Sex for Lunch

Big Tits

We’re holding hands and I’m walking a few steps behind him, like always. He always walks so fast, almost dragging me along. Usually it frustrates me, and today is no exception. We’re headed to his room for the afternoon before he has to go to football. It’s our daily ritual, and I know I’m in for at least one orgasm, even if we don’t have sex. I’ve gotten used to the fact that my sexy boyfriend gives me what I want without me having to ask for it. I’m not wearing any panties as a surprise for him, and I can feel the lips of my pussy start to get damp as I picture his head between my thighs, and imagine the feel of his lips and tongue suckling me.

He unlocks the door and holds it open for me. I walk in, and we climb the stairs together in silence. He does the same with the door to his quad, and finally the door to his room…thank God his roommate’s not there. I know my nipples are hard, since my bra feels uncomfortable and hot, and I just want his hands and mouth on them.

I walk casually into his room and put my stuff on the corner of his desk, and kick my shoes off. He comes in and puts all his stuff away exactly where it belongs. I sit on the edge of his bed, watching, and waiting for the moment where I catch his eye and he sees what I want. I’m aching for him to kiss me and touch me, and even though the only thing I want is to jump him and literally rip his clothes off, I refrain, and sit there placidly.

He’s finally done, and I stand up to wrap my arms around him. He bends down to kiss me, and I drag his face to mine, eating at his mouth. Our breathing gets heavy and one hand comes up to squeeze my breast through my shirt. He knows I want it, and my lips break away from his as I start panting. I tug at his t-shirt and together we pull it over his head and let it drop to the floor. Immediately my mouth is on his chest, and my hands are running along his back. He has the perfect body. He’s a football player, of course he does. Toned, tan, muscular, smooth. He’s hard in all the right places, which reminds me. I push my hips towards his and feel his hardness through his basketball shorts.

We’ve moved to the bed by now. I’m sprawled across the tiny dorm room bed, and he’s on top of me, beylikdüzü escort between my legs, pressing me into the mattress. He uses his teeth and hands to pull down my shirt and bra, and I help by reversing his direction and pulling the shirt over my head. He gets the idea and unhooks my bra, letting the cups drop off my tits so they bounce free. His hands are on them immediately, squeezing and pinching. He has football player hands; big and rough, and they feel so good scraping against my hot nipples. My tits are big enough to fill his hands, overflowing them in some places. He lays me down and lowers his head to suck a nipple into his mouth. God it feels so good! He does it just how I like it, with his lips, no teeth and a tiny bit of tongue. He sucks until the tingling sensation starts rushing through my body and I pull his head away, guiding him to the other aching nipple. It’s unbelievable how wet I get from just this, and I can feel my wetness dripping down my thigh, without my panties there to soak it up.

I love watching him suck on my tits. He looks up at me every time I whimper or moan, and his brown eyes make me want to cum right there. He’s made me cum by just sucking on my tits before. I love the way he savors my nipples, the sounds of pleasure he sometimes makes when he pulls one between his lips. I know he gets hard doing it…I arch my back, and my pussy presses against his hardening cock…god I love the way that thing feels inside me!

He’s kissing his way down my stomach now, pulling my leggings down. When he realizes I’m not wearing any panties he lets out a groan, and looks up at me. I smile, and feel myself get wetter. I know what’s coming, I know exactly the way he savors my pussy, exactly the way it feels when he makes me cum and I shove his face hard into my drenched clit.

He gets between my thighs and hooks his arms around them, spreading the lips of my pussy apart. I can feel the cold air on me, and I watch his face intently as he leans in close to inspect me.

“Ahh baby, I love this pussy,” he whispers almost reverently, running a finger along the folds and bending to run the tip of his tongue beyoğlu escort along me. I sigh, and he lets out a soft “mmm” of pleasure. He spreads my wetness with the tip of his finger, and bends his head again, getting settled between my spread legs, opening his mouth and tasting me. It takes him a few minutes to savor me, licking his way from my clit down to the opening, licking up all my cum. He buries his whole face in my pussy, and eats at it delicately.

“Yes baby, lick that clit. Ohhhh baby just like that,” I hiss when he finds the exact spot that will send me over the edge. He moves his tongue just like I showed him, and pretty soon I’m whimpering his name, telling him “Don’t stop. I wanna cum baby, please don’t stop. Just like that…oh yes. Baby I’m gonna cum….” He licks and suckles and I hold his head down to keep him from moving, and when my orgasm finally hits, I clench my legs around his head and ride his face until it’s done…and immediately pull away because any touch is too much for me to handle.

It’s almost time, and I’m clearly dripping in anticipation. There’s already a wet spot on his bed, but now it’s time to get him out of his shorts and into my mouth. I know he gets hard from making me cum, but I like the way his salty, sticky pre-cum tastes on my tongue. I crawl towards him and take his cock into my mouth. It tastes like him…delicious, and I love the way it feels filling my throat. He has such a big cock, and he’ll never believe me when I tell him any bigger and it would be painful in my pussy. He also forgets that if it were bigger, I couldn’t take almost the entire thing in my mouth. He enjoys it though, and I like that I can make him rock hard, ready to slide into me and make me cum fiercely and frequently.

When he’s ready, I lay on my back, and he gets between my legs. I rub him against my wetness, and we both make noise. “I want you baby,” I whimper, trying to pull him inside me. But this time it’s different. He reaches over me and grabs his pillow. “Let’s put this under your hips baby,” he says, and folds it in half. He places it under me, and it lifts my hips up towards his. Finally, he slides into bizimkent escort me like I’ve been wanting him to all day. It feels so good, that huge cock stretching my pussy. This position lets him slide all the way inside me, hitting the back walls and making me feel like I could squirt. It’s so good it’s almost painful, and I try to pull away. But he grabs me and pulls me closer, pumping in and out in a rhythm that isn’t fast enough to make me cum. But damn, the friction…and the angle is hitting all the right spots…it’s not long before I’m pressing my hips into his with my second orgasm of the day.

“Oh yeah baby, that cock feels so good inside my pussy,” I tell him, and watch for his reaction. Usually, he swells up a little bigger, and pushes inside me a little harder. This time, I have to ask him for it. I have to tell him how I want it. I have to beg him, and I do so gladly. I love his cock, the way he slides in and out of me, making me cum. I love how big he is, how hard he gets, the way he makes me feel.

I cum at least two more times before I start begging him to fill me with his hot load. The spermicide we’re using combined with the birth control lets him cum inside me condom-less, no problem. He tells me, “Not yet,” and I plead with him, ask him for it over and over until he consents…after he makes me cum a few more times. He feels so good, and I can feel him getting harder, his breath getting faster. He’s moving deeper inside me now, so good. He always stares at my bouncing titties before he cums. This time, instead of looking at his cock moving in and out of me, I’m staring at his face, watching it when he tells me, “Baby, I’m gonna cum.”

I can feel each shot of cum as it spurts out of him. His face contorts, and I raise my hips into his and try to clench my pussy tight around him to milk out any remaining drops of cum. I can feel my cum and some of his dripping out of me onto the pillow. When I get up to clean myself out, there’s a big wet spot on the pillow, and I scoop some of his cum out of my pussy with my fingers. I love the way it feels inside me, and I love seeing it come out. It gives it a sense of reality…like “Yes, my boyfriend’s cum really is dripping out of my pussy and down my legs.” I love the sensation.

Afterwards, we lay there, my arm hooked over his waist, and my leg hooked over his. We kiss, and there are smiles on our faces. He always comes up with something, and no matter what, I always feels good. My man knows how to take care of me…and we have a whole hour to kill. Who knows what else could happen?

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