Secret Lives of Big-Breasted Nerds


A typical Friday night had arrived for the eight BBN, otherwise known as the Big-Breasted Nerds. As such, they accumulated at their fellow alumni Bethany’s large mansion to get away from the stress of the outside world. The girls entitled themselves the Big-Breasted Nerds on account that it’s original and unique, but mainly because they’re all nerds with ridiculously huge knockers you just wanted to suck the fuck out of.

On a regular weekend sleepover, Bethany and her friends; Nadia, Dana, Madison, Gwen, Casey, Emma, and Joanna watched 1980’s teen movies, rocked out to 1990’s pop music, read comic books, discussed their celebrity crushes, role-played their favorite sci-fi and fantasy scenes and played video games. As the night carried on, the girls decided to head in another direction and explore some uncharted territory. Wearing their sleeping attire, all eight girls gathered around and formed a circle on the floor.

“Alright girls, lets… get… dirty,” an overexcited Emma giggled. “Can I confirm that none of us are virgins, correct?”

“Yeah,” all the girls spoke softly in unison.

“And, for most of us, the first time was horrible,” Emma followed up.

Most of the girls nodded and agreed.

“Not for me,” exclaimed Dana. “I had one in my pussy and the other up my butt.”

Emma gave Dana an “Oh My Gosh” glare, than took a puff of her inhaler while the other girls laughed.

“That’s because you’re the skank of the group, Dana,” laughed Casey.

“I can’t help it that I’m officially over fucking sexually active. You girls need to get fucked more,” Dana responded.

“Speaking of which,” chimed in Bethany. “Let’s tell our most interesting sexual experience!”

The room suddenly got quiet and her seven friends looked to be quite embarrassed, even Dana the tomboy who’s usually brazen about her opinions.

“Anyone?” she added.

The awkward silence continued.

“Notice anything different about me?” said a cheerful Emma, as she cracked a wide goofy smile.

“Uh, nope,” replied Dana in a nonchalant manner.

“Your braces are gone!” exclaimed Joanna. “Thought you needed to wear them for another year?”

“And I still do. I’m still wearing braces, you guys. You just can’t see them because their clear.”

“Neato!” said Madison.

“Ohhh, cool beans! Couldn’t even tell your wearing any,” said Gwen. “Your mouth looks a lot nicer, Emma. Bet they cost a fortune.”

“Thank you,” Emma bashfully appreciated. “They did. My parents literally spent their life savings and took out another mortgage on our house.”

“They look very comfortable too,” chimed in Nadia.

“They are, VERY comfortable,” Emma emphasized. “These clear braces are a heck of a lot better than those metal ones I used to wear. No more hearing the name Metal Mouth for me!”

“Girls, girls! Can we get back to the subject?” Bethany asked. “And they look great Emma.”

Emma blushed with glee.

“Alright… Guess I will go first,” Gwen spoke. “In fact, I’m sure you guys already heard the story… Just not ALL the details. So, like, 3 weeks ago…”


The Salesgirl- Gwen’s Story

Gwen rung the doorbell to 678 Miller Lane Ave. The address was familiar as it belonged to the Fletchers, Steve and his wife Linda. They lived right across the street from Gwen and she’d known them for a few years. She stood outside their door patiently holding a briefcase while sporting her rather colorful sense of fashion. A long yellow and black checkered flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled up to show off her purple arm warmers, a multi-color scarf around her neck, hot pink leggings, and cowboy boots. Those who knew Gwen considered her a bit Emo. If her peculiar fashion style didn’t catch your attention, her enormous pair of jostling E cup melons would.

“Hello, Mr. Fletcher! Is your wife home?” Gwen asked with a generous smile.

“I’m afraid not kiddo. She’s at work and won’t be home until late,” Steve replied, as he stood in the doorway wearing a snug black t-shirt that showed off his lean, muscular torso and blue jeans.

Gwen, like many woman young and old in the neighborhood, had a huge crush on Steve Fletcher. The man was a dreamboat. He stood 6’0 tall with ruggedly good looks and a sculpted torso with lean muscles for being a 42 year old man. Steve had olive green eyes, a causal short black haircut, and rocked a 5’o’clock shadow. Steve had no job as his wife made quite a lot of money for the both of them. His rugged good looks obviously had Linda mesmerized, as many girls before her also had allowed Steve to mooch off their fortune. Gwen would be no different if she had wealth. There was, however, one thing Gwen didn’t like about Steve and that was him treating and speaking to her like she was a kid and not a grown 24 year old woman.

