Santa’s BIG Surprise


David cursed under his breath as he saw the time. He would need to be getting dressed soon, if he wanted to be on time. Slowly, dragging out the eventual time of departure, he finished up the work on his desk.

At 40, David was the epitome of the successful businessman. He was the youngest vice president at the largest bank in the city. He had been frugal with his money over the years and he could retire and live quite comfortably for the next 40 years. But he enjoyed working too much. He often worked 10 and 12-hour days. It wasn’t at all unusual that if one of the evening tellers called in sick, he would volunteer to cover the window instead of making one of the other tellers work over. So it wasn’t at all surprising that he was also the most popular vice president as well.

A tap on his office door drew his attention. He looked up as his assistant poked her head around the door. David smiled at the attractive young woman.

“What’s up, Eve?” David asked her easily.

Eve smiled. At 30, she was the luckiest secretary, or assistant as some preferred to be called, at the bank. She worked for the handsomest and the nicest of all the bank’s officers. He was always generous and considerate to her. Not only did she get the same bonus check for Christmas as everyone else, but David always gave her a generous cash gift as well. And the real reason she was the envy of all the other women who worked in the large bank was that David had the nicest wife. A lot of the officers wives considered themselves too good to deign to speak to their underlings, but Anne never failed to speak to every person she passed whenever she visited the bank. Earlier today, Anne had appeared at her desk and presented her with a huge gift basket filled with tasty treats (most homemade) and an expensive gift package of perfume, powder and lotion.

Eve had gotten up to open her boss’ door for his wife, but Anne shook her head saying she didn’t want to disturb him. But she did ask Eve to please remind him to get dressed in time so he wouldn’t be late for the party. After Anne left, Eve had seen that she had left small baskets for everyone working the teller windows, secretaries and a larger one for Mr. Harris, their security guard.

“It’s time to get ready, Mr. Jackson. It wouldn’t do for our best Santa ever to be late for our Christmas party.” She saw his grimace. He kept his feelings well hidden from everyone else, but she knew that he didn’t really enjoy dressing up in the red suit, donning the beard and everything else each year. But like everyone else, he had been unable to say “no” to his wife.

“Thanks, Eve. You can go ahead and take off if you want. I only have a few more things to finish here. Are you bringing anyone to the party?”

Eve grinned. “Tom and I are borrowing my brother’s two kids for the evening. It just isn’t Christmas without the joy one sees on a child’s face. Goodnight then, and I’ll see you later.”

David watched the door close behind his beautiful secretary. She was the stuff that men lusted after, especially if they’d been married for 20 years like he had. But Eve was happily engaged to Tom, who was working his way up steadily through the bank’s loan department. It was hearing her comment about the joy on a child’s face that had gotten to him. After 20 years, he and Anne were still childless. They had done all the usual things, all the embarrassing things and even a few humiliating ones. But nothing had worked for them. And now, they never even mentioned children. As he thought back, it was around 3 years earlier that Anne had stopped talking about it.

There had been a big party thrown for Anne by the people at the bank, which had really knocked David for a loop. He had actually forgotten her birthday and had felt more than a little foolish when Eve had told him to hurry downstairs to the large staff lounge at 5 that day. When he had questioned why, Eve had reminded him it was Anne’s birthday, and one of the other wives was bringing her in on some ruse or other, for the surprise party.

He had hung back and watched his quiet, shy wife become the center of everyone’s attention. It had been impossible not to notice the changes the last 17 years had made on Anne as he watched her chat with people, and open presents. She now wore her hair in a very sedate bun at the nape of her neck. Her hair, while still a lovely, deep shade of brown, had just a few gray hairs peaking in. Her body had rounded a little and she had begun wearing quiet clothes. David had enjoyed seeing her laughing and smiling so much that evening, more than he had seen her do in years in fact. And it was nearly time to leave when he overheard Anne speaking with a friend of her’s and Eve.

“No,” he had heard Anne answer. “I’m giving up trying. I’ve decided I’m too old to be having a first baby anyway. And it’s been a terrible strain on David.” Her voice had broken just then. “God must have decided he had other plans for me than motherhood, and üsküdar escort it’s high time I get busy and figure out just what those plans are.”

