Santa Claus visits Naughty Kimberly Sue

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Santa Claus visits Naughty Kimberly SueYou better watch out, you better not cryYou better not pout, I’m telling you why!!!Santa Clasu is coming to town!!!And that dirty old bastard spends all year looking into the bedrooms of boys and girls across the world deciding whether what they do is naughty or nice!! He is pissed with one young woman that is spoiling Christmas by telling k**s that he is not real!!!! So he made a special trip down from the North Pole just to set some things straight!!!And does he ever get it straight!!!Hope you enjoy!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Santa quietly made his way into the apartment bedroom of one Kimberly Sue Piedmont. She was on the naughty list. Oh was she ever on the naughty list!! Santa had spent many an evening in the back of the toy workshop watching her late at night as she watched video after video of girls being throat fucked, fisted and violated by men. He had not watched the action on the computer. What she did to herself was what fascinated the old bastard.Quietly he slipped his wide belt off and laid it on the bed. He went to the dresser in the corner of the room and pulled out the handcuffs and ball gag he knew she kept there. He had watched her put them on herself on many evenings. She looked so innocent and vulnerable with the big red ball shoved into her ruby red lips. The chrome shone in the snow globe as he watched and now as he held them in his hand, they trembled in anticipation.He had waited for when she was asleep and then had entered her apartment and gathered things from the house that he knew she had dreamed of using much more than sugar plums. He dumped the chip clips clothes pins, candles and ball of string into the chair by the desk and took the now empty pillow case over to the bed.It really was very easy. In the twinkling of an eye, He lifted her naked torso up from the bed, threw the pillow case over her head, caught her hands and hand cuffed them quicker than you could say, “Happy Holidays!” Within seconds after that, the ball gag was shoved into place and scarves that were yahyalı escort tied to the poster columns at the foot of the bed were tied around her ankles, spreading her legs wide.“Ho, Ho, Ho!” he chuckled in a none too innocent fashion. “You have whined and complained for three years in a row that Santa never brings you what you want. You tell your friends he does not exist and send their k**s away in tears. My my Kimberly Sue, you are indeed on the naughty list!!”She had frozen on the bed at the first sounds of his voice. Now her head tried to follow as he quickly moved around her room. Soon candles were burning merrily and he moved to the head of the bed and removed the pillow case from her head. She blinked and blinked trying to make sense of seeing the smiling old fat man standing next to her, with the small mouth, full beard and twinkling eyes. “Tonight, you shall believe!!”He took some snow from the North Pole out of his pocket and packed each of her firm tight breasts in it. It was a special snow that did not melt but stayed cold and soon little Kimberly Sue was thrashing on the bed as he packed her hairless pussy in white fluffy snow as well. “You know, little Kimberly Sue, I watch you when you sleep. I know what you do to your pretty split peach between your thighs and those mounds of milk filled desserts on your chest!! I figured you could use a little cooling off. But trust me, I know if you have been bad or good… and you have been VERY bad!Eyes wide, she stared as Santa slipped off his red coat and kicked off his boots. Then, with a leering eye fixed upon her face, the jolly fat man removed his pants revealing a cock like a third leg!!! “Oh yes, you have been a bad girl, stuffing bigger and bigger things in your hot little cunt. Then it dawned on me that you were stretched wide enough for even old Santa to fuck silly, so that’s what I plan to do! After, of course, fulfilling your Christmas wish!”You have always wanted your boobs covered in candle wax, if I remember right!” he said and then he laughed. With a wave of his hand the North Pole snow disappeared from her chest, leaving the pink flesh exposed. Santa licked his lips. Kimberly Sue’s nipples were always long and always hard, but they were so tightly drawn up and shriveled that he could not help himself. He bent over her prone body and gobbled first one nipple and then the other into his greedy mouth and sucked until the moans she uttered matched those coming from himself!!Then he quickly turned and gathered candles, three at a time and splashed the wax out over her chest in waves of colors and heat! She screamed around her gag and he laughed quietly. The huge cock that had hung down from his torso twitched and lifted ever so slightly. Grabbing candle after candle the jolly pervert coated every bit of young Kimberly Sue’s chest with cooling wax that stiffened forming the perfect shape of her incredible tits. “I have always enjoyed girls with big jugs, and there is nothing quite as nice as the large D cups on a 22 year old slut to keep an old elf happy 364 days out of the year!!”He began working chip clips and clothes pins into designs and lines across her belly and thighs, tying them together with strings as he hummed little tunes to himself. He was a perverted old man, and enjoyed every wince and whimper that she gave him.Then he took off his gloves and pulled on black rubber glove and coated them until they shone wickedly in the candle light. “You say I never give you what you want, but you never told your friends that what you really want is to be fisted and stretched. I wonder if you will tell them now, when they see you walking so awkwardly after I am finished with you.!!!The snow packing her pussy disappeared as quickly as that on her breasts had. He stared in wonder at her stretched pussy lips and muttered to himself, “Yes, you have been very naughty indeed…..” He started with three fat fingers but soon added the fourth. He twisted his hand as it went in and out, noting those areas that were tighter and those which gave more easily. There were spots that he would rub with a knuckle and she would shudder in a way that was not all nice, though he did think the moans she gave were exceptionally nice!!In and out, deeper, wider he went! His thumb pressing down and rubbing across her clit caused her to writhe and then stiffen as a climax took over her body. He chuckled and his belly shook like a bowl full of jelly, as his massive cock rose like a pornographic diving board from his torso. He rested his thrusting and kept his fist still buried inside her as the waves of pleasure began to subside. Then he began pounding her tender flesh again with his shiny black rubber covered fist! She whipped her head back and forth again and again begging and crying for him to stop but he just laughed and kept up his attack upon her flesh as his cock rose ever higher.As she started to cum and her back arched in uninhibited decadence, he gave a mighty yank on the string connecting all of the clips and pins on her body and like a human zipper, they snapped and exploded off of her flesh sending such intense signals to her brain that she screamed and fainted.Chuckling, Santa pulled his fist out, pried the cooled wax cast from her now sweat soaked body and climbed between her legs. He was none too gentle and it was probably better for little Kimberly Sue that she was not aware of him as he slid his massive prick in and out of her stretched and raw flesh. He was lively and quick and within a very few minutes he was unloading a sleigh full of spermies deep into her belly with a roar that probably could have started an avalanche 50 miles away!!Crawling off of her body as she moaned and began coming to her sense, Santa walked around and wiped his cum and her juices across Kimberly Sues face and dried himself off with her hair. He rolled her over and gave her 22 stripes with his belt across her bottom, one for every year of not believing in his existence, then freed her hands and removed her gag.He loaded up the wax cast of her full chest cast and laughed as he surveyed the mess he had made of her room. “Serves the little bitch right. Maybe she won’t go around spoiling Christmas for others now!” he chuckled and ducked out of her room just as she rolled over with a moan!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Leave a comment if you enjoyed the story….And do not go ruining Christmas for others or Santa may come visit YOU!!!

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