Sex School Ch. 10


Sara and Jim were just as surprised as Mike to see Janet run away from the group in tears. She had seemed so sexually well adjusted that the coaches had not expected any problems from her. They had been more concerned that Mike would be unprepared for the open sexuality of the Institute.

“Sara, keep Mike occupied. I’ll find her and bring her back to the bungalow.” Jim hurried off in the direction that Janet had taken. She had headed towards the beach, so she would not be hard to find.

“Wait, I want to…” Mike started to follow Jim, but Sara took his arm and guided him away from the area where Stuart and Elizabeth were acting out their fantasy, before any of the other students noticed. Carolyn Lewis had seen Janet run out, followed by Jim, so she joined Sara to help keep Mike calm.

Stuart kept fucking Elizabeth. No one else even noticed the departure of one triad.

Seeing nothing of Janet, Mike stopped. The darkness, as well as his worry about Janet, had him slightly confused. He turned to Sara. “You must think I’m some kind of heel for getting Janet so upset. I’ve ruined the most important night in our lives, our wedding night. She’ll probably never speak to me again.”

“Don’t you worry. Jim went after her. As soon as she calms down she’ll realize that you did nothing wrong, and Jim will bring her back to the bungalow. We should be there when they get back.” Sara reassured Mike that his flirting with Tonya was nothing that he should be ashamed of. She didn’t want him to be too upset. Privately, she was certain that there had to be another explanation for Janet’s sudden flight.

Carolyn could see that Sara had Mike under control, and Jim was after Janet. She nodded her approval to Sara and returned to her own triad.

When Jim got to the beach he had no trouble finding Janet. She was sitting in the sand, staring morosely out over the Caribbean. Sitting down next to the distraught young woman, he placed a brotherly arm across her shoulders.

“Want to talk about it?”

“No, not really.”

As she stared out at the restless sea, Janet’s mind was in turmoil. She was afraid that Mike would find out how she had deceived him. She had let him think that she was a virgin, but she was not really sure herself. Was what she had done all those years ago enough to disqualify her for the virgin title? She didn’t think she had been fully penetrated, but she wasn’t sure. Oh, God, how was Mike going to take this?

Jim thought that she might be upset over Mike’s flirtation with Tonya. “It’s all right. Nothing happened between Mike and Tonya. He loves you. He married you.” Jim wrapped his arms around the young bride and hugged her close to him.

Janet was desperate to keep Jim from learning why she ran off. She needed to deflect Jim’s questions, otherwise he might learn her secret and tell Mike. Maybe she could convince him that she was mad about Mike’s flirting. “Didn’t you see how hard his cock got when he was talking to her? He just wants to stick it into any woman that he meets. He probably only married me so he could come here and be surrounded by all these other women. You’d never act like that around Sara, would you? I mean, you two are professional sex teachers so you must know how important it is to be faithful to your spouse.”

Jim smiled in the darkness. Janet’s jealousy was so out of character for her that it had to be feigned. He knew now that Mike’s little flirtation was not the problem. If he could just find out what was troubling the young woman he was sure he could ease her mind and get her back to her husband. He just had to play along for a minute to prove to her that he knew she wasn’t really angry with Mike. “What makes you think I’d never notice another woman around Sara?”

“Well, she is the prettiest woman I’ve ever seen, and if you are married to her….”

“Just slow down there. You’re jumping to conclusions before they’re hatched. Sara and I are both married, but not to each other.”

“But we saw you… You work like this together, and…” Janet was more confused than ever. Sara and Jim had acted as though they were a married couple from the start. Seeing them demonstrate the sex acts trabzon escort that they taught to her and Mike had convinced Janet that they were married. She had never considered otherwise.

“Janet, listen to me. My wife and Sara’s husband are both coaches for the Institute as well. And yes, we do usually work with our own spouses, but sometimes we have to make schedule adjustments. We all know exactly what kind of intimacy is required to do the kind of work we do. It’s okay. We are all good friends who trust and respect each other. Sara’s husband is my best friend in the world, and if I make love to Sara it doesn’t hurt her marriage or mine.”

“Do your wife and Sara’s husband…?”

“Sometimes. I don’t think they have ever worked together like Sara and I, but on purely social occasions they have enjoyed each other. Janet, we aren’t here just to teach you and Mike how to fuck. We want to teach you to love. Sex and love are not the same thing, and are not strictly the province of traditional marriage. I remember your description of your parents and their friends, so you do understand what I’m talking about.

“Now you acted like you were angry with Mike because he paid attention to another woman, but it didn’t bother you that he paid even more attention to Sara all day today. That tells me that jealousy is not what’s bothering you. So stop pretending or you might just drive your husband away.”

