The hot July sun was beating down, melting every thing in sight, it was just past noon and coming up on the hottest part of the day. The air was full of dust and tiny bits of straw, hay, and just about any other pice of dried, brown organic matter that grew or was dumped in this part of the country. The young woman stood off to the side of the huge barn door trying to work up the courage to go in. She took off her Stetson and using her shirt sleeve wiped the sweat from her forehead and put the hat back on. She took a deep breath in preparation of entering the barn. Not yet, she stepped back a little and once again took a deep breath.

Each time she took a breath her chest rose up and pushed her tits up pulling the patterned cowboy shirt tight across them. Normally she liked the way that felt pressing against her nipples, sending little ripples of pleasure all the way to her pussy. But today she didn’t feel a thing, and as soon as she exhaled, she put her head down and practically charged into the barn and straight down to the other end. She pulled up in front of the table and looked down at the guy sitting behind it. Standing behind him was an elderly man, who, when Cassey stopped in front of them, looked at her over his glasses for a brief second then went back to reading the wad of papers in his hand.

Casey laid two twenty dollar bills and one ten on the table. The young man behind the desk looked at the money they looked at the girl. “What’s that for?”

“Ain’t that the entry fee for saddle bronc?”

“Yep, that’s it, but it ain’t going to do you any good.”

“Yes, it is Billy, I’m entering the saddle bronc contest.”

“No you ain’t, women ain’t allowed. I give you back ten and you can chase the cans.”

“Billy, I ain’t chasing the cans! I’m riding saddle bronc. I’ve done more’n my share of barrel riding and I ain’t doing it no more.”

“Why don’t you read the rules, women can’t ride broncs?”

“Doesn’t say anything about women not riding broncs.”

“Sure does, I read that myself.”

“No it didn’t Billy, take her money and put her on the list.” The judge was a soft spoken man, but when he talked just about everybody in town listened to him. Billy was generally afraid of him, so when the judge told him to do something he would kill himself making sure it got done.

“You sure Judge?”

“You’ve never read the rules Billy, it doesn’t say anything about whether or not a woman can ride saddle bronc. Sign her up.”

“Yes sir.” And Billy slid the money off the table and into the cash box, “here, sign your name here.” He didn’t like to lose and now he was surely but Cassey didn’t care, she was in! She signed her name and smiled at the judge and literally flew out of the barn.

Her next stop was by the chutes where the cowboys were drawing names, that is, the names of the horses they’d be riding this afternoon. Casey got at the end of the line and waited, fidgeting and grinning the whole time.

“Hey Cassey, what you don’t here? You ain’t gonna ride, are you?” And everybody laughed at the man’s joke, even Cassey.

“You bet I am, judge says a woman can ride saddle bronc if she wants.”

“Shit Cassey, these horses are gonna kill you, you know that, don’t you?”

“They ain’t killing me, Ben, you maybe, but not me.”

Ben laughed, “You wanna know what, Cassey, I been ridin’ these damn broncs for years, and the first two or three years I spent more time flying through the air than I did on those damned horses. So what makes you think you can ride ’em?”

“Don’t matter, does it? If I get thrown off right outta the chute, well, then, that’s the way it goes and that’s where you start.”

“Okay Cassey, your turn to draw.”

Casey put her hand in the bucket and swished it around, although it didn’t matter, she was going to get a horse that would be intent upon throwing her across the arena. She handed the küçükçekmece escort slip of paper to the bronc riding judge and he read it off, “Slapping Susie!” And all the guys started oohing and awing, and a few comments were thrown in, “Oh Cassey, that horse is the meanest thing you will ever see,” and, “don’t nobody get morn’ three feet from the chute before that horse sends ’em skyward.” And a good many more comments. Cassey tried not to let them see they were making her nervous, but she left for the chutes nonetheless.

Sitting on the top railing with her feet dangling into the arena she watched the barrel races then the kids riding in the mutton busting competition. Cassey always liked this event, the kids were cute in their determination in sticking on the sheep. And they always felt like they were riding like the grown-ups.

