Rio, Ex-Pornstar Pt. 07


They woke late on Sunday morning. Rio’s phone lay recharging on his bedside table. It had vibrated momentarily half an hour earlier, but he slept through it. Eventually he woke up and activated the screen. He noticed an unread message was waiting for him, blinking incessantly. He rubbed the crusts of sleep out of his eyes and opened the message. It was from the producer he spoke with yesterday, outlining a series of contractual details and requirements, including getting tested for various diseases. He kicked himself for not getting tested for so long. He wondered if he’d put Jay at any risk. He’d never want to do that — he needed to be more proactive about his sexual health. Especially if he was about to get a second crack at porn. Positive test results meant no work for a while, and a string of positive tests can be career-threatening. He’d seen it happen to others.

Jay was still sleeping. Rio reached across to run his fingers through Jay’s hair. He got up, leaving Jay dreaming. Walking to the kitchen, he made himself a strong coffee and greeted the day. He decided to get the health screening out of the way today, but he’d wait for Jay to wake up first. He flipped the TV on and watched the morning news. Everything, everywhere in the world, was absolutely terrible.

The smell of freshly brewed coffee coaxed Jay out of slumber. He padded to the kitchen, wiping his eyes and stretching his limbs. “Morning, Rio,” he yawned.

“Hey, man. Welcome to your first full day as a resident of Casa Rio.” They hugged.

“Thanks. Wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.” Jay noticed the coffee pot. “Hey, pour me a cup, Rio?” he pleaded.

“No problem, dude.” Rio walked back to the kitchen, found a large mug, and filled it with black liquid.

Jay took a sip. He frowned and scratched his backside. “My ass is itchy.”

‘Oh no,’ thought Rio.

Jay absolutely went to town on his ass. “So fucking itchy.” He scratched and scratched.

‘This cannot be happening,’ thought Rio to himself. ‘My career reboot is over before it even begins.’

“Feels like something bit me during the night,” Jay reported. He pulled his boxers down and Rio saw a large red spot on one of Jay’s ass cheeks. It looked like an insect bite of some description, and while he felt sorry for Jay’s itchy cheek, he was relieved to know he hadn’t gifted him some kind of sexually transmitted disease.

“Dude, I got some medicinal cream in the bathroom that’ll fix that up in a day or two. But just stop fuckin’ scratching it. The more you scratch it, the more it’ll itch.”

“I know, but it’s just SO goddamn itchy! Get the cream?”

Rio went to the bathroom, opened the medicine cabinet, found the tube and returned to the kitchen. “Bend over, Jay.”

Jay pulled his boxers down ever more slightly. “It really hurts, Rio,” he pouted.

“I know, dude.”

“Can you kiss it better?”

“Of course I can.” Rio planted a wet, sloppy kiss on Jay’s butt. “Better?”

“Yeah … a little better. But maybe put some cream on, just to be sure.”

Rio squeezed some of the thick, white liquid out of the medicinal tube and rubbed it into the inflamed area on Jay’s butt. “We all good?”

“Yeah, Rio. Thank you for that. But what the fuck, man? My first official night here and I’m being attacked by insects? We gotta do something about that.”

Rio agreed. He wanted Jay to be comfortable here. “I’ll talk to the super about getting pest control in. We don’t want insects in here eating yo’ ass. That’s my fuckin’ job.”

Jay giggled. “Thanks for looking after me, man,” he said. He sipped his coffee.

Rio got to the day’s business. “Hey, Jay, before I forget, I gotta do a health screening test in the city today. Before my shoot, that is. Just to make sure I’m clean.”

Jay nodded. “You want me to come with you?”

“I think I’m gonna do this on my own, if that’s cool with you.”

“Sure.” Jay shrugged. He was hungry. “Got any bread, Rio?”

“There’s a fresh loaf,” said Rio, pointing to the far end of the kitchen counter.

“Thanks,” said Jay. He opened the refrigerator and noticed there were some eggs, some cheese, and some vegetables. Rio kept a good fridge. “OK, man, take your coffee and get the fuck out of the kitchen, I’m making you breakfast.”

Rio complied.

Fifteen minutes later, Jay and Rio sat at the kitchen bench munching on a cheesy omelette accompanied by thickly buttered toast.

“This is delicious,” said Rio in-between mouthfuls of omelette, “but if you’re tryna fucking kill me by cholesterol, you oughta know my non-penile possessions are meagre.”

Jay spluttered with laughter. “A big boy needs a big breakfast,” Jay replied. “Or so I’ve been told.”

“It’s true. And it’s a really sweet gesture, Jay. Thank you.”

They smiled at each other. Jay reached across to plant a kiss on one of Rio’s muscly biceps. He rubbed Rio’s arm appreciatively, almost in disbelief that this is where his life had found itself.

