Sam’s Spa Chronicles Ch. 11


Eric has been surfing the Internet for over an hour, gathering information about the evolution of birds and dinosaurs, a subject he likes. He also likes studying about the evolution of mankind. He enjoys doing his research on the Internet; it relaxes him. He sends the information he found to the printer.

He looks up from the computer. “My Pet, it’s time for your shower. This evening I would also like to relax in the whirlpool bath after we shower. Please go get the towels and prepare the shower and bathtub.”

Frequently, whenever they are home alone together, Eric and his sex slave wife bathe together. He enjoys bathing Tanya Marie. Bathing her is something that he has been doing occasionally for several years, especially whenever their children spend the evening at one of their grandparents’ houses.

This Friday evening their seven-year-old daughter Carolyn and their two-month-old daughter Erica are at her mother’s house.

Bathing together is something that they both enjoy, more so than relaxing together in the saunas of SAMS Spa. It is also a prelude — one might even say foreplay — to their having sex. For during their shower together, their passions are raised to towering heights. Then after they shower, they climb into bed in the nude and fuck.

Sometimes, before they bathe and to enhance their lovemaking, she submits to him and he spanks his sex slave. Tanya looks forward to the beatings because they intensify her emotions. The abuse gets her extremely passionate and wanting to be dominated and fucked until she is senseless with joy.

It was her decision to become his sex slave and submit to him a little over a year ago; a decision that was brought on in part by their frequent bathing together.

“Yes Master.” The sex slave is sitting on the loveseat in the den across from the computer. Except for her slippers, she is naked. She puts down the book she has been reading about the Battle of New Orleans in 1815 and goes to the master bedroom to prepare her bath.

She enters her favorite room. It is her favorite room because it is here that he fulfills her every wish and her every sexual desire. It is here that she can become his sex slave every night.

During the day when the children are home — particularly their ever watchful seven-year-old — she has to be careful in what clothes she wears — or doesn’t wear — and how she addresses her Master.

But here, even with the children home and especially once they are safely tucked into their beds, then she can close the door, strip down and become his naked sex slave. In the rest of the house, she is just his wife, just the mother of his children. But the moment she steps into this room, this love chamber, she undergoes a complete metamorphosis.

Like some superhero who changes their identity, she ceases to be a mild mannered everyday housewife and becomes instead a sex starved minx who longs to be dominated and fucked into oblivion. Here she becomes his “condemned” property!

The workmen just finished remolding and enlarging the master bedroom a month ago. Before it was just a plain ordinary bedroom, a place to sleep and occasionally have sex. But now, now it’s has been transformed into a royal palace, a torture chamber and sex prison all rolled into one.

It’s a palace because, now not only does it resemble a king’s royal bedroom, but in it he rules. He is the Master and she the faithful servant, the obedient sex slave. It’s a torture chamber because here he demeans her; he beats her, abuses her and uses her sexually in any way he chooses. It’s a sex prison because she cannot escape from it. Her own passions keep her chained to it. Indeed, she does not want to flee from it. She willingly surrenders to it.

A wave of euphoria ripples through her sensuous body as she looks around the room she fondly calls her love dungeon.

On the right side of the oversized master bedroom is a king size bed with his and hers matching chest of drawers on each side of the bed. There is a large walk-in closet on the left side of the bed in the corner.

Along the left wall there is a whirlpool bathtub and extra large shower, measuring 1.25 by 1.5 meters. It has two spigots; one has a shower massager attached to it. It is in the corner that is cattycorner to the clothes closet and separated from the bedroom and the bathtub by a 1.5 meter high white tiled wall which is open all the way to the 2.5 meter ceiling. It has a clear glass door leading into it.

The whirlpool bath is to the right of the shower as one looks at it; it is built to resemble a sunken bathtub. The floor is built up around it so that one has to step down into it; it does not have a shower curtain or anything separating it from the rest of the bedroom. There are two small steps leading up into the bathtub.

Further to the right, at the foot of the bath, is a combination double sink and vanity with a large mirror. To the right of the vanity along the adjoining wall is a small room containing the toilet. The linen closet is between Uzun porno this room and the clothes closet.

