Saturday Job with a Difference


I have always had a thing about control and this idea came to me after a friend had spent the day doing work around my house.

I rang the bell at the front door of the large detached house. Somehow I had been volunteered to help out a friend with work around her place on a Saturday. A second ring finally brought a slightly breathless Fen to the door.

“Hi Cal, thanks for coming, come in, I was just sorting out some business with Lucy.” Lucy was Fen’s stepdaughter and the last I had seen of her was as a very forward 15 year old at a gathering of friends. Fen led me through to the kitchen and pointed at the kettle.

“Help yourself, we’ll be down shortly.”

With that she disappeared again. I could hear her discussing something upstairs and she sounded quite stern so I assumed Lucy was still as feisty as before and was getting a dressing down. After 5 minutes or so they both appeared to join me for a drink.

Fen is in her late 30’s but has kept her full figure in very good shape from what I could see. She is known for her attention to detail and always looking her best, but this morning was casually dressed in a flattering red silk blouse and a flowing pale skirt that clung to her hips and flared out to her calves. Lucy had grown up and was now a very attractive 19 year old, still at home but seemingly working to pay for her University years coming up. She wore a tight fitting top, knee length skirt and strappy sandals and was looking somewhat subdued. After a while I noticed how she never settled or sat down and was constantly looking to Fen for approval of whatever was going on.

After a few minutes banter and with my tea drunk talk turned to the work I had come to do. A whole day helping these two out might not be so bad I thought as Fen gave me a run down of the items needing doing. She had started leaning in towards me, brushing against me frequently as we went through the brief list. If I didn’t know better I would have thought she was beginning to flirt!

Fen said she would have to go out for a while to collect a few things from town. This is where Lucy was to come in. Fen insisted that Lucy was to help me in any way I need during the day, and especially whilst she was out and not able to give the orders.

I smiled when she said this. “Orders? This sounds like a strict regime, what does Fen mean?” I asked Lucy.

Surprisingly Lucy did not answer directly but said, “I think Fen might need to explain further, but I will help in any way I can.” She looked directly at me and smiled, a little of the feisty spark I had remembered appearing again as she did so.

I looked at Fen, questioning with a sideways tilt of my head. Fen nodded, saying, “Oh, its nothing complicated. If you instruct or ask Lucy to do anything she will do it, exactly and without question. Anything at all. If she does not I would like to know when I return.” This last bit was said with a smile for me and a raised eyebrow that again suggested Fen was toying with me. “Try her out while I am here, and see what I mean – remember, I said anything.”

I looked at Lucy and wondered what to say. I felt something strange was going on here and I was a little concerned about what I might get into. Still, Lucy did not seem to be complaining and although I thought her old enough to decide things for herself there was no doubt she was compliant. I asked her to fetch the tools I needed for the main work – putting up a shelf – and to lay them out for me.

As Lucy went off to do this Fen laughed and said, “Is that the best you can do? I said and meant anything, and I am serious.” In saying this she placed emphasis again on the word anything, just as Lucy was returning with all my list of items. As she laid them out Fen said, “Right, I am off to town, I will leave Lucy in your capable hands I hope. I expect a report on progress and behaviour when I get back. Is there anything else you need to know?”

My brain clicked into gear, I had been thinking as Lucy was out. I wondered how far I dare go but I was clearly getting signals to try. I guess the worst was being kicked out so I decided to ask, “One moment Fen. You did say anything?”

Fen smiled and nodded agreement so I went on, “Lucy, could you confirm for me whether Fen is wearing stockings or tights? Of course you may do this by touch or by sight.”

Fen raised an eyebrow at this but stood with a half smile as Lucy approached her. She slid her hands over Fen’s thighs and around her very nice bum before turning to me and stating, “Stockings.”

I breathed out, relaxing in the fact that I hadn’t been kicked out and Fen was still smiling, waiting for my next move with clear interest. I decided to keep going and see what would happen.

“Excellent. I presume you are wearing knickers, Lucy?” A nod. “Remove them now.”

