Seducing the Babysitter Ch. 09



Katherine woke up for the fourth consecutive morning alone. This trip had certainly not turned out exactly as she had thought. She knew when she accepted Lisa’s offer to bring Taylor up for a week with her lesbian friends that she wouldn’t be spending much time alone with her lover. After all, she had agreed to be Lisa’s slave. She also had to come to terms with the fact it was Lisa who insisted she recruit her roommate Taylor into the lesbian lifestyle.

Katherine and Taylor had roomed with each other for the last two semesters. Taylor was a rising junior and Katherine, while a senior, still needed nine hours or three classes to graduate. Katherine had met Lisa through a lady she had baby sat for and found herself drawn into a Sapphic lifestyle. Lisa and her friend Susan had spent months dominating the brunette and eventually coerced her into recruiting her straight college roommate Taylor into their fun and games.

Taylor’s seduction was much easier than Katherine had imagined as she found Taylor to revel in a submissive lesbian relationship. The thing she hadn’t counted on was falling deeply in love with the little blonde. Katherine and Taylor had joined Lisa, Susan, and three other women at Lisa’s cabin in the mountains. She had enjoyed meeting the other women and the afternoons and evenings they had all shared.

What she hadn’t counted on was the time away from Taylor. Other than the initial evening when she and Taylor met Kim and had a sexual tryst and the afternoon out by the creek, she had spent little time with her roommate.

On several occasions, Susan had pulled Kat back to her bedroom to service her orally. A couple of times Susan had used her strapon to fuck her and once fucked her ass while Katherine went down on Kim.

Katherine walked down the hall and heard voices coming from the kitchen and dining room where everyone but Beth and Jenny had gathered for coffee and Danishes. Taylor sat at the table nude as she took a bite of an apple Danish. Both she and Katherine, obeying conditions Lisa had made, always remained naked in the house. Neither girl thought much of it now becoming totally relaxed and uninhibited being naked in front of the others.

Katherine poured a cup of coffee and sat down with the other women who shared their plans for the day. “Lisa, would it be okay if Taylor and I hiked down the trail again? I really enjoyed our trip a few days ago?” Kat asked.

It was news to Taylor but she beamed at the thought of spending time with Katherine. “I’d love to go to,” Kim interjected as she walked into the dining room from the kitchen. “That is, if you guys don’t mind the company.”

“I think that’s a great idea,” Lisa stated. “Kim knows the trails really well. We wouldn’t want you girls getting lost. Just be back by four. I have us reservations at the Grove Park this evening.”

Katherine and Taylor returned a short time later dressed in their shorts, t-shirts, and boots. They met Kim who had packed each a small backpack with towels and snacks. Kim did indeed know the trails well and they ventured much further than they had earlier in the week.

Katherine loved the sounds of the running water which grew louder at points, rushing through narrow places in the stream. Kim seemed to know exactly where she was headed as the two girls followed behind taking in the beauty of their surroundings.

Katherine admired Kim’s taut frame. Her tanned legs were shapely leading up to the round but firm ass that peaked out from beneath her tight shorts. Katherine couldn’t help starting at the little stars tattooed at the bottom of her leg. She knew they trailed all the way down to her ankle.

Kim had tied her t-shirt in a knot at her waist exposing the small of her back and the colorful tattoo that covered her back from shoulder to shoulder. Katherine had seen it their first night when she and Taylor joined Kim in the whirlpool. It was a bright and colorful tattoo with two women standing in a midst of colorful flowers and shrubs. One woman was leaning back into the other, her left breast in the grasp of the woman standing directly behind her. The woman in front wore a thin black collar. Her head was tilted back as the woman behind appeared to have a handful of long black hair pulling it down. There had been little doubt the collared woman was Kim and the other woman was Susan.

Kim told the girls an artist that Susan knew had drawn the picture and Susan had a talented guy she knows at a local parlor tattoo her back. Katherine had a tat of her own – a tiger with a collar on the small of her back. Lisa had instructed her to have the tat there as a sign of her submission.

Katherine heard the roar of the water getting louder and louder as they emerged from the green forest into an open area. It was breathtaking. A large pool of water surrounded by flat rocks highlighted by a stretch of sandy beach. At the mouth of the pool was a cascading falls perhaps fifty feet high as the water crashed into the water below. Ankara escort Katherine was stunned anything could look this breathtaking.

This is my favorite place,” Kim looked back over her shoulder smiling as she removed the straps of the pack as it slid off her shoulders. “Let’s go for a dip,” she continued as she ran over to a rock, leaning against it as she removed her hiking boots and socks.

