Shylo Morra Ch. 18


Author’s Note: See the story, “Seafaring Delight Charters” if you are wondering what Shylo, Pam and Sharon were up to in Belize. All characters are over 18 and fictional.

Shylo Morra Ch.18

The trip down to Belize with Ken Miser was so revitalizing!

Perhaps it was the calm of sailing, but Shylo knew she wanted a repeat on a regular basis, and she was thinking about getting Karen, her costume design friend, down there as a crew member. She made a mental note to swing it by her, especially with the price tag being zero! She knew that Karen was adventurous, but maybe the 10 or even 20 year age difference would bother her.

Ken was such a dear, providing the cash flow the Girls needed for their new enterprise, but he was also a friend with benefits for Shylo. He was a safe, reliable companion, and he was available in a flash, if Shylo wanted to go anywhere, that a strong mature well-to-do American male would be well received.

She also trusted his business acumen. He could tell a scheme in a second, and don’t play poker with him. His constant motion is a cover for his keen eye. With that in mind, he could also think outside of the box, zeroing in on a problem when an engineer may have taken the entire afternoon.

His secret to success was based more on putting together a well run repair shop, than it would ever have to do with buying and selling cars.

“Your fat arse is in the way again Shylo!” Ken watched the news every day at noon, and they hadn’t set a wake-up call, so they were trying to pack while Ken struggled to watch the news.

Shylo pulled her panties down. “This ass?” she wondered as she shook it in the air in front of Ken’s face.

Ken grabbed her by the hips and thrust his face into her ass, with his tongue finding her puckered anus, and pressing in, he heard a moan, “Oh! Don’t do that if you’re not serious Ken!” Shylo moaned, but then found that Ken had become very very serious.

Rolling into her, she fell across the hotel bed, and he had her panties completely off in 5 seconds. His fingers parted her perfect pussy lips, as he dove deep.

Oh yes, he is a very giving lover too. Shylo gave her pussy to her impassioned friend, and allowed herself the joy of another orgasm, then another.

When she could do more than shudder and drool, she reached for Ken’s modest tool, and pushed it into her mouth for a return gift.

He was not that well endowed, but that just made it easier to get it all in Shylo’s mouth, and she could squeeze her lips on his shaft for the entire stroke. Her tongue was not pierced but she did a powerful swirl on Ken’s shaft when it was all of the way inside of her gifted mouth.

The maid came and went twice, then left the door open, while she clanged away cleaning the bathroom. Ken would leave a big tip, Shylo mused, probably bigger than she got for the day’s pay.

When the Cleaning Lady finished she slammed the door behind her, making them both jump up from their mindless orgy.

“I’m sorry Shylo, that was my fault,” Ken sadly reported. “I think that I fucked her the last time I came through here, and she thinks that I picked up some bimbo to rub in her face! …The problem is, I can’t remember her name!” Ken shook his head at his sad position. He was pissed because he could have invited her to join, but he was embarrassed to not know what to call her!

“Capitalism is your friend buddy,” Shylo responded, while patting her mound with a tissue, like a busy hooker, and pulling her panties back on. “She will grudgingly take your money, and in a week she’ll be looking for you again. Tell the manager about our good service, and get her name Ken, you never know when you’ll be through here on a cold night.”

They had flown into JFK last night, and it had been too late to get to Hoboken, so Ken got a room with his inflated travel points.

He went to the front desk to make sure we were okay leaving our things in the room while we had lunch, and they were pleased to learn that Kara had serviced us so well.

After a salad for Shylo and a burger for Ken, they got back to their room, but Shylo wasn’t ready to get sweaty so soon.

“I’ll give you a hummer while you drive, if you can keep us going straight this time,” Shylo offered, knowing that Ken was pushing for that very offer.

“How much, lover boy?” Shylo wondered as she picked up his heavy wallet.

“Better make it a fifty, she was a very fun date, as I remember, Kara, Kara, Kara,…I think I have it now.”

Shylo left the note: Kara, we are so sorry but Ken could not remember your name, he is such a dweeb! He hopes that you will forgive him, and I want you to know that you would have been more than welcome to join. Hope to see you next time – Shylo and Ken. She left a lipstick imprint, in case there was any question of who Shylo was.

“Hmm, maybe I should make it a C note? Too much?” Ken wondered.

