Remaking a Boyfriend Pt. 07: Postscript



Rachel stepped out of the nail salon feeling confident and looking forward to the night’s events. She had just gotten a fresh French manicure and pedicure. As she walked to her car, she caught a glimpse of herself in a shop window and smiled. She looked hot—her wavy hair fell over her shoulders, which were exposed by a form-fitting gray sweater dress. The outfit clung to her athletic figure, revealing the exact shape of her C-cup breasts and firm ass. Her expertly-done makeup and gold drop earrings accentuated her feminine face. As she strode along in her four-inch black pumps, she felt the eyes of other people in the shopping center being drawn to her. Though she was used to it at this point, it still gave her a thrill. She drove off, cranking the radio and singing along to the pop radio station as she navigated to her next stop.

She arrived at Le Petit Prix, a tiny boutique bakery that was known for its elaborate desserts. She stepped inside and rang the bell at the front. A young man emerged from the back wearing an apron. He was handsome, about 5’11” and probably in his late twenties. His disheveled blonde hair and light stubble gave him a scruffy charm. He smiled at Rachel and not-so-discreetly checked her out as he approached the counter.

“How can I help you, ma’am?” he asked cheerfully.

“Well…” Rachel leaned over the counter to squint at the nametag on his apron. She noticed his eyes lock on her cleavage. “…Chris, I’m here to pick up a cake. The order’s under Rachel.”

Chris’s gaze drifted about half-way up to her face. “Of course, it’s all ready for you to go. It looks amazing!”

“I’m sure it looks amazing, but what I’m really looking forward to is putting it in my mouth,” Rachel said with a smirk.

Chris looked flustered and stammered. “Um, uh, I’ll go get it for you, it’s in the back.”

“Mind if I come with you? I want to make sure everything looks ok before you pack it up,” Rachel asked.

“Oh, no, that’s okay, you don’t need to…” Chris drifted off as he saw Rachel’s eyebrow arch and her hand move to idly play with her necklace. “Or, on second thought, yeah, come on back.”

Rachel smiled and walked behind the counter. She was thankful Chris didn’t seem as dense as some other men his age. She followed him back into the kitchen.

As soon as the door closed behind them, he turned to her and their mouths were on one another immediately. Rachel ran her hands through Chris’s hair, and sighed as she felt his strong arms draw her body against his. They made out passionately. Chris’s lips felt electric on hers, and Rachel cursed mentally to herself that she didn’t have more time to spend with this handsome stranger.

After a couple minutes, she broke the kiss and gently pushed Chris back against the wall. Her hands were a blur as she undid his belt and tugged open his fly. His pants fell to his knees, and Rachel excitedly drew his briefs down to follow them. Chris’s erect, circumcised cock sprang out, already beaded with a drop of precum at the top. It wasn’t enormous, but it was perfectly shaped, and his pubic hair was neatly groomed. Perfect for an afternoon treat, Rachel thought to herself.

She kissed the swollen member gently, feeling the man in front of her shiver at the brush of her cherry-red lips. He moaned and placed his hand softly at the back of her head. Rachel opened her mouth and placed her lips in a ring around the head, sucking gently and tasting the traces of his seed.

Gradually she worked her mouth farther down on his dick, pressing her tongue piercing against the bottom of his shaft. Her hands rested against his thighs, which were now quaking with pleasure. She drew her mouth slowly up and down, savoring every inch of his rock hard manhood. It felt hot in her mouth, a sensation which always drove her wild. She wished she could stay there for hours, down on her knees with this gorgeous man’s most sensitive organ enveloped in her mouth, his whole mind completely overwhelmed by the pleasure she controlled.

But she was on a schedule. She moved her hand to the base of his cock and began aggressively pumping her head back and forth, sucking hard and jerking him off as she moved her mouth. Chris’s cock quickly began pulsing.

“Oh my god, I’m gonna—” Chris grunted. He couldn’t even finish his sentence before he erupted, spraying cum down Rachel’s throat.

