Rick and Linda: Natural Conclusions


This story picks up the characters and events of my story “Rick and Linda: Round Robin.” You’ll understand this one a lot better if you read that one first. There are also references to the “tenth date” in this story. That event is described in “Rick and Linda: The Beginning” but you don’t need to read that one to understand the other two.

The phone rang and I let Linda pick it up on the kitchen extension. She was, after all, standing right next to the phone in the open refrigerator door. Her pants were off and her underwear was pooled around her ankles as she stood slightly bent with her bare bum pushed far into the frig.

I should explain that we had just finished a session of discipline with Linda over my knee for a spanking. She had discovered over the years that thrusting a burning bottom into the cooling air of the refrigerator was the fastest way to cool it off. I do not object because it adds only a little to the power bill and it is kind of adorable. It always reminds me of the time several years before when I had gone shopping shortly after giving Linda a really severe chastisement. I got several blocks away before I realized I’d left my wallet at home. I turned around and when I got back in the house I heard cooing sounds from the kitchen. Walking quietly I looked in the open kitchen door and saw Linda bent over a kitchen counter. In each hand she had a frozen microwave dinner and she was pressing each against a bright red nether cheek while sighing in relief.

To this day, she doesn’t know that I saw her; and she always remarks with puzzlement on my fondness for Lean Cuisine Spaghetti.

She had not been behaving badly, by the way. The discipline was a leftover from a session months earlier. When Linda has earned more spanks than she thinks she can take in a single session, I let her split her punishment into two or three parts. She has one part right away and the remaining parts are assigned to randomly chosen dates sometime in the following twelve months. Each day I check my calendar to see if any leftover discipline sessions are scheduled for that day. Since the makeup days are chosen randomly, every once in a while two or even three makeups get scheduled for the same day. When that happens, she can again postpone all but the first. But if a spanking is postponed a second time, it is doubled, split into two, and assigned to two future dates. The effect of this system is that Linda finds herself bent over lap or furniture on a pretty regular basis.

Even after the frig has cooled her heinie enough that she can think about other things, it still hurts too much for her to wear clothes, sit, or lie on her back. For an hour or two at least, she must avoid having anything touch her behind. Standing that long is hard. She can lie on her stomach on the bed raised up on her elbows, but this makes her back hurt after a while. Accordingly, she usually throws a comforter across the dining room table and bends over it, resting her upper body on the comforter and laying the side of her head down. She is so small, her legs don’t reach the floor so they dangle.

Since the television can be seen from the dining room through double doors, she often just watches. But sometimes she puts a phone or her laptop beside her and works while bent over naked from the waist down. I’ve seen her make phone calls, pay the bills, and do other paper work in this position. I’ve even seen her sew on a button and mix cookie batter while draped over the table. Somehow the fact that she is doing perfectly ordinary things makes the scene more erotic.

Anyway, I heard her side of the phone call dimly while I read the paper: “… You did? I’m so glad … Oh? … natural conclusion? … Gee, I don’t know. I have some misgivings about that … Oh. I’ll be in the room. Well, still, I need to think about this … This Friday. I see … Yes. He has no classes in the afternoon … What? Some Saturday, too? … Yes, I understand … tips and pointers … demonstrate … on me! Oh my, I don’t know if I could do that … Yes … Yes … OK … I’ll discuss it with him and we’ll think about it … I’ll call you back. Bye.”

“That was KeeKee,” said Linda, referring to the better half of one of the three couples we had spent the evening with two days before.

As a result of careful planning by the four women involved, the evening had turned into a round robin of spanking in which each man spanked each of the four wives.

As she spoke, Linda waddled from the kitchen into the living room where I sat. I usually insisted that she keep her panties on, one way or another, after a spanking. If it hurt too much to pull them up, then she left them around her ankles which forced her to waddle from place to place. This added an extra element of humiliation to the punishment and no matter how many times Linda had had to do it, it never failed to embarrass her. Halfway across the room, as she saw me watching her waddle, she blushed and stopped. She bent and pulled up the panties and stood there a moment with eyes closed, testing whether she could xnxx stand the pain of wearing them. She decided that she could and she walked gingerly over to the couch and sat down sideways with her weight on her flank instead of her behind.

