Sally’s First Black Ch. 05


Spring, early 1980’s

I was really excited! I had just gotten off the phone with Tom and he had invited me to spend the summer with him in DC. For those of you who have been following my life experiences, you already know that I spent most of last summer with Tom and came home pregnant.

For those who are just jumping in for the first time, allow me to introduce myself to you. I am Sally, an elementary school teacher in Florida, early 30’s, never been married, MBA, dark natural curly hair, about 5’8″ tall, weigh about 130 pounds, keep myself in good physical shape. I have natural, full, heavy breasts with sensitive nipples and 2 inch areolas, and I believe a woman should have hair on her pubes, but I keep it groomed short and smooth. I love the feel of cum in my vagina, only believe in bare back sex, and really get upset if a man shoots his cum on my body rather than inside me. I have been known to participate in anal sex if things turn out that way, but I don’t go looking for it. I keep my body clean and expect the same of my partners.

Tom offered to send me an airplane ticket, but I told him I would prefer to drive and have my own transportation available whenever I wanted or needed it. We have about 10 weeks off in the summer, but I told him I would come for six. I want to unwind from the school year before I jump into something else and I will need another two weeks to reorient myself before school starts.

After school was out, I decided that I was going to travel pretty light. I would take a couple of sun dresses, a pair of jeans, 2 pair of shorts, a nice dress, some slacks, and a variety of tops that I could interchange with various outfits. In Tom’s apartment I will be as unencumbered with clothing as feels right, and I know that I will not need anything to sleep in other than my skin.

I was able to get my clothes for the summer in one suitcase plus a small bag for my diaphragm and other personal items.

When I arrived at Tom’s I was tired from driving all day, but he met me at the door with a smile and a kiss that curled my toes. He carried my bag into the guest room, so I could unpack at my leisure. I would be sleeping with him so otherwise that room would be unused. Tom said dinner would be ready in 10 minutes so I told him I would take a quick shower and meet him in the kitchen.

After my shower I slipped into a loose T-shirt, no panties or bra, and joined him for a light dinner. I was famished and he does cook well.

With our second bottle of wine we moved into the living room, put on some soft music, and caught up with each other. It wasn’t long until we kissed, it just happened so naturally. I don’t remember who made the first move and it really doesn’t matter. Tom’s hands slid beneath my shirt. He began caressing my breasts, and all of a sudden we were both naked. Tom was kissing and sucking my breasts, my nipples were erect and my areolas had crinkled up into tight little creases. I was gently stroking his cock and really enjoying the görükle escort oral attention.

For those of you who don’t remember Tom, I refer you to chapters 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Tom kissed his way down my chest and belly until his mouth, lips and tongue landed on my vagina which was already flowering and wet in anticipation of what was yet to come. Somehow he kissed and licked all around my love connection without making any contact with the parts that really matter and then all of a sudden his tongue was pushing in and out of my vagina and he was nibbling on my erect clit. My legs were spread as wide as I could get them to give him unrestricted access.

I was still holding onto his glorious uncircumcised cock and when he pulled back to position himself, I took the liberty of sliding it up and down my slit to mingle my love juice with the pre-cum dribbling out of it. When it was slick, I positioned it at the opening of my love hole and began pushing it in. The head slid in, but then we seemed to be stuck. I have been sexually active as you know, but my partners have not been built like Tom.

“Take it easy sweet one, we will get it in.” With those words, Tom began gently and slowly working his cock into me. Each thrust a little deeper until when he was only a couple of inches in, I came for the first time. My thrusting, the relaxed muscles surrounding my vagina, and the extra moisture all helped and we gained another couple of inches right then. Tom kept working until he was fully inserted and then took a break while my vagina adjusted to his bulk. When I felt comfortable, I began moving under him. Tom received the signal and within a few thrusts we were moving in synch together like a well oiled machine. Very well oiled – I could hear the slurp – slurp as we pulled apart and slid back together. I love that sound.

After a few minutes, Tom changed gears and began thrusting harder and faster. His balls were hitting my butt on a regular basis as they bounced around totally unrestricted. I kept up with him and I was ready when I felt him swell and begin spewing his fertile seed right up against my cervix. I pulled him close and had my second climax of the evening. I wasn’t very quiet and I am sure the neighbors could hear me clearly as I came. We lay like that for quite some time. Tom’s cock softened, but because of his size, continued to fill me and trap his cum inside me.

I didn’t want to move, other than to kiss him, which we were doing, but I really had to go to the bathroom. “Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right back.” It was only as I was finishing in the bathroom that I realized that I had not put in my diaphragm before we made love. Even though I had said to myself before coming that I would do everything to avoid another pregnancy, my period was due in a few days and I reasoned that this should be a relatively safe time. Without another negative thought, I returned to the living room and snuggled up with Tom. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other görükle escort bayan and soon he was finger deep in my slick vagina and his cock was awakening under my loving hands.