She gets four large towels and two washcloths from the cabinet and puts two towels and one washcloth next to the whirlpool bathtub and the other set on a shelf inside the shower. She turns on the water in the whirlpool tub. As soon as it is ready she turns on the shower and sets it at just the right temperature.

Then she takes off her slippers, pins her long black hair up with a clip barrette and sits down on the edge of the tub wall to wait for her Master.

He enters the bedroom a few seconds later. She immediately rises to her feet. If she has any clothes on he removes them first. However, this evening she is naked, as she normally is when they are alone, for she loves to go naked and does so as often as she can. Also, the rules of her consensual sexual slavery to him demand that, unless otherwise directed by him, she is to remain naked at all times when they are alone together.

Earlier in the evening, just before he left to bring the children to his mother-in-law’s house, he requested that she remove all of her clothes. The only thing she wears at such times is her slippers so that she does not get her feet soiled while walking around the dirty floor.

He too sometimes goes naked when the children are spending an evening at one of their grandparent’s houses. At such times, they both enter the bath as soon as it’s ready.

But he had yet to disrobe from earlier, so she begins by taking off his shit. She puts it in the dirty clothes bin. Then she kneels down in front of him and removes his shoes and socks. He raises his feet one at a time, balancing himself by putting his hand on her head. She puts his socks in the dirty clothes bin and his shoes inside the walk-in closet.

She returns to kneel in front of him. She unbuckles his pants and lowers them to his ankles. She takes his pants off from around his ankles as he raises each foot. She removes the belt from the pants. She puts his pants in the cloths bin with his socks and shirt. She places his keys, his wallet and the loose change from his pockets on top of his dresser.

Then she again kneels in front of him and bows her head. She doubles the belt in half and holds it palm up in her hands, offering it up to him. He takes it from her. She raises her head and waits for his command. He stares down at her.

“You may remove my drawers my Pet.”

“Yes Master, thank you Master.” She is very careful. She pulls his drawers over his well endowed manhood and down to his ankles. He raises his feet one at a time as she removes his drawers. She puts them in the dirty clothes bin.

Then she returns to kneel in front of him again. Her back is straight and her hands are crossed in front of her. She stares straight ahead at his dick, the object of her sexual enslavement.

Just seeing him excites her beyond her greatest expectations. She longs to kiss his manhood, to take his cock into her inviting mouth and suck it. She wets her lips with her tongue.

“I am ready Master. I await your pleasure,” she murmurs in wishful agony.

“Very good my Pet. But first tell me, have you done anything worthy of a spanking today?”

Whenever they shower together, they frequently go through a similar scene. He will question her until she gives him an excuse to spank her, for he knows she loves to have her naked ass beat before they bathe.

She bows her head and closes her eyes. “Yes Master. I watched television this morning after you left for work.”

“What should you have been doing?”

“I should have been doing my chores Master, putting clean sheets on our bed, washing the dirty ones in the washing machine, putting the dishes in the dishwasher, dusting the furniture, and checking my computer to see if I had received any greeting card orders that may have come in overnight. Instead, I wasted the morning by watching television for over an hour Master.

“Exactly how long did you watch TV?”

“For a little over an hour and a half Master.”

“When did I say you may watch TV?”

On the day she became his sex slave — a little over a year ago — he began to call her his pet. It is a nickname she cherishes. It reminds her of her status as his sex slave. But he has stopped calling her by his and her favorite nickname. She notices this. She wants to be his pet again.

“Only after I finish my chores Master. Please forgive me Master.”

“You are forgiven. You know that. You also know that I would rather be showering with you and bathing you. But now I cannot. For now I have to discipline you. I must punish you for your disobedience. You know that too. Don’t you?”

“Yes Master.” She knows she has disappointed her Master. She knows she will be punished for her insolence. But she also knows that she deserves to be spanked for she deliberately watched TV, knowing that he wants her to do her chores first. She is ashamed of herself and bows her head in submission. Öğrenci porno Her humility arouses him, not only sexually but also compassionately.

“You disappoint me. That’s two days in a row that you have broken the rules and forced me to discipline you.”

“Yes I know Master. I am sorry Master.”

