Saturday At The Office


I am a 47 year old man named Dave and I manage a group of 143 people in a 3 story building. My office is on the 3rd floor in a corner with lots of windows. This story is about a day that challenged my commitments to company policy, and my own marriage.

I had to review some contracts that our lawyers had made changes to late on Friday. Their manager told me they would have them on my desk Saturday morning for my review. I didn’t work a lot of Saturdays but these were important items I had to review so I slept a little late, worked out at the gym for an hour, took a shower, and made the drive in.

I got to the office at about 10 AM and headed to the elevator. I don’t know why I didn’t just take the stairs which were closer. As I approached the elevator, I heard some moaning and grunting coming from the men’s bathroom on the left side of the elevator. I listened closer and it sounded to me that someone was having sex in there.

I slowly opened the bathroom door and peaked in. I couldn’t see anything from the door so I snuck in real quietly and peaked around the stalls that were blocking the view from the door. There was one of our young engineering technicians, a pretty blonde named Julie, naked from the waist down up on the long marble sink, with our newest accountant, a tall, young black man named Bobby with his pants down to his ankles, between her legs, moving his cock in and out of her. Her face was pointed at the ceiling while his was looking down, I assume watching his cock drive in and out of her pale pussy.

Julie stood about 5 feet tall, had a small hour glass figure with small breasts, wore dark eyeliner most of the time and had pretty hazel eyes. She had a small, square chin and high cheek bones. The cutest thing about her was her smile. She had very pretty teeth and her eyes squinted when she smiled.

Bobby stood about 6’4″ and was nicely built and very handsome with medium colored skin and nice strong jaw, and very short hair. His arms were huge with strong veins and his ass was solid muscle from the way it was flexing as he pumped into Julie!

As I watched for a minute, partly because I couldn’t believe it was happening, and partly because it was turning me on, I felt a bulge in my own pants but I figured I had to say something. I quietly tapped on a stall door within reach. They both looked over in shock as he pulled out of her and pulled his pants up and she struggled to get her pants back on. I asked them, “What is going on here?”

She replied with a red face, “We…I don’t know. I’m sorry, sir!”

I instructed them, “Get your clothes on and come see me in my office, both of you.”

I left and went up to the third floor, taking the stairs this time, thinking about what I was going to say to them. I practiced it a few times but I felt just as nervous as them.

They arrived at my office and stood by the door. I told them both “Have a seat, please.”

“Yes sir, “they both said as they sat down.

“I saw everything and I need to ask you a few questions. First off, do either of you know what the company policy is on lewd behavior?”

“Yes sir, “they both responded.

“So what do you think should happen then, “I asked?

They both apologized more and I knew what I should do, but that was not what I wanted to do. Our policy makes it very plain that termination of employment is the only option.

I told them both, “Listen to me. This is our secret, you understand? The job market sucks right now and both of you are great assets to our company. I am going to pretend like nothing happened and you will do the same. You need to take your sex life away from here. You got it?”

They both shook their heads in agreement, apologized again, and thanked me. I asked them to leave and they did. I saw from my window that Bobby was leaving by himself but I never saw Julie leave.

I started to review the folders of contracts on my desk. The first one I picked up was 34 pages with lots of comments and recommended changes from our lawyers. The other was only 4 pages so I figured I would start with the smaller. The only problem is I could not stop thinking about what I saw. It was so erotic, watching this big black man and this little petite blonde with nothing on their minds except the pleasures of sex they were sharing. I also could not stop thinking about how big his cock was when he pulled out of her and pulled his pants up. He had to have been 9 inches at least and very thick. I was tesettürlü escort getting hard again just thinking about it. I knew I had to get back to work if I was ever going home today but was not able to focus at all. I finally decided I needed to get some relief so I could get my mind off of what I saw.

I closed my blinds so no one in the building next door could see in and locked my office door. I grabbed my personal laptop and used the satellite internet to connect. I went to a streaming website and looked for black on white porn. I found some good clips and started watching them. I gently stroked my cock through my pants as I sat back in my chair. The guy in the porn was also 9 or 10 inches long and was giving this little blonde a hard fuck. I undid my zipper and pulled my own seven inch cock out of the access in the front of my boxer-briefs. I like doing that because it keeps my cock pointed straight up. I gently stroked my own cock, rubbing up and down as the head swelled up, ready for the next stroke. I clicked the next video and fast forwarded past the blowjob to see another big black cock ramming into a white pussy. I imagined me walking into the bathroom and asking if I could join in. Bobby and Julie told me yes and Julie started sucking my cock as Bobby rammed that huge cock into her pussy. I was getting closer to cumming until I heard a knock on the door. I closed the internet window in the computer and asked, “Yes?”

Julie answered, “Are you busy? Can we talk?”

I felt my face go flush as I shoved my cock back into my underwear using the elastic to keep it up against my body and zipped my pants up. I unlocked and opened the door that I am so glad I had locked and said, “I am trying to get these contracts reviewed so we need to make it quick.”

