Seductive Dreams


Sandy and I have been working together for almost three years! Sandy s married with 4 kids and a husband that likes to travel and works several jobs to make sure that he can travel and that at least his kids have clothes. But he makes Sandy work so that she can go on these trips with him or if she wants to go somewhere also. To me not much of a happy marriage. I…semi happy and with two kids and a rough and tumble marriage.

There have been many nights that it seemed that Sandy and I would be working late. I remember a night that I actually left and she was still pounding at the keyboard after 10pm.

Sandy has these shirts that she wears that are a little small for her over grown breasts that seem to be squeezed too much into those shirts. The holes between the buttons are usually spread apart in a couple of areas and during staff meetings and other times, it’s easy to see what kind of bra and color she is wearing! I love it on the days that she wears her jean shirt. That one seems to be the smallest and the most accessible to see the either red or black bra that she seems to wear each time that she wears it.

But on this day her door was closed and the do not disturb monitor on the phone was lit. One of those days that she had a lot to do and this is not an everyday thing but heck, I get those days also. But it seems that everyone once in a while I could her yelling at someone. Probably yelling at Doug her husband on the phone. Then I could hear her crying sometimes. Our walls in our office are not that thick and you can hear most conversations in any of the offices, door closed or not.

About 4pm, I knew that I had some extra work to do to prepare for a meeting the next morning and I called home and told Tina…my wife that I was not coming home. She was fine with it and said to call her! She was used to these nights.

At 4:30pm, I heard Sandy’s door open up and she walked to my office slowly and asked if she could talk to me.

“Sure Sandy, come on in.”

She closed the door and proceeded to talk to me about what’s been going on and I found out that it was her husband. They have been fighting pretty badly for about two weeks and he is moving out. “John, what’s the chance you want to go to dinner with me so that I can vent?”

I told her lets go and off we went and she got to vent about the affair that her hubby is having and how she found out.

After dinning we went back to the empty office and went back to work. About a half hour later I heard Sandy crying again and went into her office and told her to come here and I held her as she cried. She felt so good. Soft and smelled really great and her hair had this berry scent to it and that was the best. But to feel her breasts pressed up against my chest felt even better. I immediately started to support wood and that would be a bad situation. So there I was with an older beautiful lady who was crying and I was holding her tightly in her office alone at night while she cried…..and her breasts were great!

It seemed to last forever as she cried so hard sometimes and then she would stop and just stand there in my arms…and we would talk a little and then she would cry some more and this went on for about an hour. She broke the hold and wiped the tears that were in her eyes and face of just recent and grabbed my face by the cheeks and said, “Thanks for being here for me, you are such a great person, your wife is lucky to have you!”

That could be the death kill sentence for some fun action that I could play on her tonight with Sandy being so vulnerable, but then she came in and kissed me with some great pressure on the lips and as we broke she just stared at me and looked with a little astonishment. As she was about to speak and I came in and we started to kiss again, more passionately this time and I was able to taste her mouth. Her lips and her tongue were delicious. As we kissed she allowed her tongue to probe my mouth and dance with my tongue and the kissing became very apparent to me that this was very serious. Her vulnerability was much more serious then I thought but she didn’t care and continued to go at it with my mouth. He hands were on my back, arms were wrapped around me and my hands slowly moving up and down on her torso sides.

We broke the kiss and moved down and started to kiss her neck and around over by her ears. She just stood there and enjoyed everything I did and when ataşehir escort I licked and sucked on her earlobe and hands would squeeze into my back and I knew that was a great focal point for me to continue at.

I made my way back to her mouth and entered my tongue into the dancing game and I walked her back against the wall and put the pressure of my body against her body a little more and made the experience even more erotic as she melted into my body with her embrace. This must have been some of the attention that she needed especially after her hubby was screwing around on this beautiful woman. These eyes, this mouth, these tits and what a great looking ass and he wants to fuck around.

I made my way down her neck and into her shirt top and was licking her chest with my tongue with soft slow motions and she would push out her chest some and make her breast force out harder through the shirt that she was wearing today which was the jean one with a silky soft dress. Her arms transferred themselves to my head and pressed my face deeper into her chest and the top of her shirt.

I took my teeth and yanked at her shirt hoping for a button to let loose her breasts a little more. Sandy yanked my head up and forced her tongue into my mouth and I watched her hand go down to her shirt and she started to unbutton the shirt all the way down. When she opened the shirt up all the way I could see it was her black bra that was very see through and just barely covered her nipples at the crest of the bra!

“Is this what you were looking for?” Sandy asked.

I just smiled and kissed different parts of her chest that was not covered in a shirt or bra….and I cupped my hand over one of her breasts. Her soothing sounds of a moan crossed her lips and I squeezed a bit over her bra and taking her luscious breast into my hand. With each squeeze on her breast a moan crossed her lips and a heavy exhale followed.

