Sister Janet, Pt. 01


I know that I shouldn’t watch, but I couldn’t help myself.

Ok, here is the story. One day I found my sister’s laptop open and just by accident I happened to look at the screen and saw that there was a mail from a porn site there confirming her payment.

My cock twitched in my pants when I realized that my little sister was on a porn site.

Our Mom died when my sister Janet was just twelve. That was six years ago. Janet is 12 years younger than me and since that day she is all I have because our dad was, and still is a deadbeat and a drunk. No, it’s me and Janet, and it always has been.

Besides being a little bit shy, Janet has always been a perfectly normal child, she can be funny and silly and she’s always been a good student with excellent grades, but lately, my buddies have looked at her differently

Janet has grown into a really beautiful girl. The thing is, her acting so timid has always been really challenging and frustrating for me.

Now finding her here…. was the shyness and timid behavior just a screen, a facade? I mean she’s apparently on a porn site, and not just watching, not a paying customer. Hmm. Anyway

Janet has this amazing long dark red hair, her skin is really pale with a few pink freckles around her nose. She’s short, probably just five feet tall, but at the same time, she seems sort of gangly, like she hasn’t figured out how to be comfortable in her body yet.

Her most striking feature is her great big blue eyes. They are so beautiful and so expressive. Sometimes I see such sadness in the way she looks at me when girls tease her for her red hair, and it really breaks my heart. Whenever she looks up at me with those big adorable eyes all I want to do is give her some relief from her sadness, say the right thing, and convince her that all men love red hair, and the girls were just jealous. She has such an innocent way about her, and it makes me feel so devoted and protective.

She has always been a bit of a Tomboy, often wearing an oversized sweatshirt hoody and baggy pants. It’s rather funny; she always wears clothes that look so big on her that it makes her seem even smaller than she already is. It seemed sad to see such a beautiful young woman dressed in a way that was so frumpy.

One day, I laid on a sun-bed as Janet took off her sweatshirt and overalls and laid them on the tall grass next to her blanket, and before I realized what was happening she was standing in front of me in her yellow bikini. She had kind of outgrown it, I mean, it still seemed to fit, but just barely.

I have to admit that my sister looked incredibly cute in that bikini.

“Steve, I’ve been thinking, I mean meaning to ask you something.”

“Yes,” I responded trying hard not to look down at her crouch, but even if I didn’t look, I noticed that she had a camel-toe pussy. And I love camel toes.

“I… You know I like to film and make small movies, and I was wondering if… Ahh, forget it, stupid really.”


“No, seriously forget it,” she said and turned her back towards me and walked over to the pool.

As she walked away from me, I watch her cute little ass. I know I shouldn’t be thinking about anything like this, especially with my own sister, but I just couldn’t help it. She was facing away from me looking at something in the distance and I felt powerless not to stare. There was something so lovely about the way that the bikini bottom fit her young healthy body.

Then she dove in to the pool and when she resurfaced she laid on her back and slowly moved her hands.

The way she was floating in her relaxed pose was so soothing, and her small chest looked so cute. I could clearly see the shape of her nipples pressing against her bikini top. I was absolutely astonished at how alluring they looked.

Then I said, “Janet, you should try moving your arms so they are above your head, but still right at the water line.”

Janet didn’t respond but did exactly as I asked. She moved her arms so they were stretched out above her head. With her arms in this pose, it seemed that her small breasts had almost disappeared. Her chest looked impossibly smooth and beautiful.

I could clearly see the round smooth shape of the areolas, and raised up above that was two hard tips, protruding against the tight fabric. Her nipples seemed so big compared to her gentle chest.

I stared at her nipples, under the thin wet material of her yellow bikini top, and they seemed divinely plump and glorious on her flattened breast.

I soon realized that I shouldn’t focus on my sister’s nipples like I was doing, but I was absolutely hypnotized by their perfect beauty.

When she finally came out of the water her nipples got even harder from the cool air, and her breasts seemed less small and they even jiggled a little bit. I was acutely aware that her wet bathing suit and the chilly breeze had made her nipples incredibly stiff. Oh God, I was overwhelmed by her angelic wet youthful body.

