Sarah’s Journey Ch. 005

Group Sex

005 Change is good

As time went on my routine of seeing my cosmetic surgeon every 2 weeks became something I looked forward to like a kid waiting for Christmas morning. There were visits that not much saline was added because the tissue was still adapting to the persistent pressure exerted by the expanders. Then there were visits that he could add more, those were always my favorite. The discomfort became a nonissue after a while. I was so excited when I finally had enough volume that I actually needed a bigger bra, it was only a B cup that I needed but it was infinitely better than barely filling an A cup like I had my whole life.

With this came a huge surge of self confidence. I hadn’t thought about that as a side effect, but having some sort of breasts that could at least be seen under standard work attire was a huge boost! I was worried about my co-workers noticing and commenting or thinking less of me. At least that’s what would have happened back in Oregon. A lady in our town got implants and was all of a sudden a topic of conversation for all the women in town. Mostly hyper conservative religious types. What was really sad is that she was shunned by many of her social circle. All that just for implants, not even large ones at that, maybe a C cup. So this was what I was expecting in the back of my mind even though I had been in LA for a few years now.

I had noticed that many of the younger women at the datacenter seemed to have had their breasts done. And now that I thought about it no one said anything about it. If someone came in after time off for a cosmetic surgery, regardless of what it was, there was no buzz, no whispers in small groups, no snide remarks or anything. Thinking this through one afternoon with not much to do at work I really put myself at ease with the whole situation.

I noticed at work that people were noticing that I was starting to show more as time went on. I would catch an occasional guy sneaking a look, and it was always followed by a smile. Even some of the women did the same. Having never been the accepted kid my whole life it was great to not be worried about being judged.

After the dish soap on the vibrator incident I went back to the same adult toy store a couple of weeks later on the way back from my scheduled fill. The same girl was there and remembered me. As I walked in she commented on my breasts and asked if I’d gotten them done. I was a little taken aback by the question in such a matter of fact tone as it was asked. I said yes and that I had expanders because starting with almost nothing it would take time. She said she understood and asked what I needed. I was starting to trust that the attitudes here in LA were so different and accepting than what I grew up knowing, I was really starting to like LA more than I already did.

I mentioned to her about the dish soap incident and she grimaced and said “Oh no honey! There is cleaner for toys.” She proceeded to take me to the display and explain about how to clean such toys. After that brief education on the subject I picked up a small bottle. Feeling comfortable with this girl I asked if she could answer a couple of questions about the dildos.

We walked back to the wall of dildos calmly having a friendly chat the whole time. I asked about the super long one, that is 22″. She explained that those are usually for people to use anally. I had never thought about that and took a second to process. She went on to say that also the thinner ones were good if you were wanting to learn how to deep throat. This term took me by surprise a little as I hadn’t heard it before. As she explained about what this was I listened almost in a trance. Imagining being able to have something down my throat without gagging. When she got to the part about some women actually being able to lay down, tilt their head back and let men throat fuck them just like they did their vaginas I instantly felt a wave of warm wetness in my panties again. I had no idea what was happening or why I had such strong reactions to even an educational session about erotic topics, that were covered in a very professional and almost clinical manner.

I was starting to really like this tuzla escort new taboo world I discovered. Sadly it was by myself and not with Brandon. But I told myself that I was happy exploring all this new sexuality even if it was by myself. And I was right.

I asked for her recommendation for the oral toys. While there are several to choose from if you intend to try to handle an extreme length don’t even bother with smaller ones, because then you will end up with a pile of thin dildos as you get longer ones. Just buy the one you think you will want in the end and only have the 1 to store and clean.

Taking her advice I reached over and picked up the 22″ one that felt like a host in my hands. I could get my hand around it comfortably and hoped that my throat would handle it. Besides they were all about the same width. The girl explaining all this to me looked at me and started to speak. Oh here it comes, the judgmental onslaught. She just simply said “Good choice, spend money once and be done with it.”

Smiling I said “That’s what I was thinking as well. But I can’t imagine being able to manage even ¼ of this.”

She very reassuringly told me, “If you like it you will get good at it and enjoy it. I have a friend that does and she has managed about half of this one.”

Looking back at here in sheer amazement, “Are you kidding!? She can get 11″ of this in her throat!?”

“Oh yes.” she replied. “It took her a while to manage her gag reflex but after that you’re home free, just have to get past that.