“You got it right Lover, 50’s a tip, a 100 would be an advance for a hooker!” Shylo suggested.

Ken escort izmir picked up the 50 and dropped a Benjamin on the note. “Maybe she needs it.”

The force is strong in this one, Shylo thought, admiringly.

They didn’t get Ken’s Lincoln onto I95 until well past 3 in the afternoon. The air-con was belting out a cool stream, while Shylo had shimmied down onto the floor of the spacious vehicle. She had convinced Ken to remove his pants before they got underway, and now she removed his underwear, and got his right leg up on the bench seat.

Cupping his balls in her right hand, she sucked his stiffy into her mouth, and teased him, knowing that she had hours to go before they were in Jersey City. Shylo was trying out a new removable tongue clip that a friend gave her. Standard tongue clips are balls of silver or gold, but this one was a silicon tear drop shape that molded to her tongue, making it very difficult to see. With it’s shallow profile, it also had the benefit of not impeding your speech either.

Ken was surprised, and delighted with the new toy, but instead of taking him over the top early, Shylo strung him along, like a cable running up her meter.

Being pulled over was a forgone conclusion. Any sane person would have seen it coming, but these two college graduates didn’t anticipate this.

Shylo had slithered back onto the seat, before the Trooper made it to the door, but her sudden appearance made him that much more alert.

“License and registration please,” the Officer prompted Ken.

“I don’t think that I was speeding Sir,” Ken started, but his lack of pants and his erection, while being hidden by his hastily returned underwear, ‘hidden’ was a very relative term. His proud pole would not go away so fast.

“You were driving 5 miles under the limit, and your left wheels were on top of the lane marker for the last ten miles,” the Officer explained, “I think that you might have been distracted, he stated with authority.”

“Sorry Officer,” Shylo cried, “I am a Certified Sexual Therapist, and I should have known better, but it was a long boring ride. Can I give you my card,” she excitedly proposed. She offered him her business card with her certification number and picture. Then she pointed out her private number hand written on the back.

As the Trooper walked back to his cruiser, to call in the info, and check on the documents of his detainees, Shylo called out a parting offer, “I love to work with those that serve!”

Ken bet her 10 to 1 that he would get off with a warning, and Shylo offered a ten spot, not believing that she had that much sway.

“I don’t want you driving off the road, before I’ve had a chance to get to know Miss Morra a bit better, Mr. Ken Miser of Jersey City, so I need you to put your pants back on, and leave them on,” the Trooper commanded.

“I will be calling you, young lady, to make sure you get home safely,” the chivalrous Officer concluded, and gave what Shylo thought was the sexiest wink!

“Please call me!” Shylo shouted as he walked back to his cruiser.

They sang off and on, and played the radio loud, but they played safe the rest of the way. Shylo got another nice meal at Red Lobster, and Ken enjoyed an hour at her University apartment, before he called it a great vacation, and headed for home. He had dropped over 40 grand in the last 5 days, but he felt confident that it would pay off. His most creative Manager, from the Newark location had already put together the promotional campaign, with the most sales getting the first prize. He was going to do the same with his mechanics, cause they were the backbone of the business.

Ken had photo’s of the two strippers, undulating around his naked body, while the campfire burned in the background. His smile told the story. Java had superimposed a swordfish where his stiff cock had been, and the caption read, “Come fishing in Belize.” He knew he would have to do something for the ladies in his Company to aspire to, but he would just cheat, and make sure a woman won – the very first time, so he could set a high standard, when she gets a spa vacation in Tahiti or Bora Bora.

Shylo was a graduate student now, having received her B.A. in Psych, with a minor in Sociology. Presently she was heavy into the operation of the research studies that the U was renowned for, while she completed her Masters in Sexual Psychology. She had more responsibilities in regard to developing the studies that could, ultimately resolve sexual issues for hundreds, even thousands of frustrated people.

The Masters program was well established with only 6 courses needed, plus a Thesis Paper, very similar to a Doctorate, but not requiring a Doctoral consultant, as the centerpiece of the Masters course. It would continue as the Doctoral Thesis if a large group of Peers determined that the Thesis was deserving of pursuit.

Tonight she had to strip though, so she put on her working hat, and called for an Uber. Neither of her regular rides izmir escort bayan was answering, so she used her tried and true app, to call for a ride.

