Senior Year Ch. 03


It was about a week after my night with Stephanie and semester exams were over. I had gotten straight B’s for final grades and was very happy with my school life.

I was getting all kinds of attention from girls, ranging from a simple wink in class to a note that would say, “Here’s my number. Come fuck me.”

Anyways, I loved the spotlight and was planning on taking advantage of it in any way possible. My first priority was to fuck this one girl, Carly. Carly was without a doubt one of the hottest girls in our class, and also one of the nicest. I’ve liked her for a long time, and hopefully she has heard the talk going around the school about my amazing sexual skills.

On the Tuesday, one week after I had fucked Stephanie, I was in the locker room after school changing for a lacrosse practice when I heard the door to the locker room open with a bang. I had figured all the guys had already left for practice, but maybe someone forgot something. I continued to change and was just pulling on my black gym shorts when I turn around to catch Carly staring at me, dressed in white top and tight jeans.

“Holy shit, Carly, this is the guys changing room!” I yell.

“I’m so sorry, Patrick,” she says with pleading eyes, “I just really needed to talk to you.”

“It’s ok I guess, and what about?” I ask.

“Well you know that every girl is talking about bahçeşehir escort you right?” she says shyly.

“I’ve heard some things,” I say, even though I’m fully aware of the talk that’s been going around.

“Well, the things that they are saying are the true?” she asks, while blushing.

“Are what things true?” I ask, trying to get her to say what I know she wants to.

“Well… Can you really give a girl the best time of her life?” she manages to get out before her whole face turns red.

“Carly,” I say soothingly, “Everything you have heard is true and more.”

She looks me in the eyes, “Really?”

“Yes, do you want me to take you to a place you’ve never been before?” I ask her.

“Yes, please Patrick, take me,” she begs.

Bingo. I look her up and down. At 18 years old, she is about 5’2″ and has gorgeous brown eyes, light brown hair that falls a little past her shoulders, perfectly tanned skin magnificent D cup breasts, a fantastic ass, and curves in all the right places.

I walk over to her, slid my hand by her cheek and bring her in for a deep kiss.

The kiss is passionate and lustful. I slide my tongue in her mouth and she responds by sliding hers against mine. Her stats stroking my cock through my shorts, and I reach down and cup her ass and bakırköy escort squeeze. All of this while our lips remain locked.

Our kiss ends and she looks at me with her sexiest look and she removes her white top giving me a look at her perfect tits. I take one in each hand and massage them and squeeze them.

“Oh,” she lightly moans.

I bring my head down and kiss them all over, stopping to lick her nipples which causes her to moan loudly.

“Get on your knees,” I tell her, as I take my mouth away from her boobs.

She immediately obeys. I strip out of my gym shorts and boxers to reveal my hard 7 1/2 inch member. Her eyes widen in shock.

“I’ve never seen a cock that big!” she says.

I wink at her, and she licks her lips and starts to stroke it.

“Oh yes, Carly,” I moan.

She then licks my shaft from base to tip, and stops at the head to suck on it.

“Yes baby!” I moan louder.

She then takes most of me in her mouth and starts to suck harder. Her tongue feels my shaft as she bobs her head up and down on it.

“Oh shit!” I moan loudly.

She then grabs my hips and thrusts my cock into her hot little mouth, deep throating it. I can feel the warmth of her throat and she keeps on sucking.

“Fuck yes, that’s how you suck dick!” I yell.

She başakşehir escort obviously has no problem with taking all of me down her throat.

“Oh,” she moans into my cock.

I start to pump in and out of her mouth and soon I’m face fucking her. She closes her eyes and enjoys it. Soon, I feel a pressure building up in my balls.

“I’m about to cum!” I yell.

She sucks my cock even harder, and I spill my seed into her hot little mouth. She takes it all without spilling one drop. I pull out after the last globs of my semen enter her mouth.

I sit down on the locker room bench and catch my breath. Carly swallows it and looks at me.

“Tasty,” she says with a wink.

I smile at her, but then I hear someone enter the changing rooms. She quickly puts her top back on and pulls a piece of paper from her jeans pocket.

She gives it to me and says, “Here’s my number, call me, and next time we will get to do a little more.”

She winks at me, gives me a peck on the cheek and hurries out of the locker rooms back door. I have just enough time to put my gym shorts back on when my best friend, Lucas, enters the room.

“Why was Carly running from the locker room?” he asks, giving me a suspicious look.

“Oh no reason,” I lie, “She just came to talk.”

“Yeah right, bro,” he says, but he doesn’t pry, “Just came to get my gloves.”

He opens his locker, reaches in and pulls out his black lacrosse gloves.

“See yes out on the field, man,” he says.

“See you,” I reply.

He leaves and I’m alone again, getting over the ecstasy of getting a blowjob from Carly.

‘Why do I get all the good luck?’ I think to myself.

I smile, get up, and head out the locker room door.

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