David had never wanted to acknowledge how much it had hurt him to hear Anne giving up. He had given up mentally, a few years earlier, and taken to joking about all the money he had saved over the years on birth control. He always said that is why he’d be retiring at 55 and moving to the beach while his buddies still had kids to put through college and grad school. David stood and moved over to the closet, which held his freshly dry cleaned outfit. Shaking his head, he began changing his clothes into the custom made costume. Anne had surprised him two years earlier, which had made his sixth year of doing this, with a custom made red velvet suit, trimmed with faux white fur, black patent leather belt (not plastic as the bank’s suit had been) and shiny black boots. She had even contacted a makeup artist to have a lifelike beard and wig made that would be comfortable for him to wear. And the suit had the padding built in, disguising his very fit and muscular body quite successfully. If David didn’t have a meeting over his lunch hour, he went to the gym the bank had installed in the basement and worked out.

He dressed slowly, taking his time. The party was across town at a very swank hotel and his arrival should come about an hour into the party. As usual, David knew he would find his bag full of toys, all carefully marked, and waiting for him at the reception desk. Anne had never forgotten a single detail yet.

Anne looked up as she heard her husband’s voice saying “ho-ho-ho” and the merry Christmas part was buried under the children’s screams of joy. Many of the employees borrowed children, if they didn’t have any. But she had never done that, or even considered it because her time was always filled with making sure the party was a success for everyone else. The only employees who ever missed this party were those who had to start for out of town destinations to be with family. She and David had always been too tired to do anything else on Christmas Eve, but always made the rounds to both parents’ houses on the following day. But this year, she had called her folks and her in-laws and told them they wouldn’t make it.

Anne stood from where she had been kneeling and playing with several small children. She shook out her ankle length dress, and started over to help Santa dole out the packages that were all marked for each special child. Her dress was new this year. It was made of the softest white velvet, and trimmed with white marabou feathers. She had a white feathery concoction of hat, which covered most of her hair.

David looked up, sensing that his wife was near. He was startled for a minute as he saw how pretty she looked in the white dress, with her face made up attractively. As she smiled, he noticed the bright red lipstick and how full and sensual her lips looked all of a sudden. He was glad when he heard her traditional offer of “let me help you, Santa.”

David was so glad to get home a few hours later. He had lost track of Anne, but had been told that she had left a few minutes earlier as the party was breaking up. He pulled his car into the garage and saw that her minivan was already parked within. Groaning, he gathered his suit from the office, his discarded hat and started into the house. He stopped immediately, seeing the house was lit only with the Christmas lights on the tree and some scattered candles. Tossing his office clothes over a dining room chair, he moved into the living room, where their beautiful Victorian-style tree gleamed brightly.

He shook his head and acknowledged that Anne had the knack for doing Christmas better than anyone else he’d ever met, even his mother. She combined beautiful decorations with touches of hominess that made it perfect. And then he heard the soft Christmas music playing in the background. Starting for the bedroom, he stopped as he saw the fireplace was already lit, and there was a bottle of wine opened, and two glasses already filled waiting on the low hearth. Grinning, he wondered where Anne was?


“Help yourself to the wine, David, and I’ll be right out.”

David considered undressing but decided to drink a glass of wine first. He sat on the overstuffed sofa, gratified that he had listened to Anne on the choice of furniture once again.

Anne was in their bedroom. She took a deep breath, spritzed some perfume on, and started for the living room. It was surprising how nervous she felt, almost as if she were entertaining a new beau, instead of a husband of 20 years. As she entered the living room, David was watching the fire. She came over and sat beside him. It took him a moment to turn and then he gasped out loud.

“Damn! You cut your hair!”

Anne smiled at her husband and took his glass from his hand. She nodded and went back yenibosna escort to the fireplace, pouring him another glass of wine. Her hair had been cut into a very sexy, and saucy pixie cut that made her look 10 years younger. “I was beginning to feel like a grandmother, in that silly bun all the time. Do you like it?”