The last three times Shylo had called Uber, she had fucked the driver, either that night, or when she called them again, just for a hookup. Their drivers are mostly in their 20’s and 30’s and their age is right on the license that is prominently visible on the dashboard. Hooking up this way, she got to see the person, and talk to them for 10-30 minutes, and by then she would know if she wanted to know them better.

“Billy Carol, Miss Morra, please have a seat, and I will deliver you wherever your heart desires,” the brash young man declared as his window came down.

Shylo liked brash, and played it herself very well.

“Perhaps you can start with your dating status Billy? Should I sit in the back and get a professional trip, with a fair tip for the service? Or should I sit in the front, and get to know you better, then still give you a fair tip?” Shylo pondered.

“Oh, sit in the front please,” Billy responded as he leaned over and pulled the door latch from the inside.

Shylo got in, to meet the ‘unattached’ Billy Carol, a hard working driver, delivering food and people all over the Jersey City and Hoboken area and beyond. Billy was a part of the heart-beat of the Greater New York area. Drivers of all kinds kept the game going, even though they had to hustle for 12 and 16 hours a day.

“What is your ‘special’ talent Billy?” Shylo inquired, as she buckled herself in.

“Hmmm, I don’t have a set answer for that Miss. Morra, so I suppose that, in itself is a bit revealing,” Billy sighed, and nodded his head pensively.

“And me, I’m flying in my Uber, taking tips…” Shylo sang Harry Chapin’s signature song. “…Hey, you want to have a drink, or smoke with me when I get off work?” Shylo asked, after she saw the smile of recognition from Billy.

They were just pulling up to the customer drop off for the Gingerbread House, but Billy hesitated to respond.

“…I have a secret, Shylo, and you might not want to see me socially,” Billy started, only to be stopped by Shylo’s raised finger.

“You can tell me tonight, around 3 a.m. if you want to know me better. Of course, if you’re a Serial Killer…” Shylo trailed off.

“No, No, I gave that up! Too much of a mess! …Okay, I’ll see you at three, I guess,” Billy finished.

“Great, let’s exchange numbers, in case I am free early. It is Friday, so that’s not likely, but it happens,” Shylo said, while handing over her cell phone.

Bruno was never in the front vestibule anymore. He was in charge of security for all of the Steward Family businesses, so he rotated between the three strip clubs, or watched his monitors from home, whenever his beautiful girlfriend was not working. The entryway was now stationed by attractive women, all trained in the military or in law enforcement, and in some cases, both. Most were retired, with 20 or even 25 years of service, but many left their calling early, with disability pensions.

“High Kathy,” Shylo loudly proclaimed as she saw that her favorite ‘bouncer’ was at the door.

Kathy did not turn her head. She was well trained, to note everything, but never be distracted from her task at hand.

“Please give me a second to clear these Gentlemen, Shylo, but I need a word with you,” Kathy explained, then handed their I.D.’s back and gave the group over to another Greeter, to be seated.

“Who is this Todd guy that keeps texting me?” Kathy demanded. “Are you trying to set me up Shylo?”

“Of course I am dear!” Shylo admitted straight out. “He is a great instructor too, I’m told.”

“I wasn’t looking for an instructor, Girlfriend, and I certainly wasn’t looking for any pity fuck either!” Kathy stressed her point, shifting in her custom wheelchair to emphasize her physical condition.

“Oh, I don’t know if he’ll fuck you or not, Kathy, but I’m told that he is the best therapist on the East Coast, so you had better take his call or I will get Bruno involved!” Shylo passionately responded!

They glared at each other, then Kathy pressed the button and released the lock.

Shylo turned and continued into the main room of the G-House, confident that Todd would get to meet Kathy. He was one of the best lovers she had ever spent a night with, and that was a long and talented list. Even with no legs, he was a joy to spend time with, under the sheets, or on them! His muscular control was amazing, and his confidence was contagious.

Carol was at her usual place in the dressing room, and she looked fine, in her sensibly heeled purple leather thigh top boots.

“Are you losing weight, woman! You are looking extra delish tonight darling!” Shylo noted with a big smile.

Carol was well into her 40’s, but she counted forty eight, forty nine, forty ten… Her color choices were always bright, but the silver glitter on her boots was over the top! When she turned izmir escortlar to greet Shylo, her firm tits showed extra glitter too, and gold tassels covered her large nipples.

