Short Sighted


Kevin had never been the tallest person. He would be the first to admit that he was pretty damn short. He only stood 5 feet 3 inches tall and, because of that, he tended to be overlooked by people in general, but by women in particular. They were always looking for someone who was taller, someone bigger. Never mind that they claimed they wanted a guy who was intelligent, had a sense of humor, romantic, and blah, blah, blah. The invariably honed in on the 6 foot tall beefcake who was as dumb as a geranium and as sensitive as a rock. Through all this, though, Kevin was far from bitter about it. He kept a sense of humor about his size. He would be the first to crack a joke on himself. He learned at an early age the he could either laugh about whatever life threw his way, or cry about it, and he decided that laughing felt a lot better. He would often joke that his world was made of breasts and belt buckles.

Privately, however, he kept an active fantasy life, often imaging what it would be like to have certain women in his life. He would spend long periods of time considering what techniques would bring them the most pleasure, what skills he would use if given the chance. One in particular he dreamt about was Roslyn. Roslyn was, if one could actually believe it, even shorter than he was. She stood a diminutive 4 feet 8 inches tall. Like Kevin, she maintained a healthy sense of humor about her height, or rather, lack thereof. Through a mutual understanding of one another, they became fast friends. But he still fantasized about her, and it seemed he did it a little more every day. Finally, more out of a sense of just needing to get it done, he asked her out to dinner, expecting her to decline. Much to his surprise, she said yes and they set that Friday as a date.

Friday arrived and Kevin pulled up in front of apartment building to pick her up. She stood waiting by the by the front wearing a black full length skirt with a slit that came up to mid-thigh, a red v-neck blouse, and a pair of 2 inch heels. He resisted the urge to crack a joke that she was wearing heels and still wouldn’t be able to get on an amusement park ride. His smile, however, belied the fact he was thinking about it, and Roslyn shot him a glance as she climbed in the car.

“Something funny that I should know about?” she asked, knowing him well enough to figure out that there was a joke on the tip of his tongue. When he declined to say anything, she simply sat back in her seat and buckled her seat belt. She him over and saw that he was wearing a poison of khaki pants with a hunter green button down shirt and a black belt. As they drove to the restaurant, he looked over at her while they chatted casually.

“By the way, I just wanted to say that you look very good tonight.” she shifted slightly as she thanked him. The v of her blouse opened and he caught a glimpse of the swell of her breast. His breath hitched in his throat and he quickly reverted his gaze to the road, concentrating on driving, to avoid thinking about the glimpse of flesh he had just seen. After a few moments, he was able to collect his thoughts enough to continue with the conversation as if nothing had happened, and hoped that she hadn’t noticed anything wrong.

He pulled into the parking lot at the restaurant and grabbed the first available spot he could. As they walked to the front door, Roslyn slipped an arm into his and leaned towards him a little. Normally, he would have been as comfortable as she seemed, but the sight of her cleavage still played through his mind. The little bit of contact of her arm linked with his threatened to make his body respond against his will, especially when the breast that he had seen earlier brushed the outside of his arm. With every shred of self control that he had, he kept things from getting out of hand. As it was, his pulse was still racing and he felt beads of sweat starting to form on his brow. Getting into the restaurant, they were shown to their seats. As they sat down, Kevin heard a snickered comment from behind them that someone should get the “little lady” a booster seat. He merely grinned at Roslyn who, having heard the comment also, grinned back. She leaned out and looked the speaker in the eye.

“No, I really don’t need a booster seat,” she told them with heavy sarcasm in her voice, “but if you have an extra phone book or two, I’d like to be able to see over the table. Thanks.” Laughter erupted from the other tables around them as the gentleman who made the joke turned a bit red from being called out. After they had ordered their drinks, they settled back to peruse their menus. Once both of them had decided on what they wanted and ordered, the conversation continued easily.

Dinner passed and as they sat waiting for the check, Kevin cleared his throat and asked her, “so, it really doesn’t bother you when people make short jokes?” He searched her face while she answered, the thought coming unbidden to his mind of what it would be like to kiss her. How would her lips taste? Would they be as soft as they looked? With a wrench, he pulled himself back in time gebze escort to hear her answer.

