Rendezvous Pt. 02


Author’s note: this is part deux to Rendezvous. Comment if you enjoyed it.


While lying next to his new thick lover, Victor had a strange dream. He was in Ruby’s bedroom but she looked a bit different. Her hair was dyed a deep black, she was covered in far more tattoos and she had new piercings. Three one-inch in diameter silver rings dangled from each nipple and her clit. She was lying on a king sized bed with a few pillows behind her head. The red silk sheets accentuated her pale skin. She was naked, except for an elaborate purple collar affixed tightly around her neck. Her legs were bent at the knee and she was spreading her pussy open with one hand, tugging on her clit ring and moaning with her eyes closed. She held up her other hand and crooked her finger and beckoned him forth, but he couldn’t move. He was observing and what he saw was surprising.

A tall, lithe, blonde and tattooed woman walked slowly into the room. Her ass was thick and her body was shaped like a stripper, but she was a candle compared to the roaring inferno that was Ruby. The statuesque woman’s skin glittered bronze while Ruby’s skin was pale as snow. The blonde had a bit of trouble walking and she stumbled a step as she approached.

“Yes Mistress?” the blonde spoke.

“Are you enjoying the toy I put inside you Lily?” Ruby asked her.

“Yes Mistress, your Slut fucking loves it. How can I serve you?” Lily asked, licking her lips and keeping her head bowed as her pussy leaked her juices before her Mistress.

“Eat my pussy until I cum Slut,” Ruby said with a grin.

Lily just nodded and crawled on all fours across the floor to get to the bed. Lily understood who she served. Her pussy was so grateful for being stretched by the vibrator deep inside her. It pulsed slowly and Victor could see the blue base of it sticking out of her, as she crawled up the bed to worship Ruby’s body.

Victor could now move around the bed for a better angle and watched as Lily plunged her long, studded and thick tongue deep inside Ruby’s pussy. Ruby moaned and her head fell back as her manicured and painted red fingernails sunk into Lily’s hair. She pulled Lily’s hair and head into her hips and ground her pussy on her face. Lily licked and sucked her clit making Ruby twist, shake and then moan deeply. Ruby was close to climax and Lily pulled on her clit ring with her tongue, sending her over the edge.

“Oh, fuck,” Ruby said, throwing back her head and cumming all over Lily’s face. Lily slowly licked her Mistress clean, then kissed her way up to Ruby’s mouth. Their lips locked and their bodies writhed together as their hands roamed over each other’s soft flesh. Ruby’s hand eventually reached under a pillow and pulled out a remote. It was the control for the vibe that was deep inside Lily’s pussy. Ruby turned it up to seven and Lily arched her back while screaming. She came hard as Ruby held her lower back and just smiled.

“I think she is ready for you now, Master,” Ruby said while looking right at him. He reached down to Lily’s pussy and pulled out the vibe. He positioned his thick cock right near her entrance and pushed in just the tip. She was tight, and she pushed back against him. Lily moaned and her body shook as he fucked her hard. Her pussy felt so wet to him and he began to feel something else. Something was rubbing against his cock from inside her pussy. It felt like a tongue but that was impossible.

Her pussy was sucking him in deeply, pulling him into a new type of bliss as he ravaged this vixen while his true lover smiled and stared at him with both love and lust. He locked eyes with her as he slammed into Lily bringing her to a screaming climax. Lily slipped of his cock and fell to her side to catch her breath. Victor’s cock throbbed in anticipation for who it really needed and she crawled her way to him with a smile. Ruby kissed then slowly wrapped her lips around his cock. She began licking Lily’s juices and sucking hard. She moaned around his cock as she pulled on her clit ring, making her beautiful music reach a higher pitch.

His eyes opened to a beautiful sight after such a vivid dream. Ruby, on her side, was lovingly sucking his cock. She kissed and licked her way around his tip, while she slowly stroked his shaft. He was content to let her have fun for a bit. She popped one of his balls into her mouth and sucked on it hungrily. He groaned and she looked up at him.

“Good morning lover,” she said with a smile. “I wanted your first morning with me to be special. I also wanted this fat cock in my mouth again,” she said with a smile, taking him back into her mouth and throat. He grabbed her hips and pulled her on top of him into a position that allowed him to taste her sweet nectar. He would love to eat her juicy pussy everyday and this was a good start. She tasted amazing to him, like a melange of mango, kiwifruit and cantaloupe. Not too sweet, but right at the threshold. It just made him want to eat her out more. His tongue swirled inside her and she moaned around his cock.

