She Turns The Tables


The afternoon sun was beating down as Mark walked towards the front door, but at least the typical local humidity was non-existent on this Thursday afternoon. But was it the heat or the anticipation that brought the beads of sweat to his forehead? He was picking up Erika at her apartment for an afternoon picnic. They hadn’t seen each other in over 10 years until Erika recently moved back to the area. Since she returned they’d gotten together once for a quick lunch, but work and other commitments had prevented them from meeting again. They finally agreed to play hookie from work and meet for lunch so they could spend some time catching up. Mark had suggested a picnic at a fairly secluded local park so they could talk and catch-up without a lot of interruptions.

Mark rang the doorbell and waited for Erika to answer. He was sure she would look beautiful as always, but when she opened the door he was stunned. Erika was tall with blonde hair and a sensual body. She was dressed to accentuate all of her beauty. She was wearing a tiny pair of khaki shorts, a aqua halter top and tan platform wedge sandals. The khaki and aqua colors made a great contrast against her bronzed skin and the high platform wedges made her a statuesque beauty.

After a moment to compose himself Mark wrapped his arms tightly around her and gave her a peck on the cheek. “Wow you look great! It’s good to see you again” he whispered.

“Why thank you” she cooed, “you look very nice too!”

Mark was wearing khaki shorts, leather flops and a casual white cotton collared shirt that fit snug against his muscular chest and arms.

As they drove to the park they made small talk, catching up more on each other’s lives and just talking about anything and everything.

Mark found a very secluded clearing off the main paths of the county park and stretched out the blanket and turned on the portable iPod speakers. They continued to talk and laugh as they enjoyed cheese, crackers and shrimp and a few bottles of wine.

The sun and wine had made them both a little tipsy and as they laid on the blanket soaking up the sun, watching the clouds and laughing together Mark rolled to his side, cupped Erika’s face in his hands and lightly pressed his lips against hers. Erika froze for a brief moment but quickly kissed back. Soon they were embraced in a passionate kiss, hungrily probing with their tongues and nibbling at each other’s lips. Mark suddenly grabbed Erika’s hair and yanked her head back, while continuing the passionate kiss. Erika let out a slight moan and aggressively kissed back. Then suddenly Mark rolled Erika onto her stomach, maintained his grip on her hair, pulling her head slightly back and then reached down and smacked her hard on the ass. Erika let out another moan and wiggled her sexy ass while slightly spreading her legs apart. Mark was encouraged by this and gave her ass another hard smack as he began kissing the back of her neck. Brushing his lips over her neck and back he could feel Erika writhing beneath him as her breath quickened. Mark was totally wrapped up in his role now and rolled off to his side, grabbed Erika’s hips and pulled her ass up into the air. With her gorgeous ass and tan shapely legs presented right in front of him he began spanking her harder and faster. Erika let out a few squeals and wiggled her ass to shake off the pain.

Mark was excited, but he couldn’t see Erika’s face. As she lay with her face against the blanket and her ass up in the air being smacked over and over by Mark an evil smile spread across her lips. The spanking was hard and she enjoyed the stinging slaps and the slight pain emanating from her ass cheeks and the backs of her thighs. She was going to allow him his pleasure for just another moment.

After a few more smacks, she made her move. Erika sprang up and wheeled around to face Mark. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing” she barked,

Mark was absolutely stunned. He was certain she had been enjoying the spanking from her moans, squeals and movements. “Uh, I’m…I don’t know…” he stammered, “I thought you’d like a little control and spanking?”

Erika stared him down with her steely eyes. “Oh I do” she replied in a cool commanding voice, “but this isn’t how it’s going to go. YOU will obey me!”

Mark sat stunned for a few seconds as his mind raced to comprehend what had just happened. As he gazed back at her, his heart began to pound out of his chest. He was mesmerized by her beauty and the warm stern look in her eyes.

“Yes Erika” he stammered.