“KeeKee has talked to the other women,” Linda continued, referring to Arundati and Ellen, the other two wives. “They all agree that they were somewhat disappointed with their spankings from the other men,” a reference to KeeKee’s husband, James, Arundati’s husband, Karam, and Ellen’s husband, Danny.

“They enjoyed their sessions with you,” she said, not particularly surprised. “However, they each felt that your four-minute spanking felt incomplete. They want to continue with you, with no artificial time limit. KeeKee said they want spankings that continue until they reach a natural conclusion.”

“Natural conclusion?” I raised an eyebrow.

“That was her phrase,” said Linda. “They want to do it here Friday afternoon when you don’t have any classes to teach at the university. Ellen doesn’t have any either at that time and the other three of us can leave our jobs at the library a little early that day.”

“What about James, Karam, and Danny? Are they available?” I asked.

“Well, actually, they aren’t and … they won’t be here,” she smiled uneasily.

“I get it,” I replied cynically but accurately, “their husbands don’t know about it.”

“I’m sorry,” I continued, “but that’s not acceptable. We are not going to help those three play around behind their husbands back, even if it is just spanking and not intercourse. That kind of trouble we don’t need and besides I like those three guys. I don’t think we should even consider it unless the husbands are present or at least give their OK.”

“I agree,” Linda said, “I’ll call back and tell her.”

“In the unlikely event that the husbands sign off on this, how do you feel about it?” I asked.

“KeeKee said that I could be in the room, so I think I’m alright with that,” she said. “It was one thing for you to see their naked bottoms the other night when their husbands were just down the hall and could hear everything. But the thought of you alone with them for an unlimited time without their husbands around, well, I had a problem with that.”

“OK. There’s another issue,” I said. “This business of continuing a spanking until its ‘natural conclusion’ is a pretty obvious euphemism. KeeKee and the other two want to be spanked to orgasm. Well, as we know better than anyone, that’s darn near impossible. You need to make it plain to KeeKee and the others that they are setting themselves up for disappointment if they make that a goal. If they want to climax, there’s going to have to be some more direct stimulation along with the spanking.”

“OK. I’ll pass that on to her, too,” Linda answered, “but I’m also going to the tell them that it isn’t going to be you who is doing the extra stimulating; because it isn’t. We’re agreed on that aren’t we?”

“We are,” I smiled.

“Good,” she grinned, “so, moving on, KeeKee also told me that the wives want an instructional session with their husbands some Saturday in the near future.”

“Instructional?” I asked, raising the other eyebrow this time, for variety.

“Yes,” she explained, “they want you to teach their husbands how to give a spanking. She thought that you could use me to … uh … demonstrate things.”

Her voice quivered a little on ‘use’ and ‘demonstrate,’ and I knew that she would be a mass of conflicting emotions about this suggestion. Linda’s desires exist at several different levels of consciousness and sub consciousness, and the desires of different layers conflict with each other.

At the conscious level, she is a modest and rather conventional woman who is mortified at the very idea of being spanked. When I have to discipline her, there is usually some struggle and resistance, and always tears and real pain.

But subconsciously she needed the spankings and they had been a regular part of our lives since our tenth date. It wasn’t the pain, so much as the fact of being controlled and commanded by a man. She was aware of this, and over the years she can come to learn that pretty much all women were the same way. They are all turned on by men who are commanding, especially in the bedroom, and nothing establishes who is in command better than a spanking. Nevertheless, her needs embarrassed her enough that she usually needed the face-saving rationale that she was being disciplined for misbehavior.

But at an even deeper level, the embarrassment itself was the most powerful turn-on for Linda. Humiliation, properly paced and doled out gradually over the course of a session, would bring her to shattering orgasms even as it was bringing the conventional Linda at the conscious level to tears of mortification. This is what we discovered on that tenth date, although to this day she is only intermittently and dimly aware of this deep level in her nature.

So, at one level, Linda was mortified, even outraged, at the brazzers very idea of baring her bottom to be the object of a spanking demonstration for three other couples. But at a much deeper level, the prospect was powerfully erotic for her.

“I don’t mind teaching those guys a technique or two; but I have reservations about using you as a live demonstration,” I told her, “Let’s see if the plan for Friday comes off and then we can talk again about this ‘instructional’ session.”