As Jim talked, Janet relaxed in his arms, the fear and stress draining from her body. Her fear left her and she became aware that a handsome, nearly naked man was holding her in his arms. She was also aware that he was sporting a rather large, stiff cock.

She had a sudden inspiration. If she could get Jim to fuck her it would solve her problem. Mike would never learn her secret. She was sure she could convince her husband that fucking Jim was part of the training. The more she thought about it, the more convinced and excited she became. Jim’s a pretty cool guy, she thought. And so what if he is married, he’s already admitted that he fucks other women.

Janet’s hand began to slowly creep down Jim’s chest, towards the rigid spike of his manhood, all thoughts of her husband forgotten. Throwing caution to the wind, she clasped Jim’s cock in her hand, and brought her lips to his. She gripped him with her warm hand as she kissed him with an open mouth and probing tongue.

* * * * *

Sara took Mike back to the bungalow. He was very worried about Janet. He had never seen her so upset about anything. Guilt and uncertainty raged within him. He was not quite sure what he had done wrong, but he knew that Janet was hurting because of something he had done. The fact that he had merely been trying to be the kind of guy Sara and Jim wanted him to be. That this was not what Janet wanted only confused him.

Mike was pretty much an innocent when it came to women. He had never dated much before meeting Janet, and he still wasn’t really sure what she saw in him. If he had blown the chance for a life with the woman he adored….

It was obvious to Sara that Mike was allowing his insecurities to control him. She did not want to see the progress he had made in his first day at the Institute to be lost. Neither did see want to see Mike to allow what should be a minor spat to turn into something really damaging. In the short time that she had known them she had become rather fond of the younger couple. She knew it was unprofessional to become attached to the clients, but this was a very personal business.

Sara had no doubt that Jim would be able to bring the Janet back. He was well trained in counseling and conflict resolution. Her challenge now was to keep Mike from obsessing about what had happened. She decided that the best thing she could do with Mike until Jim found Janet and brought her back was to get Mike to think of something other than sex and his wife.

“Why don’t you grab a quick shower, then meet me in the living room. Take off your brief. You shouldn’t wear it to sleep in anyway. There are robes in the closet in your bedroom. Put one on and we can sit and talk for a while.”

As Mike went tunceli escort to shower and change she went into the room she shared with Jim to do the same.

* * * * *

Jim was acutely aware of the nearly naked, desirable woman in his arms with her hand grasping and rubbing his cock. He also knew just what to do in this situation. Rising to his feet, he swept Janet up in his arms like a child. Carrying her easily, he strode down the beach, and walked into the warm water of the Caribbean. Janet thought it was so romantic that he was taking her into the water to make love to her for the first time. She thought it was considerably less romantic when he unceremoniously dumped her into the waist deep water.

Gasping and sputtering Janet struggled to her feet in the gentle surf. “What the fuck… You bastard! Why did you do that?”

“Are you cooled off now? I had just finished telling you why it was unreasonable to act angry and jealous of Mike, when you grabbed onto my cock.. I think you are very attractive, but for me to do anything with you now would be unprofessional and just plain wrong. It’s your wedding night, and your husband is waiting for you. Now do want to tell me the truth about what’s bothering you?”

Janet flushed with shame as she realized how close she had come to throwing her marriage away to protect her secret. Okay, Mike would have to learn the truth. With any luck he would be able to forgive her.

“I…I’m sorry, Jim. It’s just that…the truth is that I have kept something secret from Mike. When I was fifteen I was fooling around with this guy. We were in his bedroom, supposed to be studying. One thing led to another, and we both had our pants off. He started to put his cock in me and I got scared. He came all over the sheets and all over me. I don’t know if he got it in far enough. I might not be a virgin, and I let Mike think I am!” Janet burst into tears all over again.

“That sounds worse than it really is, Janet. First of all, you are probably still a virgin. If the guy came before he penetrated he probably never broke your hymen. Did you feel any discomfort?”

“No, just a little pressure.”

“You felt Mike’s tongue and finger in the entrance to your pussy. Did that guy get in as far as that?”

“Not even. He just put the head in, maybe and inch or less. I made him stop because we had no protection, but he came almost immediately. I was scared for two weeks because I thought I was pregnant.”

“You know, Janet, Mike will never notice anything. He only has to know if you choose to tell him. And I doubt he will have any problems accepting it. He really loves you.

“So, what was that all about when you grabbed my cock?”

The young bride lowered her eyes. “I thought if you fucked me I could tell Mike it was part of our training.”