I was having images play out in my head about watching someone being able to perform a sword swallowing act with this hugely long toy. Again I became aware that my panties were almost soaked by now and almost started dripping down my thighs.

I purchased both of these items and headed back out to home.

On the drive my vibrator that had become part of my normal commute was still making the drive tolerable. As I parked my car and went in the apartment. I did my usual, changed clothes, properly washed my vibrator, emails, etc. I had tossed the bag with the new toy that became my Deep Throat training tool on the bed haphazardly when I initially came in. Walking back to the bedroom I instantly thought about where I was going to keep this so that Brandon didn’t see it.

I was very concerned about his ego. He was not attentive at all but he never said anything negative about my flat chest and was always kind and reassuring when it crept up and bothered me. I definitely didn’t want him to see this! Especially since he was about 4″ hard and this would definitely be a huge blow to his ego if he thought I was using it vaginally because I was un happy with him.

Having never really seen another man naked, I never even watched porn, I never though much about his endowment and assumed that he was average. As this was so ridiculously huge I found a bag under the sink for it that would contain the thing if folded in half. Solving those problems I decided to see how this worked.

I stood in front of the mirror and opened my mouth, inserted the end of the dildo and gently pressed it against the back of my throat. I gagged instantly, my eyes watered, my nose ran, and I thought I was going to throw up. Taking a minute to regain my composure I tried again, this time not worrying about my gag reflex but just holding it in my mouth and pushing it back ever so slightly until I could just barely feel my gag reflex start to twitch. And this is how things went for a few weeks.

As time passed and I had 2 more saline fill appointments I was finally at a solid B cup. Brandon had started to notice around this time as most all of my tops would show my breasts underneath now. While still easy to hide I was overjoyed that they were also noticeable and garnered attention, even if it was from male co-workers. I never would date a co-worker but it was still nice to have the attention as that was something I almost never got at home.

The next day after work I went and bought a couple of new bras. I didn’t spend money on expensive bras as my breasts were usually fairly taught and didn’t ucuz escort really need the support, and I would need to replace them anyway. At least that was the plan. Having bought the bras I had a real feeling of confidence and self assuredness. I never thought that just having breasts would have such an effect on my self confidence and my mood over all.

That night Brandon actually came home at a reasonable time. He let me know he was on his was home and I made a quick dinner for him, then decided to change into something more provocative in the hopes of this being one of the few times we had sex this year. My hopes were high because he wasn’t getting home at midnight.

I really didn’t have anything sexy to wear so I opted for a very thin gym shirt that wouldn’t leave much to the imagination. I took off my B cup bra and dropped the loose fitting shirt over my head. I hung almost perfectly down my chest. My new breasts were very obvious as were my nipples.

Brandon got home and I had dinner waiting for him. For the first time in over a month he walked over to me, hugged and kissed me in appreciation. As we sat there at the table and he had a chance to unwind, get something to eat, and decompress. He noticed my breasts that were obviously there now. He seemed surprised and asked about them.

“When did you get those filled last? They are definitely looking great.”, he asked.

“My fill was last week. I’m finally a B cup, and had to buy a couple of new bras today.” I gushed with enthusiasm and a new found confidence.

“Wow that’s great! It’s been a long time since your surgery, it this size where you want to stay?” he asked, getting up to grab a beer.

“I don’t think so. It’s been slow because I have to let my skin and tissue adapt to the volume. It’s a marathon not a sprint the Dr keeps reminding me.”

Sitting down at the table again he asked, “Well can I see them?”

I was so over joyed that he was interested! I thought, finally he was interested and I hope this continues. I happily jumped up and took a step toward him thrusting my breasts out under the thin shirt as best I could.

It was a bit awkward as we were intimate so very rarely, but it was still great to feel attractive for a change. He looked at the mounds on my chest and started to pull the shirt up to get a better look. As soon as he started to touch the shirt and I felt him lifting it up, I grabbed the back of the collar and yanked it off over my head instantly exposing my still new breasts. I was so excited at his interest, especially since he never really seemed to comment or notice other women’s breasts.

He smiled as he looked them over and said they looked fairly stiff and asked if they hurt.

“No they don’t right now, they do sometimes after I go to the Dr but it usually goes away in 2-3 days.” I replied.

“So how do they feel?” he asked with some curiosity.

“Well feel them silly, they don’t hurt at all and feel great when lightly squeezed.” I cautioned as I didn’t want him to be too rough.

Gently he sheepishly felt both of them in his hands and smiled. Gave them a light squeeze then much to my shock, and joy, he leaned in and kissed my right nipple. Gave it a small lick and grinned.

