Seduction of Professor Michael D.


Alisa’s Point of View-

“I like your dreads.”

I heard my professor say as I walked pass heading towards my seat.

“Oh, Thanks.” It caught me by surprise, half the time he only spoke was to remind us to turn in our late assignments. And I loved looking into those icy blue eyes, just kidding they made my stomach curl with shyness. Secretly I wanted him to notice me, yet I set far back the last row in our large lecture hall…there was a reason for all this.

From the back, I got to stare at that god of a man. He was tall about 6ft always head high serious with his sleeves halfway rolled up cleanly shaven firm brows and of course glistening grey ice hues. His Jet-black hair contrasted with his eyes, why he’d chose to teach I’d never know. Here I go again staring and watching his mouth move, those lips kissable formed a sarcastic smile upwards looked back at me. My pussy vibrated “Was he locking eyes with me?” Hastening to distract myself I’d quickly investigated my backpack for a cause to overlook him. I never wanted to miss a day of class because of this sex god standing in front of me.

“Okay now turn to chapter 4 we are discussing the fundamentals of the rock cycle.”

How I wished class never ended. I lived for his deep southern drawl those premeditated footsteps he’d take back and forth. His voice always so commanding yet gentle pulled at my heart. Everything about him centered structure and sensuality even if he wasn’t trying, his energy was sexy all of him was perfect. “Alisa, I can clearly read your thoughts right now.” My friend Katy sitting next to me was too observant.

“And obviously he remains the quest of every single one of us girls in this room.” She snickered.

“Sssh, I don’t know what you’re talking about. We really need to memorize this review for the test.”

“Oh gosh, it looks like you’re trying to pass with an A+.” Winking Katy smiled at me with her cute lips shiny and red she’d kept her legs crossed and eyes too penned on our professor. Did I mention he was a total chick magnet? What Escort Bayan I liked the most was his carelessness, never paying attention to the multitudes of pussy he’d unknowingly make drip throughout every class segment. I’d felt like a total slut for daydreaming about what his cock must look like how it’d taste in my mouth as if he’d face fuck me. “What type of student was I?” A serious one, never partying, hardly drinking especially after my sophomore year, and sexless.

Life got to busy for hookups, so I traded club time for home time in my bed with a glass of wine and my fantasies about Professor Michael Davidson.

“And these formations are the result of weatherization.”

He continued, it’s been almost an hour and thoughts of his nude figure stained my imagination. “How could a man be this beautiful?” Or could I be exaggerating yet he was so dreamy staggering in front of the desk folding masculine large arms across his board chest. A Henry Cavil look alike I thought “Could you be my superman?” I know his Lois Lane must be close by with a man this stunning how could he be left alone, only by choice of course.

Professor Michael’s Point of View. –

I have a student in my class that looks like a goddess from another world. She was devastatingly gorgeous in every way carrying a casual sensuality about herself. From the first day of class I wanted to fill her insides, which was a definite no, no but hey it’s college what were the chances she’d talk if I made advancements? There goes my arrogance again. Her skin looked so enticing and darkness filled her eyes as they laid heavy upon me. I tried to ignore her deep sensual glances but today I couldn’t shift past her smooth features and that sweet smile she’d given me when I’d complimented her. Fuck I felt like a stupid boy when she’d walk into my class wearing those long dresses hiding her thin figure, she’d always wear those rocks around her neck and wrist they’d glisten and compliment her attire.. she shined. I felt as if it was meant for me to hold her. And when Bayan escort I sat down at night looking over her homework I’d trace her written works with my fingertips wishing there was a little essence she’d left behind for me to feed off. And for the rest of the girls who undressed me with their eyes in my class? I paid no attention they were the same girls who’d throw themselves at me after class suggesting “extra credit” when I knew what they truly desired. It felt different with her, so fluid with her emotions I could see her holding back what she wanted. An A+ student never losing focus until she met my glance.

And it felt like the world stopped, just for us two. I wanted to hold her gaze forever but carelessly she switched her attention to fumbling for unknowns in her backpack, instantly I took this as her not wanting to give me full access into her thoughts which I knew at some point I would penetrate. I could barely finish giving lessons without imagining taunt perky breast under that gypsy attire and her underneath me…she always smelled like a field of fresh lavender and sometimes depending on her mood her scent was either soft or sensual. And lately, it’d been more sensual. If I continued this way, then the bulge in my pants would be discovered and I for one can’t lose this job over a hippie college girl. How would I crave this need?

I thought of any way possible to spend more time with her, tonight it would be my first interception to her interior. It’d took me weeks to conjure up the idea of having her stay after class with me to identify some newly formed rocks I’d found during my recent expedition to Arizona. This would be a significant moment for us, would she reject, or would she stay? I guessed she would say yes not many women have said no whilst my experience of dating and lusty one-night stands. I only cared to see those eyes smile and her breast rise and fall against my body and that was a lot to ask of a student. Thank god I could easily separate my thoughts from the speech currently I was given in front of Escort 100 attendees inside the class. What was I becoming?

Michael’s Point of View End

As our class discussion concluded homework was now being discussed and all the expectations of us given, my inward porno came to an end. Walking down with my head high unphased now it was time to put on my deaden mask that face that pretended I wasn’t interested and couldn’t be transposed. I’d already felt invisible in my lifetime, so it was never hard trying to phase through people without ever being noticed. But then I felt his eyes upon me once more nearing the last of the steps he called out to me.

“Alisa you’ll have to stay after class for some observation notes I’d like to discuss with you that I’ve made regarding your most recent assignment.”

“Oh! Professor I can’t, I have work tonight. Is there any way you can e-mail your response to me?”

Truth be told I was petrified, did I mention I had slight social anxiety? That explains the late-night tales of staying home instead of socializing, and my professor asking me to stay overtime set my inner parts on fire. There’s no doubt I wanted to stay but my fear would hold me back.

“You’ve missed some of the formations that will be included in next weeks exam. When will you have time to look these over?”

“It will have to be online professor I’m unable to stay after class because of my work schedule, I’ll put in the extra time from self-study to look over what I’ve missed. I’d really appreciate it!” It took insurmountable strength to respond to him, he had no idea the effect he had over my entire being, his persistence dominating my inner self I resisted undoubtedly, I would prove to be unlike all the other girls who’d heave themselves to spend only a second with this man. His eyes pierced my soul and I swore it was as if he was scanning me slowly downwards and then upwards it was all too much. My apprehension must have caught him off guard as he began to form words but suddenly closing his mouth turned.

“I will e-mail what you need to look over, thank you.”

Why was his response so cold? “Thank you, professor, again! Have a great day.” I rushed out I could not bear to feel the heat shared between us at that moment. Did he know how much I wanted to feel him?

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