My cock was quite hard with all of the foreplay we have been doing and the bulge in my pants made a noticeable implication of my intentions. I was born lucky with a 9-inch cock and with that he was underused and needed more attention. I forced Sandy’s hand down my side and on top of my crotch so she could feel my cock and she rubbed it along the shaft and gave it a squeeze herself.

“Oh my god John….” Sandy exclaimed.

“Should we be doing this?” she asked.

Just as she was about to say something I pushed my body into Sandy’s allowing my crotch to push into her crotch and humped upwards, which made my cock ride up her crotch into her belly area and I kissed Sandy so passionately that she grabbed onto me tightly and responded openly. She ran her hands down the front of me and started to yank on my shirt tugging at the buttons and pulling my shirt off. I reached down and slide my hand onto and around her hip and pulled onto her as. Sandy lifted a leg and as I was kissing her neck again, she said, “Go close the door and lock my office….Ill be on the couch!”

Sandy bought this couch about 6 months back so that she could rest on those days that she had to work long days.

As I walked over to the door and peeked out to make sure that no one was anywhere to be seen which would be a major shock, I closed the door and locked it. As I was doing that I finished Taking off my shirt and unbuckled my pants and allowed the drop to the floor. They laid near the door and I stepped out of my shoes and pants at the same time and my cock sprung to life and stood at full attention inside my boxers. My boxers were fully tenting and nearly bursting at the seams waiting for my prize on the couch.

Sandy gasped at the sight of my cock and how it was a full attention. I walked over to the couch and Sandy sat there with only her bra and panties on, a matching set and very sexy looking.

I walked up in front of her and Sandy sat up and on her knees, putting her hands on the rim of my boxers and was about ready to release the beast from them that was a caged and ready for action. Sandy looked up at me as if she was going to ask me if we should do this and before she could say anything, I pushed down my boxers and allowed my cock to pop out and bounce in her face for a second. As she saw it her eyes widened and she inhaled deeply and opened her mouth to say something again and at I pushed my cock deep into avcılar escort her mouth and her lips and mouth opened enough and took all of my nine inches into her mouth and with a gagging sound she closed her mouth around it and began to suck me off.

I have dreamed about this time for so long. Her natural red lips wrapped around my cock and her tongue that danced with mine was now making love to my cock. In and out her mouth slowly rode my cock and made it sloppy wet and it felt so good. It was so big and the head was pressing against the back of her throat that each time she took it in she gagged a bit, but never did she stop. At one point I didn’t notice, but Sandy allowed her tits free and took off her bra.

Being an older woman and having four kids her tits were fucking huge and very stable and strong looking. They didn’t droop and hang to her knees from bratty kids sucking the life out of them.

Sandy’s phone rang and she stopped for a moment and heard it ring three times, and as I was thinking she was about to stop, she shrugged her shoulder and made a noise and went back to sucking on my cock.

I pulled my cock away and she looked like a little child losing her favorite toy. I just giggled a bit and then kneeled down with one knee onto the couch and she slid back a bit and started to scoot more back as I climbed onto the couch.

I pushed Sandy onto her back and her legs slid out from under her and no other way to be but spread apart and her crotch became open and unguarded for my attack! Sandy looked so vulnerable now more then ever as she laid their spread eagle and looking up at me. I took my right hand and felt her crotch area and her panties were so wet and with the slightest touch of my hand made her jump and shiver.

I slid a finger around and into the underwear and right into her pussy, her very wet pussy. I slid it in and out and as I did that I leaned over and locked my mouth onto one of her naked nipples. Huge areolas and nice sized nipples that were centered so perfectly I locked onto that tit and sucked it for everything I had. Sandy’s hands grabbed onto my head and forced my head harder onto her tit and my one finger turned into two…and then three. As the third one made its way in Sandy let out a moan and then started to hump her hip onto my fingers.

“Oh God John….I am going to cum on your fingers!” Sandy said.

She humping on my fingers and then let out a loud moan and her back arched and I felt the warmth of her cum flow over my fingers. With as little as we did she came a lot and my fingers were really sloppy.

Sandy and her orgasm stopped and she collapsed onto her couch and laid there. I took out my fingers and grabbed on to the crotch area of her panties ripped them open and freeing her pussy for my impended attack, she yelped a bit and moaned out. I climbed deeper in between her legs and spread them wider and aimed my rock hard 9-inch cock right for her pussy. As I positioned it right on her pussy lips, I let it play outside and her pussy juices and cum dribbled right onto it.