She walked in and we walked over to my desk. I sat onto the edge of it and crossed my legs, trying to hide my semi erect cock underneath my slacks. She noticed my face was a bit red. She said, “Are you okay?”

I replied, “Yes, why?”

She said, “Your face is red.”

I replied, “That’s odd. Maybe I got up too fast or something.”

She asked, “Are you mad?”

I replied, “About what?”

She said, “I guess not. Anyway, I wanted to thank you for not firing me. I have personal problems at home and that would have been devastating. I caught my husband cheating and now we just fight all the time. I can’t afford to leave him if I lost my job. I can’t say thank you enough.”

I said, “It’s okay, really. Next time, just find an office and lock it or something. I am sure other people have had sex in this building so no big deal but be more careful.”

She said, “That was a first for me for everything, my first affair, my first time screwing here, and my first black.”

I said, “It sounds like it was going pretty good.”

She said, “I was hoping he’d hurry up. He was hurting me.”

I asked, “Really?”

She said, “Yes, 10 inches is more than I can handle. I won’t be having sex with him again. He’s a nice guy and all, just not what I… “

I interrupted, “Listen, this is all getting real personal so we might just want to forget about it all and get back to work.”

She said, “Can I pay you back for being so cool about things?”

I said, “It’s all good.”

She reached in and grabbed my left hand and said, “It could be better.”

I stared at her and said nothing for a minute. I finally said, “You know I’m married, right?”

She pushed my hand between her legs, bending me down a bit and whispered into my ear, “So am I. So what.”

I was still thinking of that big black cock pushing in and out of her. I also thought about the look she had on her face when her head was pointed at the ceiling and her naked hips spread to let his body in between her legs when lust finally took over my senses. I pinched and rubbed her pussy through her slacks gently with my hand and she started kissing my ear. I uncrossed my legs and she reached down with her other hand to unzip my slacks. She pulled my nearly hard cock out of the hole and began stroking it. I knew this was wrong. Though my sex life lacked a lot at home, this was far from what my mind was telling me to do. However, my body wanted a release after everything I had seen this morning. I knew this was going to happen now.

I moaned as she stroked my cock up and down gently with her soft hands. She went down to her türbanlı escort knees and looked up at me and smiled. I said, “I better lock the door.”

I got up off of the edge of the desk and walked to the door, hiding my erection in case someone was walking to it and locked it. I turned around and admired her beauty for a minute as I returned to her. She told me, “Take your pants off and sit on the couch.”

I said, “You first” making sure this was for real.

She quickly slid her pants off and had not put her panties back on from her earlier fuck. She revealed her treasure, a mostly shaved mound with just a strip of light brown hair above her folds and small lips. I unfastened and slipped my slacks down and off along with my briefs. I unbuttoned my shirt and took it and my t-shirt off. She took her sweater and shirt off as well. I sat down on the couch and she came over and straddled my body where my cock rubbed her mound. She began kissing my neck as my hands rubbed her back and hips. She whispered into my ear, “I was supposed to lock the bathroom door but I didn’t. I found it really exciting to know someone might catch us. I didn’t know it would be you. But when you did, I was so turned on I wanted you to join us. I asked Bobby if he wanted to ask you on the way up here but he said no way.”

She continued kissing my neck and slowly dismounted from me as her kisses worked down my chest and belly. She kissed my legs and worked the kisses onto my balls. She grabbed my cock and gently stroked it as she sucked, licked, and kissed my balls. I scooted down on the couch a bit so that my ass rested on the edge of the cushions. She could tell from my moaning I was enjoying every move she made. With her hand, she guided my cock into her warm mouth. She sucked in just the head, and then licked the bottom of the shaft all the way down to my balls. She again took the head into her mouth and began fucking her mouth with my cock. It was a fantastic blowjob and I felt my release getting closer. She sent me over the edge when she ran her fingers up to my shoulders and scraped them all the way back down slowly over my chest and stomach as her talented mouth and tongue moved up and down my shaft. I announced with an almost desperate tone to my voice, “I’m gonna cum. Oh yeah!”

She fucked her mouth faster as I released a load across her tongue and down her throat. She swallowed it as the streams continued to fill her mouth. I felt my cock throbbing as she cleaned all of my cum off and swallowed it all down. When I finally started to lose my erection, she got up and climbed back on the couch to straddle me again. She had her hands on the leather cushioning behind my head and stared into my eyes. I told her, “That was incredible.”

Before I could say anything else, she kissed me and pushed her cum soaked tongue into my mouth. It tasted strong and though I have tasted my own cum before, this was an incredible turn on as we kissed and she mixed more of my cum with our saliva. I reached down as we kissed and ran my left hand over her mound. She was dripping wet with excitement and I easily found juices to rub her aching clit with. As I rubbed, she kissed me harder and bit my lower lip. She broke our kiss and raised her body up to put her small firm breasts at my mouth. I sucked in her left breast and swirled my tongue around her nipple as my right hand squeezed her left breast. I ran my left finger up into her surprisingly tight pussy and slowly pulled it back out putting extra pressure on the inside of her pubic bone. She responded with a nice moan as she ran her fingers through my short but think hair.