Giving her pleasure was making her more eager to get him off. She doubled her efforts and cupped his balls, pulling them ümraniye escort softly while dancing them on her fingertips. Her other hand gripped his cock at the base which let her slowly deep throat him. Her mouth sucked while her head turned from side to side. This new technique made him shudder and he brought his mouth to her clit. His fingers slipped inside her tight wet pussy and he began sliding them in and out slowly. He slowed down his licks on her clit while his fingers sped up. He pumped his fingers quickly and she arched her back, gripping his cock tightly while she screamed. He didn’t give her a chance to recover. He flailed her clit savagely and pumped his fingers quickly making her orgasam stretch into a few moments of bliss. She squirted all over his face and chest, soaking him and the bed in her copious fluids.

When she finally got her wind back, she took him back into her mouth, licking his tip like an ice cream cone. His cock swelled and neared the point of release, but he held back from exploding in her mouth. He slipped his wet fingers inside her ass, slowly penetrating her tight orifice. She moaned deeply around his cock and sped up her pace. She bobbed up and down, sucking hard and taking him into her throat. He slowly started sliding his fingers in her ass and her body shivered. Her fat ass bounced on his fingers and pressed back against them, sinking them deeper into her soft flesh. He pumped them slowly as he sucked on her clit, eliciting more moans from her full mouth. He built up her orgasam and held himself back until just the right moment. She was just about to scream in release when he shot his load into her mouth like a rocket. Her body shook again from the intensity of their mutual satisfaction as she swallowed his copious amount of cream.

“Best. Breakfast. Ever,” he said with a smile.

“Mmm,” was all she could say for the moment.

He slapped her ass and she giggled. “Shower?” she asked and he agreed.

They climbed off the bed and got into the shower, letting the water cascade over them both as they held each other close. Their lips met and he held her tighter, not wanting to let her go. His lips pressed against her hard and she returned his pressure with her own. She broke the kiss and licked his face, tasting herself and making him chuckle. He grabbed the soap and lathered her up, making her body slick with suds. She turned around and he soaped up her back, playing with her ass a bit which caused her to moan. She was so sensitive, and it was just one more thing he liked about her. He slapped her ass playfully, making her laugh again before she got into the water and rinsed off. She then got him covered in suds, taking extra care of his cock. She slowly stroked him and he was hard again in no time. She rinsed him off and stepped out of the shower to get them both towels. After she had wrapped herself up, she handed him a towel with a smile. He dried himself off while she brushed her teeth. When she was done he did the same and gave himself a quick shave.

While Victor shaved, she threw on a black silk robe and went to the kitchen to make a proper breakfast. The robe was sheer and went to just below her hips. It made her feel sexy and she knew it would drive him wild. She quickly put on a pot of coffee, fried up some bacon and eggs then put bread in the toaster. It was all ready by the time he sauntered in wearing just a pair of silk boxers. Her heart beat a little faster and her pussy got damp just at the sight of him. He was still half hard from the shower and she had to resist the urge to drop to her knees and suck him off. She shook her head of the pleasant image and beamed a smile at him.

“Breakfast is served,” she said putting the plates down on the table. They both took a seat at the table.

“I had a crazy dream last night,” he said and proceeded to tell her everything. Her eyes opened wide when he said the name Lily, but her overall reaction seemed giddy.

“I just happen to know a girl named Lily. She is a talented young dancer that I give lessons to occasionally. Maybe I will introduce you to her sometime,” she said with a smile.

“Sounds great, but let’s talk about our itinerary for today. We need to go shopping to replace those panties I destroyed. Then a light snack before some karaoke. Does that sound like a good plan to you?” he asked.

“That sounds marvelous. I know just where to go to get a new pair. It’s a specialty shop and I’m good friends with the owner. I get a great discount. How do you feel about Italian food?” she asked him.

“I love it,” he said with a smile as he gazed into her eyes and touched her hand on the table. A spark jumped between them and she giggled.

“Ohh, so electrifying,” she said and got up to get ready, but her pulled her into his lap facing him, and kissed her. She wound her arms around his neck and straddled him. His cock was wedged between her belly and his stomach as she pressed against him. She ground against his cock as she kissed him long and deep, slipping her tongue passed his lips and playfully twisting it within his mouth.