She watched a few rides then went over to the chow tent and got something to eat, but she didn’t load up because the last thing she wanted to do was get thrown from the horse then sit in the sand and vomit. Finished she went to the porta-potties and took care of business there, and a little more though, the excitement of riding in less than an hour had been building up and most of it was making it’s way to her crotch. She finished her business but standing, she couldn’t help but play a little with her pussy. She didn’t want to go any further that rubbing her lips and then heading over to the chutes, but as usual, she got a little carried away and before she knew it she had three fingers inside her pussy and was busy fucking herself hard and fast while rubbing her clit with the other hand. She heard someone go into the potty next to hers but she wasn’t about to stop, she’d just have to be careful to not yell out as loud as usual. Closer than she thought, her fingers were driving in and out of her cunt and she was rubbing her clit hard and fast. Another few minutes of that and she was having a tremendous orgasm. She had to clinch her teeth together practically breaking them to keep from screaming. Although at this point she didn’t care if anyone hear her screaming, she just didn’t want some cowboy to hear her and recognize her voice. That information would be all over the circuit before this rodeo ended.

Breathing hard, she put herself together and wiping the juices from her pussy as best she could she closed her pants, washed her hands and headed for the chutes.

“Cassey, what are you doing here? Don’t you know they don’t allow girls in the chutes?”

“Never heard that rule before, Ben. Who’s out there now?”

“Anvil, he’s getting his ass pounded, don’t know what he can’t stick closer to the saddle.”

“Naw Ben, that’s how he gets off. Loves getting his ass pounded.”

“How would you know that, Adam?” Cassey chided him.

The whistle blew and the pickup men were right there, Anvil had ridden the full eight seconds, but all that bouncing up and down would cost him points. However, it was still early in the competition and he had two more rides coming.

They called the next rider then Cassey would be riding after him. She could still feel the adrenaline coursing through her. It would take about five minutes to get the cowboy up on his bronc and out the chute, and then he had eight-seconds to stay on the animal. Cassey climbed to the top of the railing to watch. To her it seemed like a lot more than five minutes, before she heard him yell and the gate flew open and for a half second things seemed to just hang there. Suddenly the horse blew out of the chute, did three spins then went straight up in the air. That horse was all over the arena, jumping up, spinning in mid-air, barely touching down before going up again. Watching the cowboy getting whipped around on the back of that bronc was enough to make anyone dizzy and when the eight-second whistle küçükyalı escort blew, everybody let out the collective breath. The pickup man got the cowboy down and his partner got the bronc rein and lead the horse out of the arena.

The girl was standing on the railing of chute number four while the wranglers got the horse saddled and settled long enough for the rider to get aboard. Slapping Susie was not a bit happy about being here and she was jumping and kicking in any direction she could. Not only that she was using her head to butt anyone that got close enough. Cassey, watching this was began to sweat. She was beginning to wonder if this was something she really wanted to do. Maybe she should have stuck to barrel racing. But then Ben looked up at her with an evil grin and right thing she decided that she would ride this mean-assed horse to the end of the earth!

“Okay, Cassey, anytime you’re ready!” Ben was enjoying this more than anything.

Cassey wiped the sweat from her hands on her jeans, adjusted her hat, setting it a little more solid on her head and climbed over the railing. The cowboys helped her into the saddle without the horse crushing her legs against the chute. She got the bronc rein wrapped around her hand, and took a couple of deep breaths, waited a few seconds then nodded her head.

In a split second Slapping Susie was out of the chute and jumping all over hell and creation. The girl was hanging on for dear life with her knees pressed tight against the horse’s ribs. The bronc rein was a tight around her hand but she didn’t think that was doing to much, however, it was doing more than she thought. She didn’t know at what point in the ride that she had her hat in her hand, but she did and she was waving it around. Too many times she had been tempted to grab on with her free hand, but if she did it would disqualify her and that would be the end of that. Right now, with this horse jumping and spinning all over this damned arena it seemed like she’d be riding till sundown.

Slapping Susie seemed to know more about the timing of the ride that Cassey did, and with a high jump, she did two 190 degree turns before she hit the ground. Half way through this maneuver the whistle went off and this was when Cassey and Slapping Susie parted company, she went one direction and the mare the other. The pick up man was right there and reaching down he got her by the arm and pulled her up onto his horse and turned and raced back to the chutes and dropped her off. She shouted her thanks, and tipping his hat he went back to his position halfway down the arena.