I put my right hand on her naked ass to squeeze it and spread it apart as I moved my mouth to her right breast, sucked the nipple and continued to push my middle finger in and out of her wet pussy. Then I nibbled her nipple gently and she moaned again, a little louder. Her body began to tense up and she began moving up and down as I met the rhythm of her movements with a deep finger fucking. I reached all the way up under her from behind and gathered some of her juices on my right middle finger. I slowly spread the juices around her ass hole and slipped my middle finger inside. I was slamming my fist against her mound in rhythm with her down stroke and wiggling my other finger buried two knuckles deep in her ass. She said, “Oh my God, I’m gonna cum.”

Her canal tightened around tüyap escort my finger as she threw her head back and pulled my hair. “Fuck, “she yelled as she turned her head to the left and released more juices onto my already wet hand. I felt her juices running down my wrist and dripping onto my now hard cock.

I pulled my fingers out of her pleasured holes and grabbed her arm with my left hand. I pushed her to the right to get off me and onto the leather couch as I asked her, “You want me? You want to feel my cock in you?”

She begged, “Please fuck my pussy. Make me cum again. I need you inside of me.”

She laid on the couch on her back as I lowered myself in between her spread legs. I put an arm on either side of her waist to hold myself up as my cock brushed her mound. She reached down and held my cock at the entrance of her hotness as her legs went up into the air. She was so wet I barely had to push for my head to disappear in between her soft, velvety folds. Her hands moved to my hips and ass, pulling me to a nice slow and deep rhythm she desired.

As I stroked slowly in and out I asked, “Do you want me to pull out when I cum. You better tell me now.”

She replied, “No. I’m on the pill and I wanna feel you cum.”

I continued to stroke slowly in and out and started going deeper. She said seductively, “You’re huge.”

I said, “I’m not hurting you am I?

She said as she panted, “Oh no. It feels great. You’re perfect.”

It wasn’t long before she started cumming again. Her head moved back and her hands guided me to move faster. I met her request and fucked her with fast deep strokes. She said, “That’s it. Fuck me just like that. Don’t Stop!”

I kept the rhythm just like that until she opened her glassy eyes again and smiled at me. She confessed, “I have not had an orgasm in 3 months with a man, and you’re giving me multiples.”

I didn’t care if Bobby had made her cum or not, I was enjoying every stroke into this woman’s body and every caress of her soft hands on my back, hips, and butt. She was young, hot, and she was mine, at least for this morning.

I began to get bigger as my excitement increased and she felt it and responded again with another orgasm. This time she started a combination of panting and holding her breath. I felt her canal tighten more around my shaft and felt my release was not too many more strokes away. I looked down and saw my 7 inches disappearing into her nearly shaved mound. I looked up a little higher and saw her breasts bouncing up and down her body with the rhythm of the strokes. I saw her eyes closed tight and her fists clenched above her head as she said, “Fuck! Fuck that feels so fucking good!”

When she finished her orgasm, she looked at me again, just staring into my eyes with her hazel eyes. She put her hands up onto my sides and rubbed them as I slowed my paces down just a bit. I knew the next time she came, I probably would too and it would be over. I really didn’t want it to end.

In a few minutes she closed her eyes again and her hands froze on my sides but squeezed me rib cage. Her body began to tense up again and I felt her canal once again clamp down on my shaft and head. With my cock at full, I could feel the large head pushing and pulling juices in and out of her pussy. She announced, “Oh my God! I can feel you! Cum in me, baby, fill me up!”

My cock started to itch right at the cock hole and I knew I was seconds away from filling her pussy with my cum. My first release felt like an explosion. My second release was also hard. I buried my shaft and cock head as deep as I could in her tight little young pussy. The last few spurts finally cured my itch and my cock began to go numb and throb. I was so lost during my orgasm I didn’t even realize Julie had lifted her body up to suck and bite my left arm and shoulder, leaving quite a mark.

I was spent. I collapsed onto Julie’s body and she confessed again, “That is the first time I have cum with a man in so long. I needed that. I needed to feel desired again.”

I could only say, “I look at you every day, but never thought we’d end up like this. Again, this is our secret.”

She agreed it would be best and we also agreed this couldn’t be a regular thing between us.

I let her use my shower to get cleaned up. She came in and gave me a nice kiss before leaving the building to go home. I wiped off and got back to work on the contracts to review. It took me 4 hours of reading through lawyer talk but I got it done.

I went home and had a great dinner with my wife and we had sex that evening. She asked me why I lasted so much longer than normal. I told her I jacked off in the shower when I got home because I needed some relief after working those contract documents. My orgasm felt weak and numb compared to the ones I had with Julie.

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