Meanwhile Katherine and Taylor had joined her and dropped the packs on the ground as well. Almost before they had even removed their packs, Kim was stripped of her top and shorts and was dipping her foot into the cool stream.

“Wow, it’s cold but it feels great!” Kim shouted as she stepped into the waters and gracefully eased in up to her neck. Katherine watched as Kim turned so that she was floating on her back. Her nipples drew taut. They were accented with two little gold hoops that Taylor had been fascinated by. Taylor had gone as far as admitting to Lisa she thought she would like to have hers pierced as well… that is, she would if Katherine did too.

Katherine knew it was a matter of time before both coeds sported pierced nipples similar to Kim’s. Kim also had her navel pierced with a diamond pendant. It was the diamond that her fiancé had given her and Susan got a devilish thrill having the engagement ring set in a belly button piercing. Now, every time Kim lay on her back, with Susan pounding her little shaved pussy with her strapon, she wondered what her ex-boyfriend would think if he knew where his diamond had ended up.

Katherine and Taylor stripped out of their clothes and joined Kim in the water. It was cold…really cold. Katherine kept thinking eventually her body would get used to it. All three girls swam around before Katherine made her move and swam in Taylor’s direction. She came up behind her roommate and wrapped her arms around her. Her hands cupped Taylor’s breast and she could feel her hard little nipples in the palm of her hand. Her own nipples poked into Taylor’s back as Katherine bent her head down and placed soft kisses on the nape of Taylor’s neck.

Katherine had longed for days to hold Taylor, to feel her skin again on hers. Taylor turned and stared back into Katherine’s eyes. The lovers held there gaze until Taylor closed her eyes and moved her lips in Katherine’s direction.

Katherine’s lips met hers and parted as she felt Taylor’s warm wet tongue push between her lips. Their breasts moved together as the cold water splashed between their bodies.

Katherine could hear Kim swimming around and she opened her eyes just for a second as she saw the slender dark haired girl content to enjoy the invigorating waters of the pool.

Katherine met Taylor’s tongue and pushed hers into Taylor’s inviting mouth. “Damn I’ve missed you so much. I can’t tell you how much I’ve wanted to be with you…to hold you like this,” Katherine moaned into Taylor’s mouth as their lips never parted.

“I’ve missed you too Kat,” Taylor replied. “I love you so much. I’ve missed your touch, your kiss.”

Katherine broke their kiss and looked into Taylor’s eyes. She grabbed her by the hand as they waded out of the pool and onto a cool grey rock which emerged from the stream. Katherine eased Taylor down on the rock as she slid on top of Taylor’s body. They resumed their kiss as Katherine ran her hand over Taylor’s wet skin.

She lightly bit Taylor’s lip and then moved to her neck, sucking on her nape, and then easing down to her chest which was moving rapidly up and down.

Katherine licked and kissed her way down to Taylor’s breast, her hard nipple was cold and wet as Katherine drew it into her mouth. Taylor gasped as she felt the sensation of the cold waters tickling her toes which dangled at the creek’s edge and the hot mouth moving across her chest.

Katherine moved down to Taylor’s shaven pussy. The wet little folds invited her as she trailed her tongue down Taylor’s stomach, dipping her tongue into her belly button, until she finally rested at Taylor’s hot pussy.

“Oh yeah baby…lick my pussy. Oh fuck I’ve missed that tongue of yours,” Taylor moaned as she ran her fingers in Katherine’s short hair. She guided her head toward her sensitive spots as Katherine licked, sucked, and probed with her tongue.

“Is this a private affair or may I join in?” Taylor opened her eyes to see Kim standing over them both. The water dripping down her tanned frame. Taylor didn’t say anything, she merely smiled and reached out with her left hand and rested it on Kim’s foot.

Kim knelt down and took Taylor’s tit in her mouth as Katherine continued the assault on Taylor’s pussy. Occasionally Katherine would rub Taylor’s clit before thrusting two, then three fingers up her hot cunt. Kim moved her head up to meet Taylor’s and kissed her on the lips. Their lips moved slowly together. Their tongues meeting as they licked each other’s lips.

Katherine felt no jealousy at all seeing her lover kissing Kim. It was different when they were together. Ankara escort bayan It was devastating when they were apart.

Taylor felt the familiar heat rushing between her thighs. She grabbed Kat’s head and pushed it harder into her pussy. Katherine, knew she was close and plunged her tongue as far into Taylor’s cunt as she could. She wanted to savor every drop. Taylor came hard against Katherine’s mouth which closed around Taylor’s pussy lips. “Oh fuck, oh fuck… I’m cumming,” Taylor cried as both girls kept up their licking and kissing until Taylor’s body went limp.

