Sarah’s Poker Surprise Ch. 02

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Big Labia

One week after our poker night, Sarah and I went to stay with some friends in the country. It had been a hot summers day and we were tired from our shopping trip, so we turned in early. Since Sarah always slept naked, she turned out the light and snuggled up next to me. We fell asleep almost instantly.

About midnight, Sarah awoke and went downstairs. I lay there, waiting for what seemed like ages, I gave up and went to look for her. I found her in the lounge laying on the sofa, still completely naked, facing the back of the sofa. I got onto the sofa behind her, my chest against her back, spoon-like, and cradled her body against mine.

I reached around her to cup her breasts, my cock was nestled in the crack of her ass, getting harder by the second. I moved my hand to her pussy, stroking the few soft, curly hairs, sliding a finger over her clit. She pushed back at me, parting her legs a little. She reached between her legs and took my cock in her hand, guiding it to her pussy.

I pushed my hips forward, trying to slide myself into her, she pushed my cock back, “No baby! In my ass!” She put the head of my cock at her anus, rubbing it around the entrance. I thought she was teasing erotik film izle me.

“Really baby?” I asked, shocked. We’d never tried it! Sarah was always scared it’d hurt. “Please baby! Slowly! I want to feel you in my ass,” she moaned. She circled my cock a few more times against her opening.

My cock was slick from her moist pussy that slid in with very little effort. She grunted as the tip broke the barrier, then hissed between her teeth. “Gently,” she said, “please be gentle!” She moved her hips slightly to ease the presence of my cock in her ass.

“You ok baby?”

“Just!” she replied, gasping. “Oh, it’s so fucking huge!”

“I don’t believe how tight you are!”

“Are you in all the way?” she gasped. “I feel like I’ve been torn in half!”

“Just a little more.” I pressed my cock forward, then felt it being tightened like a vice by her ass. I started easing back slightly and then pushing forward. She grunted and moaned, I finally pressed myself entirely into her ass.

“How’s that feel?” I whispered.

“Fucking unbelievable! Don’t move for a few seconds. I have to get used to it.”

I continued kissing her neck and shoulders while my cock throbbed film izle inside her. I could tell it had been a little painful for her, i’d expected that. From time to time, she contracted her anus around my cock testing the elasticity of her ass.

The contractions were having an effect on me. “If you keep that up,” I said after a particularly tight contraction, “I’m going to cum. I feel close already.”

“No! Please, don’t cum! You just put it in, we haven’t fucked yet. Can you hold off?”

“I’ll try. I can’t tell you how good it feels!”

“The pain is subsiding,” she said. “Give it just a few more seconds and you can start moving in and out a bit.”

“I’ll come for sure, then,” I pleaded.

“No you won’t. If you do, I’ll never let you do this again!”

Her warning was enough to keep from cumming inside her.

With the pain subsiding, Sarah began moving her ass in slow, circles. I had begun pumping my cock slowly into her ass, giving us euphoria we had never known before.

Sarah was beside herself, grunting like an animal she had developed a far different attitude toward our love-making. “OH! Fuck my ass! I love it in my ass! Oh, Daniel, it feels so good!”

She seks filmi izle was being a little loud, making me nervous. “Hey,” I said softly, “the others will hear you.”

“Just Fuck My Assssssssss!”

Her moans, within earshot of the others, got me really hot. I started fucking her like a machine, driving my cock in and out of her beautiful, tight ass. She grunted, groaned, bucked her ass, snorting rather than breathing, trying to pull me even further into her.

I was finding it hard to be gentle. I took her hard nipples and squeezed them sharply, painfully. This seemed to set her off! “I’m cumming!” she cried. “I’m cumming! FUUCCCKKKKK!”

I came HARD!! Filling her with spurt after spurt from my cock. It was, without a doubt, one of the best fucks I had had in long time!

We both lay there, panting! I couldn’t withdraw from her. I just let myself soften inside her, feeling every once in a while a tiny anal contraction that only served to remind me of what we had just done. Finally, my limp cock fell out, on its own, still wet from our fucking.

Sarah turned her naked body around until we were chest to chest. She wrapped an arm around me. She pressed her pelvis into mine, our pubic hairsmingling. “That was great,” she whispered sexily.

I smiled. “I’m glad I held off, like you asked.”

“I had no idea I could get that turned on back there.”

To be continued…

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