“Not really,” she replied, “it’s not like I can do all that much about it, so I might as well have some fun with it,” she said with a small shrug, “there is one thing that kind of bother me though, and it’s not the jokes.” When he asked what it was, she continued, “to be truthful,” she said slowly, letting her gaze fall to the table, “it’s the fact that most guys don’t look at me as a woman. They see me as like a teenage sister or something.” Her hands knotted on the table in front of her as she went on, “that’s the only part that bothers me. I’d like to have someone see me as something other than a kid. I mean, I’m an adult in her 20’s, what do I have to do?”

Kevin reached across the table took her hands with one of his while the other gently cupped her chin and raised her face so her eyes met his. “I don’t know if it will help, but not all guys see you like that. Trust me, I’m one of them.” Roslyn’s eyes grew soft under his steady gaze, “I have something to confess to you. I keep wondering what it would be like to kiss you.”

Suddenly, the waiter re-appeared at Kevin’s elbow with the check and she pulled her hands away. Kevin paid the check and they left the restaurant. As they walked to the car, Roslyn took his hand in hers, linking their fingers with a tentative grip. He held on to her hand lightly until they got to his car, where he opened her door. Once they were under way, she turned to him again.

“You know,” she began, “I’ve never seen your place in all the time we’ve been friends. Can we go to your place?” she asked, then explained, “That, and I don’t feel like dealing with my roommate right now.” Kevin looked over at her and saw her looking at him with her large brown eyes the color of melted chocolate. He felt his heart break a little from the desire to touch her. With a small nod of agreement, he set a course for his apartment. When they got there, he opened the door and immediately scooped up the orange and black ball of fur that was waiting there just inside. Turning, he saw Roslyn’s face as she saw the tiny kitten purring in his arms.

“Oh my god,” she exclaimed, reaching out to run her fingers through the soft fur, “she’s so precious. What’s her name?”

“Roslyn, meet Bella,” he explained as the kitten leaned against his chest and purred in contentment from all the attention she was getting. “I got her about three weeks ago.” He moved further into the apartment and set Bella down. He straightened back up and turned to find Roslyn standing next to him, their bodies close enough to brush. Looking down at her, he felt his arms come up to encircle her waist and his lips came down on hers. Without any hesitation, she melted into him, her arm wrapping around his neck and pulling him deeper into the kiss. His tongue slid forward and parted her lips, her tongue shooting out to meet his. They stood that way in the living room for several moments before they came up for air. She brought one hand around and trailed her fingers down his cheek.

“It took you about long enough,” she whispered, the kiss having taken her breath away for the most part, “how long have you wanted to do that for?”

“Pretty much since the day I met you,” feeling her body mold to his, and somewhere deep inside, knowing it felt right. Without a further word, he lowered his head again into another deep kiss. He felt desire flame from deep within him and his body responding. He no longer held his self-control, but released it, and allowed his body to do what it will. He could feel her breath shorten as their tongues intertwined. Eventually, she drew away and looked around the apartment.

“Nice place,” she spoke after having to clear her throat a few times, “I’d like to see the rest of it,” she said with a devilish grin and a twinkle in her eyes. Kevin felt his manhood stiffen under his pants as he truly realized where this was headed to.

He jerked his head over one shoulder, “that way’s the kitchen,” he slipped his arms from around her and took one of her hands in his, guiding her through the small apartment. “There’s the spare bedroom,” another vague point. “And this is my room.” He opened the door, and waved his arm in a sweep to show her the room. She breezed by him and sat on the edge of the bed, beckoning him to join her. Sitting next to her, he took her hands in his and looked deep into her eyes, “you know, when I asked you out, this is not where I figured we would end up,” he quickly amended himself, “not that I’m complaining, mind you.”

She pulled one hand from his grip and laid a finger across his lips, “then shut up for now, we can talk later.”