Rio finished eating. He loaded his plate ankara travesti and mug in the dishwasher. He got dressed, collected a bottle of cold water from the refrigerator, and prepared to head into the city for his screening. Jay kissed him goodbye at the door, and he moaned as he felt Rio’s fat hands groping his ass just before he left.

Rio found the clinic and did his tests. All clear. Ready for lift-off.

Meanwhile, Jay climbed back into bed and fucked himself in the ass with his favourite dildo. One hand pistoned the dildo in and out of his boipussy while the other teased his nipples. He imagined the dildo was Rio’s beautiful penis as it thrust in and out of his ass. As soon as he was ready to shoot, he jammed the dildo as far up his pussy as possible while he stroked his cock as fast as he could. He imagined Rio bearing down upon him, and his fat pornstar cock thrusting deep inside him. Jay’s load sprayed the room. It splattered on his face, his chest, his legs, and on both sides of the mattress.

Around 1 o’clock, Rio came home, mission accomplished. Jay was sitting out back, reading a magazine, with a fresh coffee.

“All done, Jay. You hungry?”

Jay looked up from his book. His brain melted as his eyes mentally undressed the god standing in front of him. “Yeah, I am. You wanna go out for lunch?”

“Yeah, man. I’ve earned it. I’m all clear.”

Jay stood up and hugged Rio. “I’m so happy for you.”

They left in search of nutrition.

They found a place. Rio ordered a cheeseburger and a coke, while Jay opted for a fish sandwich with lettuce, cheese and mayonnaise. “What did you get up to while I was gone this morning, Jay?” asked Rio.

Jay waited until Rio took a sip of soda. “Fucked myself in the ass.”

Rio choked and spluttered on his coke. Some of it came out of his nose. “The fuck, man? What?”

Jay met his gaze. “Yeah, man. I got a few toys. Accumulated over the years. Brought some with me. Some are still in boxes, but I made sure the ones I liked the most weren’t packed up so I could still use ’em.” A pause. “Toys are good, but they’re never as good as the real thing. I’m not expecting I’ll need to make much use of them anymore. Not now that I’ll be sleeping next to you.”

Rio smiled. “Well, fuck, that’s a relief. For a second, I thought I was being replaced. You know how many people want this dick? You don’t want it no more?”

“Dude, no fucking chance in hell of that,” said Jay. “Like, ever.” He took a bite of his fish sandwich. “I’m sleeping next to a pornstar now.”

“You still got room for my dick when we get back home?”


Rio had never eaten lunch more quickly. He burped. “Lemme get the check. We’re going home. Imma fuck you.”

Jay was in no position to disagree. But on the way back, he had a nasty idea.


Jay turned his key in Rio’s front door. They stepped inside, and almost immediately, Rio’s tongue was halfway down Jay’s throat, and his hands were massaging and groping Jay’s juicy ass.

Jay moaned. He knew that all he needed to do was submit, and he’d be transported to sexual heaven.

“Wait,” said Jay. “I’ve had a thought.”

Rio paused.

“But you’re not gonna like it,” continued Jay.

“The fuck?”

“When’s your shoot, Rio?”


“OK, so today’s Sunday. Your shoot is two days away.”

Rio was exasperated. “What the fuck does this have to do with anything, man? Why you suddenly fixated on the Gregorian fucking calendar? I’m ’bout to plant my dick in yo’ fuckin’ asshole, and you’re mentally organising my diary?”

Jay’s hand went to Rio’s crotch. He felt Rio’s hard cock through the fabric. “You wanna hear my idea first?”

Rio calmed down. He nodded and waited for Jay to continue.

Jay began to explain as he tickled and teased Rio’s cock through his pants. “You’re on set in two days. It’s Sunday, we’ve just had lunch. We got nothing important to do for the rest of the day, so we can relax. Tonight, we’re gonna order some food in and watch a movie. But before that, maybe go to the gym. And before you go, I got something to show you.” He unbuckled his belt, pulled his pants down, and spread his cheeks. “Like what you see, Rio?” Jay’s hole winked at him.

Rio was so fucking hard. “Yeah,” he seethed. He could tell Jay had recently fucked himself, because his hole was a little more dilated than usual.

Jay pulled his pants back up. “I know you do. I know you want it. But be patient. You can’t have it yet.”

Rio was lost for words. He needed Jay’s hole right now like he needed oxygen.

“Go to the gym first, Rio,” declared Jay. “Get your workout on. It’ll be good for you. It’ll help take your mind off my pussy.”

Rio admitted a small defeat, given Tuesday was looming. “You’re probably right, Jay. A gym session is always a good idea. I’ll get changed. But you better be ready for me when I get back. Working out makes me horny.”