“Interesting approach.” Mike grinned at her. “It never would have worked. There is no way I would do that. And you would have hated yourself and me for it. Believe me, it’s better to either tell Mike and face the music, or just not worry about it. The choice is yours.”

“Okay. Can we go back now? I think I understand better now. You want us to be honest with each other.”

“That’s a part of it. The Institute is not just to teach you to have great sex. We want to teach you and Mike to love each other unconditionally and openly. We want you to share that love with everyone around you. To take every facet of your love and embrace it.”

“I guess you think I’m pretty shallow?”

“I think you were pretty scared. That can get people to do some pretty risky things. Janet, don’t feel guilty about what happened between us. I find you very attractive, and if some day you and Mike are comfortable enough with each other’s love to include others in your sex lives, I would be happy to let you finish what you started. Now let’s get back to the others. Mike is probably frantic by now.”

The pool was dark and with Elizabeth and Stuart’s show ended, the other triads had gone back to their own quarters. Jim led Janet through the dimly lit grounds of the Institute to the triad bungalow.

Sara and Mike were in the zonguldak escort living room, both wrapped in thick, oversized robes. As soon as Janet entered, Mike rushed to her. “Honey, are you all right? How did you get so wet? Can I get you anything, a towel?”

“I’m all right, honey. I was wrong to run away from you. Jim helped me see that my problem was nothing to run away from. Please forgive me.”

“Janet, I would forgive you almost anything, but in this there is nothing to forgive. I just want to apologize for being so insensitive to your feelings at dinner.” Mike was very careful to say exactly what Sara had coached him to say to his wife. He didn’t really understand what he had done wrong, but according to Sara that was what Janet needed to hear from him. If he could save his marriage by apologizing for a transgression he was unsure of even committing, he would do so. Both Sara and Janet appeared to be happy with his apology, so he decided that it must have worked.

Janet kissed Mike and whispered in his ear, “I still have something to tell you. When we are alone?”

Puzzled, Mike looked at his wife, but nodded his agreement. With that Janet and Jim retired to their respective rooms to change and shower. Sara took the opportunity to give Mike some last minute advice on how to approach Janet when she had finished her shower.

“Your big moment is just about here. How are you feeling?”

“Pretty good. Mostly relived that Janet is back, and a little nervous about what happens next.”

“What happens next is you remember everything you have learned today and put it to work. You and Janet are about to experience something new and wonderful for the first time. Don’t mention the problems you’ve had and don’t ask her about why she ran out, where see went, or what happened. When she’s ready she will tell you. Just remember that you love her and respect her. If you want to have a good sex life in the future you want to make sure that she enjoys the first time. Make sure that she is ready before you penetrate her. Be gentle. Use lots of foreplay, just like this afternoon. If you feel as though you are going to cum too soon, slow down or stop for a minute to let it pass. If you can’t stop from cumming, keep going as long as you can. If you have to, you can always finish her orally or manually if you have to. Above all, make sure Janet has fun, and that you have fun as well.

“Now go in and join her in the shower. Show her where her robe is and get her to relax. It is your wedding night. If you need us Jim and I will be in our room.”

While Mike went to help Janet get ready, Sara went to find out from Jim exactly what had happened.

Jim was already in the shower in the room he shared with Sara, so she dropped her robe to the floor and got in with him. She grabbed a bar of soap and began to scrub his back. “What happened?” she asked.

Jim turned to face Sara, hot water cascading over their bodies. He explained Janet’s fears of being found out. “She even made a pass at me on the beach. I held her while she was crying, and she surprised me by grabbing my cock. She thought that if I fucked her she would be able to convince Mike it was part of the course and he’d never know about her deception. She needed cooling down, so I picked her up and dropped her in the water. By the way, she now knows our marital status and situation. I think learning that was what prompted her to make a move on me. She figured if it’s okay for us and for her parents it’s okay for her. She was pretty sorry afterwards though. I think she pretty much gets it now.”

“So does Mike. The hardest part was convincing him that he should apologize for upsetting her for a transgression that he was not even aware of. He catches on fast though. He really grasps the ides of marriage as compromise. You know, by the end next week they will be ready for just about anything.”

Rinsing off the suds, Jim grabbed a large towel and wrapped it around Sara while she did the same for him. Drying each other off was a matter of just a few minutes. Not bothering with their robes, they simply wrapped towels around their waists and returned to the living room.

There was no one in the living room, so Sara peeked into Janet and Mike’s room to see if they were done with their shower. She was not surprised to find the young couple in the sixty-nine position on the waterbed in their room. She quietly slipped back out and softly closed the door.

To Be Continued…

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