With his instructions clear, he wrapped his arms around her slender frame and dragged her down onto the bed with him. Roslyn’s hands came loose and settled on his chest as they began to kiss again, this time with more patience, but no less passion. He stroked his fingers along her back as her fingers toyed with the buttons göztepe escort on his shirt, slipping them loose one by one. After most of them were undone, she moved her hands to caress his bare chest. The mere touch sent shivers throughout his body. His hands pulled up on the back of her blouse and found the bare skin of her lower back. His fingers gently ran over her skin and his lips left hers to kiss his way down her jaw and chin. With a soft moan, she lifted her head and his mouth sought out her throat, nipping lightly at the tender skin. She lifted one leg and laid it over his, pressing her body closer. Meanwhile, his hands traveled in an ever increasing area over her back and dipping under the hem of her skirt.

Without a warning, she pushed him over onto his back and, staring down at him, finished unbuttoning his shirt. He sat up and quickly divested himself of it, throwing it over in the corner. He undid the buttons of her blouse and pushed it over her shoulders, revealing the blue lace demi-cut bra she was wearing. As she pulled the blouse off, he took one breast in each hand and kissed along the top of each swell, skimming the edge of the lace. As soon as she was able to get her blouse off, her hands flew to the clasp at her back and slipped it free. Kevin dropped his hands and, in an instant, the bra was gone and he was faced with what he could only call perfection. Two tender, pink nipples surmounted each breast, hard and pointing at him, begging him to taste, and taste he did.

His lips closed over over one nipple as his hands closed over both breasts. His thumb teased the other nipple as they both became rigid. Roslyn’s hands rested on the back of his neck and her head dropped back to let out a moan of purest pleasure free. After feasting on one breast, and then the other, for a while, Kevin’s hands dropped and circled her waist again, settling on her lower back. As he raised his head to kiss her, his hands slid down to feel her rear through her skirt. Their tongues jousted while his fingers searched for the zipper. Finding it, he quickly dragged it down, loosening the top of the skirt enough that he could slide his hands underneath and run his fingers over the lace that he felt there.

Her hands drifted down his back and her nails lightly scraped downward, bringing goosebumps to his skin. Wrapping his arms around her waist, he raised up and her legs came out straight to encircle his hips. He lifted up and turned them both to softly lay her on the bed. She gazed up at him as he ran his fingers reverently down her face and chest, admiring the smooth skin. Sliding his fingers down the sides of her legs, he came to the straps of her shoes. Quickly, but with great care, he undid the buckles and slipped the shoes off, letting them drop to the floor.

He ran his hands back up her legs, enjoying the silky feel of he skin. Grasping the top of her skirt, he peeled it down while she raised her hips to help, exposing the blue lace panties that perfectly matched the bra which now lay forgotten on the floor. He finished peeling her skirt off and let it fall to join the other clothes on the floors. Taking one foot in his hands, he kissed his way from her toes up her calf, trailing his tongue along her skin. Her legs spread slightly as he reached her inner thigh, and she reached out to run her fingers lightly over his scalp. Reaching the top of her thigh, he moved back down and started the process all over again with the other leg. Her legs hung over the edge of the bed while he kissed and nibbled up her calf, then thigh. When he reached the edge of he panties, he skipped to her lower stomach, playing his tongue over her belly button before moving down again.

Kevin shifted a little and brought his hand up to gently rub his fingers over his panty covered crotch. A gasp escaped her throat and he could feel the dampness through the fabric. Leaning forward, he placed a light kiss on her lips through the panties, and Roslyn’s hips bucked up a little bit. Using a variety of licks, kisses, and nibbles, he teased her through the thin material. She moved her legs to drape them over his shoulders as he knelt before her. He reached up and slid his fingertips under the top of her panties and peeled them slowly over her hips and down her legs. After he pulled them clear of her body and left them on the floor, her legs settled back on his shoulders and his gaze fixed on the vee between her legs. She had trimmed the hair at the top into a “landing strip” and shaved the lips bare. He felt his mouth water and his manhood stir in his pants.

He slipped his hands underneath her rear and leaned forward, lifting her hips at the same time and brought his mouth down onto her again. He began at the bottom and, with small licks, worked his way up to just shy of her button, then back down again. He did this time and again until she was squirming under his oral assault. He finally brought his tongue up and, using only the tip, flicked at he clit. Roslyn gasped and jumped at the contact. With that, he halkalı escort started to work in earnest on her nub. Light licks gave way to stronger actions, and then he sucked the nub into his mouth and lashed at it with the end of his tongue. Her body rocked with the pleasure and her cries filled the room. He moved his hands out from under her butt and gripped her legs behind her knees. Raising her legs so that they were bent and her knees were close to her chest, he drove his tongue as deep into her canal as he could. Her taste flooded over his tongue as he repeatedly withdrew it and drove it in. Her hips bucked and her body shook.

