Root and the Lusty Professor Pt. 02


Brief Backstory:

Picking up on previous accounts of Luther “The Root” Casey, it’s the late 1970’s and our well-hung hero is now a 19 year-old college student at a large Midwestern university. Having just completed his freshman year and recruited to play bass in a well-established local rock band, he has stayed on in the college town for the summer and is living with a couple of his band mates, working a low stress day job on the university’s landscaping crew, and rehearsing or playing gigs a few times a week. All while continuing to spread his goodwill among the ladies.

Note: This is Part 2 in this story series, so reading Part 1 wherein Professor Stone first seduces Lute is recommended. And, per usual, this is a work of fiction.


On the Monday after her weekend threesome with her daughter Maya and their new lover, Luther Casey, Dr. Theresa Stone — “Tess” to her friends — went to her office on campus. Her summer plan was to complete a couple of scholarly articles she’d been writing for publication, and she’d been making good progress. But as she sat at the desk in her office trying to continue her work, her mind kept drifting off to Lute.

Just thinking about Lute and his magnificent cock made her pussy wet. And after rewriting the same sentence five times, she finally got up and went into her department’s file storage room. Going to one of the filing cabinets, she pulled out the drawer for her spring semester classes and found the final student papers from her introductory art history course that Lute had taken. Her assistant had arranged them alphabetically, so she quickly found Luther Casey’s. Flipping through his paper, she admired his strong confident handwriting and took the paper back to her office and closed the door.

Reading Lute’s work, she was pleased to discover it was insightful and well-written. Her teaching assistant who graded it had made some pithy comments in the margins, but as Tess read through, she pulled out a pen and made some more comments of her own. She enjoyed reading Lute’s work and it helped her better understand this young man to whom she was finding herself so attracted.

When she got to the last page, she saw that her assistant had given Lute an A, which he definitely deserved. Tess added in a few final comments on the paper and then tossed it on her desk.

Her office was on the second floor of the Arts building and had some big windows that looked out onto the campus quad. Glancing out the window, she saw some of the students working on the summer landscaping crew. And not far away, trimming bushes by the Science building, she saw Lute.

Though not yet 11am, it was already hot and Lute had his shirt off. Tess admired his strong torso and his nice tan — thanks to his summer landscaping work and some time spent at his family’s lake house. As she looked closer, she could distinctly see the outline of his thick cock stuffed in the front of his jeans. Continuing to watch him work, without realizing it, her hand slid under her light summer dress and began massaging her pussy through her panties.

When Lute stretched up to trim some higher areas, the bulge in his pants became even more pronounced. Seeing this, she pulled aside the crotch of her panties and began fingering her cunt and rubbing her clitoris. Visualizing the huge ten-inch cock packed there inside Lute’s jeans, she was soon moaning and breathing heavily as she brought herself to a shuddering orgasm.

Once she was composed, Dr. Stone grabbed her bag and went down to the quad where Lute was working. Feeling like a smitten coed, she pretended she had just happened upon him and was surprised to see him there. They talked for a bit and then she suggested he come up to her office over lunch so they could discuss his final paper for her class.

An hour later when Lute came to her office, she closed the door and invited him to sit in a chair across from hers. Beginning their conversation like a typical professor-student discussion, she handed him his paper and complimented him on his work. Suggesting he look through it and read her comments, she sat back in her chair while he began.

As he read, Tess started to slowly spread her legs apart and raise the hem of her dress. And by the time he was on the third page, she had one foot planted on her chair with her dress hiked up all the way to her waist. She had removed her panties before he arrived, so her big juicy cunt was on full display.

Tess began to lightly finger her pussy while they began discussing some of the finer points in his paper. And when he asked her to say more about a particular comment she had written, he nonchalantly undid his pants, shoved them down to his knees, and pulled out his huge cock and began to slowly stroke it as he listened to her remarks.

Continuing on like this, discussing various aspects of historical art while masturbating for each other, they both grew increasingly aroused. Lute’s cock was now fully erect and hard as a rock, and Tess’s pussy was otele gelen escort even juicier than before.

When she could no longer stand it, Tess arose from her chair and moved over to sit on Lute’s lap. Shoving her face hungrily into his they began a prolonged kiss while she eased her gaping cunt down onto his thick rod. And in short order she was bouncing on his meat as he lifted up his hips to drive himself into her stretched pussy.