Kim, Katherine, and Taylor spent most of the afternoon sunning, swimming, and making love to each other before Kim noticing the time, stated they all needed to get dressed and head back.

Lisa was in the kitchen opening a bottle of wine when the three girls walked in. “Enjoy yourselves?” Lisa smiled.

“May I have a glass,” Kim inquired.

“Sure, but you two go get ready,” Lisa replied looking at Katherine and Taylor. “We have reservations at six. I’ve taken the liberty of laying something out for the both of you. I hope you like it.”

Katherine and Taylor walked down the hall and turned the corner to their room. On the bed were two gorgeous cocktail dresses. There was a note from Lisa. “I’ve enjoyed having you both this week and hope you have enjoyed your time with me as well. Jenny picked out some dresses we thought would look nice. The red dress is for Kat and the black is for Taylor. Hope you like them. All my love. Lisa”

Katherine felt bad that she had felt so resentful earlier. The girls noticed the dresses were accompanied by two sets of heels which matched the dresses. Both took showers and applied makeup before slipping into their evening wear. It almost felt foreign wearing a dress. Aside from the hiking shorts they had both worn twice, they had spent the entire week in the buff.

The girls emerged about an hour later to the catcalls of the other women who had assembled in the living room. Kim poured Kat and Taylor a glass of Merlot as they all relaxed before leaving for dinner. Lisa rose from her chair and moved between the girls, eyeing each appreciatively. “My little angels look divine tonight.” Lisa said she moved in and placed a soft kiss on Katherine’s lips before turning and doing the same with Taylor.

The ladies spent a memorable evening eating at one of Asheville’s premier attractions, The Grove Park Inn. They dined on seafood and enjoyed several bottles of wine.

“So tell me ladies, what are your plans for the rest of the summer,” Lisa inquired looking directly at Katherine.

“I hadn’t really thought much about it,” Katherine answered back rather softly.

“Taylor?” Lisa questioned now looking at the blonde coed who looked just as uncertain.

“Well, I thought about trying to get a job over the summer. Last year I worked down at my dad’s office. I was a receptionist,” Taylor stated.

“I see,” Lisa said. “I’ve got to be away for the next six weeks in L.A. Would you two consider apartment watching? I’ve talked to Jenny and she was going to be hiring for summer help… right Jen?”

“Yes,” Jenny affirmed. It doesn’t pay much, but it could give you a little spending money.”

Taylor lit up. She loved Jenny’s store and she was pretty fond of Jenny herself. “Would we be able to go home first? I would like to see my family a little over the summer,” Taylor inquired.

“Certainly,” Lisa shot back. Actually, you can come and go as you please. Just watch over the place. I have a cat and I need my plants watered.”

Both girls were beaming. A chance to spend the summer together and a job too!

“There is one thing, Lisa added. “There’s a lady that’s moved in a few doors down. I met her briefly a few weeks ago… a striking brunette…not much older than you Katherine. Her name is Regina and I think she’s a paralegal.”

The girls were hanging on Lisa’s words. “I’ve seen a few guys over the last few weeks pick her up for dates I assume…but she keeps pretty much to herself. Well, the only thing I ask is that you two get to know her. Maybe get to know Regina really well.”

“Is she a lesbian?” Taylor asked.

Katherine looked over at her roommate, “I think not. She’s a straight girl isn’t she?” Katherine looked back over at Lisa.

“As far as I know,” Lisa smiled. “But I’m hoping you two can take care of that. I’d like to come home in a few weeks and spend some time getting to know Regina myself. Can I count on you?”

Katherine knew what Lisa wanted. She wanted her to seduce another straight woman. This time someone just a little older than herself. Katherine looked at Lisa. Her eyes sparkled in the candle light, a slight smile on her face, as she suggestively sipped on her wine, her tongue tracing the rim of the glass.

Katherine sat back in her chair. She knew how she felt when she seduced Taylor. The feelings she had. She enjoyed the chase, the seduction, and the thrill of having a supposedly Escort Ankara straight girl eating her pussy. She knew how Lisa must have felt as she took Katherine further and further down the road until at last she gave up her boyfriend and acknowledged she too was a lesbian.

“Yes…we’ll do it. Taylor and I,” Katherine shot back.

Taylor looked at Kat and then took a long sip on her own wine. True she was enjoying lesbian sex but was she ready to seduce another woman? Could she?