He could tell she was getting close, and moved his attention back to her clit, working it with his lips and tongue. Her body was squirming so much that he had to let go of her legs, and they slammed down onto his shoulders, her thighs tightening around his head. He gripped the tops of her legs to steady her as her orgasm took over. Roslyn’s hips so much that, at points, it was all that he could do to keep contact with her nub. After a few minutes, her legs slackened and she began to relax a little. Kevin waited until she had caught her breath, and returned to tonguing he clit. With a cry, she locked her hands behind her head and her belly tightened as another climax tore through her. She chanted his name over and over again as her thighs locked around his head once more. Her shoulders arched up, putting her chin into her chest. As he ran his tongue over her clit, he watched her face during her orgasm, and a thrill of pleasure wormed it’s way through him from the knowledge he was giving her this. Finally, her hands came out from behind he head and she collapsed on the bed, arms out to her sides and out of breath. Her legs dropped away from his head and Kevin sat back.

Standing up before her, he kicked his shoes and socks off, then stopped to admire her body as she lay upon his bed, her chest heaving from the effort of trying to catch her breath. Even as tiny as she was, there was no mistaking she was very much a woman. Her body, so small and seemingly fragile, was tight and to Kevin’s eyes, absolutely perfection. Beautiful breasts gave way to a small waist before flaring out into her perfect hips.

Her eyes opened as if she could sense his eyes on her. It took a moment, but she was finally able to focus her gaze on him. A slow smile crept across her face as she struggled to sit up. Coming to a sitting position, she looked up at him from under her lashes and reached out to snag his belt with her fingertips. Roslyn dragged him closer and quickly undid his belt and pants. Grasping the legs, she pulled down and the pants feel away, revealing a pair of boxers with a prominent bulge right at her eye level. Kevin kicked the pants away as her eyes traced the outline of his manhood. She slipped her fingers under the waistband of his boxers and drug them down. As they cleared his hips, his erection sprung free.

She licked her lips as he quickly slid his underwear off. She grasped the base of his shaft with one hand and reached under to grip an ass cheek with the other. Leaning forward, she slowly licked from the base to the head with the full width of her tongue. He watched her as she worked her way up and down his length, alternating between full licks and light nips. The hand around the base stroked with small movements while she bathed the rest of him with her lips and tongue. Coming back to the tip, she took the head in her mouth, swirling he tongue around the tip. Her hand slipped from the base of his shaft down to cup his testicles, rolling them between her fingers. A sigh of contentment escaped his lips. Letting go of his head with a small pop, she raised the shaft and ducked underneath to take one of his nuts in her mouth. With a slight suction, she maneuvered her tongue her tongue all around while she stroked him. She switched back and forth between the two, and all the while he watched in stunned rapture.

Letting his testicle slip from her mouth, Roslyn came up and in one swift motion, took his entire length into her mouth. Keeping up a gentle suction, she stroked him with her lips, her hand drifting down to cup his balls again. He ran his hands through her thick hair, enjoying all the sensations that flooding through his system. Her head bobbed back and forth. With a firm direction, she turned Kevin and laid him down on the bed, his knees over the edge of the bed, her mouth never leaving his member. She rotated her body until she was at a right angle to his, all the while moving her head up and down. With a sudden plunge, she took him all the way deep into her throat, and just as swiftly, back out again. She pushed her head all the way back down ad he could feel her throat muscles contracting around the tip.

It was all too much, and he gently took her chin in his hand and disengaged her from his throbbing hard on. Roslyn raised her head and smiled at him with a crooked grin. Not saying a word, she shifted her small body over his, resting on his chest while she gave him a deep kiss. The feel of her tight body on his made his pulse jump yet again. Her perky breasts pushed into his chest and his rigid shaft lay trapped between him and the warm flesh of her belly. Separating her mouth from his, she raised her body slightly and snaked her hand between them. Gripping him, she positioned the head at her entrance, and slowly sank down onto him.

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