Roman Holiday


Andre was in love. Not with a woman but with Europe. Like so many others, he had chosen to spend his last summer in college Eurorailing his way across the cultural capitals of the world. He had spent a few days in Paris, before heading over the Swiss Alps. He had loved the music scene in Vienna where he had heard an entire concert of Strauss waltzes played in a church. Backpacking had been enjoyable, and he had met some great people along the way. In Athens, he had met a group of Danish girls, and after a night of Ouzo and dancing, he had ended up in bed with Ana, a blonde with perky tits that needed constant sucking for her to cum.

Now he was on a train to Rome, which was his last stop before catching a train back to Paris and then to the States. He was sharing a compartment with two gorgeous Yugoslav women who had very little interest in him. Their summer dresses though gave Andre lots to look at. Both women had farm girl boobs that shook freely with the movement of the train. At times, their nipples would stand up tall, forcing little peaks to form on their dresses. Andre was debating going to the lavatory to relieve the tension building in his pants, when the reached Trieste on the Adriatic. He was sad to see the tow women get up to leave, but the sight of both of them reaching up to retrieve their bags from the luggage rack gave Andre views of their asses he would treasure for a long time. Their dresses rose up over their buttocks revealing tiny cotton panties covering their wide crotches. Both had well-tanned rumps suggesting days of sunbathing on the Aegean coast.

Andre was alone in the compartment, but his erection was still raging, when the compartment door slid open, and a dark-skinned woman in the shortest, pink dress walked in. She hurriedly closed the door and Andre admired her well-muscled thighs. She smiled at him and sat down on the seat opposite. The top halves and insides of her boobs were revealed by the low cut dress. He was surprised that she had no bags, but as he looked at her dress a little longer, it occurred to him that this lady was not just here to travel. He remembered his guidebook telling him that a large number of hookers in Italy came from Africa, especially Ethiopia. If that was indeed true, then this woman was the prettiest prostitute he had seen. Her skin was the color of milk chocolate; her hair came waving down past her shoulders with a cute black band to keep it out of her eyes. Her eyes seemed almost Chinese in their shape, but it was her lips that captivated Andre’s lust. They were full and painted a deep red. He could imagine them on his throbbing member when she spoke.

“You traveling alone?” Her accent was hard to place, but clearly she had learned English well.

“Yes, to Rome for a few days,” he revealed.

“Do you want a friend …a girlfriend to keep you company? My name is Asmara. But you can call me Mara if we …if we get to know each other. So you want me to stay?” she asked as if she was asking for the time.

André had never been propositioned by a hooker before, so he did not know how to proceed. This woman was hotter than any woman he had fucked and he knew he would hate himself of he let this pass.

“How much would it cost me?” he decided to ask, hoping that was not insulting.

She stood up, allowing him to enjoy her shapely figure as she stood up. The already too-short dress had risen up so that most of her thighs were uncovered. Each thigh was firmly muscled without any sign of any fat. Her legs tapered perfectly down, past bulging calves, to her pink pumps. She placed one leg on the seat next to Andre, which had two effects. First it raised her ridiculously short dress another inch so that he could see her black, lace panties. Second, with her crotch directly in front of his face, he could smell the tangy perfume of her pussy.

“Well, it depends on what you want?”

Andre had not realized there was a hooker menu.

“Straight fuck, you on top until you come is 100 euros.” She shifted her leg so that he could get a better view of her panties pushing into her slit.

“What else could I get?” He asked, more out of curiosity than a need to know.

“It costs 10 more if you want to do doggy-style,” now that sounded good, Andre thought, shoving his now fully erect pecker into her rump.

“But it costs 120 euros if you want me on top.” Andre looked up at her well-formed boobs and thought that must be a popular item on the menu.

“Why is that more?”

She seemed momentarily annoyed at having to explain her pricing system. “Well, for one, I have to work much harder to make you come; and second …well, a lot of men get quite excited by these so close to their face,” she squeezed her tits together, creating trabzon escort a deep cleft between them, “and they start sucking them, which is fine, but many of them lose control and start biting …hard.”