I had driven all day and it was getting late so we made our way back to the bedroom where we made wild, passionate love one more time before I fell asleep in his arms.

I awoke in the night with a cock poking me from behind. I moved a little, raised my leg to give him access and Tom slid easily into me. We loved a little and then went back to sleep still joined at the sex.

I don’t want to bore you. We made love at least twice and often 3 or 4 times each day. I did have my period and we took a few days off at that time. After my period I never did get around to taking my diaphragm out of its case because of the feeling I had every time his sperm battled at the opening of my cervix. I was now fully stretched and my vagina easily accepted Tom’s cock just like a hand fitting into a calfskin glove.

We went to the 4th of July celebration on the mall again this year and this year, on the blanket, under the stars and explosions in the air, we made love lying among the thousands of other viewers on the mall. In the dark, with their attention drawn to the sky, I don’t think anyone even noticed us. We couldn’t find my panties afterward, but figured the cleaners would and, nude from the waist down, we walked hand in hand to the metro with cum dribbling down the inside of my legs.

On a Friday, about a week after my period, Tom casually mentioned at breakfast that Will, his best friend who had shared my affections last summer would drop by after work and have dinner with us. I ask if he was bringing his girlfriend and Tom said no.

I fixed a nice cold pasta salad for dinner and when Will arrived we kissed and hugged. There was no one year gap; it was as if we had seen each other last week. Over dinner I ask Will about girlfriends, as one would naturally do among friends. Will’s response was, “Sally, I have been with several women in the past year, but after experiencing you they pale in comparison. You give as much as you receive and you are one of the few women who can physically accept all of me when we make love.”

Now all of this conversation was in front of Tom. I looked at him with a questioning look and he responded with a nod of his head which indicated to me that he was still willing to share me with Will if that was the way the cards (or clothing) fell.

We all shared in cleaning up after dinner and retired to the living room with a fresh bottle of wine. I was on the couch between the two guys and it wasn’t long before things got hot and, at least on my part, juicy.

My assets were being appreciated and I was appreciating theirs. My shift, bra and panties were soon on the floor as were their clothes. I had a cock in each hand, a mouth and tongue pleasuring my vagina and clit and another mouth and tongue on my breasts. My nipples were erect and my areolas escort görükle crinkled. I know I was flowing down below because of the slurping I heard and the juicy lips and mouth that kissed me periodically.

Finally I said, “I think we would all be more comfortable if we took this to the bedroom.” I held a cock in each hand and we walked down the hall together.

Tom sat back and watched as Will and I made love. I’m sure it was a sight with the contrast of his dark, bluish blackness and my lily white skin. I gave myself to him fully and he sank his shaft directly into my vaginal mine. We slid together as if we had been doing this every day for the past year and I was as eager as he to enjoy this experience to the fullest. He hadn’t made love for awhile, so he came much sooner than he expected and was disappointed when all of a sudden he lost control and started spurting into me. I told him not to be concerned; he would last longer the next time. He withdrew his semi-erect rod and almost immediately, Tom’s rigid member filled the void.

It was Will’s turn to watch and Tom really plunged my depths, but he also kissed me and caressed my breasts as we made love and within a few minutes I was having my first climax of the night. Tom kept his action going right through my climax and by the time he came, I was ready to come again.

Will had another turn, this time he lasted longer. We were all tired, so we curled up together, me in the middle, and slept. Except to eat, pee, and shower, we spent the weekend in bed making love and sleeping. I was the center of attention and loved it.

For the next three weeks I was a two man woman. Will had his landscaping business and always got up at 3:30 and we made love before he left for the day. Then I slept until Tom was ready for his good morning experience. Tom practiced his music during the day and performed mostly in the late afternoon and evenings, sometimes late, so we had nooners and then made love after his last performance to relax him for sleep.

Will and I made love when he got back about 4:30 and after his shower (sometimes together) and before dinner. I also went to bed with Will and we made love before he went to sleep. Sometimes I was up when Tom got home, sometimes in bed. Often during the night I would feel a hand caressing my breast or stroking my pubes and find a hard, eager cock ready for action. Will was circumcised, Tom was not, but both were about the same size, so sometimes I did not know who I was making love with in the dark. Both were considerate lovers and no one was jealous, so it really didn’t matter.

I stopped wearing clothes except when I went out because I wanted to be fully accessible to my men whenever I could get them hard.

Going back to Florida was harder this time. I was addicted to the feel of a hard cock fully inserted in my vagina with loads of cum flooding my cervix. I was glad I had 2 weeks to adjust before returning to the classroom.

When I got back, I realized that I had missed my period, so I called my Dr. for an appointment, got a lecture, got a shot, had a painful cramping period followed by a D & C, and was ready to go again after a brief recovery period. This time I vowed to my Dr. that I would consistently use my diaphragm. At least I would try.

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