“That’s quite unfortunate. I was really hoping she could take a look at some fragrance items I’m selling and perhaps buy a few,” Gwen sadly explained.

“Well, you could always acıbadem escort show me and if you’re convincing, I’ll buy from you kiddo,” Steve suggested and smiled his gorgeous smile at Gwen who shrugged. “By the way, how’s your folks?”

“They’re doing fine,” Gwen replied smiling, as she followed Steve into his nicely clean and organized living room. She kept her eyes directly on his nice firm butt. Once inside the living room, Gwen set up shop on his living room table and opened the suitcase that displayed a variety of fragrances.

“Alright young lady, dazzle me,” Steve taunted with a charming grin. His teeth were straight and perfectly whitened to the point where they damn near sparkled. Gwen was slightly mesmerized for a couple of seconds before starting to pitch him her perfume display.

Gwen was barely five minutes into her sales presentation and noticed how Steve’s attention seemed to be on her, mainly her very large and well-rounded perky breasts jutting high from her chest. Gwen was a mere 5’5 with a slender frame that made her tits look twice as huge and they amazingly resisted gravity. She had wide, curvy hips and a skinny little ass. She was reasonably cute with milky skin, crystal clear blue eyes and freckles across the bridge of her nose. Her straight, dyed colored candy apple red hair with white stripes on the sides fell slightly past her shoulders and was cut into bangs over her forehead. Needless to say, Gwen had a vivid style.

“Say, dab some of that Sexy and Spice perfume on and let me take a whiff. I’m sure my wife would love some of that,” Steve suggested.

“Sure,” Gwen agreed.

She sprayed a little bit of the perfume on her wrist and walked over to Steve.

“I was thinking more like around your neck, that way I can get a better sense of the smell,” he explained.

Without hesitation, Gwen sprayed a little on her neck and leaned over towards Steve. His face was inches away from her bare pale skin as he inhaled the beautifully scented perfume. She felt his hot breath breathing heavily down her neck sending chills through her body. Before Gwen could move, Steve placed a soft, sensual and seductive kiss on her neck, and then quickly followed with another and another. Steve paused to take a breath and she felt his breath tickle down her neck. Gwen giggled and pushed Steve back against the couch.

“Thought I was just a little kid?” she questioned.

“Oh Gwen. You’ve far from little, my dear. I’ve been watching you grow for a while now into a bosom queen. I’ve been biding my time to get a chance with you,” Steve said.

“You have?”

“Oh yes, for months. Every time I have sex with my flat-chested bitch of a wife, I picture having sex with you instead and watching those great, big grown-up breasts bounce up and down while you’re riding my cock. I’ve been giving her the best sex she ever had when it should be you I’m giving it to,” Steve confessed.

Gwen felt her cheeks flush as she was speechless and flattered that someone as good looking as Steve Fletcher would want her that badly. She’d had quite a few relationships during her high school years and one serious one after she graduated. Unlike the boyfriends before him, he wasn’t a fan of big breasts. After they broke up, she had a couple of fumbling and forgettable encounters with clueless and quick-to-cum boys. Steve Fletcher was all man. She had a crush on him the first time she laid eyes on him but knew she couldn’t have him. Gwen heard rumors that Steve possessed a tremendously large cock and dreamt frequently about him fucking her vigorously with it. It seemed those dreams were about to become reality.

“I know you want this as much as I do. It’s written all over your cute freckly face,” Steve teased, as he leaned forward, reached up and begun unbuttoning Gwen’s flannel shirt. Gwen stood still and watched as Steve got down to the last button and flung her shirt open to reveal a black tank top stretched across her massive bust while hanging loose over her skinny waist. His eyes soaked in with sheer delight the extreme largeness of her jutting breasts beneath the top. He then turned his attention towards her face as he began pulling down her hot pink leggings to reveal her thin, white cotton panties. “I love the sweet aroma of a young, tight pussy. Have a seat while I finish undressing you.”

Gwen sat down on the couch while Steve kneeled down in front of her. He took off both of her cowboy boots and finished removing her leggings leaving Gwen only in her black tank top, bra, arm warmers, cotton panties, and bright-blue ankle socks.

“Ever had a man taste your delicious pussy before?” a deeply aroused Steve asked.

“No,” she softly responded.

“Good, then I can be your first. I’ve brought many women in the neighborhood to their knees with my skilled tongue,” he gloated. He grabbed the hem of her panties and pulled them down and off her body. He groaned getting an eyeful akbatı escort of her dark brown pubic mound. Gwen inhaled nervously as Steve parted her pale legs to opposite ends of his couch. She couldn’t see over her massive chest but felt Steve’s hot breath up against her bare hairy mound. She gasped as she felt his tongue working on her outer pussy lips. He wildly ran his tongue up and down her creamy pussy lips before spreading them and inserting his tongue into her hole.