Linda called KeeKee back and conveyed our insistence about the husbands being told. I could tell from Linda’s half of the conversation that KeeKee resisted this. Linda also advised her to be realistic about “natural conclusions.”

The next day, when I got home from work, Linda surprised me with the news that the other three husbands had agreed and they did not see any need to attend themselves. KeeKee had told Linda that what convinced the husbands was the fact that Linda was going to be in the room. They figured that that would keep me from screwing their wives.

Friday afternoon at 3 pm, Linda arrived home early from the library with KeeKee and Arundati right behind her in a separate car. Ellen and her cowlick pulled up five minutes later. Coffee was offered and declined. Small talk was exchanged. After a few minutes, I decided it was time to start.

“Come into the bedroom with me and Linda, KeeKee,” I said, and I turned abruptly and walked down the hall, leaving no time for dissent or hesitation.

It is important that the spanker be commanding. That’s what female spankees want, and they want it as much or more than they want the spanking.

I sat on the end of the bed and Linda took a chair on the far end of the room facing me. Her eyes were bright with curiosity.

KeeKee, blushing, but smiling, followed us. She was wearing blue jeans and a loose, billowy, summery, flowered pullover blouse that hung down to a few inches below her waist. She stood in front of me and kicked off her platform shoes, dropping down to her real height of 5 feet, 1 inch, and for a moment Linda, who is two inches shorter, took more interest in the shoes than the kinky scene playing out in front of her. Then KeeKee opened the oddly large purse she was carrying and took out the ruler from the other night, handing it to me.

After putting the purse on the floor, she glanced back at Linda once, took a deep breath and began to unsnap her jeans.

“Wait, KeeKee,” I said. “First, I want you to tell me why you are here.”

“But you know why,” she said, puzzled.

“Never mind what I know,” I said sharply, “I want you to tell me why you are here. Use complete sentences please and call me by name.”

My tone made the smile drop from her face and she looked at me with a tiny bit of real fear. “Well, uh, um,” she stammered, “I want to get a spanking that lasts until, um …” She hung her head before continuing, “well … longer than the one last week.” With her Japanese accent, ‘well’ came out ‘werr’ and ‘longer’ was ‘rongah’.

“Call me by name!”

“Yes, Lick-sama, I mean Lick,” she said in fright. ‘Lick’ was as close as she could come to ‘Rick’ and I found it kind of cute.

“So you want to be spanked until you feel … satisfied. Linda spoke to you about this, did she not? About being realistic?” I asked.

“Yes, Lick-sama,” she said. I decided to let her add the ‘sama’ to my name. It’s a sign of respect in Japan and she was saying it compulsively. If she’d been raised in America, she’d be compulsively calling me, “sir.”

“And you want this spanking so badly that you brought this ruler with you and left work early to come across town and get a spanking from me, on your bare bottom. Is that right?”

“Yes, Lick-sama,” she whispered and stared at me now more in fascination and curiosity than fear, but with some fear, too.

“Good. Now put it all together in one smooth complete sentence,” I ordered impatiently.

She hung her head again and whispered “Lick-sama, I left work early and I brought this ruler across town because I badly want you to spank my buh- bare bottom long and- uh- hard.” She began to choke in embarrassment near the end.

“Fine,” I said. “Now ask me politely to do this.”

I knew KeeKee was not really into the embarrassment aspect of spanking as much as Linda. I was putting her through this because I knew Linda would be aroused imagining herself in KeeKee’s place and I figured Linda deserved some fun too.

She sighed and, while her eyes watered a little in humiliation, she said “Lick-sama, please sp- spank my bare bottom long and hard with the ruler.” With her accent it sounded more like “Lick-sama prease spank my bail bottom rong and hald with the lurah.”

I looked at Linda and I could see her face was flushed.

“Now ask Linda to grant you permission to be spanked by her husband,” I said.

She did and Linda, staring glassy-eyed, simply nodded in the affirmative.

“Good. Now take off those jeans and your underwear and get over sikiş izle my lap, right now,” I ordered.

My tone caused her to hurry and she pulled pants and panties down as a unit and stepped out of them, then she laid herself over my lap at a slight angle to the end of the bed so her upper body could rest on the bed instead of hanging down. Once, again, I was treated to the sight of that small, but perfectly proportioned body with its flawless expanse of creamy flesh.