I felt bad that I was looking at rus escort my sister that way, but I couldn’t help it. Seeing her looking so innocent and pure, I realized that I had a huge hard-on, so I quickly got up, turned away from her, and walked back into the house, before could see it. God, how wrong that could’ve turned out.

I locked the bathroom door quickly behind me, pulled my swim trunks off, and started the shower.

A part of me felt embarrassed staring at my 18-year-old sister. I looked down at my hard cock as I got in the shower, ashamed, but very horny. My sister’s ass and camel pussy was incredible. Hidden gems, she never showed her amazing body, always dressed like a tomboy. Only recently had she started to dress girly, albeit, usually reserved and not showing off her body much.

I had seen her in a bikini before, but not as skimpy as the one she’d wore that day, or I just hadn’t noticed her in that way. The bikini top was quite revealing and since the pool water was a bit cold, her nipples had been obvious through the thin fabric and that camel toe. Fuck. Before I knew it, I was caught up in a daydream about peeling that wet fabric off my sister, pulling the thong bikini down her legs revealing her shapely ass. As I fantasized about my sister, idly stroking myself, covered with soap in the shower. I couldn’t get the image of Janet’s perfect ass, pussy and breasts out of my mind.

I wanted to squeeze her tight little ass, spank it, bite it, spread her cheeks, and bury my face in her groin. Soon, I was rock hard thinking about Janet and with one final slow stroke, I blew a huge load onto the shower wall, wishing it was on Janet’s ass or tits.

A few weeks later, we had a very bad storm and Janet is really scared of storms and especially the lightning.

I left the bathroom and went across the hall to check in on Janet.

I tapped on her door, and she replied softly, “Come in.”

I opened the door and she was under the covers with the light still on.

I said, “I just wanted to check in, just to see if you were okay.” I said, hearing a droning patter on the roof above us.

“Yes, Steve, I am but thank you for asking, I’ll be ok, I hope.”

“OK, good, you know my room is always open, and if you need me, call me, ok?”

“OK, thank you again.”

The storm grew in intensity and after about an hour, I was wakened by someone tapping on my naked shoulder.

“Yes?” I asked almost gone, 90% asleep and 10% awake.

“I’m scared, Steve, Is it okay, I mean, can I get in bed with you?”

I sat up and turned the bedside lamp on, and she just looked so vulnerable and nervous. It broke my heart to see her like that, so I just had to say yes.

I lifted the thin sheet up and patted the open spot next to me and said simply,

“It’s okay, you’ll be safe here with me, sis.”

Janet was wearing an oversized t-shirt and old pair of my boxer shorts, yes, she really liked my large boxer shorts when she slept, kinky, but she liked it. They looked huge on her petite body. She looked so worried as she awkwardly tried to climb up onto the bed alongside me.

She eased herself under the covers and laid her head on my pillow. My sensitive sister was lying there next to me so stiff and scared and I didn’t know how to help her.

I felt her warm skin against my arm and chest. I was only wearing a pair of boxer shorts on this humid summer night. We were both aware that the storm was steadily increasing in its intensity, and with each flash of light, I felt her body stiffen in anticipation of the bang that was sure to follow. When the thunder rolled, she would whimper, just like the way I remembered from years before.

I wanted to let her know she was safe, so I held her tight and whispered words of encouragement into her ears. I repeated soft encouragement like;

“I’ve got you Jan,” over and over again.

Even though I knew she was frightened, it somehow felt wonderful to have her so close to me.

For a while the storm seemed like it was way off in the distance and that it might be over soon. But then there was suddenly a bright white flash and Janet reflexively shivered and squeezed me really tight. I was shocked at the intensity of her reaction.

I held her tight and waited for the thunder. A few seconds later there was a tremendously loud boom and she seemed to spasm against me. She shuddered so violently that it scared me.

I tried to console her;

“Shhhh, Jan. It’s going to be all right, I’m right here.”

“Oh God, Steve, I’m, really scared.”

I was lying flat on my back with one arm around her. She was right up next to me on her side. She was hugging me with one arm across my chest and one leg over the top of my thighs. Her body was shivering like a frightened baby lamb.

“It’s okay Jan, I’ve got you.”

There was another bright flash. She instantly burrowed her forehead into the nape of my neck and pressed her small body tightly against my side. Her escort rus entire body was pressed firmly against me and I could feel her trembling as she readied herself for the violent thunder.

