Rubab’s First Interracial Experience Ch. 2

Cum Eating

This is a sequence of Rubab’s interracial encounters.

A few months after the birth of our baby, Josef expressed his desire to visit his family in Ghana but he wanted me to accompany him. At first, I had no idea of whether to travel to his country with him or not, but it didn’t take long before he made up my mind to visit his family. My major concern was that who was going to look after my kids in our absence. Certainly, I didn’t want to take them with me. Josef suggested hiring services of a babysitter and so we arranged one quickly. I was also concerned with what would be the reaction of Josef’s family when they see me with him but Josef told me that his family was very grateful to me for my contribution towards the prosperity of their suffering family.

And I found out that Josef was right. After landing in Ghana and meeting his family for the first time, I noticed that they respected me and seemed very obliged. Josef’s was a pretty big family, with his parents and seven younger siblings plus the family of his uncle who shared the house with them. Josef had five cousins in his uncle’s family. The house was partitioned and both families occupied two bedrooms and a kitchen each. However, they had one separate common room upstairs which they used as a storeroom but for our stay, they had rearranged it and made it livable for Josef and me.

Josef met me to almost all of his relatives and friends and felt very proud introducing me to them for having a sexy wife (as he’d told them) like me who had a nice fair complexion. I could easily tell that all of them had praise for my gorgeous looks and figure and a few of the males had jealousy for Josef. Josef knew this too and savored such moments among his people. He showed me around his city and the wild African countryside. It was much poorer a country than I’d previously imagined but the trip to African Wildlife Park was very exciting and adventurous.

It was my sixth night in Ghana and the time was a little over midnight. Josef and I had a very long and tiring day out visiting places and meeting people and I was feeling very sleepy but was waiting for Josef who’d left again after dropping me at home. After waiting for him to be back for some time, I decided to go to bed. I was about to fall deep asleep when I heard the door open and thought Josef was back.

“Where have you been?” I asked him in a sleepy voice but was not answered. “Josef” I said again, and again no reply.

Josef had a bad habit of getting drunk occasionally, especially with his friends so I assumed that tonight again he’d drunk excessively and was under the influence of it.

“Guess you’re again drunk” said I.

He got into the bed and immediately started caressing my body, moving his hand on my body. He seemed to be in mood of an intercourse. I felt something strange. Even when drunk, Josef rize escort had never done this to me like that when I was sleepy. The touch of his hand also felt alien. I tried to get up to switch on the light when he pushed me to bed and hissed “sssshhhh, don’t get up. Stay calm” and I instantly came to know that someone else had made way into my bed.

“Who’re you? What are you gonna do?” I asked loudly and angrily. “Do not shout” the voice had a warning in it.

I knew I had heard this voice before and was trying to recall but my mind wasn’t working. I was terrified, wondering if I was going to be raped. Then my memory flashed back and I recognized the person.

“Are you Eddy?” I asked the assailant. Eddy was Josef’s cousin, his uncle’s son living on the other side of this house He was just around Josef’s age.

“Oh, so you remember me” the voice came smiling.

I then recalled that I’d noticed Eddy glaring at me continuously whenever two of us came across. There was lust in his eyes. I’d once told Josef about it and he had laughed, saying “Who in the world can resist your beauty. Poor Eddy.” And now that Poor Eddy was going to rape me.

“Josef came to me for some beer and I got him drunk. He’s too drunk to get up before noon. Poor him, must be snoring by now.” Eddy informed me in a sarcastic voice. “I warn you to keep quiet. It’s in your own interest.” Saying that, he lied on me sticking his lips to mine. I felt smothered under his weight.

“You love black cock, and after taking on my cock you wont regret. Enjoy it baby. You’ve already fucked one black guy, why not another?” He was whispering in my ear.

His earlier warning had scared me and I was unable to resist. Eddy started kissing me vehemently, keep pinning me to bed. His hands were one my tits gripping and caressing them and his lips were all over my body, from head to toe. He didn’t seem to be in hurry and wanted to enjoy every moment. I was numb and letting him taste my flesh. Then he started undressing me and pulled off my robe. Now I was lying naked on the bed. Eddy suddenly switched on the light and I was startled, shyly trying to cover my naked body parts with my hands. He was smiling victoriously and joyfully.

“You’re one hell of a bombshell. I knew you’re body would be more sexy inside.”

He was wearing only boxer shorts which he instantly got rid of, and there he was, completely naked with his long huge dick erected like mountain. He was solidly built with a little superior than Josef in his weight and height. His charcoal like black skin was shining in the light and his muscular body was proclaiming his strength. He’d got a dick even bigger than Josef’s.

Eddy was now licking every single inch of my naked body. He took my milky tits in his hands and then started sucking my nipples. sakarya escort I lactated for him and he was slurping my milk like my 3 months old baby. Oh God, I’d never felt that great in my life before, not even feeding my baby. His action sent shivers through my spine and at that very moment I felt myself getting involved. I knew Josef won’t come back until next morning. I held my tits with my hands and gave them into Eddy’s mouth one after another.