Rio left. Jay imagined Rio’s hot, sexy, glistening pecs lifting weights. ankara travestileri He imagined Rio on the treadmill, working up a sweat. He knew he had an hour or so to himself. Out came the dildo for round two.

Jay lubed himself up and lay on his back. He pulled the curtains and blinds to make the room as dark as possible. He fired up his laptop and placed it on the mattress next to him. He found some sweaty, muscular man-on-man porn and he began tickling and teasing his nipples. He sucked the dildo into his mouth, imagining it was Rio’s warm, fat, heavy dick on his tongue as he willingly submitted to Rio’s every desire. He listened to the moans and groans emanating from his laptop. Jay’s cock grew and stiffened. His nipples were rock hard. Slowly, delicately, the dildo found its way into his pussy for the second time today. He gasped. His sphincter relaxed and his eyes rolled back into his head in pleasure as he forced the plastic deeper inside him. He moved the dildo slowly. He spat on his free hand and began to tease his penis.

He moaned. “Fuck me, Rio … fuck me hard … I love your pornstar cock …”

It didn’t take long for him to shudder. He sprayed his milky white semen all over himself again, imagining that Rio was on top of him, slowly yet lovingly ploughing his pussy, drenching his insides.

Half an hour later, Rio arrived home from the gym. He’d showered before he left the gym. He came across to greet Jay, who by now had cleaned himself up and was sitting on the couch in front of the television. Rio smelled delicious. They kissed. Jay ogled Rio’s upper body.

“Good workout, Rio?” He squeezed Rio’s sculpted arms.

“Yeah, man. Worked up a serious sweat. What’d you get up to while I was gone?”

“Fucked myself in the ass.”

“The fuck? Again?”

“Yeah, again. It was good. I was thinking about you.” Jay lifted his legs up off the floor, swung back on the couch and hoisted his feet over his head. He was fully dressed, but the implication was clear. “I’m such a fucking slut for you, Rio.”

Rio exhaled. He licked his fat lips. “Damn, dude, you got me so worked up right now. A man needs to drop a load after a hard session at the gym. Lemme get inside those pants. I want yo’ pussy.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” challenged Jay.

“The fuck?”

“OK, hear me out. Here’s my plan. This is all about your upcoming shoot. It’s not about me, it’s about you, and what I can do to help you bust a massive nut on your shoot on Tuesday. I want it to go as well as possible for you. So, here’s the thing. You want my ass? You want my mouth? You can have either of them whenever you want, but not until after Tuesday. I’m gonna tease the living fuck out of you for the next couple of days. After I’m done with you, your balls are gonna be so full. They’re gonna be aching. Then, on Tuesday, you’re gonna fuck this MacKenzie bitch ’til she can’t walk straight, then you’re gonna bust the biggest nut ever all over her face. And I’m gonna be so fucking jealous of her when you eventually unload, because I know I’ll be the one who built up your load.”

Rio’s breathing was shallow. “Need to fuck you right now, Jay.”

“No.” Jay lowered his pants, spread his cheeks and exposed his cunt again. “You can have this whenever you want. But not until after Tuesday.”

The bulge in Rio’s pants was impossible to hide. “You tellin’ me you don’t want this dick up in you?” Rio felt his cock through his pants.

“You know, I do, bro. I always do. I can’t get enough of your beautiful cock. But you’ll thank me on Tuesday,” replied Jay.

“I could just go jerk off. You’d never know.”

Jay nodded. “Yes, I would. I’d totally know.”

Rio knew Jay was 100% right about that. “Or, I could go out. All I gotta do is stand in the middle of the casino and I’ll be swamped by a hundred desperate chicks who know what I’m packin’.”

“Dude, I can’t stop you from doing that. All I’m saying is I think you’ll blow a thicker, creamier, fatter nut on Tuesday if you don’t cum between now and then. Let it build up.”

Rio’s sexy, dark eyes blazed. “Where the goddamn fuck is this coming from anyway, Jay? Who says you know the first thing about shooting porn?”

Jay’s response was one that any man on earth could understand. “I know absolutely nothing about shooting porn. But let me ask you this. What’s the most you’ve ever nutted in a single day?”

“What, do you mean how much cum have I shot in a day? I don’t fucking measure it, man …”

Jay cut him off. “No, no. I meant how many times in a day?”

Rio thought for a moment. “Maybe about seven. Or possibly eight.”

Jay’s eyes nearly bugged out of his skill. His own best was about four or five. Rookie numbers in comparison to Rio’s. “Just checking I heard you straight. You said seven or eight times, Rio? In one day?”

“Yeah. About that. Seven or eight. Probably the most amount of times I’ve cum in a day.”

“OK, let’s work with that, Rio. How much actual cum did you shoot the seventh travesti ankara or eighth time?”

“Not a lot. It was probably a trickle of clear liquid. If anything at all came out, that is. Still felt good, though.” He laughed to himself. “Fuck, I was horned up that day.”