“I know that you enjoy it when I smack your naked butt. I know that it gets you sexually aroused. So my question is: Did you disobey me on purpose so that I would spank your naked ass or were these just two days of random forgetfulness on your part?”

“I need . . . it was . . . I want you to smack my ass. Please Master I get so hot when you beat me and when you debase me.”

“Then you disobeyed me because you enjoy the spanking, because it turns you on sexually.”

She does not answer him. She just bows her head and closes her eyes once more.

“Turn the water off in the shower and go to the foot of the bed.”

“Yes Master.” She turns off the water in the shower and goes to the foot of the bed. Her Master is waiting for her, standing near one of two flower pots that are hanging from eyebolts in a large decorative oak beam running across the ceiling in the center of the room. The belt is folded in half in his hand.

“Take one of the flower pots down,” he commands her.

“Yes Master.” She lowers her head. She is apprehensive over the coming beating. It is something she dreads and yet, she longs for it, looks forward to it.

She looks up and reaches, grabbing one of the flower pots. It is hanging just about even with her forehead. As soon as she unhooks the fern from the chain from which it is hanging, before she can lower it, the first smack catches her across both her cheeks.

It is hard, the pain is severe. She closes her eyes and grimaces. She can feel the welt rising on her ass.

She carries the potted fern across the room. Her Master follows her. She pauses. She knows what she must do. She bends over at the waist, offering her ass to her Master. She closes her eyes and waits.

The second whack is across her left cheek and right thigh where it meets the buttock. It leaves another red welt. She moans and bites her lip. Tears form in her eyes. She puts the flower pot down.

He places his left hand in the small of her back, preventing her from standing up. Again he hits her hard across both cheeks. Then after two more smacks he allows her to stand up. When she does so, a sixth whack hits both of her cheeks.

She stifles a sniffle. Her ass is burning and her cunt is beginning to fill with her succulent juices.

“Get your leather wrist cuffs,” he orders her.

“Yes Master.” She crosses the room to one of the chest of drawers. He follows her. She picks up his keys. She again bends over at the waist and waits for the attack.

The seventh smack catches both cheeks again. Her ass is on fire and her pussy is overflowing with her steaming juices. She is in agony from the spanking and ecstasy from her own fluids bathing her Venus lips.

Next she opens the bottom drawer and unlocks a metal box there, removes the wrist cuffs from it and stands up. She puts the keys on the dresser. He hits her butt an eighth time and she moans in agony.

Turning around, she hands the cuffs to her Master. He loops the belt around her neck, attaches the leather wrist cuffs on her and roughly pulls her over to the chain hanging from the oak beam. He hooks her wrists to the chain. Then he grabs a handful of her hair and smacks her buns hard two more times.

He lets go of her hair and stands in front of her.

She is hanging naked with her arms stretched above her head and with only her bare feet touching the floor. She closes her eyes and begins to whimper quietly. She knows her whipping will be severe. But she is also apprehensive because the spanking will keep her cunt juices flowing hot.

“You said that you watched television for an hour and a half.”

“No Master, it was actually an hour and forty minutes.”

“Then that makes 20 lashes, one for each five minutes of disobedience.”

“Yes Master.” She tightens the muscles in her buttocks in anticipation of the coming attack. She again closes her eyes.

It comes hard; it stings. It immediately brings tears to her eyes. After five smacks he pauses and massages her ass cheeks. They are crimson and sore. She is crying quietly. The second set of five hard whacks is aimed at her pussy. Now her Venus mound is also red and stinging. She is crying profusely.

He tells her that he will be merciful for the final ten whacks; he will not hit her as hard. She thanks him through her tears.

First he spanks her vagina again two more times. Next he smacks her twice across her stomach on her navel. Then he delivers three blows each to each of her breasts.

When he finishes he drops the belt on the floor at her feet. He unhooks her from the chain and removes the wrist cuffs. She puts her arms around his shoulders and continues cimcif porno to cry into the crook of his neck. He picks her up and carries her into the shower.

As her carries her into the shower, Tanya Maria reminisces on her sexual slavery to her husband and the beating he just administered to her.