This was where I thought I might get thrown out or I would know the day could be opening into a very pleasant one for me, and possibly all of us. Lucy had no hesitation, only turning to look at Fen as she reached under her own skirt and demurely çorum escort slid down her legs and over her feet the knickers she had been wearing. They were not quite what I was expecting and I looked at Fen as I collected them. They were made of a thin latex or rubber material and were studded or ridged inside on the front. The outside shone as polished rubber does, the inside was a little damp and I realized Lucy had been getting aroused on the sensations these ridges gave her. This gave me an idea and I decided to go a little further again.

“One more thing then I ought to start my work. If I really can give any order….. Lucy, take Fen’s underwear off, replace them with these and bring me hers.”

I watched Fen carefully as I said this, I was getting into this very quickly and I wanted to see how she would respond. She smiled, and stood with her legs slightly parted as Lucy approached her. Lucy knelt down and reached under Fen’s skirt, hitching it up slightly to enable her to reach the top of Fen’s hips and slide her knickers down. I glimpsed briefly the shiny tan nylon that was indeed stockings which ended towards the top of her thighs, then Lucy reached for her own knickers. She had Fen step into them, and slid them carefully into place, again giving me a tantalizing glimpse of thigh as she settled the teasing knickers over her stepmother’s pussy. She dropped Fen’s skirt back, stood up and brought me Fen’s very nice silk thong.

Fen smiled broadly and said she would be back in about 90 minutes, and then carefully walked through the hall. I noticed she was walking slightly differently and her face was a little flushed as she got towards the door. The ridges in the latex garment were certainly getting her aroused so we could be having some fun when she got back. She stopped at the door and turned to us.

“Lucy, replace the ones you have just removed with a stricter pair. Cal – are you up for some fun, no questions, no problems?”

I nodded and raised my eyebrow as Fen went on to say, “Lucy, I expect to persuade Cal to orgasm a few times today but his first must be before I get back. I want him ready, waiting and able to last when I return,” and with that she left leaving me a little bemused and Lucy turning to go upstairs.

I started to work on repairing a shelf as asked but couldn’t concentrate so it was with relief I heard Lucy return. I downed tools and asked her to come over and explain just how she got into this situation. She didn’t hesitate and told me that she always had difficulty with boys, none of them seemed to be able to turn her on and give her the hard time that she seemed to crave. One day Fen heard the noises coming from Lucy’s bedroom when Lucy thought the house was empty. Lucy had been caught with a large vibrator, butt plug and ropes trying to give herself pleasure and getting increasingly frustrated. Lucy was horrified, and Fen had been shocked and initially wanted to tell her father. However she later approached Lucy with a proposition – when it was safe to do so Lucy would do as Fen instructed. When she did not Fen would punish her, when she did she was rewarded with a mix of pain and pleasure. She was being punished when I arrived.

“Show me the marks,” I said immediately.

“Sorry.. now? .. Oh.”

Too late. Lucy had not responded immediately and she realised it. I smiled in anticipation, and thought quickly what to say.

“Upstairs. Shortest skirt you have, most revealing top you have but I will allow you to make sure they at least match. 3 minutes, or I might have to give even more blows to your tortured cheeks if you are late. Go.”

Lucy turned and ran upstairs. I timed her but despite her clearly rushed attempts it was still almost 5 minutes before she reappeared. She looked fantastic, a fantasy in any man’s imagination. Her black leather skirt was barely there, her stocking tops and a band of pale flesh clearly visible. Also showing were the straps of the suspenders holding them up, which the fine mesh top clearly displayed as being attached to a black, shiny basque.

I stood admiring the effect for a few seconds, my cock already twitching before sitting down. I motioned her to move to between my legs in my seated position and then bent her over my left leg, trapping her slim thighs between mine and pushing her down so her hands rested on the floor. Her already short skirt rode up and revealed the rest of her thighs and the start of some more shiny latex knickers. I slid the tight hem a little further up to reveal the taught globes of Lucy’s shiny rubber covered buttocks and without warning brought my right hand crashing down on to her right cheek. She let out a short cry before biting her lip a little and settling down again with a small, quiet, “sorry.”