“This is new?” Shylo bubbled, as she held her hands up in front of her own breasts and made squeezing motions.

“Don’t pull on them please, I already had to re-attach one when Conrad tweaked it!” Carol informed her tardy subordinate, while noting the clock on the wall. “You get to start out front Young Lady, tardiness is not appreciated!” Carol was firm, but fair, and Shylo would have to start in the main room, as a punishment. Shylo’s compliment was actually not just a distraction, and Carol did appreciate it when people noticed her efforts to slim down.

“You have a group from your school coming in later, so you might be out there for a while,” Carol updated Shylo. “As your financial advisor, I suggest that you spread yourself around.”

“Thanks love, I’ll be good,” Shylo responded.

Shylo had plenty of regular customers to entertain. They came to see her, and they couldn’t afford the Emerald Room prices, so they came early enough to catch her before she was drawn into the back rooms, for the bigger money. Hands went up, as soon as she came out front, indicating that they wanted some of her time, and she acknowledged each one by getting eye contact with each group, and mimicked the writing of their name on her dance card.

The lucky guy was always the oldest. That was Shylo’s normal routine. If someone was noticeably older or handicapped, they would be served first. Of course any obvious military came first, but Kathy would have notified her if anyone from our Armed Services was in the House.

One table had an older Gentleman, so Shylo put them at the head of the line.

“Hi, my name is Shylo. Did someone want me to dance?” she said, while looking at the older man. He was stern looking, and trim, while his friend was about 10 years his junior at 40 something.

“Oh, yes dear, we’ve been waiting for you,” one of the men replied. “Can we get you a drink, Shylo?”

A second look was called for, and Shylo noted that the gentleman wasn’t even looking at her, but he certainly looked alert.

“Do I know you hun,” Shylo asked, while her ‘spider’ sense told her that this guy was harmless.

“Oh no dear, it’s just that Murray love love loves any woman that looks like Scarlett Johansson, and that, is you you you! He laughed and danced as he pointed at Shylo.

“Thank you Murray, can I dance for you?” Shylo asked.

“Yes please and thank you,” Murray said, but he never made eye contact.

Shylo pulled the stripper platform over to a safe but intimate distance from her client. She had already tapped the top of her head a few times, to indicate to the security staff that she was a bit concerned.

As she danced for the first song, which always involved the full revelation of her perky tits, Shylo wondered if her client was stable, but during her first undulation after revealing her naked tits, Murray jumped in and buried his face in her crotch.

Shylo immediately recognized that there was a psychological problem here, and she yelled to stop security from smashing into Murray with their righteous might.

“Hold it Kieth, Matt! This is a medical issue, so please stand back!” Shylo commanded, with a confidence far ahead of her years.

“Murray! You must sit back, and give me some respect please,” Shylo commanded, as she struggled to make eye contact.

With 30 seconds of total quiet, Murray finally stopped munching, and returned to the polite and disciplined man that he was.

“You should be ashamed of yourself for bringing Murray here,” Shylo chastised the other men at the table. “What were you expecting?!”

“He is still a virgin,” one of Murray’s friends offered as their excuse.

“Well, if you think Murray would benefit from having sex, please have his Social Worker call me, and we will discuss it, but, in the meantime, play nice, or get out,” Shylo announced for the consideration of both the clients and Kieth and Matt.

“Let’s get out of here,” Asshat grumbled.

Shylo slipped her card into Murray’s hand and gave him a peck on the cheek. “I’ll see you in your dreams big boy,” Shylo offered, and the whole group left for other adventures.

Shylo sent kisses to the other waiting patrons and promised a quick return, but she had to ask Kathy how an unstable group like that was allowed into the facility, without special note. Shylo was content, knowing that Bruno would make this case into a learning moment for the rest of his team at 3 strip houses.

“No harm, no foul,” Shylo murmured.

“Okay, who wants me to show them my tits!?!” Shylo shouted with the confidence of a master performer.

Carol had shown her the statistics that reveal the financial difference between working the main floor, and working the private rooms. Shylo loved statistics, but money was really not a major concern. She loved her regulars, and they didn’t pay for the front row, they were upper deck people, and they came out for the happy hour special.

“Bob, you are next, my love,” Shylo shouted as if she was the only person of interest in the house.

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