“Good bostancı escort boy” she teased, “I hope you enjoyed spanking my sexy ass, because you’re the one that will be punished from now on. Now get everything together and meet me back at the car”. Erika grabbed his neck and pulled him into her and gave him a sexy aggressive kiss, then slowly stood and walked back down the path. Mark couldn’t take his eyes off her sexy back, legs and ass as she sauntered away.

Erika commanded Mark to pull his dick out for the drive home, but other than that little act of dominance they had a normal conversation for the entire trip back. When they finally arrived back at Erika’s apartment, she firmly grabbed Marks penis, causing a slight wince of pain, and again kissed him forcefully on the lips. “I’m going inside and you’re going home, but you will serve me very soon”.

“Yes Erika” he eagerly replied.

Erika squeezed his throbbing cock even harder, causing him to wince again. “When we’re talking as friends I’m Erika, but when I’m talking to my sub, you will call me Miss Erika, do you understand?”

“Yes Miss Erika!” he replied through clenched teeth.

“Good my pet” she cooed, as she released her grip on his aching cock, “Be prepared to please me in all ways the next time we’re together”. Erika planted a sensual kiss upon his quivering lips and left him alone and dazed in the car.

Erika was now his Mistress and Jeff was her slave. It had only happened a couple of weeks ago and they had discovered this part of their relationship quite by accident, but both enjoyed it and longed for it. Of course, the D/s dynamic was only a small aspect of their relationship, but it was fun and they enjoyed it. They were best friends first and enjoyed doing everything together when possible. But whenever or wherever Erika felt that devious little twitch and wanted her submissive little pet to come out and play, he did. She was in control of the D/s aspect and he was completely obedient.

Now it was a Friday night and they finally had an opportunity to get back together. Jeff arrived at Erika’s apartment dressed in lightweight khaki slacks and a powder blue collared sport shirt. As before Jeff waited with rapt anticipation to see how Erika looked. And as before, she didn’t disappoint. Erika answered the door in a sexy knee length, white Sarah skirt and black Petra halter top from Club Monaco, and an incredibly sexy pair of black t-strap pumps. She was beautiful, elegant, and a sexy goddess all at the same time.

Erika gave a knowing smirk at Jeff as he stared in amazement, but also lost herself in the moment as she gazed at Jeff’s six foot frame and tight chest and arms. They were going to dinner at a nice restaurant down by the water and then planned to stroll along the waterfront awhile after dinner before returning to Erika’s place. Jeff was ready to go, but Erika had something that needed to be done first. As Jeff hugged her tight, she whispered into his ear, “I need you to follow me my little pet”.

Jeff’s cock immediately sprang to life. He was certain that Miss Erika would take control at some point in the evening, but he had expected it to be later. With unwavering obedience and anticipation Jeff closely followed Erika into her bedroom, watching her gorgeous ass wiggle beneath the thin fabric of her skirt as she led the way. Once in the room Erika switched to her stern voice, “Hand me your cock ring and drop your pants and boxer briefs for me now slave!”

Jeff obediently pulled the purple ring out of his pocket and handed it to Erika, then unbuckled his belt and slid his pants down.

Erika stepped close and leaned into Jeff. His breath caught in his throat as he experienced her beautiful scent and felt her silky hair brush against his neck and cheek. She cupped his hardening cock in her hand and slowly slid her hand up and down it’s length. Jeff sighed deeply at the intense feeling, but secretly begged that she slip the ring on immediately. The ring was easy to put on a soft penis, but was more difficult to get over an erect cock. But Erika enjoyed touching his manhood and watching it grow in honor of her touch. Erika reveled in the moans and shudders she sent through his body. When his cock was rock hard she bent forward, gave it a gentle kiss on the tip and stretched the ring over his shaft. The rubber ring pinched the shaft of his hard cock, but he endured the pain because he enjoyed Erika’s touch. She expertly büyükçekmece escort stretched the ring the rest of the way over his balls and let it fall into place.

“That should keep you in line tonight” she winked and leaned in to slip her tongue between his lips and gave him a passionate kiss.