David, though a little drunk from quite a few spiked eggnogs at the party and the quickly downed glass of wine, was still a smart husband. He nodded his head, and then realized he was still wearing his wig and beard. He pulled the wig off, but the beard would require the special remover.

“Let me, darling. I’ve got the remover over here.”

David watched as Anne handed him the refilled glass, and then picked up a small basket. She smiled and set the basket on the sofa. “I’d better take this dress off so I don’t get that remover on it.”

David was sipping his wine when he noticed how slowly his wife was unbuttoning the dress. Suddenly, his world seemed to slip into slow motion as he watched the edges of the dress part and reveal a bright red bra. He was unaware that his mouth was open as he watched Anne part the dress completely and revealed her secret. She had started working out every day, usually twice a day, at a nearby gym. Her tummy was almost completely flat, but David didn’t really notice that. All of his attention was focused on her magnificent breasts.

Anne had the best tits in the world, in his opinion, even though his interest might have seemed to wane a bit over the last few years. And as she tossed her white dress aside, he saw she was wearing a red lace demi bra that pushed her big, round 40 DD breasts high on her chest, and exposed the top half of her aureoles. He knew the straps must be straining to keep those delectable melons encased that high. All of a sudden, and for the first time in too many months to remember, his hands itched to surround that luscious tit flesh. He could feel his cock rising to the occasion inside his red velvet Santa suit.

Anne smiled and seeing where his eyes were glued, slowly stroked her red nails across one mounded boob towards the center, and then slowly caressed her hand down over her tummy. David’s eyes moved with her hand, right down to the edge of her lacy red thong style panties. Anne saw his eyes almost pop out of his head as he realized that the usual full, brown bush was not there. Brazenly, she raised her stocking covered leg to rest her foot on his thigh.

“David, darling, could undo the strap of my shoes?”

David’s eyes moved up her thigh and couldn’t miss the way the silky crotch of the panty was pulled tight against her lips. Anne watched his hands fumble on the strap until he finally slipped the shoe off. She tugged at the red lacy stocking top, and then moved her other foot into position, but this time closer to his straining crotch. As his fingers fumbled once again, Anne asked him softly, “Did you like my new dress?”

David nodded, feeling like he was fifteen and confronted with the sexiest woman he’d ever seen. He managed to slip her foot free and started to run his hand up her ankle. But Anne was too quick and put her leg down. Deliberately she turned her back on her husband, grinning as he heard his startled gasp. The view from the back was just as sexy-her trainer, the salesgirl and her mirror had assured her. Her butt looked a taut firm peach, sitting as high as it ever had with all of her workouts.

Anne, who had never in her life acted the vamp before, looked over her shoulder and smiled at her husband. And she simultaneously bent over into a 90-degree angle to pick up her wine glass from the hearth. “Would you like some more, honey?”

David actually choked. He felt like a kid in a real live porn movie, only he was 40, and he was being seduced by his 38-year-old wife of 20 years. He nodded jerkily, or he thought he did because Anne returned with the bottle as well as her glass. She refilled his glass, put her knee on the sofa next to his thigh, and then leaned over him to set the bottle on the table next to David. Slowly, she sat on the sofa, one leg curled beneath her. Sipping her wine slowly, she let her eyes roam over her husband. It was impossible to miss his reaction to her seductive little game.

“Would you hold my glass for a moment, David?” Anne asked him a moment later, enjoying the flush rising on her husband’s neck. She had been aware that they had started to drift apart over the last year. They almost never had sex anymore and Anne had decided to either change things one way, or another. If David no longer loved her, then she didn’t want to stay married to him. “You look kind of warm, Santa, why don’t you let your helper do something about that?”

David gulped hard and took a big drink of wine from Anne’s glass. He nodded and then watched as Anne slid from the sofa to the floor between his legs. He shook his head, telling himself zeytinburnu escort he had to be dreaming. This wasn’t his staid little wife who seemed more intent on pleasing everyone else lately than pleasing herself or him? It couldn’t be. Could it?

