Room Mates Pt. 02


Holy shit!

Little Sammie Barratt had grown into one hell of a woman. Okay so the last time he’d seen her she was 24 and technically already a woman but she’d been wearing a black dress and heels and hell, he’d never have imagined she had that body hidden away beneath all that fabric.

He’d always liked her and if he was honest, he’d always had a bit of a thing for her. If she hadn’t been Rosie’s best friend he would totally have tried to sleep with her but she was completely off limits. Rosie would have ripped his cock off and as cute as Sammie was, he was rather attached to his dick.

Not that it had stopped him fantasising about her from time to time, picturing that pixie face staring up at him adoringly as she took him deep into her mouth or his personal favourite, her sitting astride him, her glorious mass of ruby red hair shrouding them both as she bent to kiss him.

Having seen her in tiny pants and a wet t-shirt, her breasts far bigger than he’d ever imagined and her nipples hard and eminently suckable he suspected she’d be featuring far more in his mind than before, and she’d been a feature favourite for years. Throw in the fact that he now knew what she smelled like and that she was sleeping next door, he found his cock was already hard and ready for action. Oh sweet Sammie, the things he’d love to do to her.

” Jay, who was that girl?”

Snapping back to reality, Jake sauntered towards the naked blonde in his bed. Marissa? Mellissa? He couldn’t remember and didn’t really care.

Four years ago he’d uprooted his life to move to Los Angeles with the woman he had loved and planned to marry and 6 months ago he returned home broken hearted and determined never to be in that position again. So the blonde was just one of the many willing women he took home to enjoy and if they got clingy he just replaced them.

“She’s an old friend baby, just like I said. Now where were we?”

The blonde giggled and spread her legs wide in eager invitation. Jake held in his snort of derision at her actions, how he longed for a woman to tease him, just a little. Someone who made him work for it. But Marissa/Mellissa would be gone in a few hours, never to return so it seemed like a waste of time to not take up her invitation.

“Let’s try something different baby. How would you like to ride my face?”

Jake lay back on the bed and watched as she made a show of straddling his torso. Her body was glorious, a real testament to hours in the gym and a masterful plastic surgeon. He suspected she wasn’t a natural blonde but as her hairless pussy swayed closer to his mouth he had no way to be certain.

“Brace your arms on the wall Baby and get comfortable. This may take a while.”

She cooed and did as he asked and pleased he swiftly pulled her into position, his hands cupping her ass. Her aroma was heavy in the air and for a moment he thought of Sammie, her scent on her fingers.

Grinning he thought of her next door and hoped she was listening, her obvious arousal in the kitchen had done more for his sex drive than the naked blonde above him. He was going to fuck the life out of Marissa/Mellissa and it was all for an audience of one. His anticipation of seeing Sammie in the morning, knowing that she’d heard everything ratcheted his cock until he was harder than he’d been in years.

He couldn’t wait to tease her and really hoped she wouldn’t shy away from it. Time to give the performance of a lifetime. He pulled the blonde down and gave her pussy a firm lick,

“I want to hear you baby, I want to hear you as I eat you. Tell me what it feels like, tell me what you want. I want to make you scream.”

She whimpered as he licked her once again and when he flicked her clit with his tongue she found her mecidiyeköy escort voice.

“Jay! Oh yes! Suck my clit! Oh god, that’s so perfect… more of that. Yes baby. Oh fuck me with your tongue… Oh shit!”

Jake ate her pussy like a starving man, licking every inch of her. His fingers stroked and caressed her, alternating between stroking her inner folds and holding her hips to keep her in place when she came close. Then he stopped and concentrated on her inner thighs until she cooled down enough to begin the slow torture of before.

He brought her to the brink 4 or 5 times until she was swearing and sweating and begging him to let her come. He held her in place and sucked her clit into his mouth, flicking her gently with the tip of his tongue. His fingers were damp with her arousal and it was easy for him to push a finger into her ass at the same time as he slid his thumb into her pussy.

In less than 10 seconds she was convulsing around him, flooding his mouth with juice, pounding on the wall and sobbing her pleasure. Unable to take any more, Jake grabbed a condom and suited up, slipping out from underneath her and bracketing her body with his own against the wall. Thrusting deep he groaned as the sensations of her tight pussy clenched his cock and he felt the ripples of her orgasm milk him deep inside her.