“Mmm” he savored her tongue, “I love the way you taste baby” he replied with a wink of his own.

They broke the embrace, Jeff pulled his pants back up and they strolled out to dinner together.

They enjoyed a delicious dinner and a few bottles of exquisite wine on the patio overlooking the moonlit river. Their conversation was fun, silly, intelligent and always comfortable. They could talk about anything together, usually in total agreement, but occasionally arguing their opposing viewpoints, but always enjoying each other.

Jeff continually marvelled at how amazing she was as he gazed across the table at her. Her beautiful face framed by her sandy blond hair, her intriguing and exotic deep brown eyes and her sensual lips that curled into the cutest smile as she giggled. His only problem was, the more he gazed at her the more excited he became, and the ring stretched against his growing cock and balls, causing him to fidget in his chair.

Erika noticed his fidgeting and enjoyed the effect that she could have on him and took every opportunity to give him seductive looks and peeks of her ample cleavage.

After dinner they strolled hand in hand along the riverfront, experiencing the cool evening breeze. Jeff let go of her hand and slipped his arm around her thin waist and pulled her snug against his body. Erika let out a soft sigh and rested her head on his shoulder while gazing at the moonlight shimmering off the rippling water. Jeff stopped and turned to her, gently grabbed her chin between his fingers and guided her to his lips. He gave her a long soft sensual kiss. Erika felt safe and warm and basked in the sensual kiss. After a long kiss and embrace, Jeff gave her a sharp slap on the ass, “Ready to go home babe?” he asked with a smirk.

“Mmm hmmm”, she moaned as she laid her head back on his shoulder and turned back towards the car. “Oh, and you’re gonna pay for that little smack” she added seductively.

Jeff just smiled inwardly and walked in silence.

When they entered her apartment Erika asked Jeff to poor 2 glasses of wine while she went to freshen up. Jeff went to the kitchen and prepared the wine as Erika strode down the hallway to her bedroom.

A few minutes later Erika walked into the living room and stepped in front of Jeff, who was sitting on the couch drinking his wine. His heart stopped and his jaw fell open at what he saw. Erika stood towering before him in a black lace babydoll, black garters and stockings and knee high black leather boots with a 4″ stiletto heel. Her body filled out the babydoll perfectly and her long shapely legs were overwhelming in the high boots and stockings. He instinctively placed his hand on his growing cock.

“DON’T TOUCH YOURSELF!” she commanded, “You can only touch me for now”.

Jeff reluctantly removed his hands and tried his best to control his arousal, but couldn’t take his eyes off of the beautiful, sensual woman standing before him.

“Strip for me pet” she purred.

Jeff’s heart raced and adrenaline coursed through his body. He rose from the couch and slowly slipped his shirt over his head, exposing his taught pectoral muscles, then slowly slid out of his pants. He stood there with his stiff cock straining against the black cotton boxer briefs.

Erika loved the site of his muscular body standing before her and found the vision of his hard cock poking through the cotton fabric to be a sexy sight, but she wanted him naked. “Remove it all my pet” she cooed.

Jeff obeyed his Mistress and stretched the waist band over his throbbing hard-on and slid the briefs to the floor.

Erika stepped forward and traced her fingernails across his chest and down his stomach. Jeff shuddered at the tickling sensation and his cock twitched with excitement. Then she bent down and slid her lips over his cock and moved her lips up and down his shaft. She cupped his aching balls and her fingers brushed against the rubber cock ring. She teased his cock with her lips and tongue until he squirmed uncontrollably and then she let his hard wet cock slip out of her mouth.

“Oh god!!! Please let me cum!” he pleaded.

“Ohhh, not yet baby! But çekmeköy escort you will” she assured. “Right now, I ORDER you to please me!”

Jeff’s heart raced and his cock surged again, straining against the ever tightening cock ring. “Thank you Miss Erika!”