Gwen moaned favorably at Steve’s amazing tongue skills. She felt his lips latch onto her sensitive clitoris. Steve’s tongue flickered over it using the tip of his tongue to tickle her clitoris. He began sucking on it, pulling on it with his lips while alternating with licks from his tongue. The exotic yet sensual feeling send Gwen squirming and moaning uncontrollably. Her enormous, bulbous tits jostled back and forth under her tank top and bra.

“Oh my god, Oh my god,” Gwen managed to mutter out between moans.

Steve was face deep in her sweet, tight cunt, devouring any part that came in contact with his mouth and tongue. Her clitoris endured most of his appetizing assault. He repositioned her legs over his shoulders and held onto them as he continued to feverishly lick and suck on her dark damped bush, making it slick and hot. He moaned deep in her wet cunt and the vibration of his voice intensified the feeling inside her.

“Wooof!!” Gwen grunted, toes curling and hands clutching tight on Steve’s head as he eats her out. “Woooooof!!”

Gwen relinquished her hands from his head and peeled her tank top off. Her massive, soft breasts spilled heavily out from the bottom and top of her huge beige-colored thin bra. Her nipples were rock-hard and shamelessly poked through her bra. Steve glanced up at the barrage of mountainous tit flesh that poured out from all parts of her bra and the twin heaving peaks clearly blocked his view of her face. He deeply growled in anticipation of seeing her massive boobs unleashed as his talented tongue continued ravaging her most intimate private part.

On instinct, Gwen thrusts her hips up to meet Steve’s mouth. Her swollen clitoris became engulfed in his mouth and she cried out loudly ready to succumb to an intolerable pleasure she never felt before. She reached up and unclasped her large brassiere which caused her swollen milk bags to tumble out from their confining cups. They were enormous, milky-white conical-shaped teardrops with pink, palm-sized bumpy areolas and thick, inch-long nipples as hard as diamonds in the center begging to be sucked. Despite their tremendous size and heaviness, her tits showed no hint of sag and sat beautifully upon her chest.

Steve’s eyes sunk in the dick-hardening and astonishing sight of Gwen’s gravity-defying heavy spheres and two obscenely large, stiff nipples. He intensified the assault on her pussy, sucking and licking harder and reached up to get his hands filled with her spongy, fat breasts. He growled and Gwen gasped as his hands started kneading her huge soft knockers like dough. He tugged and twisted each stiff nipple between his fingers while at the same time, he manipulated her clitoris with the flicker and licks of his moving tongue. The simultaneous oral play to her hot pussy and groping of her large breasts sent Gwen over the edge, amplifying an already unbearable and imaginable feat of pleasure.

“OOHH GOD YESSS!” she moaned, feeling a monster of an orgasm rapidly approaching. But before Gwen could reach her apex, Steve lifted his head from her hot cunt for the first time since going down on her. “Oh god, Steve! What the fuck!? Why did you stop? I was so close to cumming.” Her horniness began to multiply at a speedy rate. She felt her giant breasts throbbing with lust as they rolled lusciously on her chest. Her thick nipples jutted a good inch and a half and were hard enough to cut through glass. Her pussy was drenched wet, twitching and smoldering hot and in desperate need to cum.

“I know my darling, but I don’t want you cumming until I’ve fucked you so good, you won’t be able to walk straight for a few days. Then you’ll be able to compare stories with Miss Lockhart down the street and Mrs. Clinton one door down from you. You might want to ask Mrs. Rodriguez the next time you enter her store why she had to use a walking cane for a few days,” Steve rejoiced. When he stood up, Gwen’s eyes were fixed to the front of his jeans. She noticed something rather large jerking around towards his mid-thigh. She sat up and quickly unfastened his jeans, then pulled them down along with his boxer briefs in one swoop. His hung cock, hard and ready, nailed Gwen in the face with a swift smack.

“Holy SHIT!” Gwen overwhelmingly expressed, revealing the biggest, fucking, vein-throbbing cock she’d ever seen, or could ever have imagined obtruding from his body. She’d fantasized about his cock due to the rumors, but never imagined it was so aksaray escort huge. It was long, thick, rock-hard and throbbing dark pink. The head was big and swollen and his balls were fat, full, and hung-low. He was hairless down below which made his cock appear even bigger.