Andre could understand as well. Her nipples were now pushing out of her dress, and her little squeezing demo had resulted in one of her very dark ones peaking over her neckline (more of a titline, since it was nowhere near her neck, Andre thought.)

“Some of them even make them bleed, they bite so hard.” That seemed wrong, he thought, but why did she keep saying “hard”, it was driving his pecker mad.

“And that is all without kissing, kissing on lips costs 30 more.” He had heard that about whores and with her kind of lips, red, luscious, wet, there must be hundreds of me willing to pay the extra bit.

“What’s your cheapest item?” he asked like a good backpacker, even though he had saved quite a lot of cash thanks to the great exchange rate.

“Hmm… for only 30 euros, you can see my titties, for 50 you can suck them, and for only 25, you can see my ass.” Which seemed to Andre to be a waste since he could see most of her butt right now for free, but the titty view for 30 sounded good.

“A hand job is 70 euros and a blow job is 80 euros, “she continued, now on a roll, “but that is if you want me to swallow. It is 90 if you want to pull out and come on my face or titties.”

“How come?”

“How come is that cum is sticky and messy, and I would rather swallow it then have to clean myself up after sucking some guy off in his car.” That did make sense.

Andre was sure he could see a slight damp spot forming on her panty crotch. All this talk must be exciting her, he thought.

“So, what do you want,” she bent down, and playing with his curly hair, pulled his face to her soft breasts. Andre’s mouth opened around the nipples poking through her think dress, “or would you like to suck Mara’s titties?”

“How much?” he asked, not letting up his mouth action.

“Hmmmm …feels like you know what to do, so ….oooh, 50 for you.”

He stopped and looked up at her. She raised one perfectly trimmed eyebrow in surprise. Most men, once they had one of her scrumptious boobs in their mouth went all the way.

“Do you have any other discounts?” he asked, more as a joke than an actual thought.

“Well, if you make me come when you are fucking me I take off 20 %. That almost never happens. Men don’t fuck whores to give us pleasure.”

“Any other house specials?”

She smiled, and sat down on his lap with her mighty cleavage inches from his face. She opened her legs so that he could feel her open pussy lips through their clothes. She moaned as his dick twitched in response.

“I charge extra if the man is very big …there. More than 10 inches and it hurts Mara’s pussy, so I add 20 %”.

“No problems there. I was only 6 inches when I last measured …in 8th grade. It may be bigger now, but still nothing that can hurt you or your …ummm …pussy.” He twitched again as he said “pussy”, making her giggle like a little girl.

“Usually I also charge for talking before fucking, but you are nice and I have nowhere to go. It’s 20 euros for rubbing your cock against my titties, and I charge extra. Some men like me to tie them up, and that is 50, because if they want that, they must be willing to pay anything.”

“Is anything off the menu completely.”

“No anal. I will not let a man fuck me in the ass for any amount of money. Not after AIDS has become a problem. Two of my sisters from Ethiopia died because they got AIDS from that, you know.”

“That’s fine with me, I don’t fuck ass either.”

“I would like to try, but it has to be with a man I know is clean, you know,” she said sincerely, her eyes widening. She was now moving her hips on his cock and he knew he was leaking precum like a pipe. “Also no pain, no hitting, no hot wax, no whips …”

“I get it. That stuff turns me off,” Andre explained, “what would be the most expensive thing you do, would that be you on top position where you do all the work after 10 minutes of conversation with a guy sporting a footlong bone, and where he wants to pull out and cum all over your delicious tits?”