Unbuttoning the top of her dress, Lute soon had access to her fleshy bosom and planted his face in her deep cleavage as they fucked. Given the aroused state she had been in all morning, it was only a matter of minutes before Tess began to buck and moan as she came in a frenzy, grinding her pussy down onto his stallion and pulling his face into her heaving tits.

“Oh god, Luther! Fuck me, lover! Fuck me!” she whispered as her orgasm flooded onto his voracious member, “Oh, yeah, my god, yeah!”

Knowing they didn’t have time for prolonged lovemaking, Lute worked himself harder and deeper into her cunt, further inciting his own oncoming explosion. And when he threw back his head and shoved his cock all the way up to her cervix, he let loose with a long guttural groan and released a torrent of seed into Tess’s rapacious pussy.

“Yeah, baby, yeah…yeah…yeah!” he moaned as he continued pumping her full of his milky jism, “God, yeah…yeah!”

When the last of his ejaculate had been delivered inside her, Tess kept her flooded pussy installed on his member as they both panted and sighed in orgasmic bliss.

After some last long kisses, Tess looked him in the eyes, “That final paper of yours was really a fine piece of work, Mr. Casey.”

“Thank you, Dr. Stone, I appreciate your gracious remarks.”

“Excellent. Perhaps we’ll have a chance to talk again.”

“I’d like that very much,” he replied.

Extracting themselves from each other, they then took turns ducking down the hall to the restroom to get cleaned up. And after some final discussion about when they might next meet up to continue their academic discourse, Lute returned to his hedge trimming and Tess to her scholarly work.

As she wrote, Tess would occasionally gaze down from the window at her shirtless young lover as he worked and sweated in the midday heat. And each time she did, she felt his warm seed oozing from her swamped cunt and running down the inside of her thighs. More than once she slipped her hand under her skirt, dipped her finger into his jism and placed it in her mouth, savoring his salty spunk before resuming her work.

Tess’s daughter Maya had made plans to visit her dad that summer and vacation with him and his young wife and son at her parent’s vacation home on Cape Cod. She was flying out of the city that Friday, so she and Tess had decided to drive up a couple of days before and have some big city fun: do some shopping and eat some good food.

They did just as they planned, but after shopping for some summer clothes and bathing suits, on Friday afternoon they stopped at the store they were most enthused about visiting: a female-run sex shop. They got some expert help from the shop owner and left with a couple of new toys they were excited to use back home — Maya’s first vibrator, as well as a huge strap-on dildo that was every bit as big as Lute.

They had also done some other shopping through a friend of Maya’s who “knew a guy”, so they got hooked up with an ounce of primo weed. They picked it up and had a sample before Maya’s flight, so when Tess dropped her off at the airport that evening, she drove back to her hotel with a nice buzz.

Once in her hotel room, Tess thought she might just watch a movie and order in room service. But after she looked at her new strap-on apparatus, she decided to be adventurous.

She considered going to a bar, finding a cute guy and bringing him back to her room. But from her recent experiences with Luther, to whom she was feeling oddly loyal, she knew any other guy would just be disappointing.

Then she remembered a bar she had heard about. One of her colleagues in the Sociology department, a very attractive bisexual woman, had done some academic research on gay bar culture in the city, and one of the places she described in her work had caught Tess’s attention. Frequented primarily by lesbians, its clientele were professional types that Tess’s colleague had described favorably.

The sociologist hadn’t revealed the bar’s actual name in her work, but Tess had overheard her talk about it at a faculty cocktail party. So she flipped through the phone book and found it right away: Mimi’s. And from the address, she saw it wasn’t too far from her hotel.

So after getting freshened up and taking a couple more hits of her new primo weed, she caught a cab to Mimi’s.

As soon as she walked in the door she knew she had made the right choice. The bar was a lively place filled with attractive women ranging in age and ethnicity, many who immediately pendik escort smiled and checked her out. There was also a female DJ pumping out energetic music and the dance floor was full.

Tess grabbed a beer at the bar, but before she had taken three swallows she was pulled onto the dance floor. By the third song she had made six new friends, and by the fifth song she was off in a corner tongue wrestling with a tall lovely young woman with short dark hair named Maureen, “Mo” to her friends. And as Mo swayed to the music and rubbed her sweet grapefruit sized tits against Tess’s ample rack, Tess knew they would become good friends.