Smiling he looked up at me and said, “How about I go take a shower and you can wash my back?”

I was all about that idea! It had been 7 months since we had sex and I was so ready! He got in the shower and I joined him a few minute later. It was like a dream, we kissed, he ran his strong hands over my entire body, growing more bold about touching and squeezing my breasts. He felt the fill ports under my arm pits and asked if that was where they put the needle in for my Dr visits. I said yes and raised my arms, and watched as my perky small breasts lifted up with them on my chest.

We got out of the shower and went to the bed. Slowly I pulled on his already hard penis. I looked at it, at 4″ it seemed normal to me, but I did think back to the wall full of dildos at the adult store. Putting that out of my mind I gripped him firmly and gave him a few tugs. He got up, laid me on the ümraniye escort bed and settled himself below me on the bed and placed his face between my legs. I didn’t know what to think as he had only ever gone down on me once and that was probably 6 years ago. I wasn’t going to over think this I was going to enjoy it. While he wasn’t terribly good at it as I remember I really didn’t expect any improvement. But as soon as I felt his tongue touch my lips and then graze my clitoris I felt such a wave wash over me I thought I might cum right there.

While I did have my vibrator now that I used almost daily, it was such a different sensation to have his tongue gently roaming over my delicate folds. I was loving this and it had only been maybe 10 seconds. I reached down and pulled my lips apart and gently guided his head to my opening as he slowly and gently drug his tongue up and over my clitoris, I had a small orgasm right there. Only a slight shudder I don’t think he noticed. He continued this for some time before I wanted to show off my oral skills that I had been working on in secret.

Trading places with him I lowered my mouth over his throbbing hard penis. Excited to see his reaction I gently bobbed my head up and down a few times, and then I pushed my mouth all the way to his pelvis with a significant force as I was prepared to try to not gag. I had been working on it but still wasn’t what I would call, good, at it. As I did this I took a breath and readied my self for pressure on the back of my throat and top of my esophagus. But nothing happened. I paused a moment and waited, nothing. I wiggled my head back and forth, still nothing. Using my tongue I ran up and down his shaft with all of it in my mouth. I reached as far back as I could with my tongue and felt it slip over the top of his penis. It was clear to me that something was wrong here. I pulled my head back and then down again, all the way down. Still nothing. I had a momentary feeling I couldn’t explain as I realized that at about 4″ he wasn’t long enough to reach the back of my throat. Not wanting to lose the mood, I kept on with the bobbing motion. Brandon was laying with his head back and enjoying it I could tell.

As I looked down at his penis and testicles, I had a thought and just asked on it before I even really thought it over. I opened my mouth cupped his balls with my hand and in 1 concise motion I went down on him and had his entire penis and both of his testicles in my mouth all at the same time.

He inhaled deeply as I paused there with all of his package in my mouth. I then began massaging his balls with my tongue, then his penis, then his balls again. He was loving this, I could tell, and I was turned on as hell all the while.

As I was about to take him out of my mouth I felt his testicles tighten, his penis swole and then twitched. The next thing I know he was cumming in my mouth. I was frozen in shock, I had never even thought about this happening. I mean I had only had his penis in my mouth ever and I couldn’t remember the last time, except while we were in high school. Then I felt him squirt against the back of my throat, I worried about gagging, but didn’t. I was stunned for a moment because first of all I had a penis that was cumming in my mouth, and feeling his shoot the back of my throat didn’t trigger my gag reflex. Not knowing that else to do I swallowed, pulled back and let his balls drop out of my mouth, then stroked his penis with my hand and mouth as best I could while he came. There were maybe 4 spurts and it was over. Swallowing wasn’t a big deal, a little salty but other than that I didn’t see why other women made a big deal about it.

After he came he started to soften up and go limp. I tried to hide my disappointment but knew he could tell. I smiled up at him and just said “You owe me one.” with a sexy wink. He agreed and went to go rinse off. I played with myself while he was back in the bathroom and coaxed out a slightly better orgasm this time. But I was still incredibly let down that actual sex never happened.

We laid there in bed watching TV for a while, and Brandon was asleep with in minutes. While it wasn’t the most satisfying encounter at least it happened. I clamored for any bit of attention I could get from Brandon as it happened so rarely, and while this was good, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed. I didn’t know if he would pay more attention to me now that I had at least some semblance of breasts, or if things would go back to the way they were before.

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