I settled in to spanking each cheek alternately until I had delivered ten sound blows on each one and Lucy was squirming on my thigh. This movement and the glorious sight in front of me was getting too much for my stiff cock and I needed that early relief but I pressed on. After denizli escort a few more blows Lucy’s squirming started to get very noticeable and I was struggling to control her after each one. She was breathing hard and seemed to be having difficulty coping with the blows, which given the beating she had had earlier was probably not surprising. I stopped again and asked if she wanted time to become still before receiving the last six.

“I.. would…. like .. a little … time …to er… collect myself, … thank …. you,” was her stilted reply and it dawned on me she was getting close to her own orgasm!

This could be fun as cumming without permission would be a serious offence for which we could look for all sorts of punishments. I returned to the job in hand, and looked at the pert round cheeks below my hand. I slid my hand over each one, enjoying the way the fingers slipped easily across the polished rubber. Occasionally I dipped my finger between the cheeks and down towards the junction of Lucy’s thighs, and each time was rewarded with a sigh and shudder. I could feel there was something hard under my fingers when I finally pushed at the shiny, wet crotch of these black knickers. As I pushed Lucy let out a squeal and tired to clamp her thighs on my hand, and I began to suspect something more. I thought back to Fen’s last comment about a “stricter pair” and decided that there must be something teasing Lucy inside her knickers, and which each time I hit her gloriously exposed cheeks was driving her towards her own explosion.

I resumed spanking without so much as a word, and immediately Lucy let out a low moan. I had only reached the fourth blow when she seemed to spasm, and clutched my legs hard with her hands. She lifted her head, and started to yell, “God, no.. no. oooooh ..god ….. yessss…AAArgh.” Her thighs clamped together as her orgasm hit and I stopped my deliberate spanking to watch her shake on my knee as the convulsions swept her.

After Lucy had calmed down a little and was quiet over my knee I spoke quietly but firmly to her. ” You didn’t ask permission to cum, nor was it given freely. You came before me. Much as it was good to see someone so enjoying themselves I am going to have to decide how best to punish you, is that clear?”

Lucy nodded, her arms still on the ground, her head hanging down and her shiny black buttocks still perfectly presented to me, with just a hint of glistening juices showing around the crotch. I asked her to get and up and sit down on a chair opposite me, watching her do so carefully as her freshly spanked cheeks had to make contact with the hard surface. I thought for a while, watching Lucy squirm trying to get comfortable and failing, before announcing the payback.

“Think carefully before you answer me. You will describe to me what you think your worst punishment has been so far, the one which you would rather not receive again. Be careful, as I will ask Fen the same question. If your answers are the same this incident will go un-punished and you will have had a ‘free’ orgasm. If they are different you will suffer both punishments.”

Lucy squirmed again as she sat before me and thought. After a short while she started to speak, her words coming out very slowly and carefully and her face going an increasing shade of red as the details came out.

“I think the most uncomfortable I have been was being….. er, well…. humiliated, or perhaps just embarrassed in public. Fen took me out but she had instructed me what to wear and it was provocative and made me feel quite sexy. She had given me a, well, a vibrating egg to put inside me which I had to keep in at all times. Just walking with it in got me aroused and made me wet, but to make sure Fen had insisted on tight fitting latex underwear that cut right in between my legs. She took me to a pub some way from home and made me sit facing the restaurant area from a corner table. When the waitress approached.. she.. well she turned the vibrating egg on full blast. I was already aroused as it had been in me for almost an hour and the shock just sent me straight to an orgasm. I tried to control it a little but I am sure it was clear to the waitress and those at nearby tables what was happening. To make matters worse the waitress had been at school when I was there. Fen refers to it as my Meg Ryan moment.”

I smiled at the thought and thanked Lucy for her story. However, I had by now an absolutely rock hard cock and was desperate for my own relief. I stood up and walked across to where Lucy was sitting.

“In your early encounters did you ever suck one of your boyfriends off?”

“No, they were not interested, and to be honest at the time neither was I. I have never had a cock in my mouth at all, but …… I am very interested in trying it out,” Lucy replied with a provocative lick of the lips and smile in my direction. Lucy knew where this was going and didn’t seem to mind, not that she was going to be offered a choice in the matter!

“Good, now’s your chance. I am not diyarbakır escort going to last long, your antics have more than aroused me, so be prepared to get a mouthful for the first time as well”.