After more prolonged kisses and fondling that erased any doubt about who they’d be leaving with that night, Tess and Mo returned to the dance floor and partied among the friendly crowd for another hour or so. But when there was a slow dance number they came back together again.

“I’ve been ready to fuck you ever since I saw you walk in the door,” Mo whispered into Tess’s ear as they danced.

Tess gave Mo her classic seductress smile, and taking her by the hand, led her out of the bar. Once on the sidewalk they kissed while Tess hailed a taxi to take them back to her hotel.

They kissed and groped at each other all the way to the hotel, much to their driver’s delight as he watched them in his mirror, nearly rear ending a bus in the process. And once in the hotel elevator, Mo pinned Tess against a wall and began kissing her hungrily as she shoved a hand into her crotch and gripped her pussy. Exiting the elevator, they careened down the hallway, stopping to feverishly kiss along the way, until they finally made it to Tess’s room.

Once inside, they began tearing off each other’s clothes in a passionate frenzy. And soon Mo had Tess spread eagle on the bed and was ravaging her like a woman possessed: shoving her face into Tess’s fleshy tits, molesting her big furry cunt, and kissing her in a fury from head to toe. All the while Tess was ecstatically quivering and moaning on the bed as Mo ransacked her voluptuous body.

Mo continued on with a carnal ferocity that Tess found both amazing and exciting. As Tess had discovered in the bar when Mo first shoved her tongue down her throat, lovemaking for her was not something done at a leisurely pace. She was a ravenous and insatiable beast determined to take Tess for a truly wild ride.

Mo was now sweating like a wrestler, her short hair stuck to her head with perspiration and her lovely tits and tight stomach shiny with her dew. And when she slowed down long enough for Tess to get a good look at her in the dim light, Tess saw that she was indeed a beauty. Her lithe model’s body coupled with her pretty angular features would have made her a prime catch in any bar, gay or straight. So Tess was especially flattered that Mo had chosen her for her companion that night.

“God, I need a drink!” Mo finally said as she broke off a long tongue lashing kiss, giving both of them a chance to finally catch their breath.

Sliding off the bed, the lovers inspected the room’s minibar, and after pulling out several vodka shooters, Mo announced that ice was the only missing ingredient. Grabbing the empty ice bucket and sliding into a hotel robe, she scampered out the door in search of an ice machine.

While she was gone, Tess put on a robe and pulled out the joint she had fired up earlier. Then remembering her other great purchase of the day, she reached into the sex shop bag and lifted out her new strap-on. Guessing this would be a big hit with Mo, she slipped it into the drawer of the bedside table for later.

When Mo returned from her successful ice hunt, they fixed themselves drinks and had their first non-intense moments together since they’d first met at the bar. They sipped their vodka tonics and shared the joint, which Mo deemed to be “some really good shit”, which pleased Tess, since she appeared to be somewhat of an authority on the subject.

After the joint had been extinguished, their first drinks consumed and the second ones poured, the lovers were feeling no pain and the earlier frenzied mood had become more subdued. Though Tess rightly suspected that Mo’s sexual motor was only temporarily idling, and that any moment she would shift it back into high gear. But for the time being she enjoyed ratcheting things down for a bit.

The room had a sitting area to one side with two comfortable chairs and a table where the ladies landed as they took a break from the action. Though there was still a strong sexual energy in the room — Mo made sure of that when she extended her leg and slipped a foot into Tess’s pussy and began massaging it with her toes — a conversation nonetheless ensued.

Tess, ever the inquisitive academic, asked Mo about her experience with lesbian bars in the city, and in so doing mentioned her sociologist colleague’s research that had led to her being at Mimi’s that night. Mo laughed after learning the colleague’s name, rus escort because the two of them had hooked up a couple of times while she was doing her “research”.

“Yeah, she’s a pretty hot fuck,” Mo said with a smile, “You should definitely do her some time. She eats pussy like a beast! Oh, and I also did a threesome once with her and her husband. But I wouldn’t recommend that. He’s kind of a dud.”

Mo wasn’t at all surprised when Tess then confessed to being “curiously bisexual.” Mo, Tess learned, was a confirmed bisexual. “I just love to fuck, you know?”

“Yeah, I think I do,” Tess replied. And then she told her that aside from a couple of exploratory experiences with girls in college, and then a couple of threesomes with another girl and her husband, her experience with ladies was pretty limited. She didn’t mention Maya, because, as her dear old dad would say, “That’s a whole other kettle of fish.”