Resting his forehead on the wall beside hers he slowly withdrew and took a deep breath. He was far too jacked up for this to last long but he still wanted to enjoy it. Slamming back in he gritted his teeth as she squeezed him, he had 2, maybe 3 thrusts left. Pulling out again, he slid his wet cock through her pussy lips, taking a few seconds to regroup. She mewled as his cockhead brushed her clit and pressed back trying to ensnare him inside her.

“Please Jay! Don’t tease me anymore! I can’t take it! I need you to fuck me right now! Fuck me with that big hard cock, fuck me hard baby. Pound into me as hard as you can. Please!”

Jake slowly pushed deep inside of her and found her clit with his fingers. Braced between his body and the wall she was unable to move anything other than her internal muscles and he said a silent prayer to Dr Keigel.

“And what if I want to go slow baby? What if I want to fuck you so slowly that you can barely feel it?”

“Jay! I don’t care how you fuck me as long as you fuck me!”

“That’s nice of you to say baby but I want to hear you beg. Make me feel like you really want it.”

Words tumbled out of her mouth, sharp pleas, soft gasps and urgent promises fluttered into the night as he stroked her inside and out. His control was back in place and he thrust into her with short strokes, circling his hips as he went in. Between her pleas and their mutual heavy breathing he almost missed it but faintly through the wall he could hear Sammie’s laboured cries,

“Please! Please!”

Jake lost it. Pulling Marissa/Mellissa away from the wall and setting her onto all fours he pounded into her with everything he had. His grip on her was leaving finger marks on her skin but she didn’t seem to care as she shattered around him, sobbing and shaking. Jake closed his eyes and gave one last thrust, his vision blurring as his balls exploded, the pressure spreading through his body until he snapped, slumping over her prone body.

She was out for the count, soft muffled snores breaking up the silence and he grinned, proud of his sexual prowess. The flat was silent. As his breathing calmed he pulled out and wrapped the condom in a tissue, quietly leaving the bedroom. Instead of turning left to enter the bathroom he turned right and paused outside her room, his hand hovering over the handle.

He was desperate merter escort to see her but knew it was a bad idea, mainly because the blonde was asleep next door and he still had her pussy juice on his skin but also for a multitude of other reasons he wasn’t yet prepared to address. He pressed his ear to the door and heard her breathing, heavy but returning to normal. He bent his head against the frame,

“That was for you Sammie.”

Turning away he sighed, his body sore and his mind dizzy with what they’d done when he heard her reply.

“I know Jake. And thank you. The next one’s on me.”

Grinning like an idiot he almost skipped to the bathroom and back to the blonde he couldn’t wait to see the back of.


Getting rid of Marissa/Mellissa had been more difficult than he’d anticipated. Seems that fucking the life out a woman makes her want to repeat the performance and Jake just wasn’t up for it. Truthfully, if Sammie had been laying next to him he would gladly have locked the door and spent the next week inside of her, but the blonde, not so much.

Steeling himself for tears and recriminations he told her straight, she was beautiful, sexy and an amazing lover but he just wasn’t looking for anything serious. She sniffed and said she could do casual but it was obvious to the both of them that she was lying. He told her this and after a second she got up and started to get dressed. He just lay there, eyes closed waiting for her to leave and his obvious disinterest pissed her off.

“You know where to find me Jay.”

He didn’t, having picked her up in a bar in Soho but having no recollection of which one.

“I think it’s for the best that we don’t hook up again baby. But you were incredible and I had a really great time.”

She just stood there in shock and for a minute he thought she was going to start a fight. Instead she just shrugged and headed to the door, slamming both his and the front door as she left.

Counting to 100 Jake stretched and felt his muscles whimper before heading to the bathroom to shower her away from his body. Dressing and wandering into the kitchen he found Rosie and Sammie eating cereal at the table.

“Good morning Whore bag.”

Rosie grinned at him as she shovelled another spoonful of Sugar Puffs into her mouth. Although they weren’t actual siblings their parents had married when she was 7 and he was 8 so they had years of banter between them and their bond was as genuine as the real thing.

“Morning Miss Frigidaire. How did you sleep? Aside from alone!”

Rosie snorted and gave his her patented stink eye.

“You know bloody well that I slept like a baby. Between the sleeping tablet, the eye mask and the ear plugs I’ve been forced to wear since you moved in and brought your turbo fuelled penis to the party. I think I’m going to look into soundproofing your love den!”