Sandy was quite limp and ready for the taking. She hasn’t been played with like this in a long time or ever and so I figured it was my time to take her to town and cum! My cock was already throbbing and begging for its love. I slid down some and raised her hips up a bit and allowed my cock to just rest on the pussy lips again and then I pushed my cock deep into her wet pussy. With a swift thrust all 9-inches went deep into her pussy and as that occurred she awoke from her coma like state and yelped out loudly and with a loud moan she grabbed and dug her fingers deep into my back and clawed away like I was ripping her pussy apart!

I knew my cock was long and was a little thick but not that bad. But I made sure that I thrust into her pussy with all nine inches each time and each exit I pulled almost all the way out, allowing only the head of my cock to rest inside, then I would impale her again and with each thrust her fingers would dig into my back. Her eyes were rolling back into her head with each thrust of my cock deep into her pussy and Sandy would find ways to make new and interesting noises that would make my cock jump and throb inside her swollen and achy pussy! Sandy’s legs were wrapped around my hips and her feet were locked within each other like she was hanging on avrupa yakası escort for dear life.

I pulled completely out of Sandy and laid my cock on her tummy and she looked up and me and exclaimed in a hurried voice, “Why did you stop?”

“I didn’t want to finish yet! Now turn over!”, I told her.

She moved around and turned over and got on all fours like a dog. Sandy was leaning on her elbows allowing for her ass to be high up in the air and for better access. I climbed up behind Sandy and swung my cock up on her ass and it sat like a huge hotdog surrounded by a soft bun. Sandy’s breathing became labored and nervous and I slid my cock back and forth between her ass cheeks.

“John please don’t, not there!”, as she was referring to my lame attempt at anal sex.

So with that I let my cock work its way down off of her ass and out of her ass cheeks, and as hard as it was it stayed ready for more pussy action. I was going to fuck her hard. She would never forget this evening and her pussy was going to be sore.

I put my cock into her pussy again with just enough of the head to make her squirm.

“Are you ready Sandy?” I asked.

She shook her head with approval and then I took my hands and interlaced them in her hair and she tried to shake my hands out of her hair, but that didn’t work. With that immediate reaction, I pulled Sandy back quite a bit and she sat back onto my rock hard cock and took it all in and she gasped and grabbed at the couch as she was being pulled back.

I started out slowly and continued to increase my thrusting action into her pussy. Sandy would moan slightly and with each time I would speed up some her moans would get louder. The all of a sudden she started to wail away with her hands and started to moan very loudly and then yelled, “OH IM CUMMING!!!”. At that point I could feel her hot juices rolling over my cock deep inside her pussy I went all out and started to fuck her with everything I had. My hands still inside her head of hair but soon after she was done Cumming Sandy’s body became a little limp and she was hanging onto the side of the couch. I kept pounding her pussy with my 9-inch cock and her moans were now grunts as my cock was pounding her.

With each slam of my cock into her pussy Sandy’s tits were bouncing up and down and all around. Even with Sandy Cumming twice and my constant fucking into her pussy she still felt so good and I didn’t want this session to end. But it wasn’t too long in this position that I could feel the warm sensations in my groin area. I knew it was coming and I wouldn’t be able to stop the pulsating action of my love nectar draining into Sandy pussy.

I started to slow down my motions and Sandy’s grunts were subsiding and I moved my hands to her flopping breasts and grabbed onto them for leverage. She started to moan loudly and they must have been a little sore from the bouncing around, but then I went at it in her pussy again and my cock sliced into her pussy with ease and my balls slapped her away my cum was building up quickly and I could feel the small pulsations that begin the process of my nectar exploding.

The all of a sudden, I felt my cum rushed up my cock and with 4 long pulsations and streams of cum I exploded deep into Sandy’s pussy and there she began to struggle little begging me to pull out of her. She didn’t want me to cum inside her but that was too late now. Multiple pulsations and streams of my love nectar sloshed around her pussy with her juices and mixed well together!

As my orgasm subsided I fell on top of Sandy and she struggled a little bit, but I was worn out. My cock still pulsating I slid in and out of her pussy.

I sat up a bit and she struggled free and pulled away from me and letting cock flop out of her pussy and she ran to the door and ran down the hall to the bathroom.

I looked over and found a small rag and used it to clean up my still hard cock and noticed that it was almost 7pm. Damn I thought as we have been at it for over an hour.

I was still naked and standing in her office as she walked in, bright red and embarrassed.

“John, I am sorry, we shouldn’t have done this. This isn’t right. We…”

I stopped her from speaking and grabbed her closely and started to kiss her passionately and then picked her up and as she straddled my waist I slid her down just enough for my cock to penetrate her very sore and swollen pussy. Sandy resisted a little and then as I laid her down on her desk I took slow and direct thrusts into her pussy and we fucked like rabbits again. After another solid cum shot into her pussy we both went to the bathroom and clean each other up very well and got dressed and parted ways very differently.

I just wonder what work will be like tomorrow!

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