Jay filed that thought away for later. “OK, let me ask you another question. What’s the longest amount of time you’ve ever gone without cumming at all?”

Rio asked for clarification. “In my life?”

“Yeah. The longest time ever.”

“Hmm. Probably about a week. I was sick one time when I was in high school, and I didn’t feel horny at all.”

“Do you remember what your load was like once you got better and your drive came back?”

“Wooooo yeah, Jay. There was sooooo much cum, and it was thick, creamy and bright white. It shot out like a fucking cannon. There was so much nut forcing its way out of my dick, I swear it burned a little. I remember I was jerking off in the bathroom, thinkin’ ’bout some chick in my class who had a juicy rump, and when I came it went fucking everywhere. I had to clean up the bathroom quickly before my mom got home from work.”

Jay’s mouth watered a little as he wondered what it would’ve been like to feel that load spraying his face and bouncing off his tonsils. He drifted off into thought. “Fuck, that’s so hot,” he muttered to himself. He felt his cock twitch.

“What’d you say, Jay?”

Jay snapped back to the moment. “Uhh, nothing, Rio. It doesn’t matter.” He continued. “So do you see my point, Rio? You wanna drown this bitch on Tuesday, and the longer you hold off from cumming, even if it’s just for a couple of days, the more it’ll build up.”

Rio nodded. He knew exactly where Jay was coming from, but he knew this wasn’t going to be easy. He knew Jay was gonna tease the fuck out of him.


Later that evening, they did exactly as Jay had suggested. They ordered some food, sat side by side on the couch, and watched a movie on Netflix. Jay made suggestive comments throughout the entire film. He knew Rio was semi-hard. “How are you feeling, Rio?” he asked. He seductively ran one of his feet up and down Rio’s thigh.

Rio’s response was blunt and flat. “Horny. Unsatisfied. Edgy.”

“Oh, that’s no good. I could help you with that, but you’ve got a big day on Tuesday.”

“Yeah,” Rio grunted. “I know. It’s gonna be so hard to get from here to Tuesday.”

Jay bit his lower lip seductively. “I know. So haaaaarrrrd.” He let his jaw fall open and Rio caught a glimpse of Jay’s wet tongue. “Like your cock is right now.” He tickled Rio’s penis with his foot.

“Fuck,” Rio seethed. “You teasing me?”

Jay played it coy. “I don’t know. Am I?” He put his other foot in Rio’s lap and he immediately felt Rio’s cock stiffen further.

Rio locked eyes with Jay. “You playin’ with me right now, ain’t you?”

“Maybe I am,” whispered Jay. Jay waited to see what Rio’s response would be. If Jay was being honest with himself, all he wanted right now was for Rio to pick him up, throw him on the bed, rip his clothes off and fuck his ass as violently as possible. He could see Rio thinking hard. Jay leaned across the couch and planted a wet kiss on Rio’s cheek before standing up to go to the bathroom. “Gonna go take a shower.”

Rio sat on the couch in a blizzard of confusion, his enormous dick straining to bust out of his pants. Moments later, he heard the shower running. He imagined warm rivulets of water running down Jay’s plump, juicy ass and between his cheeks. He closed his eyes imagining burying his face in Jay’s cunt, and as touched one of his nipples, he felt a dribble of precum pooling in his boxers. His erection simply would not subside. He lay down on the couch and removed his t-shirt to get easier access to his chest. He stroked and teased his nipples which by now were as rock hard as his cock. He wanted nothing more than to sink his face, and then his dick, way deep into Jay’s perfect, warm pussy. He knew he could easily conquer Jay by force if he wanted to, and he wondered whether Jay would put up a fight or submit to him if he did. He imagined himself picking Jay up, throwing him on the bed, ripping his clothes off and fucking his ass as violently as possible, having absolutely no idea that this was *exactly* what Jay wanted him to do. Rio licked his fingers and traced saliva over his sensitive nipples. He moaned as he realised he was groping his own rock-solid pecs as if he was groping a pair of fake tits. He needed to cum so fucking bad.

He heard the shower turn off, but he didn’t move. He continued teasing himself, stroking the upper half of his body. By now, one of his hands had made its way under his belt and inside the top of his pants. He could feel the heat rising up from his almost painfully erect cock.

Five minutes later, the bathroom door opened. Out walked a naked Jay. Rio panicked. He quickly removed his hand from his pants, and sat bolt upright on the couch. It was an attempt to convince Jay that he hadn’t moved a muscle since Jay first left the room to take a shower. He failed dismally.

“Hey Rio,” said Jay. “You OK?” He noticed Rio was breathing hard.

“Uhhh … yeah, Jay, why wouldn’t I be?” He gazed at Jay’s long, wet hair.

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