Right now the girl had enough adrenaline running through her veins that caused her to be jumping all over the place, it had been one helluva ride. She caught Ben’s eye and he was grinning from ear to ear and giving her a thumb’s up. She, with just as big a grin, flipped him off. It always seemed to take forever to announce the number of points a rider got, and she climbed back up on the railing next to the chutes, she was still in constant motion.

Finally, they announced her score. She was eleven points behind the leader and that sent her over the top! She was shouting and screaming, and everybody was hugging her, slapping her on the back, and giving her high fives. But she also felt a few hands land on her ass and tits, which didn’t bother her in the least because right now all that adrenaline was pooling in her pussy. She hung around the chutes for a few more minutes but she was getting wetter all the time and very soon every cowboy in the rodeo would see the wet spot growing in her pants.

She couldn’t wait any longer and she headed off for the porta-potties and relief, but it wasn’t going to be that way. As she passed the feed barn someone grabbed her arm and pulled her into the barn. Before she could do anything Ben maltepe escort was kissing her, deeply, hungrily. Just the thing, she kissed him back just as hard. With her arms around his neck she pulled herself to him as hard as she could, she wanted more than anything right was to feel a hard body against her. More than that, she wanted to feel his hard cock pressing against her stomach, and her nipples were hard as rocks. Waiting time was over. She reached down between them and got his zipper down and his belt and pants opened. She pushed them and his jockeys down as far as she could reach which was far enough. She wrapped her hand around his cock and marveled at its size. It must have been at least seven inches long and damn near as round as a coke bottle. She needed it, right now, and she opened her pants and got the zipper down, then pushing her own pants and panties down to her ankles. She guided his cock into her hot, wet cunt, then got a hold of his ass checks and helped him pound her. She was beyond just quiet moans, she was shouting, “that’s it Ben, drive into me, make my pussy scream for mercy! Okay, yeah, that’s it, Ben shove that magnificent cock all the way up my pussy, I want to feel it coming out my mouth!”

“Oh yeah! Ben! More, deeper, harder, stretch my pussy! Hard! Ben, I want you to empty your balls into my cunt, I want all your cum!” She was screaming and Ben was grunting and moaning, trying hard, and doing a good job of fucking her like she wanted, but now she was about to cum, he could feel the muscles inside her cunt getting tight and gripping his cock.

“Oh yeah, harder Ben, harder, I’m cumming! I’m chumming, Harder Ben, harder!” And with a long drawn out scream she had the best orgasm she’d ever had in her life. But Ben hadn’t squirted yet, and he was giving her a fucking she’d not forget any time soon. Cassey’s orgasm was calming down into several after shocks, but the way he was fucking her, she could well have another orgasm before he’d cum. She was right, he continued pounding her, driving his cock balls deep into her cunt. Once again she was cumming and just as hard and fantastic as before. He stiffened and he was shooting his cum deep inside her while she screamed her satisfaction and he moaned and groaned as he kept pumping his cum into her.

Finished, they stood there, kissing softly while their cum slowly flowed from her cunt and down her legs. It was taking a few minutes for Ben’s cock to soften and they held it in her for as long as possible before it became to soft and it fell out which released a flood of cum. Not one to waste anything, with her hand she scooped all she could from her legs and licked it off her hand. She had to do that a couple more time to get all of it, but that made her happy. She had to take care of Ben as well, and bending down she licked all their cum off his cock and balls.

Cassey was a never one to settle for a job half done, once she got all their cum off his cock and balls she slide his bit of meat between her lips and slowly began going up and down on his cock. She wanted to deep throat him although it was not something she’d ever done before. Now, though, was as good as time as any and slowly she took him deeper and deeper into her throat. She worked herself up and down, stopping just before her lips came off the head of his cock, then taking his cock all the way in until he was balls deep in her throat. She was building up speed and loving every moment and sensation of giving Ben a blow job. It wasn’t long before she felt him stiffen and she gave some very fast throats until he started to cum. She worked his cock until he was shooting rope after rope of cum down her throat. How she loved taking all that cum! When Ben finished pumping all his cum into Cassey’s mouth his cock started down again and pulling away from her he saw the crowd at the barn door.

There was a round of applause coming from the doorway and she turned, smiling and giving them all a view of her lovely body in all its naked glory, at least from the waist down. Looking at all those cowboys she was beginning to wonder if she could satisfy this itch in her pussy? By the looks of their jeans, all of them would be more than happy to help her with it. Cassey wondered how long before her next ride?

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