Sister Mistress Ch. 15


Pulling back Kathy patted Jenny’s still sore cheeks.

“Catch ya later girlfriend.”

“MMMMM bye, you know I’m going to dream about you Mistress Katherine.”

“I hope so Baby.”

After watching Jenny disappear through the garage Kathy walked up the service steps and into her bedroom. She was eager to checkout the surveillance of her mothers’ bedroom.

Deborah had almost ran up the service stairs after their shopping spree she was in desperate need of relief. Reaching the landing she crossed the dozen or so steps to her bedroom and began peeling off her clothing. Deborah had controlled her pent up sexual frustrations all afternoon and now it felt like she had a garden hose down her leggings, with every step her smooth pussy lips would slide against each other exciting Deborah even more. On the drive home she wasn’t certain if it was her pussy or Jenny’s she could smell, she knew Jenny’s was excited. During her show she’d given Deborah a clear view of her dripping pussy. She knew Jenny was her daughter’s lesbian girl friend but given the chance she’d take her to bed no problems she skipped across the landing into her bedroom kicking the door closed. Dropping her blouse Deborah unclasped her bra, she couldn’t wait to fumble and tweak her stiff nipples. Groaning loudly Deborah arched her back.

“Agh MMMMMMMM that’s better.”

On more than one occasion Debbie had quietly stood at her daughter’s closed bedroom door listening to Jenny and Katherine’s conversation, secretly wishing they were having sex and it was her name that Jenny called out. Lifting her massive right breast Debbie took the distended nipple in her mouth, sucking hard she quickly slipped the red three quarter bra off her shoulders. Allowing her dark half inch long teat slip from her greedy mouth Deborah quickly repeated the process with its twin. Tossing the bra over the chair Debbie used both hands to shake out her long hair then looking at her reflection in the dresser mirror, she slipped her hands down her body slowly pausing slightly over her super sensitive nipples. Arriving at her shapely hips she hooked her thumbs into the black leggings waistband and began rolling them downwards being careful not to catch the thin red straps of her thong. Stopping at her thighs Deborah sat to remove her boots.

“Fuck Debbie your lucky their zip up, otherwise you’d never get em off in this position. Yeah I really must be a desperate housewife.”

Pulling the boots off Deborah dropped them beside the chair and quickly removed her leggings. Spreading her knees about two feet apart Deborah pulled the gusset of the red see-thru thong aside, then using two fingers she spreads her labia and retrieves the white string of a tampon she’d placed their before going shopping. Not having her period she pulls on the string and her nostrils are assaulted with the sweet musky aroma of pussy, this was the single thing that had prevented her from appearing to have pissed her pants at the mall. Holding the string Deborah gasped at the cooling sensations she felt as she ran the sticky tampon around each of her stiff nipples. Watching in the mirror she lifted the Tampon towards her mouth, for some reason she loved the taste of a woman’s pussy her tongue came out and she licked her lips in anticipation.

“You want it don’t ya Dirty Debbie? You wanna suck it dry you little whore, don’t ya?”

Nodding at herself Deborah poked her tongue out and placed the Tampon squarely in the center and slowly began sucking. Spinning around Deborah made her way towards the spacious walk-in wardrobe she’d decided that their was only one way to satisfy the pent up womanly passion she’d been holding in all day and hoped like hell she could remember just how it went together. Pushing her fur coats aside she lifted the five gallon drinking fountain out into the middle of the floor quickly followed by the cardboard box. The night she’d found the fucking machine she’d read the instructions then filled the bottle and cut a three foot length of garden hose for siphoning the water into the base for stability. Opening the box Deborah lifted the base out, quickly unscrewed the cap and began siphoning. When the transparent plastic base was about three quarters full Deborah’s able to pour the remaining water in through the wide cap. Recapping the base Debbie lifted out the first of the three parts that make up the fucking machine, she’s amazed when they sort of fall together as if by magic.

The tripod had ball and socket joints that she clipped into place, as did the main body and Deborah quickly tightened the retaining screw. With a gleeful chuckle Debbie spun the shinny dual piston arms in a large arc, lifting the motor and gearbox Deborah guided the shorter ended arm into the motors housing until she heard the spring clips pop into place. Rummaging around in the box she fishes out the remote control and easily finds the appropriate socket. Debbie then jumped up quickly ran the power cord out and plugged it into the wall socket. Ümraniye Ukraynalı Escort Looking back at the machine Deborah wriggled out of her leggings and dropped them beside her blouse. Advancing towards her favorite’s drawer Debbie searched for the twin headed vibrating dildo attachment.