She laughed, “Sounds like a bad porno movie. No, actually the most I made in one night was ironically when I did not even have to fuck the guy. He was a fat, rich business guy, I think he owns one of the big Italian soccer teams. He wanted 4 girls to fuck him one night, and he called this friend of mine from the Ukraine, and she called me and we went with two other girls to this fancy hotel room with him. And he paid us each 2000 euros for that. We all had to dress up tunceli escort as belly dancers or something. We were his harem for the night and I was his Nubian slave. Well, we all sucked him for a bit, and then he started fucking Nadia, the girl from the Ukraine, well, he came in her in like 2 minutes because we were licking him and her and he was so turned on that he just exploded in her. After that he was too tired to do anything more. So, we girls did each other …”

‘Did each other?” He asked panting

“Yeah, you know, licked each other’s pussies until we came. I don’t usually, but Nadia really knows how to tweak my clit and so for 2000 euros I had to lick a guy’s cock for 30 seconds, and then get the most lovely pussy-lapping I have ever had.”

“tell me what she did” he said, taking her nipples in his mouth again.

“Hmmm …” she lowered her titline and let him take one dark, brown and very hard nipple in her mouth, “I don’t know, she used her tongue lightly on my clit fluttering over it like a bird’s wings and then she gently …oooooh …she gently put her long fingers inside me… and then hmmmm, she sucked my clit into her mouth.”

“Sounds delicious”

“What do you want to do?” she demanded, “now you know all the prices.”

“What is the chef’s recommendation?”

“Why don’t you suck my titties some more and then I think you would like one of my blow jobs.”

And with that, she lowered her dress completely so that he could get a full view of her large, brown and very round boobs. Each one was tipped with a nearly black bullet nipple. Her areolas were the same color as her nipple and were large enough to cover half of her globes. She placed her hands below each boob, but they did not need any help standing firm. A line ran down from below her tits to her belly button, indicating each abdominal muscle clearly. He could see her belly button had a gem set in it just above where her dress bunched up.

She brought his lips to her breasts and he started sucking her immediately. He sucked her hard as if he was thirsty for her milk. She moaned in pleasure as he then nibbled gently at her mounds. He pushed them together and licked both her hardened Hershey kiss nipples.

“Oooooh baby, you really know what a woman wants, don’t you?” she asked so authentically that Andre almost forgot that she was paid to make guys feel good about their sexual prowess. Still, it was exciting to hear her moan in his ear. She reached under her ass and started playing with his cock through his shorts. She could feel the wet mess he had already started making.

“I could let you do that all night, but I know you want to get off before we get to Rome, so baby” and with that she stood up and locked the sleeping compartment door. She kneeled down between his knees and started unbuttoning his shorts and within seconds she had his fully erect member standing out of his boxers. His head was pink and ready for some tonguing.

“Ohhhh, so nice, so big …such a man.” And again Andre knew she said that every night, but what the fuck, it still made his dick throb. She wrapped her thin fingers around him and found she could not go all the way, “not long, but so thick, this would stretch my pussy sooooo much,” and she stuck her tongue out of her lovely dark lips and licked the precum off his glistening head. She ran her tongue along the underside of his erection and back. She made him moan by licking his pee slit as if she was cleaning it.

“You ready, baby?” she asked and then lowered her lips around his head. She sucked it in half way and then, never releasing her suction pressure, she moved her head up and down. Andre ran his hands through her wavy hair, using all his will power not to grab her skull and fuck her face with all his might. The swaying of the train added to the eroticism of the scene. He looked down and saw her lovely dark face, her sharp eyes, her surprisingly narrow nose and those juicy lips wrapped around his cock. The color contrast between his cock and her lips excited him no end.

He moaned. He throbbed. He leaked huge amounts of precum fluid into her mouth as she sucked him. She pulled his shorts off, so that she had access to his full balls. She then ran his cock against her boobs. They were still damp from his mouth and felt slippery. He was again amazed at how firm, yet big, they were. She then went back to sucking him, making obscene slurping sounds as her tongue moved all around his swollen head.

“Baby, what can I do to make you come?” she sighed into his pink head, “I want to taste your love cream. Give Asmara your juices, baby. What do you need?”

“I want to taste your pussy, I want to lick you and suck your cunt while you zonguldak escort suck my cock,” André replied.