She kissed her way to his earlobe then sucked pendik escort it into her mouth before saying, “I want you to fuck me in the ass tonight lover,” which made his hips pump involuntarily. She laughed and hopped off of him, leaving him painfully erect and dumbstruck in his seat.

She headed for her closet and picked out a cute outfit for herself. A long black skirt, white blouse and a pair of white sandals. She also put on a comfy bra but decided against putting on any panties. Since she would be trying on new ones, she didn’t see the need to wear any. She was ready and Victor was wearing a loose shirt, shorts and sandals for this short trip. He was right behind her as they headed out the door to go lingerie shopping.

They arrived at the store within a few minutes of being on the road. The place was inside a strip mall, sandwiched between a salon and a computer repair shop.The name of the store, Jenny’s Boutique, was strewn above the store in cursive neon green. The front windows had mannequins dressed in various stages from fully clothed to just lingerie. They stepped inside and were immediately greeted by the owner.

“Heya Ruby, long time no see. Are you looking for something…special or just browsing?” Jenny asked her. Jenny was in her fifties but taking care of herself. She had a curvy body, long purple hair and a conservative business outfit.

“Just browsing today. This is my…friend Victor. He is going to help me pick a few things out,” replied Ruby.

“Good afternoon Miss, how do you do?” Victor said.

“Miss, hmm, well aren’t you a charmer,” she said while looking him up and down. “Well you know where everything is dear, so help yourself. I will be in the back doing inventory. Just ring the bell when you need help,” Jenny said and strode through a beaded curtain to count her merchandise.

” I have an idea. Let’s both browse and meet up at the changing rooms,” Victor said.

“Okay, sounds like a plan. Ten minutes sound good?” she asked him.

“Sounds perfect to me. See you in ten,” he said and pulled her into a soft quick kiss before walking away toward the lingerie.

She held onto a clothing rack to keep her knees from buckling. Just that brief contact made her drip with anticipation for what was to come. She could feel her excitement between her thighs and slowly turned around to look at what was on display.

A few outfits stuck out but she ended up picking a few items. A floral pattern dress that should hug her body quite well was the first thing she grabbed. It was black with cherry blossoms strewn about it. She then made her way to the lingerie. She needed a matching bra and panty set that would go with the dress but quickly found one. They were both black and had little red bows in the center of each. She needed to try everything on though and quickly made her way to the changing rooms. She found Victor waiting for her with a few selections of his own.

“I’m going to try this stuff on, okay?” She asked.

“Care to walk around in it for me? So i can see how they all fit?” he replied.

She blushed and nodded her head. This man had a powerful effect on her and she was beginning to love it. She stepped into the room with all her clothes and quickly got undressed to try things on.

The panties fit perfectly but she didn’t want to stain them, so she just measured them up against her hips. The bra, however, proved to be difficult. It was the largest on display but barely contained her massive breasts. In the mirror, her reflection showed off her abundant cleavage quite well and she decided it was worth the minor strain. The dress slipped over her body and hugged her close, just like she estimated. She stepped out of the booth and quickly gave Victor a little show. She tried not to blush but by the smile on his face she knew she was turning crimson. As she stood before a full length mirror, she admired the beauty that stared back at her. She noticed Victor approach her from behind and she smiled again.

His hands slowly slid up her legs and followed her natural lines up her torso. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed the back of neck. “You look beautiful but your missing something,” he said and reached into his pocket. He pulled out a purple choker and affixed it around her neck as she lifted her hair to help him. The fake plastic ruby had a dull sheen but it still put a huge grin on her face.

The dress ended mid-thigh and his right hand slowly pushed it up to her hip.

“You didn’t find any good panties yet?” he asked.

“I didn’t want to get them wet,” she whispered with her head turned down and away from the mirror, afraid of what she would see. If she had bothered to look, it would have been the blooming face of a rose. He saw everything that she tried to hide from him. It just turned him on more and made him want to take a risk.

“I found a few pairs of stockings I would like to see you try on, if you don’t mind” he breathed into her ear softly.

She nodded and he reached for the small pile of leggings he had found for her. She took them from him and hurried into the room to try them on. The first bostancı escort pair were fishnets and they went up past her hips and over her soft belly. She lifted her dress up to see how they looked and she couldn’t keep her hand away from between her legs. The soft webbing gripped her smooth pussy and her soft motions made her hips sway back and forth.