“Ah there you are you naughty pair of rubber fuckers!”

Deborah’s heart was pounding in her chest as she slid the fake cocks into place and closed the retaining clip. She laughed to herself when she saw the angle they adopted.

“Don’t worry Aunt Deb you’ll have those gorgeous dicks pointing in the right direction in no time at all.”

Swinging around Deborah reached up between her open thighs gripped the lower dildo and positioned it against her sodden gash. Rubbing the fake cock against her smooth mound caused its twin head to ride up over her sensitive anus this brought small whimpering moans of pleasure from Deborah’s throat. Lifting her butt a little higher Deborah slid herself onto the larger lower dildo, as she delighted in the sensations the vibrator’s motor gave her Deborah’ index finger was busy deep inside her willing ass hole. Repositioning her body Deborah aimed the dildos at her holes pushing each an inch or two inside. She flounders around for a second or two before finding the remote control, flicking the main switch she’s delighted in the slow rhythmic fucking that the machine gives her. Thumbing the speed control Deborah moans loudly as the fucking machine begins cranking up the pace, the twin headed dildos unceasingly plunder her willing body.

“Oh fuck yes, a non stop fucking machine this is just what Deb the dirty whore needs.”

What Deborah liked best was that she could use both hands to hold her meaty butt cheeks wide apart while the dildo ploughs into her pussy and ass hole it was better than a real pair of cocks because she was in control and they wouldn’t stop until she wanted them to. This was more like being fucked for real soon she lost herself in the rhythmic fucking and began moaning.

“Oh agh yessssss fuck yessssss fuck my ass yeah Baby fuck Deb’s ass and cunt.”

Switching the twin vibrator motors a touch faster caused Deborah to exploded in an earthshaking orgasm. When she spoke her voice vibrated with each syllable in time to the twin dildos invading her open holes.

“Ohhhhh meeee ohhhh fuckkkk, aghhhh yessss fuckkkk yeahhhh. Mmmmmm yeahhhh fuckkkk Deb’s wet cunt.”

Feeling her pussy gripping the dildo Deborah flicked the controller up to full speed and then thumbed the dial for alternate strokes. The pistons sped up until they were a blur loud wet slapping noises filled the room. Deborah was in heaven the sensations coming from her over stretched anus and soaking wet pussy every time the dildos changed directions quickly pushed her towards another orgasm. Dropping the paddle like controller Debbie stretched out both arms and placed her palms flat on the floor. Gradually she lowered herself towards the shag pile carpet lower and lower until each time the dildos changed direction her distended nipples started to scrape across the plush floor carpet.

Thanks to the surveillance cameras Katherine had installed she had the perfect vantage point to view the explicit show her Mother was providing. Deborah didn’t know that her Daughter had started a web site for her sexy cam shows and at this very moment over 200 people were logged onto her Saucy Teacher site. Katherine played producer and changed the camera positions going from an overhead to full side on views, she made a mental note to modify Deborah’s programming so she doesn’t see cameras or web cams.

Katherine had decided to mount a web cam on the fucking machines shaft. Watching her Mother shake with yet another violent orgasm Kathy switched off the live feed she knew Lukey Baby would be calling their Mother for dinner and didn’t want those randy fuckers to find out that they lived together just yet. Eventually it would be unavoidable since the school room was fitted out with a full range of surveillance equipment. From what Katherine had seen she knew that both their web sites would go insane if she posted Linda’s private lessons. A kinky thought flashed across her mind unconsciously she reached for her cell phone and entered a note to remind her-self to e-mail Jade sending her a sample as an attachment. A gentle knocking roused Kathy, closing her lap top she looked up calling out.


Poor Lukey Baby was puzzled by the constant tingling and heightened sensations he’d been experiencing in his nipples in class all day they were freaking him out and he just had to say something to his Mistress. Finally having plucked up the courage to ask his Mistress he pushed the door open, he couldn’t bear to look at Katherine taking a large breath he spoke.

“Mistress Katherine can I speak to you please?”

‘What’s bothering you Linda?”

