Sexy Seattle Night


Like most Cross dressers I have dreamed of meeting a kinky sexy CD or TV like myself. However since I am very picky, it took a few years of masturbating before I meet her.

I was away on business, for a few days and was hoping to find my first taste of girl cock. On line I was able to chat to a few other girls, one girl, Kellie caught my eye. She was living full time as a she-male. After had a long conversation and agreed to meet for a glass of wine.

I raced to the shower and shaved as close as I ever have. Then a long bath with scented oils, candles and a glass of wine. When I got out of the tube, I brushed out my red wig, put my face on with lots of lipstick (nothing like lipstick kisses) Then what to wear? I choose something that would show off my long legs. Black seemed stockings, with a black sheer thong. The stockings were attached to my lace corset. I then slid into my lycra mini black of course. Then my 6″ black stilettos with silver heels. I was as ready as I would ever be.

A few candles to set the mood, some jazz on the CD player and I was all set, god I could hardly wait. The knock on the door frighten, and excited me at the same time…My nerves were shot, answer and let the fantasy turn real, or pretend not to be in the room, and let another chance slip through my fingers….

When I opened the door, I knew this was to be a night to remember. God what a vision. She was over 6′ in her boots. Long knee high black leather boots! I stared with my mouth open.

“Well hun, are you going to invite me in?” Kellie’s sultry voice just about made me shoot right then.

As she walked in, the long legs were covered with white stockings, up to a sexy red leather mini skirt. With a sheer white top and sexy red bra. Long neck, up to a face of a goddess. Long blonde hair, with red bee stung lips made for Kurtköy Ukraynalı Escort kissing. I had never been so excited in all my life.

We sat down and enjoyed several glasses of wine, when I leaned over to kiss Kellie, our mouths we lost for what seemed like hours. Slowly I broke the kiss, and slide down her body kissing past her perfect breast. On to my goal of her girl cock, that had been grinding against my leg while we were kissing. Slowly sliding her skirt up, my eyes took in her girly cock covered in sheer red panties. I kissed the head, and worked my way up the length to the tip of her head. The head was leaking pre-cum, now was the moment of truth…. Without so much of a thought to, I licked the head, why had I waited so long for this nectar.

“perhaps we should move, into your bedroom” she cooed.

We stood up walked hand in hand to the bedroom. Then we slowly undressed to our lingerie. We made a sight, her in red, and me in black. I slowly worked my way back to her cock. I had, no needed to feel it in my mouth. I worked my way from her head, slowly down to her hairless balls. Enjoying the spongy feel, I worked my way slowly up her length. Kissing her head, I looked deep into her eyes.

“don’t let me back out, hold my head in place”

I did ever thing that had ever been done to my cock, I swirled my tongue, grabbed her ass and brought her deep into my throat, and whether it was beginners luck, or my innate skill, I could feel her growing in my mouth, feel her balls tighten in my hand. She backed her cock out, so just the head was in my mouth.

“Lover, get ready! Your hot mouth is going to get much fuller!”

As her cock started to shoot inside my mouth, my head started to swim, the earthly musky cum filled my mouth, and my eyes with tears. Where had this Kurtköy Üniversiteli Escort been all my life?

Slowly her cock, slipped from my mouth. She raised me up to her mouth and licked the leftovers from my lips. She never got soft; in fact I felt her growing against me again.

She pushed me up her body, until I was sitting on her face. Kellies tongue worked magic on my cock. Kissing up, and down, sucking first one ball then the other and finally both into her vacuum like mouth. She grabbed my ass and pushed me forward, to bring her tongue into contact with my ass. I rose up on my knees to give her full access to my hole. Her tongue teased me, swirling around, and slowly working its deep into me. Pulling my cheeks apart her tongue started fucking me. I was as wet as a Hollywood starlet in a Ron Jeremy Film. When she went back to my cock, and with me still over her face, she slowly worked in a finger, then two. I was frighten but desperate for more than her finger.

I slowly slide off her face. Kissing her only seemed natural. I could feel her against my leg. She was about 7 inches and cut. Just a little bigger than my toy, that would never satisfy me after tonight.

Pulling Kellie up to the edge of the bed, I rolled over onto my tummy and looked back, met her eyes.

“Please Kellie, fill me up, I want so bad to feel you deep inside!” I could not believe the words leaving my lips. I really meant them. I really needed to be fucked but the amazing woman.

“Are you ready lover? I hope you are because I have wanted your tight ass since I saw it!”

Slowly she worked a finger into my ass, I pushed back.

“Don’t tease me Kellie, just fuck me!”

As she worked her girl cock into my ass, I pushed back trying not to cry out. I knew that I need to push out Kurtköy Vip Escort to accept her into me. Once she was deep inside, she took a breath.

“My god girl you are so tight! Are you ready?”

“I have never been more ready for anything in my life, Fuck me babe fill me with your girl cock”

Slowly she pulled back and slide back in, her thighs against my ass. Her hands on my hips, pulling me against her.

I could not take her pace. I needed to be fucked harder. I pulled away, kissing her deep and pushing her onto her back.

Climbing onto to her cock, Kellie guided herself into me. I slowly slide down. I was so full, I was seeing stars. I started to ride her, up and down. I reached around, and played with her balls. She grabbed my cock with had been leaking pre-cum all over her tummy. I was totally lost. Not able to kiss her, not able to think. The whole world was her cock in my ass. I wanted to be filled with her cum, in both of my holes. If it felt as good in my ass, as her cum felt in my mouth I was going to die.

Riding her became my world, looking down and seeing her cock disappear inside me, while her long red finger nails stocked my cock.

“Your hungry hold is making me CUM!” groaned Kellie

“Fill me with your girl cum, I want to feel you shoot in my ass”

As Kellie’s hot cum started to fill me, I could feel her girl cock spasm inside me, my own orgasm took over. Even as her hot cum was scalding my ass, I shot stream after stream over Kellie. The first spurt went over her head, the second on her face, and the last across her chest. She grabbed me and kissed me hard. I could feel her tongue, down my throat. Tasting myself, I needed more, using my tongue, I pushed my cum off her face and into her mouth. We kissed until my taste was gone from her mouth.

She popped out of my ass. With a sigh we rolled over and cuddled for a while. Kissing and getting ready for round two. I was growing to my full 8 ½ inches, thinking of Kellies hot ass. But that will be for another story. I hope you liked my first story and it is absolutely true. Enjoy, I know we did.


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