She Wanted To Be Manipulated, So I Directed Her


I work for a company in California. They have nice women working there. In fact, I have a real cute lady sitting in the next cubicle. I do IT (Information Technology) work for the company. I’m in my thirties, bald, thirty-inch waist, hairy and nerdy like any IT guys are. I’m average looking and always horny and kinky.The girl in the next cube is probably late thirties, early forties, curly blonde hair, skinny and a rocking heart-shaped butt, medium boobs, like C cup. Her lips are very full and almost pouty. She is kind of shy, and doesn’t talk much other than pleasantries.I know she is getting divorced and it’s dragging on like they usually do, has a little apartment and is having a hard time. I don’t think she gets out much socially.One day as I was walking to my cube, I noticed she didn’t lock her computer screen which is a mandatory thing. I know, I’m IT. I was going to mess with her computer to teach her a lesson. I noticed the screen open to a chat room. When I looked closer it is a BDSM chat room. I saw she responded to a guy, and it read “I want to be so kinky and told what to do. I’ll do anything you ask.”Wow, I could not believe it. I jotted down her username and went to my cube.  A couple minutes later, she returned.I went on the internet and found the chat service and went into the chat room. I sent her a private message:Superdavey: Hi.KinkyCutie: Hello.Superdavey: How are you?KinkyCutie: Good, and you?Superdavey: Great, what are you doing?KinkyCutie: Bored at work.Superdavey Oh, me too. What are you looking for in this room?KinkyCutie: Well, I’m getting divorced and my soon-to-be x-husband was a blob.Superdavey: Oh really, looking for something new?KinkyCutie: Yes, I want to explore my sexuality and horizons.Superdavey: When was the last time you had sex?KinkyCutie: A long time, unfortunately- I get very horny at work.Superdavey: What do you do?KinkyCutie: I play with myself under my desk.My heart jumped out of my chest. I wish there was no partition between our cubes so I can crawl under and watch!Superdavey: What are you looking for?KinkyCutie: Well, I want to find a kinky guy and have them do whatever they want to me. I like to be told what to do.Superdavey: So, you’re looking for a DOM guy and your SUB?KinkyCutie: Yes, kind of. I don’t want a guy to bark orders and pull my hair or be mean or abusive. A nice guy I can do what they tell me.Superdavey: Even if it’s embarrassing?KinkyCutie: ücreti elden alan escort Yes, I will do whatever is asked, even if it’s uncomfortable.Superdavey: Well, let’s put it to the test. I will be your dominant friend and you will do whatever I ask, no matter what. Only talk to me from now on and no one else.KinkyCutie: Sounds fun.Superdavey: Do you have a cup or glass in your cube?KinkyCutie: Yes, a coffee cup.Superdavey: Ok, I want you to take it and go into the bathroom.KinkyCutie: Um ok.Superdavey: If it has anything in it, empty it out and go into a stall.KinkyCutie: Ok, then what?Superdavey: I want you to pee in it and bring it back to your cube.KinkyCutie: Really, seriously?Superdavey: Yes, you said you would do anything, you want to be kinky, do as your told.KinkyCutie: Ok, fine, give me a couple minutes, please.Superdavey: And next time say yes sir to me.KinkyCutie: Yes sir.I heard her getting up and leaving. Oh my gosh is she really going to do it? This is unreal.  A couple minutes later she returns and starts typing.KinkyCutie: Ok sir, I am back.Superdavey: Did you pee in the cup like a good girl?KinkyCutie: Yes sir. I almost spilled it on the way back.Superdavey: Good now take a drink and tell me what it tastes like.KinkyCutie: I don’t know, I’ve never done this before. It’s my pee!Superdavey: It’s ok, you want to be outside your comfort zone, it’s not going to kill you.I hear her in the next cube sipping and saying “uhh.”KinkyCutie: Well, it’s warm and a little thicker than water and yellow in appearance.I hear her take another sip.KinkyCutie: It tastes like butterscotch and a little salty.Superdavey: Do you like it?KinkyCutie: Im surprised that I’m not gagging. It’s OK.Superdavey: Very good, how do you feel about doing what I tell you?KinkyCutie: To tell you the truth, it’s exciting, I like it. You are going to turn me into a very naughty girl.Superdavey: I am, this will be fun, are you ready for your next challenge?KinkyCutie: Well, I must attend a meeting right now, can I get back to you in a bit?Superdavey: Yes, I will be waiting.KinkyCutie: Thank you sir I’ll be back as soon as I can.I hear her get up and leave her cube holding a notebook. After she is gone, I go into her cube and find a coffee cup. I look inside and it’s got a yellow liquid half full. I take a sip ücreti elden alan gaziantep escort and yep, it’s pee. It tastes just as she described it. I take another sip not believing I’m drinking my co-worker’s pee. I go back to my cube.I hope she