She swallowed it effortlessly, and didn’t Kurtköy Sınırsız Escort slow her pace until his dick was completely spent. Chris leaned against the wall, panting with an amazed look on his face, as she popped to her feet cheerfully.

“Thanks, that was great!” she said, smiling.

Chris merely nodded in response, jaw still hanging open.

“The cake?”

Chris finally seemed to collect himself. “Oh, uh, yeah, over here.”

He went to a fridge and retrieved a stately white cake with delicate icing around on the edge. In the middle, in flowing script, it read “Happy Birthday Kevin.”

Chris placed it in a plain white box and sealed it with a bow. He led Rachel back out to the front of the shop where she paid. She winked at him as she took the box and headed out to the car, the taste of his load still tingling at the back of her tongue. She felt the crackle of arousal heightening her senses and putting a spring in her step as she carefully loaded the cake into the car and started driving home.

As she drove, she took a moment to reflect on the myriad changes in her life in the past year and a half. Hormone therapy had further feminized her figure, and implants from the best plastic surgeon in town had supplemented the breasts she grew naturally. Electrolysis had made her completely smooth below the eyebrows. Regular wear of a waist trainer had narrowed her hips, leaving her with an hourglass figure most women would kill for. Voice lessons had eliminated any outward trace that she was anything other than a smoking hot woman. The last vestige of her old body was locked in a custom-fitted jeweled cage and tucked between her legs. Though the key still sat at Allison’s ankle, it had been over a year since it had been used.

Her body had been transformed, but so had her life. She had announced her new identity to her close friends and family, all of whom took it quite well and quickly accepted her as Rachel. She still worked, but Allison’s success had meant that she only pursued a few projects she was really passionate about. She and Allison had gotten engaged six months ago. She spun the engagement ring on her finger and smiled, thinking of Allison’s proposal. It had been on a vacation in the Bahamas, on a boat they had rented, a complete surprise followed by an immediate tearful yes.

Though they were engaged and planning a wedding, they were far from exclusive. The cake Rachel was transporting was for Kevin, Allison’s boyfriend. He and Allison met at a legal conference, and had been dating for almost nine months now. It was his birthday today, and they were celebrating later.

Kevin was a little bit older than Allison and Rachel, turning 35 today, though he looked years younger. He was 6’2″ and athletic without being overly muscular. He was always deeply tan, even in the winter, which contrasted starkly with his bright green eyes. He was the kind of guy that immediately projected confidence and success wherever he went.

Allison had fallen hard for him. Rachel remembered the early days of their courtship, how Allison would giggle and smile as she texted him, and ask for Rachel’s help in composing replies. When they had finally hooked up for the first time, Allison couldn’t stop going on about what an amazing lover he was—how big his cock was, how much stamina he had, how he knew just how to touch her.

Ray would have been jealous about all of that, obviously, but for Rachel it just made her happy to see Allison happy. Rachel was also enjoying herself, of course. She had a few men she saw semi-regularly, and was no stranger to brief encounters like the one in the bakery, but she didn’t have a steady boyfriend. She also joined Allison and Kevin in the bedroom from time to time, which was always a special treat.

Kevin had also started to introduce the two of them to some more adventurous erotic pursuits. He was pretty experienced in BDSM, and naturally dominant. It had started out with some light bondage and spankings which Allison enjoyed somewhat, though she didn’t really think it was her “thing”. Rachel, though, had found these new experiences incredibly exciting. Kevin had tried pushing her a little farther a couple times, binding her arms and legs tightly while he forced her to suck his dick, or blindfolding her and hitting her with a paddle.

Rachel’s stomach stirred with butterflies as she thought back to those encounters. Kurtköy Suriyeli Escort It was so incredibly hot to feel completely at the mercy of a strong, dominant man. It really brought out her inner slut, and made her want to please him in any way she could. While Kevin still primarily had a relationship with Allison, he recognized Rachel’s natural submissiveness, and was clearly eager to take it further.

