Saturday Morning

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Two weeks. Two weeks is an obnoxious length of time to go without an orgasm. Of course, Michael got in an orgasm every day, but he hasn’t seen fit to reciprocate as of late. Leah thought she knew what she was in for when she agreed to the orgasm restrictions, but apparently she had been much too optimistic in her assumptions. Because, well, two weeks.

Two weeks.

So when her sleep addled mind felt her husband pulling her hips up first thing in the morning, she found herself hard pressed to get overly excited about being allowed to orgasm.

She had been fighting the feelings of love and hate regarding the new orgasm routine. She loved the idea that she was making herself available at her husband’s whim, and she intensely loved the notion of simply being used as a method of getting him off.

She really loved to orgasm too, though. The denial and the knowledge that Michael controlled her orgasm made her wet just thinking about it. So the less she came, the more she thought about how she wasn’t “allowed” to come, which instantly turned her on, then she always had to circle back on to the fact her orgasms were solely at Michael’s discretion. Truly a vicious cycle.

Leah groaned softly into her pillow as she felt Michael slowly pushing his dick into her cunt. She immediately shifted her hips higher to try and meet his lazy thrust, but a sharp slap to her right ass cheek immediately made her still. ‘So that’s how it is going to be’.

She felt her husband’s large, callused hand press down on her upper back as he picked up the pace. With her ass pulled up and out and her husband’s hand pressing down firmly on her upper back, Leah didn’t have much wiggle room. So she did as was expected and attempted to stay still while just accepting the cock japon porno pushing into her at an ever quickening pace.

Of course the fucking felt good, fantastic actually, even though Michael wasn’t taking any care to hit the angle that would help her reach orgasm. The very fact that he was blatantly ignoring her need to orgasm only served to work her up more and she whined in a combination of frustration and desire.

The whine earned her ass another sharp slap and she felt the hand move from her back and then two hands on her hips yanked her sharply against her husband’s hips as he ground out his orgasm.

Michael let himself fall into the bed as he grinned to himself. He knew Leah desperately wanted to cum but he had been having an exceptionally good time watching his wife continuously working through her pent up frustration. He had a plan to allow her to cum. Later.

Leah still hadn’t moved from the position he left her so he took a moment to admire her soft pants as she blatantly tried to keep her frustration to herself. He noticed the barely there rocking of her hips as her body subconsciously chased after the orgasm that wasn’t going to happen.

Smirking and reaching over with his left arm, he pulled his frazzled wife into a spooning position. He pinched her left nipple viciously just to hear her gasp then dragged his fingers down her abdomen and ground two fingers against her swollen clit. Leah swung her left leg over his hopefully to give him better access and he took the unnecessary invitation to slide two fingers into her wet cunt. He pumped her pussy three times then dragged his fingers through his cum that had leaked out of her hole.

Michael shoved as much of the fluid he could back inside of her kızlık bozma porno and then pumped his fingers in her sloppy cunt harshly until her body was tense and her cunt was grasping at his fingers.

He quickly pulled out, gave a cursory rub against her clit, then brought his wet fingers up to her lips. Leah obligingly opened her mouth and sucked his fingers clean.

Michael cupped his hand around Leah’s jaw to be sure he had her attention when he gave her instructions.

“Now, would you like to cum today?”

Michael laughed at the quick “Yes, Master!” and continued on with his conditions.

“You’re going to go take your shower, put on the outfit I lay out, then make pancakes. Before that though, I need to piss.”

He immediately felt Leah try to turn her head away from him like he knew she would, anything involving piss play never failed to embarrass her.

“None of that, I’m not done explaining the deal to you!”

Michael quirked his lips when he saw Leah narrow her eyes.

“Now, you can kneel in the shower with your head down, hands behind your back as usual, then go on with your morning. But if you want to cum today, I want to find you in there with your face up and mouth open.”

He immediately saw her eyes flash in shock and she looked like she wanted to glare a hole through him. He loved it…

“Then you are going to swallow whatever lands in your mouth, suck me clean, then carry on. Your choice, now go!”

Leah rolled out of bed, stood for a moment, flexed her fingers, then walked into the shower.

She slowly knelt into position, pulled her hands behind her back, took a deep breath, then tilted her face up and opened her mouth. Leah was not happy at all köylü porno about the situation, except that she was. She never could sort out the feelings of humiliation and arousal that went through her whenever her husband took it into his mind that he wanted to piss on her. The desperate desire to cum practically made the decision for her to open her mouth.

Michael chose that moment to walk into the bathroom and laughed outright when he looked at her upturned face and open mouth.

“Obviously someone really wants to cum today.”

He watched the brunette close her eyes as though she wanted to cringe and Michael felt a burst of pride when her eyes were the only movement she made even though he knew she was deeply embarrassed.

“You can keep your eyes closed but don’t move away if you want to cum.”

Too excited to linger, Michael took his dick in hands and aimed at Leah’s chest. He couldn’t help but smile softly at the small shudder that went through Leah’s body as the warm stream of piss hit her breasts. He let the stream wash over her breasts then angled his dick up to her chin before finally reaching her mouth. The squeak and gurgling sound she made as the fluid landed in her mouth was enough to make him shudder in desire. God, he couldn’t wait for the rest of the day to play out.

He finished by pulling his stream up further to land in her hair which made her involuntarily duck her head. Surprisingly she had kept his piss in her mouth and he saw her lips clenched shut and twisted in a grimace as she looked up at him.


He chose to ignore the glare she shot him in favor of watching the struggle on her face and her throat moving as she swallowed.

He offered her his dick which she dutifully sucked clean then sank back on her heels.

“Good girl, now get moving, I’m hungry and there better be coffee.”

Michael walked out, threw himself back into bed, and smiled while replaying the memory of his wife struggling so sweetly with herself.

It was only 9am and they had the whole day to play…

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