doesn’t notice the cup is now a quarter full. She returns to her cube thirty minutes later, sits down and sounds like she finished drinking what’s in the cup. Hmmm, she must take a liking to it. Now I’m going to see how far I can take this and get some benefit out of it. I’m so sneaky.Back in the chat room, I get a private message:KinkyCutie: Hello, I’m back sir.Superdavey: Great, ready for your new challenge?KinkyCutie: Yes sir I am.Superdavey: Ok, so you want to be kinky right?KinkyCutie: Yes sir.Superdavey: Well, the kinkiest kind of guy are in the IT dept. do you have one of those?KinkyCutie: Yes, we do, in fact, I have a guy sitting in the next cube.My heart starts pounding.Superdavey: Do you like him?KinkyCutie: I don’t know. He is not my type, he’s bald.Superdavey: Do you not know bald guys are the kinkiest? A bald IT guy is a double whammy.KinkyCutie: I guess so, I wouldn’t turn him away if he asked, the way I’ve been feeling lately.Superdavey: Here is your challenge, ask him out.KinkyCutie: What! NO, I can’t. I’m too shy.Superdavey: This will be out of your comfort zone you can do this; I will tell you everything in easy-to-follow steps.KinkyCutie: Really, I can’t, ill freeze up or say the wrong thing.Superdavey: This is your challenge; I will help you. All you must do is poke your head into his cube and say want to grab a drink? That’s it.KinkyCutie: I don’t know, what if he says no?Superdavey: Just say these words let’s grab a drink. If he says yes great, if not then it’s okay, no worries.KinkyCutie: I’m so nervous, I’m starting to sweat, I don’t know if I can do it.Superdavey: Just do as your told, I am your master. It will be over in a few seconds.KinkyCutie: Oh my gosh, alright, hang on.I hear her get up. I quickly minimize her PM, so she doesn’t know it is me. She pops her head around the cube, I hear a meek, “Hi Dave.” I turn around and smile. “Hi, what can I do for you?”She looks like she is going to puke but she eeks out, talking fast, “Would you like to get a drink after work?” I say, “Sure, sounds fantastic!” She responds, “Great,” ücreti elden alan gaziantep escort bayan and disappears back to her cube. I chuckle.Back on the chat:KinkyCutie: I did it, I did it, I was so nervous. That was so nerve-racking.Superdavey: What did he say?KinkyCutie: He said yes. Oh no, what am I going to do now?Superdavey: Don’t worry I will explain everything in detail. You have nothing to worry about. If he’s as kinky as I think he is, he will take control.KinkyCutie: I hope so, I don’t think I can handle this.Superdavey: How do you feel right nowKinkyCutie: Good, more than good.Superdavey: How does your pussy feel?KinkyCutie: Throbbing and wet.Superdavey: Good, you can rub it if you want.KinkyCutie: I am, believe meI hear a soft moan from over our cubicle divider. I am getting hard now thinking of what to do next.Superdavey: Are you thinking of him?KinkyCutie: Yes, is that bad, shouldn’t I be thinking of you?Superdavey: you will, we will meet and have a fantastic time.KinkyCutie: So, what do I do with this guy from work?Superdavey: Ok, is there a bar or drinking place near work?KinkyCutie: Yes, a couple blocks away.Superdavey: Ok, tell him to take you there, when you get there have a few drinks and let him chat with you. When you’re done with your drinks ask him to drive you home because you are too drunk. If he agrees, he will drive you home, and let him take control, if he doesn’t then it was never meant to be.KinkyCutie: Ok, I definitely need the drinks. How will I know if he’s kinky or not?Superdavey: Easy what kind of shoes are you wearing?KinkyCutie: Sandals.Superdavey: Great, if he sees your feet and says something about them, you know he is kinky.KinkyCutie: And if he doesn’t?Superdavey: Well, we will see how the night plays out, better or worse. But you must do one thing.KinkyCutie: What’s that?Superdavey: You must tell me everything in detail of what happens, very specific.KinkyCutie: Ok, I will.I log out of the chat room and it’s a couple of hours until quitting time. I’m getting nervous. I know I have a sure thing coming up. I start to feel bad about manipulating her, but that how she likes it, right? I cannot stop thinking about her perfect ass and lips.I go to her cube at five o’clock and ask if she’s ready to go. She grabs her things and walks out with me. We walk to the elevator. On the way down, it’s just us. I mention, “I hope you don’t mind me saying; you have cute feet.” She gasps and smiles.I continue, “I have a foot fetish.”She replies, “Oh, you like to lick feet?”I reply, “Yeah. Have you ever had your toes sucked on?”“No, never,” she replies.I respond, “You would love it.”We get to the first floor and walk out toward the parking lot. I ask, ”Where do you want to go?”She bites her bottom lip and says, “There is a bar a couple blocks away, but you want to follow me home, I have wine.”

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