Sandi’s Erotic Interludes Ch. 04


Chap 04. Patrick. (February 1992.)

Fourteen months before my meeting with Gerry I enjoyed a unique encounter with Patrick. He was a guy of 40 I had occasional meetings with in my profession as *********, and it was after one such meeting that the following exciting story occurred.

Leaving Patrick’s office I was vexed to find my car wouldn’t start. Returning to his office I asked Patrick if he knew of a reputable local garage, my knowledge of the inner working of cars practically non existent, and he phoned one on my behalf.

It turned out that the car couldn’t be fixed until the next day; apparently some part needed replacing which the garage didn’t stock.

“Well that’s left me in a bit of a quandary.” I grumbled to Patrick, after ringing my office to apprise them of the situation.

He sympathized with my predicament and when I went on to ask about hotels in the area, offered me accommodation himself.

“The kids are away on holiday for half term at the moment so we’ve plenty of room and you won’t be disturbed by their noise.”

I thanked Patrick for his generous offer and waited while he finished off some work. We then drove to his house which proved to be a substantial looking detached property in a leafy suburb.

“I hope your wife’s not going to be put out by the arrangement. I wouldn’t want your generous offer to get you into trouble.” I commented as he unlocked his front door and led the way inside.

“Oh didn’t I say? Brenda’s away with the children.” Patrick replied airily and I looked sharply at the guy.

So that was his game. Well he wasn’t unattractive and if I was going to be stuck in a strange town overnight I might as well have some fun.

“I see. Have you lured me to your house to have your wicked way with me then?”

“Something like that.” Patrick admitted, his hand on my bottom steering me into the lounge. “After all you’re a very attractive girl and as we’re both at a loose end tonight why not enjoy ourselves.”

He closed the door and placed his hands on my hips as we faced one another.

“My thoughts exactly.” I smiled and Patrick visibly relaxed, sancak escort knowing then he would achieve his objective, indeed the object of his desire was already feeling moist! Encouraged, Patrick moved his hands up to my breasts. “So you’re not averse to a little hanky panky tonight?” Patrick asked his lips close to mine as he massaged them.

In answer I deftly unzipped Patrick’s trousers and slipped my hand inside to locate a hot and very hard penis. His lips found mine, the delightful feel of his tongue probing my mouth boding well for when it would hopefully do likewise to my cunt.

“I must ring my husband to put him in the picture. Can I use your phone?”

I broke free before Patrick became over excited.

Ringing hubby I explained the situation to him and was about to hang up when Patrick took the phone from me.

“Hello, are you still there?”

A pause before he went on, “Patrick here. Don’t worry about your wife’s well-being, I’ll look after her like the gentleman I am.”

There was a lengthy silence before he exclaimed, “Well great, if that’s what you want!”

Patrick hung up laughing and I asked what the joke was.

“Your husband just invited me to make love to you, not that either of us needs any encouragement, says it turns him on to think of you in my bed being fucked senseless by me!”

“We’d best get on with it then.”

After making love, Patrick’s tongue living up to its promise, I took a shower. He was taking me for a meal and it was unfortunate that I hadn’t a change of clothes with me. Patrick assured me I looked fine as I was, wearing my dark business suit. I regretted the lack of fresh underwear though and decided to leave my panties off, having worn them all day. I found it rather daring to be entering the restaurant without panties, a fact which excited Patrick when I told him.

Back at the house he fucked me again before I drifted off to sleep in his arms.

I awoke in the morning to hear Patrick on the phone.

“Yes of course, I fucked Sandi twice as it happens.”

A pause while hubby sarıyer escort presumably said something, Patrick smiling to see me awake.

“Sandi gives great head and the feel of her tongue licking all over my balls was out of this world. Actually she’s awake now so I’m going to give your wife another good fucking before going into work.”

He hung up commenting that it sounded as if hubby was masturbating as he spoke.

“Sounds about right.” I told him before taking Patrick’s cock in my mouth.

Soon after Patrick left for work I came on. Well I knew it was due but very disappointing. He intended taking a half day holiday solely to make love to me again before I collect the car but would be sorely disappointed to find I’d started a period. Actually when I gave Patrick the bad news he didn’t seem too perturbed.

“There are always other things we can do.” he said.

Naturally I offered to suck him off but what Patrick said next shocked me until I got used to the idea.

“You’ve got 3 holes,” he explained. “My wife and I always use the backdoor during her periods.”

I must have looked astonished once I’d realised his meaning because Patrick went on to ask if I had anal sex with my husband.

“No, never!”

“Could be a new experience for you then.”

He was undressing me then, my passivity signalling agreement to his suggestion of anal intercourse. I felt in something of a daze as Patrick positioned me to his liking, on hands and knees, bottom in the air. His own clothes came off in double quick time and I watched him fetch a tube of lubricant from a drawer.

Then he was crouching at my rear, his hands stroking my bottom, pulling the cheeks apart to inspect me. Next a well lubricated finger slipped inside my anus and I gasped.

“Ah yes I’m going to enjoy slipping my cock up this tight little hole!” Patrick exclaimed, continuing to finger my anus.

I rested my forehead on my arms, thrusting my rump high in the air and feeling shamelessly exposed to him. The fingers continued to drive in and out, 2 becoming 3, as Patrick sefaköy escort opened my anus up to receive his penis.

There was a pause and I guessed he was lubricating his own organ. The supposition proved correct when I felt the tip of Patrick’s cock nudging its way into my anus. He was holding my bum cheeks apart, more and more of his cock sliding inside. I was astonished by just how easy it went in, all the lubrication I suppose.

Then he began bum fucking me and I squealed to feel his hard cock driving in and out of my anus. Patrick paused, his pubic hair and balls pressed to my flesh, telling me his cock was fully imbedded inside my anal canal.

“Later I’ll ring hubby and tell him what I’ve done to you!” he crowed before resuming his thrusts.

The sensations caused by Patrick’s penis driving in and out of my anus were indescribable and afterwards I was astonished, incredulous even, at how good it had felt and how much I’d enjoyed my first taste of anal intercourse.

It was over but I remained in the kneeling position, bottom high in the air, feeling so very open in front of this guy who 24 hours or so ago I knew only in a professional capacity. Patrick remained crouching behind me as he snatched up the phone.

“Your bum hole looks incredible,” he told me, dialling hubby’s office number.

I held my breathe listening to Patrick telling hubby what we’d just been doing.

“So now I know your wife’s body even more intimately than you do, having had my cock in all 3 of her holes,” he crowed triumphantly.

There was a long pause then before Patrick continued, “I’m studying your wife’s bum hole as we speak, and it looks great, gaping open from the pounding I’ve just given it, my cream flowing out. I can safely say that Sandi will want it up the arse again now I’ve introduced her to the practice.”

He slammed the phone down laughing triumphantly before slapping my buttocks.

“What a wimp, your old man could barely contain himself, wants you to tell him all the sordid details of our fun and games. Seems he likes you to spread your legs for other guys.”

Patrick went off to shower whistling happily.

Well back home I related all the details about my latest conquest, albeit embarrassed and hesitant at the anal intercourse bit. Hubby exhibited the high excitement Patrick predicted so I had no reluctance in admitted to having thoroughly enjoyed my new experience and certainly wouldn’t shy away from anal sex in the future.

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