“I’m not bothered about anything Mistress Katherine, but I think Ümraniye Üniversiteli Escort my nipples are becoming more sensitive.”

Linda unbuttoned his blouse and pulled the white lace bra across so his pierced nipple was visible.

“I’m not sure Mistress Katherine but they might be getting bigger too.”

“Don’t be silly Linda Cockslut it’s probably because you’re always playing with them.”

Kathy could clearly see that there was a difference, her little brothers nipples had began to grow and only after a few days of taking the XM-12 growth pills

Kathy could see that her little Brother’s nipples looked a shade or two darker than usual and she knew the reason, it was Jade’s special growth pills starting to work. She made a mental note to let Jade know how quickly they’ve taken effect next time she e-mailed her.

“Umm it’s weird Mistress Katherine, whenever my clitty starts to get hard so do my nipples.”

Looking up for the first time Katherine gave a throaty chuckle.

“Just shows how much you really desire to be a real my little sister. You wish you were a real girl Lukey don’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress Katherine I wish I was a real girl, with big boobs like yours, Mums and Miss Johnson’s.”

Lukey Baby felt his face flush as he blushed when he mentioned his teachers name, it didn’t escape Kathy’s attention either.

“That’s my kinky little Sissy brother we’ll have to see what we can do about that sometime in the future. That is if you’re able to follow Mistress Katherine’s directions and she doesn’t have to punish her little kinky cross dressed whore of a little brother.”

“I live to serve you Mistress Katherine and I’ll do whatever you ask.”

“Play your cards right Little brother and I might just grant your wish, now off to bed you have school in the morning.”

“Goodnight Mistress Katherine.”

“Yeah goodnight Cockslut, and leave your tits alone or I’ll whip your arse until its red raw.”

“Yes Mistress Katherine or should I say no Mistress Katherine, all I can do is hope you know what I mean is that I’ll follow your orders.”

“Don’t fucking forget it either Linda Cockslut, now get outa here I have work to do.”

Lukey Baby pulled the door closed then crossed to his own room and was soon fast asleep.

Walking into her closet the following morning Deborah was in a daze her open black satin dressing gown fluttered in the slight breeze blowing in through the open window. The light blue nylon half cup bra strained under the considerable weight of Debbie’s generous bust and the matching suspender hugged her flared hips. In The blinds were up and the curtains wide open letting the morning sun flood into her bedroom, the morning light it was just possible to make out Deborah’s darkened triangle of red pubic hair Deborah’s inhibitions had been lowered over the last few weeks so now she didn’t care who could see her semi naked body through the window. Hell it gave her a thrill to think that anyone would be watching her. She’d gone to get her boots but when she saw the large cardboard box she gingerly drew it out for the first time since she’d hidden it there over two weeks earlier. Deb gasped as she pulled back the flaps reveling her horde of Latex fetish clothing. Quickly she took out a black boob-tube a suspender and matching elbow length gloves then fished around for a G-string amongst the huge array of rubber clothing, finding them under several hoods she closed the box before she lost control. Almost absentmindedly Deborah picked up the pair of black knee high zippered boots she originally went looking for and walked back to her dresser. Dropping the boots beside the chair Deborah neatly folded each of the latex items and placed them into her handbag.

“Mustn’t forget the polish Deb must we? Definitely not Sweetie!”

She opened the top drawer and took out one of the pump spray bottles of clear liquid, the woman at the lingerie shop told her that you just spray it on then wipe it off until the latex is nice and shiny, after a glance at the clock Deb dropped the bottle in on top of the gloves and zipped the bag closed. She didn’t want to be late again Deborah hummed along with the radio as she quickly applied her make-up. Standing she shrugged off her robe allowing it to drop to the floor she admired her reflection in the mirror before bending over to retrieve the boots. Standing on one leg Deborah slid her other foot into the patent leather boot and zipped it tightly around her stocking clad calf. Then balancing on the three and a half inch heel she quickly slipped its pair onto her other stockinged foot, straightening up Deb caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror.

“Wow Di, those boots make your sexy butt poke out you look so hot.”

