. “That isn’t funny. Those aren’t my mom’s! I should kick your ass.”

“I left some K-Y jelly under your bed for the next time we fuck. Makes it easier to slide my big dick in her. Take a look if you don’t believe me.”

“You’re lying. You’re really crazy,” he told her and stormed out of the locker room. Morgan stayed behind, unable to stop her fits of laughter.


Kevin hurried home. The things Morgan said couldn’t be true. He’d kill her once he proved she was lying. And if she wasn’t… well, she had to be lying! His mom had been acting a little strange lately, but it couldn’t be. There was just no way. He’d never live this down. Why should Morgan make up a lie like this? She’d always been nice, yes nice, up until now. He only picked on her because, well, the answer didn’t instantly come to mind.

To his horror, he found the bottle of lube Morgan was talking about. The pit in his stomach grew to astronomical size. The boy didn’t know what to do. That bitch had fucked his mother! Confronting his mom about it was the furthest thing from his mind, so he spent the night stewing on it.

Kevin spent the entire day at school waiting for his opportunity to corner Morgan alone. She looked happier, and to his utter disgust, she’d wink at him or even blow him a kiss when she saw him looking. Kevin finally got his opportunity after school. Morgan was changing after gym class at the end of day; she seemed to wait there specifically until all the other girls had left.

Kevin slipped in without anyone seeing him as usual and found Morgan loading her backpack with her back to him. “What did you do with her?” he asked angrily.

Morgan knew he’d be there. With a confidence she’d never had before, Morgan spun around and met him with a big I fucked your mom smile. “Well, have you noticed your bed’s been creaking a lot more lately? We were talking about getting a new frame for it,” she stuck her tongue out at him and then turned back around dismissively.

Kevin grabbed her in a fit of rage. “I’m gonna kick your ass so bad!”

“Oooh, go ahead. Here I’ll make it easy for you. Give me a nice big black eye,” Morgan said with a gratified smile. “I bet your mom will feel so bad for me she’ll let me do her butt. I’ve been wanting to try that.”

“You bitch!” Kevin finally let go of her and thought for a moment, “Fine! Stay away from her from this moment forward and I promise not to kick your fucking ass for what you did.”

“Not good enough,” Morgan told him, returning to loading her backpack.

He grabbed her arm and said, “What do you want then!”

“Oh, I don’t know.” Morgan really didn’t know. She considered it briefly and decided that why should she stop? She loved to fuck. She’d done it with a woman now, she still thought of herself as straight–or perhaps bisexual. Finding a man isn’t out of the question, but why should I stop fucking his mom unless Kevin comes up with a replacement just as good? Morgan asked herself. She was getting laid and not willing to give it up for nothing; just because some dude who’s always been an ass to her asks her to.

The devilish idea crept into her mind all at once as she looked at him. Kevin was an asshole, maybe she could get some use out of that finally by using his asshole. The pieces came together without her realizing it at first. Morgan was going to trade Kevin’s mom for Kevin.

“Turn around,” she told him.

“What? What the fuck are you talking about?” he asked. “Are you going to leave my mom alone or not?”

“Not–if you don’t turn around like I told you,” she said with a new authority in her voice. Kevin grumbled something, but he did a little uninspired turn. Morgan was happy she could control him, but she wanted to speed up the process. “You’ll do.”

“I’ll do what?” he furrowed his brow and gave her a disgruntled look.

“Whatever I tell you. Got it?”

“Just leave my mom alone. I’m not your slave!” he shouted incredulously.

“I prefer the word ‘bitch’ actually. But slave is fine if you like that better,” she laughed.

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