“Now, KeeKee, arch your back and rise up on your toes a bit, like you were standing on tip toe,” I instructed.

“Why-” she started to ask.

“Do it!” I interrupted.

She obeyed. The effect was to raise her bottom higher and, more importantly, to roll it forward so that the curve that is usually the outermost was now closer to the top of the butt, almost pointing to the back of her head. The curve that would normally be the lowest curve of the behind was now rolled up to point almost straight up at the ceiling. As she must have realized, she was offering up her bottom for my spanks as if it were on a serving platter.

With Linda watching, I couldn’t indulge myself in the long lingering look I’d prefer, so I started in immediately with three sharp snaps of the ruler against that glorious bottom.

Spank! Spank! Spank!

KeeKee’s head jerked up and she gasped, but she also smiled, pleased that the spanking was finally underway. I paused to watch three pink strips slowly appear on her bum and I realized that Linda, who had never spanked anyone, had never seen this phenomenon before. She stared in fascination.

I settled in to a steady rhythm of spanks all over her bum.

Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank!

I continued for several minutes, sometimes I alternated cheeks, other times I’d hit the same spot three times in a row.

Spank! Spank! Spank!

Before long, KeeKee was making “ow!” and “ah!” sounds with increasing volume. As I continued, her upper body became restless as she turned her head back and forth and gripped the bedspread in both fists.

Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank!

But, of course, it was the lower body that was getting the real work out. She began to twist at the waist, moving her weight alternately from one hip bone to the other.

Spank! Spank! Spank!

With a few more minutes of spanks, she began to buck along with her twisting as she tried to shake away the pain.

Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank!

Her cries had grown loud enough to be heard by Ellen and Arundati in the living room.



“Oh, oh, oh, that hurts, Lick-sama!”

“Unnnh! Not so hard!”

I ignored this last request because I knew she didn’t really want me grant it. Also, she didn’t say ‘please’.

I continued for another minute or two.

Spank! Spank! Spank!

She began to kick every which way; up, back, to the side; first one leg then the other. Linda’s eyes were huge as she watched.

Spank! Spank! Spank!

Suddenly, KeeKee lifted both legs, spread them widely, and bent them sharply at the knee, bringing her heels almost up to her bottom. She held this frog leg position giving Linda a complete view of all her secrets and giving me a glimpse of her anal pucker. The hairs of her pubis were quite wet.

Inspired by the frog legs, I switched to sharp upper cuts, the ruler sweeping just barely above her raised heels to smack the lowest part of her now bright pink bottom six times in a row.

Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank!

This sent KeeKee into new paroxysms. She jerked her upper body up, pushing down on the bed with her hands, straightening her elbows. With her head back and her eyes closed, she emitted a long “OOOOhhhhwwwweeeeeeuuuunnnnnhhhhh!”

Then, in exhaustion, her frog legs dropped but she let one of them fall to the front of my knees, thus keeping her privates open. Her upper body came down, too; but not back to the bed. Instead, she let it fall to the other side of my lap with her weight resting on her left forearm on the floor. This caused her top to slip down to her armpits. She was wearing no bra and her flawless breasts hung down shaking with each spank, the nipples as hard as stone.

I slowed and throttled down the power of my spanks. My arm was getting tired.

KeeKee then demonstrated that she had taken to heart Linda’s warning that being spanked to orgasm was virtually impossible without some further stimulation of her genitals. She lifted one hip bone briefly to slip her right hand under her crotch. With the two little fingers curled into her palm, she began to rub the other two from side to side over her clitoral hood. The sheer speed with which a woman can make this two-fingered side-to-side always amazed me. At top speed, the fingers were almost a blur.

As I spanked, I watched her vaginal lips swell and open as her entire mound became wetter and wetter. Her noises became deeper, almost guttural, and rhythmic “unnnh,” “unnnh,” “unnnh.” But the rhythm no longer matched the pace of my spanks. It started out slower, but then caught up and passed my spanking speed, becoming a rapid fire “un,” “un,” “un,” “un,” as her body began to rock against my lap, to her rhythm, not mine.

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