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I first published this story a few years ago. Since then, my writing skills have improved a little. While, I cannot change what actually happened to me, I have added some more details and corrected some grammatical mistakes.


I was posting a picture of me wearing black ruffled panties on a “Men in Panties” website when I remembered something naughty that happened to me a while ago. There is a fetish/lingerie shop that I love to visit. I have often gone there at lunch times to buy panties and bras. I usually don’t really “need” the lingerie, I just love going through them on the rack and then buying them. The shop specializes in really sissy girly stuff. For example, I got my black ruffled French Maid panties there. I love to wear them under my black French Maid dress, it’s so short my panties show when I bend over at all.

The last time I went to the shop, I stopped at dive bar first. The bar is just next door to the shop and I wanted to build up the suspense. I love to sit there and enjoy a beer while thinking about what I am about to do. I love to slow things down and build up the anticipation. My cock always starts to stiffen while I sit there thinking about shopping for lingerie. I always find a way to let the sales assistant know that I am buying for me. I love it when she smiles at me and helps me find what I want. Seeing her holding out a pair of sissy girls’ panties always makes me hard.

At the time I got to the bar, it was almost empty as usual. The barman was down at the far end talking to the locals. There was only one guy sitting at my end and we started chatting. After a couple of drinks, I said that I was about to go next door to buy some new panties. Somehow, I admitted that they were for me. I love feeling humiliated and the chance to talk about buying girls’ panties was too naughty to pass-up.

He did not back off and actually slid Kurtköy Olgun Escort closer. He whispered that he was excited and I could give his cock a feel if I liked. Taking care to continue looking straight ahead at the TV, I slid my hand into his lap. I felt his cock and gave it a squeeze. I love feeling a man’s cock. It makes me feel so slutty. I sat there finishing my beer and fondling his cock. He became nice and hard. Feeling his cock made my cock twitch, just knowing that I was fondling him and had made me excited too.

I finished my beer and went next door. My heart always starts to pound as I walk into the shop. I nodded to the assistant and she asked if I needed any help. I knew where everything was but I love to be helped and so I stammer out “Yes please, I need a pair of panties.” She asks, “What color do YOU like”. She had guessed that they were for me to wear. I was so embarrassed when she smiled at me and showed me to a rack of sissy panties.

She asked me what I was looking for. I said bikini style, in a bright color with bows if possible and in a medium size. She looked straight at me and asked if they were for me. I blushed and just nodded. She pickled out a pair of frilly yellow panties with little bows on the sides. I was so embarrassed knowing that she knew they were for me. I blushed and my hands were shaking when she handed them to me. I just couldn’t help feeling the bows and the lace. The material was so soft and slippery in my fingers.

The previous time I was in the store, I had found the nerve to ask if I could use their changing room after I had paid for a pair of satin panties. She said, “Sure, it’s in the back there”. That time, I was shaking as I went in. The cubicles did not have solid doors, just curtains. I made sure I left it a good inch open just in case anyone came by. I love being caught wearing girls’ panties.

I Kurtköy Sarışın Escort was so excited as I took off my jeans and panties. My existing panties were girls’ but not as sissy girly as the new satin ones. I put my new panties on and put my jeans back on. I was thrilled as I walked out knowing I was wearing girls’ panties.

At the cash desk, I thanked her. I blushed knowing that she knew what I was now wearing. I asked if they had many men as “Customers’.

She answered, “Sure, we are a fetish store after all”.

That was my previous shopping trip. On this shopping trip, I took the panties up to the counter and paid for them. My hands were trembling as she handed them back to me. I caught her eye and blushed again. Then, I looked around and asked if I could use their changing room. She apologized but said that there had been some trouble back there and men were no-longer allowed.

Very disappointed, I went back to the bar and ordered another drink. My new friend asked me how it went and I told him all about it. He said that he lived just round the corner and I could change there if I liked. He looked clean and honest and so I said, “Yes sure, thanks”.

At his place, I went into his bathroom to change. The panties I had been wearing were girly and certainly not at all boring but the new yellow lacy pair was far more sissy. I put my jeans back on and went back out and sat beside him. I told him how well they fitted and slid my hand back into his lap to give his cock a friendly squeeze to say “Thank you.”

He asked if he could see me wearing them. I stood up and dropped my jeans. My cock was barely covered by the skimpy lace. I told him to feel how sexy the lacy felt on my butt and across the front. I sat back down and he ran his fingers across them and stroked the outline of my cock. I said I had to get back to Kurtköy Şişman Escort work but he offered to take care of me first. He pointed out that I would never be able to work with a hard on.

From the side, he slid his fingers inside my new panties and touched my cock. It made me jump and then he took it out. I had been so stimulated by everything that had happened, I was already really hard. It was sticking up as he held it. He smiled and started to masturbate me. He ran his fingers through my public hair. It felt so good. One of his hands around my erection and the other playing with my public hair. I always love having my public hair played with.

He leaned over me and gave the head a kiss. The feel of his lips and mouth slowly taking in my cock was wonderful. He gripped the base with one hand and ran his fingers through my pubic hair with his other hand. I could feel his tongue rubbing across my shaft. He masturbated me his hand keeling step with his lips.

He only had to stimulate me for a short time before I came. I filled his mouth with my cum. Some of it splashed out onto my panties but it did not show on the thin lace. I watched him licking his lips and swallowing my cum. Then he leaned forward and kissed me. I could taste my cum in his mouth as our tongues met.

I offered to take care of him but he said that he had a friend coming over later and wanted to save himself. I asked if I could see his cock at least. He agreed and so I knelt in front of him and undid his belt and jeans. I always make sure to trace the cock while I slowly lower the zipper. He was wearing skimpy blue bikini briefs. He smiled and said that his friend liked him to wear sissy panties too.

He then asked what my name was. Well, since I was wearing girls’ panties, kneeling in front of him and holding his cock, I gave him my girl name, “Sarah”. I couldn’t resist having a little taste of his cock. So I leaned forward and gave it a little suck. He didn’t cum but I bet he did when his friend arrived.

I drove back to work wearing my new panties and thinking about his cock. I plan to visit that bar more often. I’d love to meet him again and suck him off that time.

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