All I could do was hold her.

When the thunder boomed it was louder than before, and Janet flinched against me with fear. I felt so desperate to help her, but all I could do was squeeze her tightly with both arms. I could feel her heart pounding against my chest.

The next flash of lightning wasn’t as bright, and the noise wasn’t as loud. But I still felt her body stiffen as I held her.

Her chest was heaving and I could feel her inhale and exhale against me. I wanted to soothe her frantic breathing; I hugged her even tighter in my arms.

Eventually, the storm died down and I felt Janet’s body relax a little and then all of a sudden, her body went limb, and I realized that she’d fallen asleep. It felt a little bit scary to know it was so close to my sleeping sister feeling her breasts squish up against my body, but all I could do was keep still. I couldn’t bear to move, I was so scared to wake her.

She had fallen asleep while I was hugging her in this comfortable pose, with her right leg on top of me; and I could actually feel her pussy against my thigh. Her chin was snuggled into my shoulder, and my arms were across her back. Her right were resting on my chest.

Now that everything had calmed down, she was sort of resting her big baggy boxer shorts right against my bare thigh. The feeling was so intimate, I mean, her groin was gently pressing right against me, and when she shifted her leg slightly it brushed my covered cock.

The combination of my sisters leg jerking a bit as she slept, and the image of her camel toe pussy made me grow hard. I found myself wonder if she squirts, release an insane gushing flood of liquid, spray it all over me. God, I loved watching porn clips with hot babes squirting.

Oh man, this was too intense to even think about. I needed to put it out of my mind.

She was quiet and still, but every now and then, her body jerked, and I was gently rubbing her back, neck, and hair. Her breathing was slow and steady. The way she was lying almost on top of me, her head was positioned close to my neck and I was listening to her soft breathing.

I whispered softly, “Janet, are you asleep?”

She didn’t reply.

I felt my hard cock press against her thigh. She felt so small on top of me and she smelled so nice.

I was gently rubbed her back, neck and hair as softly as I could. It felt like if I stopped, she might wake up. Then I softly kissed the top of her head.

Again, I whispered, “Janet, are you asleep?”

She didn’t reply. She layed there, in my arms, motionless. I could feel my hard cock press hard into her thigh, and all of a sudden, I found myself touching her adorable butt.

I was absolutely certain she was asleep and I felt incredibly horny.

I was getting really hard, and close enough to touch my sister’s butt. Oh God, all of a sudden I could feel the fabric of her boxer shorts against the head of my erection.

I was afraid to move. I took a deep breath and tried to remain calm. I was so relieved knowing that she was asleep and she wasn’t feeling any of this.

I continued to gently rub her back with one hand and caress her hair with the other.

Lying together with her was so soothing for me, and I absolutely knew that holding her close like this was truly helpful for her.

The way she was laying half on top of me was simply magical and she felt so warm and soft, I realized how close were really were. The enchanting sensation of my hard cock gently pressing against her boxer shorts felt so loving and beautiful.

At this point, I was getting insanely hard, and the way she had moved, she was now positioned so that I could feel my erection firmly pressing up in between Janet’s butt cheeks. My hard cock was jutting out from the top of my boxers and it felt like the head was aligned perfectly with her adorable little ass. Oh God, the pressure of my hardness pushing against her felt so loving. I was so glad she was asleep because this was something that felt absolutely forbidden.

I lay there, still and quiet for a long time, listening to her soft breathing, but it frightened me to think she might wake up with my erection pressing snugly up into her butt cheeks. But after a while of listening to her breathe I felt pretty sure she was really asleep, but I wasn’t really sure.

With her head so close to me, the way she was snug into my neck, I could smell the sweet fragrance of her shampoo, and it smelled so irresistible. The beautiful smell sort of calmed me down; I was reliving the emotions of being in love.

I lay there quietly, waiting.

Then, there was a very subtle squirming under the covers. Janet moved, just a little.

I wasn’t sure, but, and I know this sounds odd, it felt like Janet was moving down my body a little bit, it rus escort bayan felt like she was trying to press her adorable ass just a little more firmly against my hard cock.