Having won my consent, Eddy moved down kissing my belly, between my legs and kissed them eagerly. He put one of his fingers into my pussy lips and started moving it in and out gently. I wanted him to enter me now but he was teasing me. He then took his finger out of my pussy and licked my juices off it. He seemed to be savoring the taste of my juices. He offered his wet finger to me and I took it into my mouth, tasting my own juices. It felt good. Eddy bent down between my thighs and glued his lips to my clit, sucking and licking it wildly.

“Oooohh Jesusss, it feels sooooo good……aaaaahh baby, you’re fucking good” I was moaning and with every moan, he bit my clit even harder. I came and released my cum juices which Eddy started taking in like a thirsty horse quenching his thirst.

Having come once, I wasn’t yet fully extinguished. Eddy now sat on sat on his knees as my juices dripped from his lips and chin. “You liked it bitch?” He was smiling with satisfaction. I nodded.

“Wanna taste my dick?” he then asked, and I couldn’t resist the thought of sucking on his huge black dick. I held it in my hands and stroking it for a few seconds; I kissed his dick and started licking it, moving down to his balls. I took his balls into my mouth and sucked them hard, gently pulling the skin of his testicles with my teeth. He put one hand on my head and pressed. I knew he loved it. I engulfed his cock and started jerking it with my mouth.

“You give a good head, slut” he was calling me names and I was getting more and more excited. Despite my full efforts, I couldn’t take his cock completely in. It was so big and fat.

“Oohhh yeaahhh, am coming baby, suck fast.” Eddy said and I sped up the movements. He came and unloaded into my throat. I didn’t let him take it out of my mouth until my oral cavity was filled with his hot salty cum. His cum was now flowing out of my mouth and was gushing through my neck and tits. Eddy hit his dick with my face gently covering my face with his cum mixed with my saliva.

My cunt was still burning and I wanted Eddy to fuck me now. His dick was limp for a couple of minutes and then it gained erection again.

“There ain’t anything as great as fucking you hard” Eddy said and we both smiled.

“Let me confess that I’ve never seen a cock as big as yours” I told Eddy and it brought a sudden rush of samsun escort satisfaction to his face.

“I’m gonna give you what Josef couldn’t have” Eddy announced, I could surely tell he was right. I smiled wickedly and said, “I can’t wait further.”

Eddy lied on the bed and said, “So it’s time you’re gonna have the greatest fuck ride of your life”.

He held me from my hips as I tried to ride his monster cock. Only a couple of inch inside my pussy and a slight surge of pain hit my entire body. Eddy widened the opening of my pussy with his hands and I started taking it in slowly. The more it slid in, more excitement replaced the initial strike of pain and I took it fully in. Over 12 inches of a hard black cock was finally inside my pussy for the first time in my life. Eddy started moving under me and pushing me up and down with the tremendous power of his pelvic girdle. Having his cock settled fully inside me, I began my upward-downward movements on his cock. Eddy had my tits bouncing in his hands. It was feeling wonderful and I felt myself the Queen of all bitches who could take the biggest dick in the world.

I was about to cum again when suddenly Eddy held my movements and lied my on my back keeping his cock still buried deep in my pussy. Now Eddy was between my legs, on top of me. He resumed fucking me with gentle pushes but gained momentum quickly as he continued to pounce my mature pussy. I’d never been fucked with such power and force. He was dashing my pussy and his cock was miles inside my vagina.

“Ooooooohhh my God, fuck the hell outta me” I was screaming and moaning. My legs were wrapped around Eddy’s waist and he kept sucking my tits and kissing passionately on my neck and lips.

“Oooohh yeaaahhh …… fuck me like your slut.” I was feeling like in heavens. Eddy was smacking my pussy, ramming against my hips with a repeated thud.

I wrapped my arms around Eddy’s back as he gave me the swatting blows.

“I’m cumming baby” I exclaimed and hit orgasm. A rush of fluids felt to be streaming out of my pussy. It felt so good. I was motionless, breathing heavily as Eddy paced up and with a sudden and forceful deep thrust, he spurted the loads of his semen inside my womb. His hot white cum juices flooded my vagina as he lied over me with his full weight. We both were gasping and absorbing the moment. I whispered in his ear,

“Honey its enough for tonight.” I wanted him to leave now before someone from Josef’s family caught us. Eddy took his dick out and rolled off. His was black dick was drenched with my cum mixed with his own cum. My pussy was wet overflowing and white the fluid was gushing out. We smiled, kissed each other and dressed ourselves. Eddy left but not before making me promise him to fuck again, a promise that I later fulfilled too. Eddy got Josef drunk every now and then and we both fucked each other several times during my month long stay with Josef’s family.

I still live with Josef in South Africa, and I still love him. But the fact is that I can never forget my nights sleeping with Eddy. Hopefully, I’ll have another opportunity very soon to fuck Eddy again.

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