“Oh why did I watch television? It was a stupid movie too; I didn’t even like it. Why did I give my Master an excuse to beat me? My ass, my pussy and my tits hurt tremendously right now. I’m not a pain slut. At least I don’t think I’m a pain slut. I don’t like the pain; I don’t like the beatings. I cringe from them. But then why do I submit to my Master and let him beat me and torture me? Why do I want to — no — need to be spanked and humiliated?”

He sits her down on the shower bench. She kisses him hotly on the lips. Their tongues entwine. He massages her breasts, giving her soothing relief. She moans in delight.

She silently answers her own questions while he turns on the faucets and adjusts the water temperature.

“Because the pleasure and pain thresholds blur together. I love the ecstasy that comes after the beatings and I love the pure bliss he gives to me once he is finished torturing me. I metamorphose from a writhing, crying animal of lust into a joyous, rapturous butterfly of love. I change from a whimpering, self-centered beast, seeking to satisfy only my own desires, to a euphoric, philanthropic angel, hoping to give sensuous delight to all my loved ones.”

Once he has the water at the correct temperature he tells her to stand up. Her arms are at her sides. Holding the shower massager in his left hand, he slowly turns her around several times, spraying her and making sure her entire body is wet.

“Oh Master, the fine spray feels so good. Please don’t stop.”

He does not answer her. He gently massages her flesh, paying particular attention to her ass cheeks, her pubic mound and her breasts.

“Thank you Master. Your delicate hands bring welcoming relief to my aching body.”

He kisses each of her nipples, flicking each one with his tongue. He bites her left teat and pulls on it with his teeth, sending a sweet, delicious ache through her breast.

She closes her eyes and cups both of her breasts. “Master, I love it when you bite my nipples. It sends an electricity through my breast that is out of this world.”

He smiles at her and bites the other nipple. She sighs in ecstasy and thrusts her chest out.

“Oh Master,” she moans softly.

He replaces the massager in its cradle and lathers the washcloth. The shower is spraying her tender breasts

He starts off by pressing his naked body against hers; her back is towards him. She can feel his erect manhood pressing into the crack of her sore butt. She wriggles her cheeks against his cock. It feels celestial. A spasm of delight runs up and down her spine.

“Master I can feel your dick seeking entrance into my garden. It reminds me of when you put me on my hands and knees and penetrate my pussy doggy style. I love to fuck in that position.”

He does not answer her; he is busy massaging her shoulders.

He kisses her between the shoulder blades. Then he washes her shoulders, upper back and the back of her neck. He kneads the muscles of her neck while soaping her down.

“Oh Master,” she moans. “Rub my neck some more. It feels so delicious.”

When he finishes he turns her around so that the shower rinses her back; she is facing him now. His blood gorged manhood points directly at her wet vagina, drenched on the outside from the shower and on the inside from her own passions.

He quickly washes his own neck, chest and stomach. The warm soapy water cascades down his body and mingles with his pubic hair. She reaches down to fondle his dick and balls. She smiles wickedly and claws her fingernails up his hard length. A spasm of joy runs up and down his spine.

“I like it when you do that to my cock,” he says to his slave. “As with you, it too sends an electricity surging through my body that I really enjoy.”

She unhooks the shower massager and sprays his chest, stomach and groin. She again claws his dick with her fingernails. Then she leans over and kisses the tip of his prick.

When she stands up, he kisses each of her nipples and then he washes each breast, massaging each breast and nipple as he does so.

Her nipples harden into two miniature ICBMs ready to blast off from her two soft globes of malleable flesh. Her passions are approaching skyscraper heights. Her womanhood is rapidly filling with her torrid fluids.

Meanwhile, she continues to spray his dick, her living, growing toy. She smiles lustfully at him.

He washes the front of her neck and the chest area above her breasts. He turns her around. She sprays herself and rinses the suds from her own luscious body.

While she rinses herself, he again kisses her between the shoulder blades. He bites her left shoulder and presses his cock into the crack of her ass.

“Oh Master, it is wickedly magnificent what you’re doing to my emotions. I can hardly wait till we make love.” She reminisces on the joy she receives when he fucks her, when he is deep inside of her. A spasm of ecstasy ripples through her flesh. She closes he eyes and moans softly.

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