Kat and Taylor rode back to the house in Beth and Jenny’s car. As the older women sat up front and talked, Katherine and Taylor kissed in the backseat.

When they arrived back at Lisa’s house, the coeds began undressing at the door. They had spent all week honoring Lisa’s request that they be nude at all times. The other women removed their shoes as Susan turned on some light R&B and Lisa opened yet another bottle of wine.

“So Katherine dear,” Lisa said, her voice finally betraying the glasses of wine she had consumed over the course of the evening. “Since this is our last night together, perhaps little Taylor here can show us what she’s learned to do this week.”

All eyes went to Taylor as she blushed slightly as Lisa’s words sank in. “Taylor, why don’t you show Kat, Jenny, and Beth what we’ve taught you to do. Kim, honey, you help her out.”

Susan had retrieved a sheet from the hallway and laid it out on the floor as Taylor walked up to Kim and kissed her. Her lips moved back and forth on Kim’s and Katherine saw her lover’s tongue dart into Kim’s mouth. Kim sucked on it and drew it further in as she wrapped her own arms around Taylor. Taylor reached behind Kim and found the zipper of her dress. With one hand holding the top of the dress, she moved the zipper down with the other.

Kim dropped her arms as the garment fell at her pumps. Taylor knelt down on her knees and unsnapped the little buckles which held the heels on as Kim stepped free, kicking them to the side. Now naked herself, Kim guided Taylor back to her feet as they kissed again.

Taylor could feel the cool golden hoops which adorned Kim’s nipples pressing against her own breasts. She bent down and took a little hoop in her mouth, pulling on the nipple which came with it. She ran her tongue through the hoop, her tongue dancing on the tip of Kim’s hard little bud. She slid down her body and stared at the diamond piercing in her belly button. Taylor hadn’t realized before just how pretty her belly was. Her tongue darted in as she licked across her stomach.

She took in the black star tattoo on Kim’s right hip. It matched the star on Susan’s arm who sat in a chair watching the two lesbians in their dance. Susan removed her own panties and began fingering her twat as Kim and Taylor continued making love.

Taylor slid down until Kim’s wet plump folds came into view. Her cunt lips were shaved bare and her little clit stood out between the lips of her pussy. Taylor ran her tongue ever so gently between the folds like she had done so many times since they had arrived. Nearly every night she had licked Susan, Lisa, and Kim while Katherine lay in her room all alone.

Taylor loved the taste of Kim’s pussy…almost as much as Katherine’s. It was different, yet delicious. “That’s right baby, stick your face in there. Eat my cunt,” Kim chanted as Taylor, encouraged by her words licked that much harder.

“Your little lesbian girlfriend really knows how to eat pussy,” Susan shot over at Katherine who watched her roommate devour Kim’s twat with abandon. “She’s a hot little dyke,” Susan continued.

“Oh fuck, oh shit, that’s it, suck my clit, eat me,” Kim cried as Taylor pushed her face further and further into Kim’s pussy. Taylor was holding tightly to Kim’s ass as she moved her fingers closer and closer to her asshole. She brought her right hand to her mouth and getting her finger all wet, slid the digit back to Kim’s ass and then gently eased it in to Kim’s ass.

“Oh yea, That’s right. Finger my ass you little slut. You fucking lesbian, fuck me, fuck me bitch,” Kim cried.

Katherine looked over to see Beth and Jenny locked in a deep passionate French kiss as Jenny removed Beth’s big breasts from her bra and began licking and sucking on a nipple. Both Lisa and Susan were each rubbing their pussies as they watched with interest the hot lesbian scene in front of them.

Kim bucked wildly into Taylor’s face. Katherine could see Kim’s pussy juices slide down her cheeks as Taylor buried her fingers in Kim’s hot ass. “Fuck, I’m cumming, shit, I’m cumming” Kim shouted as she slid down to her knees face to face with Taylor.

Taylor and Kim kissed gently as Kim tasted her juices on Taylor’s mouth. “Now do it,” Susan said sternly, as Kim began to regain her senses.

Katherine didn’t know what she meant until Lisa handed Kim a bottle of lube and Taylor lay down on the sheet. Kim squirted the lube on her hand and then on Taylor’s bare pussy lips. She slowly moved a finger in her twat, then another as her thumb rubbed Taylor’s clit.

“Get down there Katherine and kiss her,” Lisa commanded. “That’s what you’ve been dying to do all week. Kiss her while she shows you what she’s learned to do for you.”

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