“Mind if I step in and see how they look?” Victor asked.

“Mmm…okay” she told him and she heard the door open and close behind her, felt his warm hands slide up her legs and stop on her hips. He pulled her close to him and she felt his arousal. She pushed back against him, arching her back and sticking out her ass. She slowly rocked her hips as his hands roamed under her dress. His touch on her skin was like an electrical fire. It made her pulse pound and a moan escaped her lips as he squeezed her breasts and rolled her nipples.

“Let’s take this dress off, it’s getting in the way,” he told her as he slid it over her head. He hung it up on a hook and took a step back to admire the view. “Put your face against the mirror and stick you ass out a little bit. Just so I can see how they will look later,” he told her and she leaned against the cold surface with her eyes closed, eagerly anticipating whatever might come next. She hoped it would be herself.

His hands slowly traced around her ass and his fingers danced over the nets, occasionally pressing against her skin. Every time he touched her, she would shake her ass back and forth a little. His hands gilded around her hips and down her legs, ascending slowly up between her thighs. He found her soaked and her hips bucked slightly as he grabbed her pussy roughly. His index finger slowly circled inside her entrance making her gasp. It was quick and ,before she knew it, his hand slipped away from her. She inadvertently made a pleading sound but quickly found herself rewarded as the juicy finger found its way between her lips.

“You need to cum, don’t you slut?” he asked her.

“Yes Sir,” she tried to say with her face still against the mirror and her mouthful of more fingers. His left hand slid between her legs and found her clit. She squirmed against the glass. As he slowly encircled it, her hips rotated with his fingers and she moaned loudly. He tore open the fishnets enough to give himself easier access to her pussy and she bounced her thick at ass in anticipation.

He knelt down behind her and dove his tongue into her. He held her ass cheeks apart and went as deep as he could, licking her to her core. She shuddered and bucked her hips against his face. The initial waves rushed her to a frenzy and she came quickly. He had her so worked up, she couldn’t stop cumming. He slowled down and her orgasam just extended with his torturous pace. Her knees began to buckle and her caught her before she could fall. He stood her up and peeled the fishnets off. He then spun her around, kissed her quickly and helped her to sit on the wood bench in the room. There were hooks above her head for clothing and he had an idea.

He grabbed the fishnets and pulled them off of her. He quickly tied her wrists together. He affixed the nets above her head on the hook and made sure her arms were comfortable. The hook wouldn’t hold any weight but it kept her hands occupied. It would allow her to focus on the sensations from her waist down.

He opened another package of leggings and rolled them up her legs. They were black silk and caressed her all the way up to her inner thigh, where they ended with a white lacy pattern. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him into a savage kiss. She nibbled his bottom lip before sucking it into her mouth. She twirled her tongue as his fingers danced up her sides making her giggle and moan.

He broke their kiss and whispered in her ear, “Do you need to squirt slut?” She nodded emphatically but didn’t say a word. He backed off enough to give himself easier access to her and slipped two fingers inside. She was soaked and she moaned deeply as he slowly worked his fingers. She rocked her hips to the edge of the bench while placing her feet flat on the floor, preparing herself for a big one.

“Countdown from ten,” he told her and she proceeded to do so. On each number he rubbed her g-spot and picked up his pace. At three he began slamming his fingers into her sensitive button and she stopped counting. She took off like a rocket, but didn’t start screaming until he locked his lips around her clit. He kept his fingers going and her orgasam just continued to build. Her eyes closed and she began to giggle uncontrollably. It was all too much for her. Being in public, with the added thrill of getting caught, pushed her onto a new plateau. Her inner vision was flooded with kaleidoscopic geometric shapes that pulsed and rotated with his fingers. She ripped the hook off the wall and wrapped her her wrists around his neck. She held on tight, squeezing him with her legs as his fingers and mouth continued their assault. He pulled her to the floor and she arched her back as the final waves racked her whole body. She went limp and passed out for a moment. He sat her up and helped her to breathe, supporting her from behind. When she came back, she took a deep breath and saw him. Their eyes locked for a moment before she snuggled against him. Briefly, they were alone in a pocket universe of afterglow. It was shattered by a knock on the door.

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