That led up to tonight. As his birthday gift, Rachel was going to be the entertainment for the night, and let Kevin use her in any way she saw fit. It had been Allison’s idea, a way for Kevin to get his enjoy his kinkier side. And Rachel also suspected that Allison secretly enjoyed the sight of her being dominated by a powerful, aggressive man.

When she got home, she put the cake in the fridge and went back to the bedroom to prepare. Allison and Kevin were out at a movie, so Rachel had the house to herself. After a quick shower and enema, she primped herself with a dark smoky eye and deep red lipstick, and pulled her hair back into a tight ponytail.

She opened her lingerie drawer and pulled out the outfit she’d been looking forward to for weeks. First were black PVC stockings with red detailing that mimicked stitching. She carefully pulled them up her legs and smoothed them so that they were perfect. Next she put on the matching top, a tight black corset that rose half way up her breasts, leaving her erect nipples exposed. It cinched her waist, but left her enough mobility that Kevin would be able to bend her however he pleased. She opted for no panties, leaving her smooth ass and caged cock exposed. After a pair of black five inch heels, she was ready for the finishing touches: thick rubber cuffs on her wrists and ankles and a collar, all sporting heavy D-rings and secured with padlocks. After the final click, she left the keys to the padlocks on the dresser. Then, she climbed on the bed, slipped on a blindfold, and tried to calm her excited breathing as she waited.

About fifteen agonizing minutes later, she heard the door open. Kevin and Allison’s laughing voices gradually became louder, and then suddenly stopped. Rachel’s breath caught in her throat.

After what felt like hours of silence, she heard Kevin’s low voice.

“And what do we have here?” he said, chuckling.

“Happy birthday, honey,” Allison said dreamily.

Rachel’s ears strained to parse the rustling sounds that followed. It was taking all her willpower not to touch herself or take off her blindfold. She felt the bed depress next to her, and gasped at the sudden delicate tingle of fingertips on her arm. The hand slowly wandered over her body, lightly scratching her exposed flesh and making her skin prickle with anticipation.

Her breath caught as she felt a hand pinch her nipple and tug it lightly. Fingers of another hand grazed her lips, and a thumb intruded into her open mouth. She closed her lips and sucked instinctively, tasting Kevin’s familiar scent. Two more hands ran slowly over her rubbery stockings. Rachel’s blood was boiling with desire, and her cock was pleading against the constraints of the cage.

The hands moved to her shoulders, and were suddenly rough and demanding. They flipped her over onto her stomach, and pulled her wrists together. After a few quick motions, the cuffs on her wrists were bound together. Soon her ankles were pulled up toward her wrists, and those cuffs were attached too, leaving her roughly hogtied. As she squirmed, the hands slid her to the edge of the bed, so that her chin rested just over the edge. Slowly, she felt the blindfold being drawn off of her face.

When her vision was restored, she was greeted by the sight of Allison in a slinky red dress pulling Kevin’s pants to his ankles, freeing his thick and hardening cock. She winked at Rachel as her cherry red lips parted to take the bulging head of Kevin’s cock in her mouth. Kevin moaned as his cock disappeared into Allison’s mouth. Rachel’s mouth watered with desire.

“You like that, slut? You like watching your fiancee worship my cock?” Kevin asked gruffly.

“Yes sir,” Rachel replied, her voice uneven with excitement.

“You wish you were sucking on this dick, whore?”

“Yes sir, please let me suck your dick, sir!” Rachel pleaded.

“Too bad, you dumb slut. You’re going to watch me fuck your wife in her tight little cunt instead.”

He put his hand Kurtköy İranlı Escort on Allison’s throat and pulled her to her feet. She gasped, but her head tilted back in acquiescence. Rachel could see that she was incredibly horny, and in fact could smell her arousal from the bed. They kissed hungrily, Allison’s hand still dexterously working Kevin’s engorged manhood. In one move, he spun her around, and pulled her dress up over her ass. Allison responded by slowly bending down in front of him, pulling her lacy thong down to her ankles. As she stood back up, Kevin slid his cock up and down the crack of her ass before slowly pushing it into the wet folds of Allison’s pussy.