Lucy smiled again and reached out to undo my trouser belt and zip. As she drew down my jeans my erection became apparent as it stuck proudly out inside my boxer shorts. The wet patch where my pre-cum was leaking was very noticeable and I felt a tingle already as the jeans hit the deck. Lucy licked her lips and slid the top of my boxers over the top of my cock and exposed its purple and swollen head to the air. Before she moved them any further down she leant forward and licked the remaining glistening pre-cum from its tip. The sensation was exquisite and I twitched as I fought to control the urges within me. Lucy lowered my clothes to the floor, looked up at me and slowly sank her mouth around my glans, fastening her lips on to the underneath of the tip and encasing the whole lot in her warm, silky mouth. I spasmed slightly and almost came immediately, so fantastically electric was the sensation and so ready for relief was I. Lucy just kept on sinking her lips further and further down my rock hard member, and then started to use her tongue as the head slid deeper into her mouth. That did it, I felt the familiar tingling around my balls as the orgasm approached. I think Lucy must have sensed it as she lightly ran her finger nail along from my rear to the base of my cock, that most sensitive of areas.

I gasped and shot my first spurt to the back of her mouth, it felt like it was the hardest I had ever cum and Lucy seemed shocked by it. No time for her to recover, I just kept on spasming, spurt after spurt hitting her in ever lessening amounts until after five or six of them I stopped, wasted. Lucy slowly rolled her tongue around my now sensitive glans licking the last drops of my juices from it. She stood up, teasing me as her mouth and lips slid off my softening member and smiled at me, whispering, “Did I pass?”

“Mmm, a good first try but we might have to have practice some more later,” I replied with difficulty. Lucy had swallowed all my cum in one go and though it must have been quite a mouthful she didn’t seem fazed. I dressed properly again and realised we had less than 25 minutes before Fen returned.

“I need to do some more work before Fen gets back. I think you can remove the tortuous knickers and then get us both a drink. After that I have an idea I need to try, and an offer you may want to take up. I like to reward people who follow instructions and although I am still in charge you may be able to earn a respite!”

For a while we returned to normal, if trying to complete some work with a sexily clad 19 year old standing next to you is normal. Lucy had finished her drink and clearly starting to get a little agitated, looking across the room at the clock quite frequently. Eventually she asked if she could mention something. I nodded.

“Well, its just that Fen will be back very soon, and my instructions were….. well to have you erm…. ready and excited,” she said rather shyly. I smiled, I had been waiting for her to mention this.

“Indeed, and we should do something about this, I wouldn’t want you in any more trouble than you already are. So, if you don’t mind a good, long kiss would get me started and it shouldn’t be too painful.”

Lucy smiled and looked up as I bent my face in towards her full and smiling lips. I pulled her slim frame in to me and held her close, wrapping my arms around her back and resting my hands on her tight, leather covered cheeks. My tongue worked away with hers as our mouths met, frantically playing games and trying to outdo each other with the ferocity of the kiss. Lucy was really getting into this I thought as I slid my hands over and around those perfect globes, easily reaching the hem of the skirt and easing it up.

Lucy started to get into this a little more too, and began grinding in to me and pulling my cheeks in towards her. I traced the firm flesh at the bottom of her ass and slipped my finger gently down the crack between the firm flesh. She had done as I instructed and removed her knickers so my fingers finally passed her rear hole (mmm, might return I thought?) and found the top of her legs and the pussy lips between were dripping. By now my cock had sprung back to life and was beginning to raise itself, so before I went too far again I broke off the kiss and held Lucy slightly away from me.

“Lets not waste ourselves quite just yet. Tell me – if you had control of Fen for an hour or so, just what would you do?”

Lucy looked shocked at the thought but as I smiled and encouraged her I could see she had at least fantasised about this. As Lucy told me I began to get more excited still and there was a stiffening of my cock again as she got to her final explanation. This could be very good, so I continued with my plan.

“Mmm, very enticing, I am sure we could arrange this. I could give you an instruction to take control this afternoon, but you have to earn it. You are already waiting on Fen’s confirmation or otherwise of your most feared punishment. If she agrees with you and you can give me a deep throated experience now and get all of my fully erect cock in so your lips are hard up against my flesh, the control over Fen and myself is yours.”

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