Then, it happened, ever so slightly, I felt her press herself backward, her warm groin into my belly. At the same time, I could feel her butt moving against the head of my rock-hard erection. It was slow and, I think, maybe, just maybe, it seemed deliberate.

Oh God, did she really do it on purpose? I could feel the soft cotton of her thin baggy boxer shorts as she pressed her butt crack snugly against the tip of my erection.

Her motions were as slow and as gentle as her breathing, maybe slower. I was carefully stroking her hair and shoulders, and then I lifted her baggy t-shirt a little so I could caress the bare skin of her lower back. I lay there drinking it all in, Oh my God, the sensations were so gratifying.

She bent her top leg and as she once again wiggled her sleeping body ever so slightly, I could feel the warm plump mound of her vagina pressing directly against my erection. I could feel it thru the thin fabric of her boxer shorts.

I couldn’t help myself, I gave her a soothing hug, and I pulled her tight against me.

I slowly caressed her small butt cheek, so firm, so fit, so warm. I rubbed her ass with the tips of my fingers, and it made Janet shudder, almost like I was tickling her, it seemed like she was shivering with ecstasy.

Little by little her humping got a lot more willful and deliberate. Her pelvis was grinding in a firm and smooth rhythm, pressing down hard against my erection. Should I just pull the boxes aside and let nature, and Janet’s grinding, take its cause? Just let her movement force my cock into her wet pussy.

It felt magical.

This went on for a long time, Janet humping down against my long straight dick, and all the while I was running my fingertips along her bare back above her boxers. It was so wonderful.

Oh my God, little Janet was getting more intentional. She was building in intensity; her humping was becoming forceful and dramatic. I was really shocked at how, well, how obscene it was, and at the same time, because she was so cute, the feeling was just so amazing.

And then, Janet suddenly stopped moving.

I carefully moved my hand away from her ass and started to slowly slide it along the smooth skin of her back. But then Janet started moving again, moaning lightly and I knew once again that she was sleeping. I couldn’t help it, I once again went for her ass, but this time I slid my hand under the fabric of her boxers and gently held her round small bottom, and soon, my hands gently cradled each of her lovely butt cheeks. Oh God, the smooth coolness of her adorable ass felt absolutely luscious.

My boldness surprised me. I was scared she would protest. It seemed impossible, my sister was letting me hold her amazing ass in my hand, or she really was asleep.

Then I shifted my body just a little, moved my hips slowly, and eased my erection up against her groin, I was gentle and cautious, but I was pressing the length of my hard cock upwards right in between her legs, right into her crotch. Even through her thin boxers, I could feel she was soaking wet. I could feel the warmth against the head of my erection.

I carefully arched my hips and steadily pushed my erection up into her boxers, right between her legs. I stayed in that pose, with my hard cock pushed snugly into her crotch, my mind and sanity fighting on what to do next.

My sister’s head was so close to my face, I could smell her hair and hear her deep breathing, as I moved my hand from her ass, slid it under the large sweater and started to slowly squeeze her small breast. They were firm and smooth in a way that melted my heart. I gently squeezed and I could see and feel her react to my touch, she sort of shivered. I rubbed her big hard nipples with my thumbs.

By now, the large sweater was pulled up and I could see her nipples, a soft shade of pink, almost the same color as her pale skin, they were big and puffy. They seemed harder than when I saw them under her wet yellow bikini top that afternoon.

After a few minutes of that, my sanity and rational thinking were gone, I gently eased myself up, pushing my cock even harder against her soaking pussy, I leaned forward and I pressed my mouth firmly against one of her pale breasts and I wrapped my lips over her puffy nipple. It felt soft and delicious against my tongue.

Janet just moaned and wiggled her ass even more, and I could feel her lips separate as the tip of my hard cock was just at the entrance. I started to suck her big puffy nipple, looking anxiously up at her face to see if she gave any response, but she was gone. I could feel her whole body responds to the pressure from my lips and tongue. Oh my God, I love my sister, I love her so much, as I was licking and sucking with such emotional passion.

I once again moved my hand inside the boxers again and eased myself back a little so that my hand could reach her most private part. Janet moaned in her sleep and moved her thigh higher toward her stomach, her movement had the effect of spreading her legs further apart, so I dropped my finger into the slot, my fingertip in the sensitive area between her rosebud and her pussy.

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