“Oooooooh, that sounds good.” She said and stood up. She then shucked off her dress completely. Standing in front of him, she stuck one finger under her soaked panties and ran it around her slit. She then brought the wet finger to Andre’s mouth. He sucked it into his mouth enjoying the tangy taste on his tongue.

“You want to lick me where that came from? You want to suck my clitty? You want my juices in your mouth? You like the smell of my cunt, baby?” and he nodded to each question.

She removed her panties and revealed her pussy. Andre was surprised that her pubes were neither bushy and thick, nor shaven. Just covering a few centimeters around her pussy, they looked as if they had been airbrushed, except for the sheen from the juices leaking out of her lips. She turned around for him to enjoy a view of her ass. He grabbed them and squeezed each cheek that formed a perfect half of a dark, brown heart. She was solid muscle and he leaned forward to bite her ass. She laughed and opened her legs to give him access to her pussy lips that he could see her between her legs. He surprised her by sticking his tongue around her asshole first.

She pushed him back on the railway bunk, and brought her legs to either side of his head. She crouched down so that he could see her pussy right above his face. He placed his hands on her ass and pulled her down

“Lick me, baby!” Asmara ordered, opening her engorged labia exposing the deep pink flesh of her pussy. The pink against her chocolate brown flesh and soft, black pubes left Andre with only one alternative. He thrust his tongue into her pussy and licked her deep.

She moaned as her savoured her tangiest parts. At first, she was almost sour deep in her cunt, but as she became wetter, her juices became sweeter and runnier. Some of her cunt juice dripped out of her lips and onto his chin.

She spun around, never lifting herself off his mouth. As she twirled, she spread her juices all over his face. His hands never left her firm ass cheeks. He felt her breath on his cock before he felt her envelop it lovingly in her mouth again. This new position added friction and her flavors dripping into his mouth added more excitement than he could bear. He knew he would come very soon. The realization that this Ethiopian beauty queen with her juicy lips, firm, dark nipples, sexy ass and delicious pussy was going to swallow his cum while she massaged his balls, made him throb in her mouth in a lusty warning of what was to cum.

He felt her pussy suddenly become even juicier so his licking moved from her pussy to her clit. She moaned loudly into his cock. The vibrations in her throat transferred to him indicating how deep she had him in her mouth. As he started sucking her clit, he knew he would come within a minute. He sucked her swollen cherry harder into his mouth, ever stopping his licking.

He moaning became louder and louder around his cock, until he felt her stiffen and drop her ass onto his face. Andre nearly suffocated, but the excitement of having made this sex queen come with his tongue was too much for him. Her orgasm had dumped gobs of fluid on his face and as its aroma reached him, he exploded.

His jizz must have hit her deep in her throat, but she had been ready and he felt her swallow around his cock a few times as his jets kept coming harder and harder. She never stopped moving her mouth and lips and tongue as he screamed into her drained cunt. He bit her fat labia, he licked her deep inside, all of which made him cum more. He could feel his cream leaking out of her mouth and down his balls to his ass. He felt her fingers move down following the cum, until she rubbed her fingertip against his ass rim.

She raised herself off his face and sat up. He could see his semen dripping out of her mouth, the white lotion a divine sight against ehr chocolate skin. She smiled and caught the dripping goo with her fingers.

‘It was too much for me to swallow in one go,” she explained and sucked the finger into her mouth.

“Hmmmmm …you taste so sweet”

“You taste fabulous too. I love the way your pussy leaked juices into my mouth when you came.”

“That almost never happens. I think I am going to have to add a massive discount for that”

She lay down beside him, both naked so that they could feel each other’s bodies. She wrapped her muscular leg around him so that her thighs pressed his spent cock. He could feel her wet pussy against his side.

“I am going to give you my handphone number so you can call me tomorrow in Rome. I can show you around the city and maybe we could do some more of this.”

“How much would that cost me?” he asked cheekily.

“Oh baby, you know I have to eat, otherwise I would fuck you for free. But I will show you around the city for free. Can you think of a tour bus where you can get fucked and see the Roman sights?”

“Maybe you should add that to you menu.”

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