Jake caught Sammie’s eye and saw the flush creeping up her neck. She gave him a smile and got up to refill her coffee mug. He would have happily stared at her, all fresh faced and pretty, barefoot and wearing jeans and a Harry Potter tee but he forced his attention back to Rosie.

“Now now honey, if you soundproof my room you’ll miss out on learning about what it takes to please a man and we all know you need all the help you can get on that score!”

Scoffing Rosie threw a sugar puff at him, “I do not need help! I know how to please a man thank you very much, I’m just waiting to find one that knows how to please me! And I wouldn’t listen to you! That’s just totally pervy! What kind of weirdo listens to someone else having sex!”

Thankfully Sammie was standing at the counter but he could see the judder of her spine mutlukent escort as she choked on her coffee,

“I don’t think its pervy. I actually think it’s kind of sexy. Hearing other people having sex, at their most intimate and they don’t know you can hear. Or even knowing they are there, that’s really hot. Like performing for an audience. It’s just like porn but real life with people you know.”

Rosie laughed, “Well I wouldn’t want to know people were listening to me having sex. I’d feel like any second Craig Revel-Horwood will raise his paddle and score me a 2 yelling ‘Dis-As-Ter Darling”! Too much pressure. What do you think Sammie? Am I right and voyeurism is a bit pervy or is Jake right and you’re both perverts?!”

Sammie turned and stared at them both like a rabbit caught in the headlights. Jake held his breath wondering what she’d say.

“You know, I’d forgotten just how incorrigible you two are together. What should be a nice leisurely breakfast descends into a sexfest within minutes!”

“That’s your fault whore bag, we were civilised ladies who eat cereal before you threw your latest tart out the door and waltzed in hopped up on pheromones!”

Jake rolled his eyes as Rosie stuck her tongue out at him and laughed. “I apologise ladies for tainting the atmosphere with my presence. Maybe you can draw up a schedule of when you’ll both be out so I can eat and wash without bothering either of you!”

Rosie grinned, “No need for that that love but I would appreciate no cock talk before lunchtime. Beyond that we’re cool. Besides Sammie doesn’t mind, she’s like our sister after all.”

This time Jake choked but Rosie was too busy rinsing her bowl to notice. Grabbing her coat and bag she dashed out of the flat announcing her lateness to the world as she shut the door behind her, leaving them both alone at the table.

“So is she right Sammie? Am I like a brother to you?”

Sammie tilted her head and surveyed him, sipping her coffee until the silence poised on the brink of uncomfortable.

“That depends Jake.”


“It depends on how pervy we both want to be. I’ve known you a long time Jake and in some ways you are like family to me but I also came harder last night listening to you with that woman than I’ve ever done and when you went for the second round it’s a miracle I didn’t spontaneously combust. Sooooo… If you are like my brother I’m one sick messed up little puppy!”

Grinning Jake leant forward, resting his forearms on the table, his fingers inches from her own,

“I think in the interests of honesty you should know that I’ve never thought of you like a sister. Not once. And after last night, knowing you were listening, that you were so close, I don’t think I ever could.”

Raising an eyebrow she took another sip, “So definitely no sibling issues here then?”

“Most definitely not.”

“For the record Jake, I’ve never done anything like that before but it was just unbearably sexy. And when you realised what I’d done I was mortified. But then you seemed to like it and…”

“Correction Sammie, I fucking loved it!”

“You seemed to fucking love it and I fucking loved it and well, I’d like to do it again if you don’t mind”

“I don’t mind at all. In fact it would be my absolute pleasure to give you whatever you want.”

Standing Sammie winked at him, “Easy Jake! You’re giving me sensory overload here and I still have to return the favour!”

Jake coughed, “Have to say Sammie, I’m not sure I want to hear you have sex with another man through the wall. Even if it’s only fair. Sounds selfish I know but…”

Brushing her fingers against his lips Sammie bent until they were face to face,

“I wouldn’t want that either Jake but that’s not to say I can’t be creative on my own. I have a few ideas for what I could do that I think you’d like.” Glancing down at his crotch she couldn’t miss his burgeoning erection and she obviously didn’t, “Are you up for it?”

Kissing her fingertips he held her gaze as he sucked one finger into his mouth and felt her shiver,

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

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