Ruby is Ready Ch. 01


I’ve written some stories about Helen and me, but before Helen there was Ruby, This is the story of our first meeting. We enjoyed a four-year relationship with fun of all kinds. She and Helen never knew of one another and never met. Two very similar arrangements, but with very different women…


His train was late, so he was late. This was their first meeting, but he didn’t have to look long to see which woman she was. At the bottom of the stairs she paced, looking up toward the platform. He was halfway down when she checked her watch in the way that lets the observer know it’s not the time now that matters, but the time passed. He came off the stairs already apologizing.

“So sorry to keep you here so long.”

“I almost left you!” She pretended to be angry, but she was as hungry as he was. The time, the place (closer to a hotel than to her apartment), the date… all her choosing. He was late, but she had been waiting for this all her life. She made a show of it when he was late, but the real show was coming later—soon, but later—and she was not going to walk away from that.

They hailed a taxi and she did the talking. His command of the language wasn’t awful but no need to show off now. Let her handle the easy stuff. Anyway, the showing off she wanted him to do didn’t involve common phrases to uninterested cab drivers. The hotel, as it turned out, was walking distance but not on a stifling July day. He paid the fare while she went into the lobby to register. She was walking toward the elevator when he got inside. She waved him to come along.

“What are you looking for?”

His eyes were roaming the ceiling.

“I heard these hotel elevators have cameras. I’m trying to say ‘hi.'”

“They have cameras many places in the hotel. Have to be careful.”

“Even in the rooms…?” He looked at her hard, and she turned away. In the mirror, she saw him behind her, still looking. She turned to face the door.

“You make me nervous. Should I be afraid of you?”

“Time will tell.”

The bell rang, and the doors slid open. He waited for her to exit, and he followed her to the room.

They flipped on the TV to break the awkwardness, ataköy escort but then immediately fell into conversation and soon the television was forgotten. (The closed-circuit porn channels he purposely avoided. There would be time…) She opened a dish she had cooked and they sat on the corner sofa to enjoy the meal. He asked her to tell him what she did for a living and how she chose that career. He listened, but her long explanation gave him time to look her over, not for the first time but with more purpose.

Her tits were large, twice as large as the women he had met before. She wore a shirt that stretched itself across them, and their roundness pushed back hard. He started to move his eyes south, but stopped. He was a tit man, and why not? Hers were not only huge and imprisoned, seductively, but the low-cut shirt invited him to stay right there, and he did. She talked on, and he nodded when it was polite to do it, but his attention was their, not hers. Watching them, bound and full, made the food taste even better, though he knew he’d never remember a single detail about what they ate that afternoon.

He moved to her mouth. He knew they would start there, and he wanted a sense of it, its shape, the line of her lips, how his fat cock would slip through them. He knew from her messages, sent with more frequency over the last month, that she had never seen a white a cock and probably hadn’t seen many Asian ones, but she was hungry and curious and was expecting big things. His wouldn’t disappoint her. The girth alone would test her, and the girth was swelling now as she talked and he watched her lips part. It was time.

She was putting her plate down on the table in front of them. She was turned mostly away from him and didn’t see him moving toward her. He slid along the cushion as she spoke innocently.

“Did you like the food I prep-“

He touched her shoulder and spun her toward him, and she had no time to announce her surprise as he put both his hands under her giant tits and lifted them, then kissed her deeply. He pulled away, she didn’t, but she pretended she had.

“HEY! What are you do-“

He kissed her again and stood up, loosening his ataköy escort bayan belt and then his zipper. She stared at it, not him.

“I didn’t know we were starting so soon. I wasn’t rea-“

She kept her eyes on his hand as it disappeared inside his shorts. He pulled out a thick, throbbing erection that he aimed straight at her.

“Suck it.” And he pulled her to it. She made a mild noise of protest but put her hands on his thighs as she sucked him in. Her lips were tight around him.

“Loose, and make it wet!”

She went for it. She grabbed his shaft and sucked with fury. He didn’t have to thrust into her. She lost whoever she had been five minutes ago. This was why she had come, what she had waited for. She wasn’t about to waste the meat he just shoved into her mouth.

Neither did he waste what was right there in front of him. He reached for her tits and freed them. The plopped easily out of the bra that was too small, and it took him no time to slide the shirt down over her shoulders. Two pale mountains of soft tit swung and bounced as she sucked him full force. She moaned when he squeezed the nipples, but she did not release his meat.

He gave her no choice when he pulled her to her feet and ripped the skin-tight pants down to her ankles. She stepped out of them as she moaned, anticipating what she knew was coming next.

“Get on the bed. You’re about to get fucked, hard.”

She almost came from the brutal efficiency of his speech. She was barely on the bed when he spun her to her back and positioned himself where he needed to be.

He grabbed his cock and aimed his head at the lips and stopped.

“Why did you come here? WHY!?”

“To fuck your big cock!”

He slammed it all into her. She came all over him. He drove it full-speed as deep as he could, deeper than any half-cock had ever gone inside her. She crawled away but when she got to the top of the bed she was out of escape routes. He lifted her legs so high half her body was upright off the bed. He drove dick down into her and collapsed full-force onto her. He was so deep now her pussy queefed and sang and spat out a stream of cum.

After twenty minutes she escort ataköy had been spun and twirled and flipped into positions she never imagined. On her knees now, he was raised over her, driving his still-growing dong straight down into a pussy hole that was growing wider and wetter and asking or much more.

“My pussy is on fire!” she screamed over and over. It only inspired him, and he drove down until his pelvis smashed against hers. The sound and the splash and the screams mixed in a sex symphony the neighbors could not have avoided.

After an hour, maybe more, she wanted rest. He told her to rest licking his balls. She crawled down between his legs and laid her mouth and lips and tongue on everything. He raised his taint and she rimmed his ass with her tongue. It was eager to explore him. He pushed her head deeper into him and she took the hint.

“Jack off my cock when you lick me.”

She did. She sucked in his balls and stroked him. He felt massive in her hand. She squeezed, never wanting to forget what this felt like.

When she had rested enough he didn’t announce it. He stood next to the bed and told her to lie on her back. He dragged her to the edge and fucked her hard again, deeper than ever with her legs pointing straight to the ceiling.

“I’m hungry. I’m going to cum, then we’ll eat.”


“Get ready…”

He drilled her. Every collision of his hips with hers sent a shattering slamming reverberation through the room. Nothing before—not even the last hour—had prepared her for this. Every stroke he landed gave her the feeling her chest was being attacked from below.

Then he started talking.

“You like cock, slut?”


“You like this big cock, slut!”


“You like to fuck men with big cocks!”


“Is that why you’re here? That’s why you came today, to fuck big cock?”


“I’m cumming…..”

SLAM! SLAM! SLAM! He went into her, and at the moment of release he pulled out and shot one long milk stream onto her tits. They were painted with his runny, sticky, slippery sperm. He leaned forward and fell onto her until the hair of his chest mixed with the skin of her tits, and the glue of his jizz held them together. He kissed the lips that has just soaked his ass and balls and tasted himself. They kissed a long time before they showered and headed out for dinner.

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