“Well, I gotta’ tell you, experienced or not, you’re a hot lady. And I’m really glad you decided to check out Mimi’s. There were a lot of girls in there who were very sad not to be the one leaving with you tonight.”

And as she said this, Mo slipped her toes deeper into Tess’s pussy, signaling that their time-out was now about over.

Tess had never had anyone’s foot in her pussy before. And looking down, she saw that Mo’s toenails were trimmed short. Which, she presumed, was not just by accident. Because Mo wasn’t just idly foot fucking her, she knew exactly what she was doing, and she was doing it well.

As Tess was discovering, every possible appendage on Mo’s body was a sexual tool. Her mouth, tongue, nose, fingers, toes, and of course her tits and pussy, were all deployed as instruments in the pursuit of sexual pleasure, both for herself and her lover.

So when Mo’s foot slipped deeper into her cunt, Tess just spread her legs and welcomed it in, knowing that a pleasant surprise would surely ensue. And when Mo’s big toe began rubbing Tess’s clit, it made her moan with pleasure.

“Oh, sweet Jesus” Tess groaned as her Mo gave her a devilish smile, gyrating her toe in her lover’s hairy twat, “You’re an absolute slut!”

“Oh, if you only knew!” Mo taunted her, “But I promise, before I’m done with you, you’re gonna’ find out just what a slut I really am!”

“You promise?”

“Yeah, that’s a promise!”

And with that, Mo pulled Tess out of her chair, yanked off her robe, and shoved her back down onto the bed.

Straddling Tess’s upper torso, Mo grabbed one of her lover’s big tits and began shoving its nipple into her pussy, rubbing it against the wide spread lips of her labia and her distended clit.

The abrading of her nipple in Mo’s juicy twat set Tess afire. She loved having big tits and appreciated the attention they received, both covered and exposed. But she had never had one of them used in this way before. And as Mo’s pussy grew increasingly wet thanks to her lover’s big nips, Tess knew this was a new trick that she’d use on her sweet Maya.

After some more prolonged ravaging and kissing, Tess whispered, “I’ve got a surprise for you.”

“Really? I love surprises!”

“I thought you would. Just reach into that drawer and you’ll find it.”

Diving across the bed, Mo tugged open the bedside drawer and squealed at what she found, “Oh, my god! That things huge!”

“Like it?”

“God yes, I love it”

“Will you fuck me with it?”

“Absolutely!” Mo giggled as she pulled the strap-on out of the drawer, and with experienced ease, put it on.

“I’ve always dreamed of getting fucked by a guy with a cock this big,” Mo mused as she finished fastening the belt, “You?”

“Well, actually, I’ve been fucking a guy who’s every bit that big.”

“Really? This big? No way!” Mo said as she stroked and admired the thick rubber dildo that now stretched from her crotch.

“Yeah, it’s true. He’s huge,” Tess replied, almost embarrassed at her good fortune.

“Goddamn! Lucky you! So it won’t be such a novelty for you when I fuck you with this thing, will it?”

“It will definitely be novel to have it attached to you!”

“Right,” Mo said with a big chuckled, “You’ll be getting fucked by a huge cock…with tits!”

“And what could be better than that?” Tess laughed as she spread her legs apart, welcoming the onslaught of Mo and the huge rubber phallus.

As Tess expected, Mo was skilled in the art of strap-on fucking. And after fetching a bottle of sex lube from her purse (“Never leave home with out it!” she chuckled as she rubbed some on the new rubber dick,) she began to tease it against Tess’s pussy.

“So your boyfriend’s really this big, huh?”

“Yeah, that’s why I got it. I’ve just started seeing him and I need something to keep me stretched out when he’s not around.”

“Wow, well, I think this big hunk will do the trick!” Mo said as she slid the head of the huge phallus into Tess’s cunt, which made her gasp.

Looking up, Tess saw the devilish grin on Mo’s face as she began working the dildo deeper into her pussy. And as she did, she realized it really was interesting to be cock-fucked by someone with tits. Mo’s boobs were grapefruit-like beauties capped with quarter-sized areolas and dark perky nipples. And they had just the right amount of heft and sag as they flopped against her chest as she slid the cock slowly in and out of Tess’s ready twat.

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