Scarlet Woman Pt. 01


The club has been open for a full year, and tonight is set to be our biggest and best night yet. No-one thought an old-fashioned speakeasy style basement bar would survive in this city, but I proved them wrong. I have created an escape from the real world, a place out of time where anyone can live the life they dream of, if only for a few hours. And here I too can be whoever I choose.

My working evening always starts the same way; a leisurely shower, luxuriating in the hot water pouring over my curves and the silken feel of the delicate bubbles of shower foam as they trail my skin. Stepping out of the shower I wrap my long red curls in a towel, reaching for my favourite body oil and begin massaging it into my skin. I fantasise that my hands are those of a lover sensuously working the oil into my limbs, awakening my senses with his touch and the light scent of the oil. Increasingly turned on as I work the oil into my hips and buttocks my hands sweep up towards my breasts, tweaking my erect nipples as I savour the powerful sensuality of my body.

Tonight’s carefully selected outfit is laid out ready in my dressing room. Wriggling into the red lace shorts and matching bra I slip şişli escort my silk robe over the top to keep me warm as I finish getting ready. Keeping my makeup simple – a sweep of gold eyeshadow, smoky black eyeliner and lashings of mascara to emphasise my hazel eyes, and a classic matte red lipstick – I am ready in minutes. Planning to bring a natural flush to my cheeks before opening time I have no need of blusher. With my hair dried and tumbling down my back, it is time to finish getting dressed. Rolling the subtly shimmering stockings up my legs I settle the lace tops around my upper thighs, taking a brief moment to teasingly graze my fingers across my clit through the fabric of my knickers. A spritz of my signature perfume, then I slip my fitted black dress over my head, smoothing the silken fabric over my breasts and hips. Fastening the zip I pause to glance in the mirror and appreciate the way it accentuates my assets, before stepping into a pair of black satin stilettoes, and I am ready to go.

I love this part of the evening; the air is filled with anticipation, everyone idly chatting as they get the club ready for opening time. All the staff and taksim escort musicians have arrived and seem as excited as I am to be celebrating tonight. Satisfied that everything is under control down here I head back up to my office for my own final preparations.

Dan, the house pianist, is lounging outside the band’s dressing room, the self-assured smirk on his face telling me he knows just how good he looks in his elegantly tailored suit.

‘Hey Scarlett, Looking good! Any special requests for tonight?’ he asks with a suggestive smile.

‘How about we discuss this in my office?’ I respond over my shoulder as I sashay past.

Hearing the click of the lock as he closes the door behind him, I turn to face him, perching on the edge of my desk.

‘How about a little warm up?’

Standing for a moment, I ease the skirt of my dress up over my hips and shimmy out of my knickers, casually dropping them at his feet before settling back on my desk, legs slightly parted, my fingers idly grazing my pussy. Visibly turned on at the sight of me teasing myself, Dan watches for a moment before crossing the room and pausing tantalisingly out of reach. Head topkapı escort tilted to one side, his gaze drifts appraisingly over my body, and wordlessly he sinks to his knees. His hot breath is like a gentle caress between my thighs as a lust filled sigh escapes his parted lips. Squirming at the sensation I shift my feet a little further apart, desperate for him to touch me.

Flexing his fingers as if about to sit down and play he glances up at me, running his fingers up and down my thighs as if they were the keyboard of the Steinway baby grand in the bar downstairs. Unable to contain myself I tilt my hips towards him, silently begging him to give me the release I so desperately need. Hands on my hips to pull me closer, he expertly teases me with his tongue. As I arch my back my hair sweeps across my bare skin, pushing me closer to the edge. Savouring the ripples of pleasure building inside of me I bite my lip to hold in a lust-filled cry, suddenly aware of the sounds of people bustling backwards and forwards in the corridor outside. Unable – unwilling – to hold back any longer, a long, low moan escapes my lips as a powerful orgasm rushes through my body.

On his way to the door Dan pauses to pick up the underwear I dropped at his feet earlier, folding it carefully before tucking it into the top pocket of his jacket, leaving just a hint of red lace showing. Cheeks now suitably flushed, I adjust my dress and make my way downstairs ready for opening time.

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