He grabbed Erika by the shoulders and guided her back onto the couch. He leaned into her and kissed her deeply. Oh how he enjoyed kissing her! He kissed his way down to her neck, lightly nibbling and brushing his lips against her soft skin.

Erika gasped at the sensation and let out a deep sigh, watching Jeff kiss his way down her body. She loved the way he touched her and the way he softly and slowly kissed her, and she loved watching him.

Jeff was in his own nirvana, kissing and touching this beautiful woman, stealing glances up at her beautiful face and watching her lips part as she let out her sensuous moans. He kissed his way down to her breasts, gently kissing and licking her nipples through the sheer fabric of her babydoll lingerie. He loved her ample breasts and took pleasure in sucking, kissing, pinching and teasing her nipples and breasts until her chest heaved in delight. After teasing her breasts he kissed his way down the lacy black material of her babydoll and reached her warm moist panties. He craved her scent and gently pulled her panties over her hips and slid them down her thighs and over the smooth leather of her boots, then gently spread her thighs, exposing her wet luscious flower.

What a gorgeous and overwhelming sight she was, leaning back against the couch in her babydoll outfit and leather boots with her legs spread apart beckoning his touch.

Erika’s toes curled and her muscles tensed as he brushed his lips against her aching lips. She arched her back and bit her lip as a massive sigh escaped her.

Jeff brushed his lips over her mound, kissing lightly and gently, and slipped his tongue between her wet lips. His cock throbbed as he savored her sweet juices and heard the deep moans escape her lips. His tongue slipped in and out of her wetness, touched her insides and pushed hard against her clit. He was in heaven and soon kissed, licked and devoured her inner most sensitive areas with a fervent passion.

Erika could hardly breathe! She bit hard on her lip as her chest heaved up and down at the sensation. She reached down, grabbed Jeff’s head and pulled him hard against her as she bucked her hips against his hungry tongue. Instantly the wave swept over her entire body! She bucked wildly and squeezed her legs around his head.

“Oh FUCK YEAH!” she screamed, “Ohhhhh, gooooodddd!!!” Her body convulsed and she thrust her head back against the cushions, straining to catch her breath.

Jeff crawled up her body and kissed her deeply. She tasted herself on his lips and tongue and was incredibly aroused by his caring sensitive kiss.

They held each other for a long time, catching their breath and enjoying the embrace.

After a while Erika sat up and looked down at Jeff with his head laying against her chest, “You did great baby!” she purred, “Now I’m gonna FUCK YOU!”

Erika swiftly slipped out from under him, pushed him back against the couch and hopped on top of him.

Jeff’s cock was ready to explode and he could barely handle the thought of Erika sliding down on his throbbing cock!

She grabbed his broad, strong shoulders and slid down onto his massive erect cock. She squealed at finally having her pussy filled with his hard member. Now she was in control and she thrust herself up and down on his rigid pole as he groaned in pure pleasure! It didn’t take long until Jeff let out a long hard groan and wrapped his arms tightly around her, squeezing her close, nibbling her neck and grabbing her hair, “Oh god! You’re fucking amazing Erika! You’re so amazing!” he cried out as he let everything go.

They collapsed together and held each other tight for an eternity. “I’m so glad I found you”, Jeff whispered into Erika’s ear.

“Me too baby” she whispered back before they drifted off in each other’s arms.

The sunlight intruded beneath her eyelids and slowly woke her from her warm slumber. She sat up, searching for his comforting arms, but saw a piece of paper on the coffee table. She lifted the paper and read the familiar handwriting….

“To have found you is a dream come true.

I’ve longed for my siren, my savior,

for my best friend, for my lover,

for the one whose soul I can touch

and for whom touches me so deeply

To speak so freely and to share so deeply,

an open, honest, caring unity,

with romance, passion and trust.

The perfect blend of friendship and love,

history, experience and knowledge

forever bonding us together.”

Erika’s lips formed a broad smile as new warmth gently engulfed her body and she lay back against the couch and drifted back to sleep.

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