David looked down and saw that Anne wasn’t unfastening his red velvet jacket at all. Santa’s little helper was unzipping the red velvet trousers instead. When she spread the material, tugging it a little, David shifted to help her. He realized a moment later that Anne had pulled his briefs down along with his trousers, and his cock was standing tall and proud between the parted edges of his fur-lined red velvet jacket. There was something naughty and lascivious about all of this he realized. His eyes moved down and he saw that Anne was lightly caressing her fingertips across the full-mounded hilltops of her boobs. As soon as she saw him looking, she slipped her fingers into the cups and jerked them down.


David’s voice echoed in the near silence of the room. Her big boobs had bounced and jiggled upon their joyous release from their red prison cells. Her nipples, which were always a little distended, were more than half an inch long, hard and seemed to be demanding prompt attention. He lifted his hands, eager to provide the attention but Anne was faster. Her hands were encircling his shaft, and stroking up and down the big, thick steely-hard cock. Her head lowered in the next instant and enveloped his cock with her mouth.

David’s head dropped back onto the sofa, as he was overwhelmed with sensations. His mind was filled with visions of that tempting ass and those big tits just dying for his mouth! This had the promise of being the best night of his life! One hand lifted of its own volition, and his fingers threaded through the soft, springy curls of her new haircut. He had liked her hair long, but she looked so saucy and sexy… He groaned as her tongue started teasing little licks and flicks, like a tiny wet whip, against his cock head. Her mouth was never still, licking, sucking, and moving up and down. Her lips would drag over the fleshy head, bringing him ever closer to an epiphany of orgasmic release.

Suddenly, Anne stopped and lifted her mouth from his rock hard cock. She licked the juice that was oozing forth, and then licked her red lips. David whispered to her gently. “I want to come inside of you, honey!” She smiled and told him with a smile.

“We have all night and there is no hurry. I wanted to show you something first.”

David watched in a fog of sexual need as Anne stood. She released the bra and let it fall. Knowing his eyes were glued to her tits, she paused to circle her nipples and then pinch and pull at the hard, long nipples.

“I love it when you suck on my nipples, David. It’s like your mouth has a direct line to my call center and you just dial me up the most explosive of orgasms when you suckle me.” Anne’s eyes closed for a moment, becoming a little overwhelmed by her teasing touches and erotic words. But then she moved her hands to catch in the sides of her miniscule panties. She tugged them straight down and then stood proudly in front of her husband. Anne watched as David’s eyes were at first unable to move from the jiggling tits but finally moved down.

“Oh, God, Anne!” David groaned loudly as he gazed in rapture at the totally bald pussy in front of him. His hand lifted and Anne took a step closer. It was her turn to groan as she felt his fingers stroke across her shaven mound, and then down between her hairless lips, discovering her copious wetness. He wanted to bury his face against her smooth flesh. He wanted to feel his cock deep within her hot cunt as her muscled spasmed and started to milk his cock of his seed.

Anne dragged his trousers and briefs the rest of the way off, and then knelt before him once again. She was intent on her mission and enveloped his hardness with the soft sucking heat of her mouth once again. Over and over again, her head bobbed up and down, sucking and licking.

She was driving him crazy, and who the hell would have thought it was possible after all these years? David moved his hands from her head and circled them around, trying to squeeze and massage her tits. But after a moment, he gave up. Instead, he ignored her protest and grabbed her upper arms. David pulled her upwards, ignoring her protests. With one hand he shoved everything off the sofa as he turned and positioned Anne beneath him. He felt her thighs parting for him eagerly. A moment later, looking into Anne’s eyes, he thrust into her wet heat.

A cry filled the room, but who made it? It didn’t matter. With Anne’s arms and legs wrapped around him, David cared about only one thing- pleasuring his wife. He wanted to hold back and make it last. But Anne was already peaking and she cried loudly as her orgasm shook her to the depths of her soul. Words tore forth from her dry throat.

“Fuck me, David! Take me like we used to in college, over and over again!”

Maybe it was hearing his usually so quiet wife yelling at him to fuck her, or reminding him of how it used to be, but David obeyed. His thrusts quickened and shortened, and combined with the milking of his cock by her cunt muscles, he groaned harshly and shot his seed deep into his wife’s sweet and tender body.

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