Red Cheeks and Wet Sheets

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It’s so frustrating.

He loves teasing me. He loves watching me squirm in frustration. Just writhing, waiting, begging for him to touch me. Just say the words and I’ll meet you in the room. Right. Now. Hair back, pillows on the floor, hands in their place on the wall just like he likes me to be. Cheeks in the air, jiggling in excitement. — He’s sitting there dripping in lust with a spark in his eye and a devilish smile. His phone in his lap looking like a toy in comparison to the ever growing battering ram with my name on it bulging through his pants.

Enough is enough!

He stands up, unclasps his belt and snaps it in my direction as he steps towards me and motions for me to move and I hop up with a quickness!

He points to the room and slaps my ass hard to put some pep in my step. Biting his lower lip as my ass jiggles back. — I undress quickly and move the pillows to the floor and climb up. I quickly assume my position. Hands against the wall. Head sideways on the bed. Arch tight. Ass ready. Knees shoulder with apart.

I hear him quickly ruffling through our toy box. I can only imagine what he has planned for me this time!

I wiggle my ass to tease him, letting a light moan slip out.

With in the blink of an eye, he’s behind me! He smacks my right cheek hard and presses his hips against me. I feel the weight of his huge dick lay across my ass, stopping at my lower back…

Oh. my. god. Am I ready for this?!

He seamlessly adds some lube and taps his massive head against my clit. Sliding himself across my wetness, making me squirm a little more. I feel the nubs of a cock ring send shivers across my skin.

I am so ready for this!

He lets out a deep erotik film izle moan as he slides in. “Fuuuck.” Slow and firm he takes his place. I catch my breath as I feel my body stretch around him. A warm wave washes over me as my hips roll to meet his and I feel him at my deepest points.

This is exactly what I needed! OH MY GOD!

His warm hands slide across my ass as he finds his rhythm. Sliding out, and in, filling me up to the brim with every stroke. Slowly at first, like a steam engine taking off.

I can’t help the moans escaping me. I don’t even bother trying. With every stroke, a wave of tingles growing stronger. I swear he could take my soul.

He bites his lower lip hard as his fingers dig into my flesh. Handfuls of cheek as he gives me a hard thrust. Slamming into me and freezing balls deep. Letting me recover from impact around him.

I sigh a mumbled ‘fuuuck’ back to him as I feel a new presence. — — She relaxes a bit more and lets out a long moan as I grind my hips into hers. Her pussy tightens around my dick in waves. I feel her freeze as soon as I pressed the tip to her puckered asshole. She tightens quickly around the butt plug. I slide out of her and slowly fill her up again. Pressing the plug in a little deeper as I feel her relax and stretch around me. She welcomes the first of the 3 tiers with a sharp inhale as it slides into place.

Oh god, she’s so fucking tight.

Her moans are endless as she purrs beneath me. Her ass jiggles ass it bounces off my hips. I let her get used to the plug and prepare herself.

I bite my lip in awe as I pull out and freeze, letting her take the reins. She pushes back against me, I watch her ass slowly swallow the second film izle tier and feel a moan escape my own lips and her pussy tightens around my dick.

Her arch buckles as she meets her max. I hear her inhale sharply between her teeth. I help her out with a couple thrusts to let her adjust. She shudders hard and her pussy turns into a vice grip! GUSH! I feel her hot juices spread across my hips and drip down my balls.

So. Fucking. Wet. FUUUUUUCK

I smack her ass as she crumbles. Gripping her hips, helping her stay on her knees as she tries to catch her breath. — — HOLY. FUCK!

He slides his hand across my ass, up my back and wraps his hand in my ponytail as he growls behind me. “I’m not done with you yet.” He pulls my hair back as he pushes his way back into me, stretching me in all the right ways as I quiver around him. I cry out as the plug slides in the rest of the way. He rubs my ass and pumps into me, filling me with warm waves again. He slides his hands back down my back again and pulls out. Leaving me on the brink of seeing stars!


I grind my hips back against him as he leans back and puts a hand around my right ankle. He keeps a hand on top of my ass to guide me back onto his dick. I find my own pace and answer his cries with my own as my ass bounces off his thighs.

He smacks my ass suddenly and hard as he grabs my hips again. He slams into me with unrelenting force. Oh fuck! Yesyesyesyesyesyesyes!! I brace myself against the wall and try to catch my moans. Waves of pleasure lap over me and I am GONE! — — She’s shaking in my hands as I fuck her. Her pussy is shivering as she cries out. I pull out quickly and she falls over. She’s jello but she’s purring. Before seks filmi izle I can move away she’s wiggling a buttcheek at me. “What about you?” She rolls her hips to tease me and clenches at me. Letting me see her pussy gape open just begging to be filled up again. My dick twitches in agreement as I feel my nuts tighten in its own ring.

“How do you want it, naughty girl?”

She slowly gets back up on her knees as she grips the sheet. “I want you to fill me all the way up!” She puckers at the plug and smiles at me over her shoulder.

Fuck she’s a freak! What woman asks for anal before you do?! Fuck, I love you.

I don’t waste a second! I grab the lube and squirt some extra on my dick. Stroking myself in preparation as I pull the buttplug out of her ass. She giggles and wiggles her ass with a moan as I toss the plug aside.

She seamlessly places her hands on the wall bracing herself as I press my head to her pink pucker.


I can barely squeeze my head in she’s so tight. Shes already moaning like crazy. It takes some time getting all the way in. She’s so. Fucking. Tight! I feel her asshole close around my dick as I press my way in. Slowly making my way as deep as possible. Her pussy is quivering through the walls. I feel myself start to build as she starts pushing back. Tightening her ass in rhythm with my thrusts. Fuuuuuck! Suddenly something wakes up in her and she’s fucking me! I’m in awe as my dick disappears between her cheeks, and the way she moans when she bounces off my hips I feel myself cum hard and pulse inside of her and she slams down, tightening quickly. Trapping my load deep inside her ass as she cries out as a warm gush washes over my nuts. — — His dick slides out of me with a shudder and we both fall over panting. I feel my insides crave his presence. My mind is fireworks and green lights for another round but still can’t hold my legs still!

I have found the dick of life!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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