Allison let out a cry of pleasure. “Oh baby! Your cock is so big.”

Kevin merely grunted in response. His firm muscles clenched as he began pumping in and out of Allison. His strong hands explored her firm breasts through her dress.

“Yes, fuck me harder!”

Kevin started pounding her. Their thighs slapped together, and Allison’s eyes started rolling back in her head. Rachel struggled as hard as she could to free herself, desperate to take part in the action. She whimpered in frustration.

Kevin took notice and smiled. “You want some attention, slut?”

“Yes sir,” Rachel said eagerly.

“Ask your wife if you can lick her asshole.”

“Please, Miss Allison, can I please lick your asshole,” Rachel begged.

“You’ll have to be more convincing than that,” Kevin taunted.

“Oh, please let me pleasure your beautiful asshole with my mouth!”

“What do you think, babe?”

Allison smiled. “She has been pretty good so far.”

Allison and Kevin repositioned so that they were facing each other, and Allison backed her ass right in front of Rachel’s drooling mouth. As Kevin’s cock reentered her and he began thrusting, Allison’s tight pink rosebud pressed against Rachel’s open and drooling mouth.

Rachel struggled against the restraints, hungry to taste Allison’s ass. She could feel her rosebud quivering as Kevin’s thrusts grew harder and faster.

“Oh, fuck yes baby, eat my ass while he owns my pussy!” Allison cried. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!”

After a few more powerful thrusts, her body bucked and she screamed at the top of her lungs. Rachel could feel the spasms coursing through her every muscle. Kevin squeezed her tightly as she began to go limp. As she was coming down off her electric orgasm, Kevin let out a cry of pleasure and pumped his hot load inside Allison’s pussy.

“Mmmm, yes babe, give me all that cum,” Allison cooed dreamily.

They stood, frozen and panting, for a minute, while Rachel, now so horny she thought she might die, kept licking Allison’s asshole.

Finally, Kevin withdrew, and Allison flopped on the bed beside Rachel. Without saying a word, Kevin shoved his deflating but still massive cock in Rachel’s mouth. She sucked it greedily, relishing the thick coating of salty juices that Allison had left on him. A couple more beads of cum came out, which Rachel immediately swallowed. Kevin briefly pushed his member into her throat, making her gag, then withdrew it, leaving her panting and her face covered in spit and cum.

He grabbed her still-bound arms and roughly moved her head between Allison’s legs on the bed. His strong hand forced her mouth to Allison’s pussy.

“Eat my jizz from your wife’s pussy, slut,” he commanded sternly.

Rachel obeyed enthusiastically. She could taste the strong, bitter-but-delicious flavor of Kevin’s spunk as it oozed out of Allison’s swollen, juicy cunt.

Allison moaned. “Yes, sweetie, clean me up. Drink all that manly cum for me. That’s what a pussy tastes like after a real man fucks it.”

This went on for another ten minutes, until Rachel had swallowed every last glob of Kevin’s semen (and brought Allison to another orgasm).

Afterwards, Kevin and Allison snuggled while Rachel, still tied up, watched from the foot of the bed. She knew the night was just getting started, and that she was in for hours of teasing, fucking, and beating.

In this brief respite, though, her mind drifted back on all the changes that had occurred over the past year. How humiliating would she have found it to watch her beloved girlfriend fuck another man? How disgusting would she have found it to suck his cock? And now her skin was burning with desire for it, her small cock throbbing in its tight cage. She was so thankful for all of Allison’s plans; they had saved their relationship and made her happier than she knew she could be.

Allison’s graceful fingers began to lightly stroke Kevin’s penis, and it stirred with interest. He grinned fiendishly at Rachel. It was going to be an unforgettable night.

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