“It’s been a while since my cock has been this hard and excited to fuck a young, fresh pussy,” Steve said. “But I think it’s in need of a lube job and your supple mouth looks like it could do the trick. Ever sucked on a cock before?”

Gwen snapped out of her long gaze on his massively erected tool.

“Um, yes, of course, just none as big as yours.”

Steve flashed his irresistible smile and chuckled.

“Silly Gwen. Those weren’t cocks. Those were dicks. Little boys have dicks. What you see before you my dear, is a cock. Real men have cocks and you’re about to get your first taste of a real cock.”

Gwen seized his pulsing cock with one hand and pumped it firmly up and down. It was definitely a two handed job, so she wrapped her other hand around his cock and pumped with both. Instinctively, she wrapped her lips around the fat head of his cock and sucked. She kept her hands sliding up and down his hard shaft as she tongued and sucked on the full, round head of his dark pink cock. Gwen looked up at Steve to see his head had shot back and she heard him groaning. She was thrilled with his contentment and increased her sucking and pumping motions. She tried moving her mouth further down his cock but her little mouth couldn’t fit much of its thickness.

“God, Steve,” she spoke softly after relinquishing his cock from her mouth. “Your cock is so fucking big and juicy and so beautiful. I want you to fuck me with it. Fuck me hard.”

Insane with lust, Gwen grabbed his huge hard cock and slowly inserted it between her foaming pussy lips as Steve got situated between her supple thighs. It felt even bigger than before as she guided half of it inside.

“Push it in!” she moaned. “Push that big fucking- UUUNNNGH!!” Before Gwen was able to finish, she felt Steve slowly forced his massive cock deep inside her. It was too big to move quick and Gwen felt her pussy expanding to fit around his enormous, thick tool.

“Oh yeah, baby! So tight. Hmmmm, so deliciously tight,” Steve moaned, as he held her legs up from behind her knees. He slowly began thrusting his cock inside her tight pussy. Her extreme wetness made it easy for him to increase the tempo of his thrusting and force more of his cock deep inside her. Gwen gasped and felt her pussy and clitoris burst into flames. All the few boyfriends Gwen had could never bring her to the intensified heights that Steve brought her to, and her quickies could never register on any sexual level.

Steve began thrusting like an overzealous beast. He released her legs and braced his sweat-glistening body over hers. His stomach pushed against hers as he slammed his massive cock in and out of her pussy. He marveled at the sight of her huge conical breasts pitching and rolling across her chest. He dipped his head down and took one of Gwen’s fat taut nipples into his mouth and sucked hard. He pressed his lips hard against the bumpy texture of her areola while his tongue assaulted the captured nipple inside his mouth. He reached up to squeeze both flailing breasts and continued to plunge his rock-hard cock in and out of her. Steve switched to her other nipple and gave it the same oral treatment. Both of her nipples had grown between his lips to the size of thimbles.

“Oh, suck my titties, Steve! Suck my fucking big titties!” Gwen moaned, as she wrapped her arms around his head and smothered him in her gorge of soft tit mounds. Steve went on a sucking splurge over every smooth, creamy, and sweaty inch of her enormous milky-white jugs. He mercilessly sucked on her nipples and flushed areolas as her exceedingly swollen tits sloshed and shuddered profoundly atop of her chest from his hard, intense pounding. His big heavy balls slapped shamelessly against her ass, as he drove his entire thrusting tool deep inside her.

“Oh, I’m cumming, oh, I’m cumming!” Gwen squealed, as she felt her insides melting and getting tighter and wetter around his enormous cock and approached the pinnacle of her orgasm. “OH, OH, OH!!” Steve ravenously thrust his massive organ inside this big-tittied Emo he had known for a few years. He’d watched as she grew into her own, unique person and blossomed such overly large breasts in the process. Steve grunted as he felt his huge cock expand even bigger and began to convulse inside her pool of wetness.

“Here it comes, you big titty, no fashion sense having nerd! A massive helping of my jism,” Steve lustfully exclaimed. Gwen squeezed her obscenely bouncing huge boobs, as she felt her dreamboat neighbor unload massive doses of his hot cum inside her. The warm and rich feeling finally made her body surrender to pleasure.

“I’M CUMMMMMING!” Gwen shouted at the top of her lungs. Her 5’5, 126 lb huge-breasted frame shuddered in helpless ecstasy as she came so hard that she nearly passed out. Steve continued thrusting in her hairy mound until her orgasm subsided. He looked down at the heavy panting 24 year old and marveled lustfully at her big heaving tits and rock-hard swollen nipples.

“I’m game for a few more rounds. How about you, my big bosom nerd?”

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