Dragging her gaze from the full length mirror Deborah took the dark purple chiffon blouse from the back of the chair. The arms were totally see-through and in the right light so was the main body of Deb’s Ümraniye Vip Escort blouse. She shuddered as the flimsy material slid over her hot flesh Debbie only used the last three buttons, she wanted to show not only her sexy lingerie but plenty of cleavage as well on her second day of dressing to impress. Next she took a black pleated dress from it’\s hanger stepped into it and zipped it up. Another quick glimpse in her mirror and she was satisfied that her stocking tops would be visible whenever she sat down. Looking at the bedside clock Deborah bit her lip lightly.

“Fuck I’m gonna be late if I don’t get a move on. Yeah pull your fucking finger out Deb.”

Deborah fished around in her jewelry before finally deciding on a large gold locket and matching bracelet. The chain on the locket suspended the big gold oval at about nipple level it flashed in the light from deep in her cleavage every time Deborah moved. Grabbing her handbag Debbie winked at her reflection.

“I saw what’s in your wardrobe you naughty girl just you wait you little minx, your going to get your brains fucked out tonight sweetie.”

Walking past her daughter’s bedroom she called out.

“Kate sweetie I’m off to work now I’ll see you this afternoon.”

“No worries Mum have a good day.”

Came the muffled reply from behind her daughter’s closed bedroom door, Kathy couldn’t wait to review the surveillance and thought about watching some of it live. Deborah continued down the hall past Linda’s door she knew that her young niece would be in the kitchen doing the breakfast dishes.

“She’s such a good help that girl.”

Deborah thought as she turned the corner to the service stairs Deborah took the first four steps slowly she wasn’t quite use to wearing such high heels. As her right foot touched the fifth concrete step her alternate personality came to the top and Dianne rummaged in her handbag for her glasses. With each step her alternate personality started to reinforce herself, each downwards step Dianne became stronger and Deborah disappeared. Four more step and she stopped on the landing for the new school room her glasses were perched on her cute nose and she was totally transformed into the private teacher Dianne Johnson. Dianne opened the door walked across sat on the edge of her desk tapping her booted toe as she waited for her student to arrive.

Presently Linda appeared at the open door.

“Good morning Ms Johnson you look ravishing.”

Linda had her new uniform on only today she hadn’t worn the boots that excited Dianne so much. Instead Linda wore a pair of white leather pumps that strapped around her ankle then half way to her shapely stockinged calf. The four inch heels caused Linda some discomfort but they showed off her newly waxed legs perfectly so she would happily put up with it. The dark green pleated skimpy Sports skirt’s hem finished a good five and a half inches above the knee so Linda’s red suspenders and the tops of her white fish-net stockings were clearly visible. Her thin white blouse was close to being transparent and Dianne easily saw that her student was wearing a matching bright red bra as well.

“Thank you Linda, you’re quite attractive this morning to my dear.”

Dianne couldn’t help herself and she began wondering if Linda’s panties matched also, she thought they would because she also knew since there were no other students or staff Linda had dressed for her benefit. Linda’s blondish red locks were brushed expertly and her somewhat heavy make-up was immaculate.

Dianne felt a touch of jealously as she admired her student. It was only their first week but Dianne felt that she some how knew Linda a lot better especially now that they are over the awkward initial introduction stage. Seeing his new teacher Lukey Baby’s breath was taken away for a second or two as he did a double take and could feel his clitty/cock start to swell inside its confines. Miss Johnson’s fantastically big boobs were trying their hardest to spill out of the yawning gap in her thin purple blouse, if it wasn’t for the flimsy powder blue bra she was wearing they would’ve succeeded.

“Sit down Linda we still have a few math’s problems left over from yesterday.”

Automatically Linda took her seat Miss Johnson walked over beside the white board and began writing math’s problems across the top of the board.

“Copy each of these down on a separate page Linda and I’ll go through the first one with you.”

As ordered Linda copied down the problems and waited for his teacher. Miss Johnson went through the first one then sat down while Linda worked out the others. Looking over her desk Dianne noticed that as on the previous three days Linda’s knees were parted, she admired the young girls’ choice of lingerie and yes she was wearing matching red panties. The dark vee of her G-string along with the twin straps of her suspenders was clearly visible underneath the school desk.

“Finished Miss Johnson”

Dianne had been miles away fantasizing about her young student.

“Um ah, bring it up and I’ll look at it.”

Linda quickly carried the pages to Dianne’s desk he didn’t expect there would be any errors after all he’d been top of his year college Linda put both hands on his teachers desk and perched on the side while he waited.

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